To The Beautiful You Episode 13 Recap

A lot of drama clichés and plots tend to complicate themselves or become clearer nearing the end of the drama and it was no exception here. While many of the drama plots were at the background, here they make an appearance in the foreground and will lead to further development of the drama. What this drama fails at here is that a lot of the plots of this drama rely on the strength of the preceding plot and it is weak, then the following one would be weak too, much like dominoes.

If you had hopes that the OTP would get together, well let me splash water to your fire because that will never happen until the very last ep.

Jae Hee doesn’t even get any time to think of how to reply to Tae Joon’s confession/request for her to stay by his side because Eun Gyul chooses this time to enter and exchange their phones. Tae Joon just pushes him out of the way and storms out with a darkened face. Even Eun Gyul can sense that there is some fishy business between Tae Joon and Jae Hae.

Cut scene and the next thing that we see is Dr. Jang driving Tae Joon and Jae Hae back to school. He watches after them with a thoughtful expression as he sees Tae Joon being really considerate towards Jae Hee.


Alone with Jae Hee, Tae Joon’s mood immediately spikes up. He sends her off to shower first and tells her that they have a talk, a secret talk, when she finishes. She is left wondering what this secret talk could be; could it be that he has found out that she is a girl? He smiles as he tells himself that he can no longer hide his feelings any more.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jang is back in his clinic thinking over what he just witnessed and realising that Tae Joon definitely caught on something. So he gives Jae Hee a text cautioning her to be more careful in front of Tae Joon. However, the message gets sent to Tae Joon instead who immediately texts back correcting his mistake…

So Dr. Jang rushes to meet Tae Joon trying to waiver off his mistake. However, Tae Joon doesn’t need to hear his excuse and instead admits that he knows that Jae Hee is a girl. Dr. Jang holds a questioning session asking him when he knew and why he kept it a secret. Tae Joon looks away, unable to answer to the latter so Dr. Jang assumes it is because he thinks of Jae Hee as a girl. Tae Joon nods in agreement to this and decides that he is going to tell Jae Hee everything since there is no reason to hide it any more. However, Dr. Jang advises against that solution asking him to think in Jae Hee’s shoes because if she knows that he knows her secret, she would most likely pack her bags and leave. (Looks like there will be no secret talk tonight)

Tae Joon returns to the dorm not wanting to talk while Jae Hee wants to talk. She asks him about what he meant by what he said to her yesterday about not to care about Eun Gyul in front of him. He answers with doc’s words still in his mind that it is simply that literal; not to pay attention to anyone else when talking to him. She then asks him about the US. He replies casually that it would be a pest to switch room mates now so it would be better to keep her by his side. This leaves her saddened as she goes to make her way to her bed. However, she is stopped by Tae Joon’s grasp on her arm as he tells her to not think about anything else and “stay by his side”. So she will be a gum that sticks by his side.


The next morning as Tae Joon goes to practice, he finds a bottle of milkshake with a sticky note from Jae Hee reminding him that going on an empty stomach is a no-no-no. He smiles as he looks up at the sleeping Jae Hee. Jae Hee wakes to find a sticky note on her cheek from Tae Joon telling her to eat breakfast and teasing her that drooling when she is asleep is a no-no-no. Naaaawwws, sticky notes always brings an OTP together!


Jae Hee secretly goes to watch Tae Joon train with awe as he passes with flying colours. However, things are on the contrary for Hyun Jae who scores a scolding from Coach Baek. Coach Baek asks Tae Joon to jump again using him as an example and telling him to be like Tae Joon and not heading to the bar forcefully but nudging it. Coach Baek goes on to add that the National Sports Festival is coming up soon and the Olympics qualifications depends on that. Hyun Jae contemplates over this in the locker room as he recalls the condition of the sponsorship.

Jae Hee walks in to class as Jong Min is giving Eun Gyul a tarot reading. Eun Gyul gets an outstanding reading –  he will do well in his competition, become rich and find his love. Eun Gyul manages to get Jae Hee a reading but her results are not so hopeful – she draws “the death” card which Jong Min reads to mean that she has to be careful.


Once outside, Eun Gyul who is riding on his scooter, tells her not to believe or be bothered by Jong Min’s readings. She tells him she isn’t but hopes that he will do well in his competition. He tells her that if he is to do well, it is based on his talents alone and not the tarot reading. He then gives Jae Hee a try on his scooter and shows her his celebratory sign which he can use after he scores his first goal. It is number nine (which sounds like “goo”). This leaves Jae Hee feeling very awkward about this.


Jae Hee walks out of class seeing a very frustrated Hyun Jae standing by the balcony. She decides to go and talk to him but decides against it and keeps going. She calls out to Tae Joon just in time as a flowerpot comes crashing down right next to him. (Ohhhh, this is so Dream High!) A worried Jae Hee checks over Tae Joon and is relieved to find him not hurt. She speaks of her suspicions of Hyun Jae but Tae Joon just blows it off as a mere coincidence. With the tarot reading still on her mind, she tells him to be careful.

Han Na is having an interview and assures people that she is recovering well and is undergoing rehab training. Of course, her relationship with Tae Joon gets popped up. She admittedly replies that they broke up she dumped him and makes it appear like it is no big deal. After the interview, she sits in her room, disheartened, and looks at Jae Hee’s note.


It’s night and Tae Joon has just parked in his bike. (Since when did he ride a bike?) Hyun Jae goes to tamper his bike just as Jae Hee walks by and confronts him about it. However, he does not give an explanation and makes a run for it. He returns to his dorm to find Eun Gyul who surprises him with his belated birthday gift. He stays up late thinking about what he is doing and the goodness of how people are treating him.


The next morning Tae Joon goes to ride his bike however, Jae Hee tries to convince him to go with her instead since her trip will be boring without him. However, she fails to do so successfully so she rides off with his bike to the relief yet worried Hyun Jae. He goes to stop her by extending his arm 124738571528 metres away from her but is unable to do so. She stops herself claiming that she is too sensitive and decides to ride on.

Of course, the brakes have been tampered with because if you remember, Hyun Jae did cut off the brakes just as Jae Hee arrived last night. So she rides on down a steep path unable to stop. Luckily, Eun Gyul comes to save her just before she crashes in a tree. Together, the topple on the ground with Jae Hee injury-less while Eun Gyul is not. (Noooooo, this means no competition for him!)


Dr. Jang fixes Eun Gyul up but tells him that he can’t play at the upcoming match. Eun Gyul blows it off as being okay but really, it isn’t. So Jae Hee helps one but hurts one? Outside, Jae Hee apologises but he puts on an optomistic lookout claiming his recovery rate is faster than normal so he might be able to play after all. It must really destroy him because he sends away Jae Hee and tells himself that it is alright as long as Jae Hee is not injured. (Naaaawwwws!)


Jae Hee has had enough of Hyun Jae’s doings and confronts him face-to-face this time and not giving him a chance to run. She tells him that because of him Eun Gyul is injured. He lets this sink in but is unable to admit what he has done. Jae Hee warns him that she will get to the bottom of this if it happens again. Eun Gyul hears in on this conversation and Hyun Jae can only apologise which does nothing to rework time.

Tae Joon runs into class more worried about Jae Hee who is not injured than Eun Gyul. (Okay, so he likes her but Eun Gyul is his friend right? Shouldn’t he know that Eun Gyul got hurt if he heard that Jae Hee got into a bike accident?) She tells him that Eun Gyul might not be able to play in the Nationals and he too knows that Eun Gyul must be gutted. Though, he wonders what happened to the bike, it only got serviced recently.

Seung Ri takes the initiative to seek out Han Na who is sitting outside and uses his frequent conversation stater that they are crossing paths. LOL! He tells her that he read the news article that she got injured. Two years ago he got injured too and was told that he could no longer do sports but that is all nonsense. He managed to run at the Nationals 1500m and won too. He then goes to show her his scar on his butt but Han Na shrieks and manages a laugh. Instead, he offers his hand out and requests for friendship. He will make her laugh every time he sees her. She casually agrees to this, taking him as a cheap magazine to her. I guess this is good for both parties.

Tae Joon and Han Na’s break-up get around to the students. Jong Min labels Tae Joon as oldman-style after Han Na’s comment and then starts his version of Gangnam Style. LOL! However, before he can even finish his dance, Coach Baek arrives and stations him back to position. Hyun Jae is no where to be seen and Tae Joon starts to realise that the incidents are not so coincidental after all.

Tae Joon’s father is back and is discussing with Coach Baek about his son’s scandal. Coach Baek tries to assure him that Tae Joon has a good track record and is almost back to his former self. However, daddy Kang is still not so sure. Jae Hee happens to walk by and gets pulled in for a talk. When daddy Kang and Jae Hee is left alone, he complains that Tae Joon never talks to him about anything so he has no idea of what he is thinking about getting his name out in whimsy scandals. Jae Hee tells him to have more trust towards Tae Joon. He replies that it is not that, of course he has trust towards Tae Joon, but maybe it is because of himself. Tae Joon blames him for his mother’s death which isn’t exactly untrue.

Eun Gyul goes limping around school with his coach’s disappointment in him on his mind. With Hyun Jae’s apology fresh on his mind, he wonders why he did it. He makes his way back to the dorm and meets a little girl who is looking for Tae Joon oppa. The girl speaks her mind so Eun Gyul has everything to believe that she is his younger sister. Being the helpful person he is, he calls Tae Joon who doesn’t pick up. He tells the little girl to leave but she bluntly refuses.

Jae Hee is thinking through daddy Kang’s words when Eun Gyul arrives with a surprise package – the little girl stuffed in a bag. The little girl pops up and announces that she is not Tae Joon’s sister. Tae Joon is her lover and her oppa’s name is… Before she can even get her words out, she is shoved back in the bag because Coach Baek arrives. He, too, is looking for Tae Joon so they can discuss Hyun Jae’s issue. He also tells them to give him a call if Hyun Jae shows up. After Coach Baek leaves, the little girl reveals that her oppa is Hyun Jae.

Hyun Jae is alone in the gym looking down at his letter of resignation from the competition. Meanwhile, Coach Baek runs into Tae Joon in the locker room asking him if he knows what’s with Hyun Jae. He also tells Tae Joon that his father made a visit and is worried about him. However, on hearing the mention of his father, he quickly leaves.

^A family right there!


Hyun Jae returns to his dorm to find his little sis, Hyun Ji with Jae Hee and Eun Gyul. She gives him a hug and immediately asks him about Tae Joon because she is swooning over him. It turns out that Hyun Jae lied to her telling her that he and Tae Joon are super duper close, are close buddies and roomies. He doesn’t know how to answer so Jae Hee and Eun Gyul steps in continuing his lie for him. He looks up to them with great thanks and gratitude.



He takes his little sis home  and it is revealed that they aren’t very well off. He sends her to the door but refuses to go in. She asks him when will he win the gold medal because he promised that when he wins it, their family can live together. He tells her wait a little and she immediately brings on a smile because that means their mother won’t have to go out and work. There he makes her a pinky promise. (Wait, so little Hyun Ji headed to his school alone!?)

Hyun Jae returns and can only thank Eun Gyul for everything that he has done after what he has done to him. Eun Gyul only wants to know one thing – why he did it. He explains that he only wants to beat Tae Joon. He used to think that nothing can’t be acheived by hard work but when compared to Tae Joon’s talent, his hard work is shabby work. Eun Gyul explains to him that there is no such thing as “shabby work” because at the end of hard work, there will always be a reward. Hyun Jae tells him that he will take full responsibility of what he did. Eun Gyul tells him that’s a certainty; he will have to be his slave until his leg heals. He only looks down and starts to cry sympathetically.

Jae Hee pops by in the gym to watch Tae Joon practice. He asks her about the bike incident and if she knew that it was all Hyun Jae’s doing but she doesn’t answer. She knew that the bike was tampered yet she still rode it so he wouldn’t be the one who gets injured. He then hugs her from behind and thanks her. He tells her that he feels indebted towards her and tells her not to do it again because he hates it more that she is getting injured on his behalf. She is shocked by this and doesn’t know how to respond. He breaks the atmosphere and ruffles her head, teasing her that she should be used to these free hugs and all since she is from the US.


Hyun Jae calls Tae Joon out and admits that he was the one who caused all the incidents. He should be responsible and quit the track team but he just can’t bring himself to do so. However, if he wants him to drop out, he will. Tae Joon takes this down a notch knowing that something must have happened. He pretends that he doesn’t know what he is talking about and indirectly tells him to keep up the training.

Tae Joon returns to his dorm to get a call from his father which he dismisses. She slowly starts to bring up the sensitive topic by asking him why he doesn’t return home as often. He finally realises what she is hinting at and asks if she met his father.  She confirms it and expresses her desire for him to reconcile with his father. She steps further into this sensitive topic and brings up his mother’s death which he might have had a misunderstanding towards but he doesn’t want to hear it any more and decides to leave.


He sits outside with Lettuce and realises that it is not Jae Hee’s fault. He recalls the events leading up to his mother’s death. His father was constantly away from home and even missed his own wife’s birthday. On the day that she was rushed to ER, his father came home drunk without a care for his wife. Younger Tae Joon notices that his mother is growing sicker and asks his father to take her to the hospital but instead, he has more important matters to attend to. It was after his medal win and his mother’s funeral that Tae Joon broke it off with his father. He blamed his father for his mother’s death.

Tae Joon’s phone rings and Jae Hee picks it up. She immediately runs outside and informs Tae Joon that he has to leave immediately – his father collapsed.


My Opinion:

So when Jae Hee and Tae Joon nearly get together, doc comes and ruins this. Urrrghhhh! Oh doc, can’t you see that they like each other and that Jae Hee would be over the moon if she knows what Tae Joon has done for him? Oh doccc! He is such a careful person yet he can accidentally send the message to Tae Joon instead? Tae Joon trusts him, so that’s why he admitted his knowledge to him and plus he knew that he knew anyway. I hoped for “better” advice from doc because he knows what Jae Hee wants yet he gives Tae Joon advice that could potentially ruin his love life.

I really loved that there was Hyun Jae’s story here or else this ep would have been really bland. Hyun Jae has headed out of his comfort zone because he wants and needs the sponsorship. No, his family needs it. It’s no wonder why he wants to beat Tae Joon so badly. I hope that with his sister’s visit it will give him the strength to put on a brave game. He is strong and a very good high jumper but he just lets his desire to beat Tae Joon get in his way. I was really surprised when he told Eun Gyul that he only wants to beat Tae Joon. I would have thought he wants to beat Tae Joon for his family but I guess not.

Ahahahas, aside from that Eun Gyul and Hyun Jae showed friendship. Although we have not seen them together much as friends but here they showed friendship which I am eager for Eun Gyul and Tae Joon to have. The little words, trust and care that Eun Gyul has towards Hyun Jae is tremendous. It is warm and genuine like the way friends should be. Eun Gyul forgave him because he cares about him and knows that he didn’t want to do it on purpose. I just long for Tae Joon to show friendship towards Eun Gyul; they don’t appear to be anything more than classmates. They are quite distant with each other.

Ahhh, now we get the inside story as to what happened with Tae Joon and his father’s distance. Now we just need the final explanation of it, especially from daddy Kang’s side.


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