To The Beautiful You Episode 14 Recap

It would only make sense for Tae Joon’s issue with his daddy to be resolved and for Eun Gyul finally discovering the truth the week before entering the finale week. Tae Joon and Jae Hee really have got to come to terms with their feelings for each other. It is becoming harder and harder for them to pretend that they are only just friends. These two have got to come face to face with their feelings.

Tae Joon makes his way back to dorm and visiting his father in hospital is not even a priority. However, Jae Hee is going to make it a priority. She can’t let him do something that he is going to regret. It is obvious to her that he is going to ache and torment over it. Tae Joon looks back and her persuasion has worked.

Together they arrive at the hospital. Jae Hee makes the excuse that they need to bring in something so she goes off to buy something giving the father-son some quality time together. 


Tae Joon enters the room and works the hospital bed and steamer with ease. Daddy Kang realises that he tended his mother well. Tae Joon was in the position that he was supposed to be in and he went through it alone. He failed to recognise how difficult it was for him and he knows why Tae Joon got angry at him but… He could not say any more when Tae Joon tells him that he will not forgive him no matter what happens. He takes his leave and tells his father that he won’t be visiting him again…here, in the hospital.


Jae Hee and Tae Joon make a silent walk when he suddenly takes hold of her hand. He explains that if he does not hold onto someone’s hands, he would feel as though he is lost.


Seung Ri is getting discharged today but before he leaves, he is sticking by his promise to make Han Na laugh once day while he is here. He asks her what becomes of an almond when it dies. She straight-forwardly answers die-almond (diamond) without a smile nor a laugh. LOL, well, it’s only a warm-up. His following riddles aren’t very funny either and Han Na answers them off one by one. However, she gets stuck at what’s the opposite of a jagayong (private car). He reveals the answer to be keoyong (biggy) and makes a big circle on top of his head with his arms. This doesn’t get a laugh out of her and it just gets worse when he tries to explain the answer of the riddle. She leaves with a straight face but scores a laugh when he is not in sight.

Jae Hee has a new goal for Tae Joon, 2m 31cm which is 1cm over his personal best. He smiles at her determination.

Seung Ri is back and has the team on tough training. Jong Min points that he is harsh on them because no one visited him while he was hospitalised which is kind of true. Ahaha! He has them do 30 more sit-ups. Jae Hee who is partnered up with Tae Joon isn’t very good with her sit-ups so Tae Joon offers her a helping hand, literally. Naturally, Jae Hee topples over and lands herself on top of Tae Joon. Seung Ri uses her accident to get them all to do 100 more sit-ups. LOL, Seung Ri really is holding some grudge, probably for himself for not getting Han Na to laugh.


Jae Hee recalls the incident and how Tae Joon was staring at her intensely. She wonders if maybe he has fallen for her because he has been treating her strangely recently. However, she quickly dismisses this thought as Tae Joon thinks of her as a boy, or so she thinks! She then wonders out aloud if maybe he likes guys too but tells herself that it is impossible to imagine. Tae Joon who has heard her thoughts asks her what is impossible to imagine. So she takes over a magazine with a picture of a muscular man and asks him what he thinks. However, that page falls out and the picture is of a woman instead. He replies that it is pretty much to the shock of Jae Hee. So she straight forwardly  asks him if he likes guys. Then she looks over at the magazine and realises her mistake. LOL, whoops!

It’s practice time and Hyun Jae has improved heaps but still fails to jump over 2m 30cm. The training buddies even get on the friendly side. Tae Joon advises Hyun Jae to follow a song in his head instead of counting numbers. When Hyun Jae asks him what song he sings in his head, he genuinely replies “Frog Boy”.

Jae Hee goes to watch Tae Joon practice who fails to jump over 2m 30cm. Coach Baek is disappointed in him and asks if something is the matter, is he dating by any chance? He looks over at Jae Hee and replies that nothing is the matter.

Outside, Tae Joon looks at the recordings of him jumping on Jae Hee’s phone. He realises that his form is bad but wonder what’s wrong. He is not in bad condition and his performance level has been pretty good. She queries if his collapsing balance could be psychological because his father is hospitalised however he dismisses of this. Meanwhile, Eun Gyul is brooding over the t-shirt that Jae Hee gave him with the flag of South Korea that she hand sewn on. Jae Hee gets a text from Eun Gyul asking if she wants to watch soccer with him today. Tae Joon sees this so she explains that today is the day of the national soccer game. Dr. Jang happens to walk past and smiles as he sees the happy OTP together.

Miss Lee and Coach Baek have a cute moment together when she finds herself staring at a lone Dr. Jang reading a book. She could have approached him but Coach Baek approaches her first. She tells him that Dr. Jang is sexy with his veins popping out of his forearms but Coach Baek rejects all of this.

Manager Jang makes a visit to daddy Kang and asks him when he is going to reveal the truth of his wife’s death. However, he would rather be misunderstood than to reveal the truth.

Jae Hee invites Tae Joon to come and watch soccer but he declines. She goes to walk to the door but turns back. Tae Joon has wide open arms for her to join him but she just takes her phone and leaves.

Jae Hee goes to watch soccer with Eun Gyul at the soccer field on his phone. She apologises once again for getting him hurt but he shakes it off as nothing. He tells her that she is his best friend. He thought he has no greed and was content to be by her but now he is harbouring more greed. She tries to tell him but he stops her because he doesn’t want to hear what she is about to say. He wonders aloud why she is a guy and he is a guy. (If only you knew, if only!) She apologises for the nth time telling him that later on if she disappoints him not to hate her too much. She asks him if he would still be her best friend but realises that she is too selfish. Eun GYul just tells her “As long as you want…any time”.

Jae Hee watches as Hyun Jae and Tae Joon both continue to practice, both failing to jump over 2m 30m. Coach Baek tells Tae Joon to stop coming to the gym until tomorrow; he is over straining himself and needs to have some fun. Coach Baek sends Jae Hee on this very special mission.

Coach Baek and Miss Lee have a cute time together as he shows off his dashing forearm with veins popping out. LOL!

Jae Hee looks over Tae Joon’s records and realises that they have been clogged up since the 22nd, the day that his father was hospitalised. She invites him out but he declines only to perk up when he hears that she wants to go to the childhood school the persons she likes went to. He declines but well, I guess he changed his mind.


The two go to play twist the ball prize thingy and get a set of couple rings. The two head to many places including an arcade and a florist where Tae Joon has deep thoughts about when he sees some red chrysanthemum before finally heading to the primary school that he used to go to. They enjoy themselves but this brings back many childhood memories for Tae Joon. He recalls his father picking him up and showing tentative attention towards little Tae Joon.

The two return and take Lettuce out for a walk. She assk him what is it that he keeps thinking about. He replies it’s his former school. She tells him that she too would like to go back to her primary school and describes what it was like. Tae Joon responds that he would like to go there one day and asks her if she ever regretted coming here. She answers that it’s not, just being able to see him jump is enough. He goes on to tell her that he has a weird feeling that his jumping could give her so much strength and she replies that she has a weird feeling talking to someone so close who was once so far away. He asks her if she is going to leave if he can jump like before which she responds “probably”. Urrrghhhh!

She then rubs her shoulders complaining that she is cold. It is only right for Tae Joon to offer her his jacket. He then goes and kiss her, for real this time. LOL, and Lettuce just watches on. He tries to come up with an excuse but struggles to find one. Luckily she asks him if there was alcohol in the chocolate he ate before which he plays along with. She excuses herself and leaves, not knowing how to comprehend this.

Tae Joon reveals to Lettuce that Jae Hee will probably leave if she knows that he knows her secret yet at the same time it is getting harder and harder for him to pretend that Jae Hee is a boy.


Jae Hee goes to talk out her shock with doc. Doc tests out the water and asks her what she would do if Tae Joon knows that she is a girl. She replies that she will have to leave then. She also complains that it is getting harder and harder to act like a guy in front of Tae Joon, she just wants to be a girl when she is with him. He tells her that this is not something that she can hide even if she tries to hide it. She doesn’t understand this so he just tells her that getting caught only takes one second. He tells her that he showed a blind eye when she first came here because there was something desperate inside her and he was curious as to how she would resolve it. It is her choice now as to what she does. Even if she must leave, there is something she must do now – put Tae Joon and his father on good terms.

She wakes and invites Tae Joon out to a dinner.

Hyun Jae notices that Eun Gyul is dating someone and asks him about it. He replies that it is a very dark cloud right now and Hyun Jae deduces that it is a guy. The two have some friendly punches before Eun Gyul tells him that he really must like “him” a lot because his heart keeps on getting tender for “him”.

Tae Joon returns to his dorm to find Jae Hee not there. Instead, his sees the 2m 31 mark and is with hope. He wonders what she wants to tell her, maybe she wants to reveal that she is a girl?


Jae Hee makes her request to daddy Kang and walks back with a gloom face. Eun Gyul asks her what’s wrong and she tells him that she did something that Tae Joon will scold her for. He tells her to cheer up since it is for Tae Joon’s benefit. Jae Hee walks in while Eun Gyul posts a picture of himself saying “You smiling is better than me smiling”.

Tae Joon is all prepped up for his date, waiting anxiously for Jae Hee to return home. He smiles on her arrival but that all drops when he discovers that his father is coming. He even goes to make his leave but his father arrives and commands him to sit and hear him out while Jae Hee makes her leave. Daddy Kang tells him what he knows about his mother’s death isn’t all that there is.

Tae Joon sits by the harbour processing the news that he had just found out. His mother knew about her illness all along but hid it from them. She had the final stage of liver cancer and received the diagnosis of treatment would be nearly impossible. Her illness was too entrenched. It was nearly hopeless, only a liver transplant was hopeful. However, his mother did not want to put the burden on him and at that time he the national competition too. Daddy Kang just thought that it would be better that he resent him instead. He failed as a father but if he could put his heart at ease, well, it was for the better. Tae Joon cries in agony out to the night sky.


Jae Hee sits and rewinds her mind back to when she asked daddy Kang for a favour while waiting from Tae Joon to return. She told daddy Kang that Tae Joon actually needs someone to lean on. She told him that if he really wants what’s best for Tae Joon, he should not hide anything from him. He returns, eyes swollen red with tears. She consoles him by a hug and sheds a tear herself.

Eun Gyul is all healed now and is ready to score some goals. Today he has a second chance, the nationals coach is coming to see him. Hyun Jae and Tae Joon are also hard at training. Tae Joon and his daddy have finally reconciled with Tae Joon able to relive his childhood with his father.

Tae Joon now aces practice much to the joy of Jae Hee. They are together at the cafeteria and he thanks her for her efforts. Eun Gyul arrives and sees the happy roomies together so he heads out in the opposite direction.

Outside he wonders why he can’t be natural like Tae Joon. He then tells himself that it doesn’t matter if it is a girl or guy; they are all the same human beings. With this enthusiasm, he has determination but then he quickly falls when he realises that he doesn’t know any more.

Tae Joon returns to his dorm to find a pot of red chrysanthemum on his desk. Jae Hee arrives and tells him that she bought it for him last time they went out. He then asks her if he can interpret it as he pleases. She doesn’t reply and instead changes the topic. He is not letting it drop and tells her that he likes her. He leaves her to gather her thoughts. He smiles while she is left in confusion. She comes to realise that she needs to come clean.

Hyun Jae has hogged the bathroom during Eun Gyul’s time of need again. So he heads to his neighbours to find Jae Hee undressing for shower. He spots her bandage and asks her if she is a girl.


My Opinion:

Yes, yes, yes, finally Eun Gyul gets to know that she is a girl. I just needed have this revealed to Eun Gyul because in the Taiwan version I was so devastated that Xiu Yi/Eun Gyul didn’t know. He has every right to know and realise what his true sexuality is. All along he thought he has fallen in love with a boy and someone who he can trust but now everything will come crashing down. How can come to face Jae Hee now, the person who he considers as his best friend and one who he can trust? I’m not sure what I would like it better if Eun Gyul knows or not. I don’t want him to get hurt but I don’t want them to not be friends. I just hope that they can still be close afterwards but everything will change because how can you face someone who has lied to you right in your face?

I actually find myself enjoy Seung Ri’s relationship with Han Na. They aren’t exactly friends but they have such a cute relationship, on Seung Ri’s half. He is putting in a lot of effort. I actually like that he is the one trying to get her because he is just so not funny that he is funny. Iunno, but I love Seung Ri!

Since Han Na has played her part, she is shoved to the side now. All along she has been a nuisance and I found the eps without Han Na much more peaceful. She has done nothing than try to separate the OTP but that is never going to happen. Now she doesn’t really have much of a part any more. Honestly, the show would have preceded well without her.

What the heck, how could Jae Hee not know that Tae Joon knows that she is a girl!? Okay, let’s take it that he was drunk when he kissed her but which guy would take hold of another guy’s hand or lend you a jacket? She must be really dense.

I wonder how this would all end. I mean, I know how it will end considering I have seen the Taiwan version but I am pretty sure there will be big differences. I just wonder how Jae Hee will fix this mess with Eun Gyul.

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6 thoughts on “To The Beautiful You Episode 14 Recap

  1. Arimi September 29, 2012 at 2:27 am Reply

    Thank you for the recap 😀 I watch it live on Tv and watch it again on internet but still very enjoyed your recap ^^~ I live in Korea now, and actually, I saw many many boy who holds his friend hand, in Korea this kind of skinship is normal, I think ^^

    • misscupcakees September 29, 2012 at 3:03 pm Reply

      Ahahahas! No worries!

      Really? I guess it is different in where I live then.

  2. Esther September 30, 2012 at 7:10 pm Reply

    Thank you for the recap ! I really like it…

  3. Quyen October 1, 2012 at 9:14 am Reply

    Great recap, I’ve really become quite obsessed with this kdrama lol Do you know when the next episode will be out? Can’t wait!(*^_^*)

    • misscupcakees October 2, 2012 at 7:23 pm Reply

      Thankkkkks! (:
      Ahahahas, each ep airs once on Wednesday and Thursday. This week will be the finale week. I usually find the subbed ep the day afterwards.

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