Highs and Lows Episodes 1-5 Overview

Following Tiger Cubs, I would expect this one to go gang-busters and it actually is. The action may not be as intense as Tiger Cubs but that’s okay because the police team here is not the Special Duties Unit. Ahahaha, what is not to love about a drama that has Raymond Lam in it?

There is action and it’s just enticing to watch. (:

Episode 1:

  • We open to Gordon (Michael Miu) telling his son, Yong Yong, that he will busy for the next few days but will definitely be there for his birthday.
  • The next thing we see is Gordon dressed in very sleek black clothing making an exchange with a gangster and then following him into a car. Someone follows the car – it’s Sai Lok/Happy Sir (Raymond Lam). The two cars have a fight but Gordon gets away with his minions.
  • We discover that Gordon is actually an undercover police. Upon seeing a pen, his trio of subordinates, Ho Kwai (Derek Kwok), Cheng Chi Sing (Law Lok Lam), and Ni You Fu (Jazz Lam) recalls the time when they played “Spin the pen” to determine who gets the undercover role. It landed on Ho Kwai but considerate Gordon steps in and offers to take the role instead.
  • The druggie leader, Lei Bing Loong, suspects that Gordon may be a traitor but he proves his worth.
  • Sai Lok stations his watch house opposite the drug house. Ka Bik/Pat (Kate Tsui) and Ng Tak Tin/Tim (MC Jin) return, displeased that their house has become a police house.
  • Tim goes down to a pub to remind Jenny not to “take anything” and to inform Apple that there will be no “products” today.
  • OCTB chief inspector, Poon Hok Lai (Ben Wong) evokes on his mission to catch Bing Loong which Sai Lok cannot allow to happen since it will ruin his mission. Their superior, the chief inspector Hong Shui Ki (Patrick Dunn) handles this to Sai Lok to take charge and the two heads are made to cooperate together.
  • The druggie boss arrives in a taxi. He takes one step out by decides against it and leaves.
  • Gordon and Bei Loong get into a fight. He loses his glasses which means Sai Lok loses insight to the druggie house. Shui Ki orders him to bust in but he believes that Gordon will think of a plan out of this. And Gordon successfully comes out this round alive.
  • Ka Bik and Tim are disappointed to realise Sai Lok’s “finish work” means “finish work for the day”.
  • Poon Sir discovers Sai Lok and the trio go celebrating Yong Yong’s birthday while on duty and needless to say, he is not impressed with their head’s leadership.
  • Ka Bik and Tim manage to wave off the police and retrieve their box of “products”.  The police go to catch this suspicious pair and reveal their “products” to be bras and undies.
  • The druggies also happen to be nearby and that scene gives off the police so now it’s a shoot out between the druggies, Poon Sir’s team and Happy Sir’s team. Happy Sir and Poon Sir are on one side of the alley while Gordon is on the other. The trio manage to shoot down a minion. Gordon shoots some gas cylinders while Poon Sir shoots Gordon in the lower right stomach. Ouch! They get away while Happy Sir watches this with a dark expression.

Episode 2:

  • Poon Sir is at the druggie house and sees the pair of glasses. He realises that Gordon is a friend and not a foe. The trio and Happy Sir really could throw Poon Sir a punch right now but realises that this is not the best way to handle this situation.
  • Sai Lok comes to save Ka Bik and Tim from being arrested by Poon Sir, though they lose their products.
  • The newest addition to Sai Lok’s team, Ko Hei Suen/Sandy (Ella Koon) arrives on scene to get used to her new surroundings.
  • Gordon gets treated at a private doctor while Happy Sir and Poon Sir both get a scolding for this failed mission.
  • The trio take the minion that got shot down back to his home. Ho Kwai him outside and threaten to throw him off a building if he does not tell who the druggie boss is. Happy Sir comes and has to talk some sense to him.
  • Happy Sir mocks Sandy, stationing her at a market to find the best food for hotpot. Happy Sir and the trio head to Gordon’s place and tells his mother that Gordon will be back soon. (What close friendship! They treat Gordon’s family as their own!)
  • The next day Gordon takes Sandy out to the market again. He has her catch a so-called criminal which is all just to put on a show to bring out an informat to lead them to Lei Bing Loong.
  • Meanwhile, Poon Sir is stationed out waiting for Happy Sir to get moving. LOL, the two leaders have a really funny moment shouting each other drinks.
  • Actually, Poon Sir put a tracking device in Happy Sir’s coffee so they can track his movements. Well, Sai Lok threw his coffee cup on a moving truck leading Poon Sir’s team to an abandoned dumping lot. LOOOL!
  • Gordon is back in action again and arrives at a vacant building. Sai Lok arrives and Poon Sir arrives soon afterwards. Bang, bang! Shooting from all sides. Gordon gets away leaving behind a digital watch that Poon Sir picks up.
  • Ka Bik and Tim’s friend, Jenny, gets herself in trouble. She is high on drugs and Ka Bik can only watch as falls off a building. Ka Bik discovers that Uncle Gin was the one who gave Jenny the drugs and goes to seek out Uncle Gin herself. When she sees Uncle Gin, she stalks out and promises Jenny that she will not let this guy live a day of peace.
  • Ka Bik offers this news to Sai Lok for both money and revenge.
  • Sandy and Sai Lok arrive at the club. Sandy puts on some dance moves while Sai Lok sits and watches the show. Then Sandy reveals her identity, allowing Sai Lok to let Uncle Gin run free. Sai Lok tells Ka Bik that it’s just not the time yet.

Episode 3:

  • Suddenly the trio hop on the taxi that Uncle Gin is in. Well, they get Uncle Gin to cooperate with them. In a flashback, this is all due Sai Lok’s doing of course.
  • Sandy is not happy that Sai Lok let Uncle Gin run free but her mood changes when she sees Uncle Gin walk in with polices by his side.
  • Uncle Gin decides that it is better to be on the police’s side and gives off valuable information.
  • Madam Yu Wing Tung/Helen (Elaine Ng), the superintendent of the Financial Investigation Bureau, makes her appearance. Using the information from Uncle Gin, she is able to gather information that may lead them to the druggie boss.
  • It is revealed that Sandy and Madam Yu are cousins. Madam Yu hopes that they will find Gordon soon because she doesn’t want her son to be without a father.
  • Poon Sir returns the watch to Happy Sir because he found nothing in it valuable to him.
  • Sai Lok’s team follows their new target, potentially the “boss”. Ka Bik arrives, still angered that Uncle Gin is roaming free, and gives off the police are here. However, she only calms a little when she hears that Uncle Gin is caught.
  • Sai Lok soon realises that they have been following the wrong “boss” all along. The real “boss” is the taxi driver.
  • Sai Lok discovers the secret message of the watch – the alarms actually tells of a phone number.
  • Gordon puts on his show with the druggies. He lights the drugs on fire before making a run for it. Poon Sir and Happy Sir arrive putting each of the criminals to a dead end and Gordon comes out of this alive.
  • The bros play a game of chinese checkers with Gordon wondering when the next time will be; it is always a dangerous mission for them at the Narcotics Bureau. We also learn that Gordon was the one who helped Sai Lok a lot during his time of need.
  • Finally, Gordon gets to finish telling the story (the unfinished story from ep 1) to his son. Madam Yu is not happy that Gordon went ahead to be an undercover and the father that he is to Yong Yong.
  • Guess who is the new head of Narcotics Bureau’s Operation Wing? Poon Hok Lai! There is a new case, this time at Lamma Island, this time on Chiw Saam Kao.
  • Poon Sir has eyes to put former criminal Laaw Fuk as an informat by Saam Kao’s side.
  • At court, the druggie boss is on trial for his crime. However, the druggie boss shifts the blame to another person, the wrong “boss” that Sai Lok followed.

Episode 4:

  • Sai Lok takes Sandy out for a birthday shopping trip. She force-takes her to this birthday party, though she didn’t want to go because it is a “private matter” and not “work matter”. When she arrives at the party, she is not very pleased to learn that Sai Lok is friends with former criminals.
  • After the party, Sai Lok teachers Sandy how to find a good informat.
  • After Gordon gave Laaw Fuk’s wife some money, Laaw Fuk is left with little choice but agree to be an informat.
  • Just when the druggie boss’ verdict is about to be announced, Madam Yu arrives with new evidence that is enough to put the druggie boss behind bars for 30 years.
  • Madam Yu and Gordon go to watch their son’s kindergarten performance where they have some peaceful talk during the performance. However, after the performance, Madam Yu is once again on about how Gordon is a poor father to Yong Yong.
  • Laaw Fuk is putting his informat job to use even before he is released out of jail, though he feels bad for betraying his friend, Saam Kao.
  • Uncle Gin gets his hearing. He only has to spend 2 years in jail, down from the initial 9 years. Ka Bik throws a tantrum in court and we discover that he is her father who killed her mother and caused her brother, Ka Jun, to be like this. In a flashback, we see that Ka Bik’s mother wanted to take her two kids and leave her druggie husband but he would not allow it. Instead, he injected her with drugs and caused her drug addiction. Left helpless, she tried to burn her son and herself to death (steam burn with coal, LOL, I don’t know how to explain it but it’s like suffocating in a room of heat). Luckily she managed to get the police to save her brother but not her mother.
  • Sandy pays Ka Bik a visit when suddenly Ka Jun suffers a seizure as a result of the smoke inhalation from when he was younger. There is medication for this but money is a huge problem.
  • Sai Lok pays Ka Bik a visit and offers a job which will score her enough money for her brother’s medication – being an informat to get close to Saam Cao.
  • Ka Bik successfully scores herself a job in Saam Cao’s restaurant and beings her informat mission.
  • Tim discovers that there is something up with Ka Bik so he heads to find her in Lamma Isalnd.
  • When he arrives he follows Saam Cao as does Tim. However, he grabs the attention of a dog which threatens to reveal Ka Bik’s identity.

Episode 5:

  • Ka Bik saves Tim and they continue to watch Saam Cao. They see that he has put one of his minions to a dead end for stealing drugs, leaving the minion with no choice but to chop off his hands himself.
  • Ka Bik discovers that Laaw Fuk is also an informat.
  • Laaw Fuk is shocked by the sight of this and immediately informs Gordon with hopes to end his informat mission as soon as possible. Gordon has a talk with Poon Sir telling him that Laaw Fuk is not fit to be an informat but Poon Sir dismisses this absurd idea.
  • Madam Yu meets Gordon at Lamma Island who is once again not happy with his work ethics and time management. She informs him that she wants to take Yong Yong’s custody.
  • Happy Sir goes to play a game of gambling to save a kid and puts his gun on the line. Though he loses the bet, he manages to reveal the guy’s cheating ways with the use of his iPhone and uses his to “blackmail” him and save the kid.
  • Sandy is not happy to discover Sai Lok is close buddies with a former criminal, Lam Guok Doung (the kid is the the son to Lam Guok Doung).
  • Laaw Fuk doesn’t do so well in his informat job so Ka Bik has to save him from being discovered.
  • Ka Bik uses gets Laaw Fuk injured and this is good news for him because he doesn’t have to be an informat any more.
  • Poon Sir blames Happy Sir for his informat ruining his information.
  • Sandy spots Sai Lok together with Saam Cao and suspicion arises.
  • Sandy questions Ka Bik’s ability.
  • Poon Sir’s team does some spying on Saam Cao and discovers a piece of paper with a bank account number on it. The bank account belongs to “Boat King” and is one of Saam Cao’s minions.
  • The quad (Gordon and the trio) goes to install a spy kit on one of Boat King’s boat to track the location of where the drugs will be. During the process, Chi Sing suddenly has to leave due to a family issue and drops his torch in the process. Gordon and his remaining two subordinates find it just in time before the Boat King returns. Though, Poon Sir betrates them for their delaying their mission by five minutes and blames Chi Sing for this.


My Opinion:

This drama reminds me a lot of Lives of OmissionTiger Cubs and The Mysteries of Love. Firstly, the set up of the police office is almost identical to that of Lives of Omission. They both have offices that are very “blue” and very technical. Ahahahas, but I like that; it makes it appear very high-tech and professional. Secondly, Derek Kwok as a police here is just like that of Lives of Omission. Thirdly, ummm, everything else just reminds me of Tiger Cubs. LOL. Especially the opening scene of the very first ep. Okay, not the opening scene but the car chase. It was action-packed and just out of the blue just like that of Tiger Cubs. I also found many stills and other scenes that were very similar to Tiger Cubs, like the fight in the abandoned building. Though, this drama is not as action-packed as Tiger Cubs. I kind of hoped that there would be more shooting action following Tiger Cubs. Ahahahahas! Fourthly, does You Fu and Chi Sing does not remind you of the father-son in The Mysteries of Love? Fifthly, literally half or at least a third of the cast is from Lives of Omission!

My first impression of Sai Lok was that he is going to be those carefree, prince-y guy who guy flashes his money around. And well, I am right, right? I actually thought that he would be from a rich family which I got wrong. Ahahahas, but really, he is so carefree in what he does. He character is like the polar opposite of Kingsley in The Mysteries of Love and kind of reminds me of Kenneth Ma’s character as Gordon in The Mysteries of Love. In The Mysteries of Love, Kingsley would act accordingly and think his movements through whereas here Sai Lok just does whatever pleases him using his methods. Sai Lok is smirk and smart in the way he conducts his leadership. He does is so well that people respect the way he works. I love that he cares for his friends and would protect them, but not in a way that would exclude his family. He cares about his work yet he also cares for those around him.

I’m glad to see Raymond Lam portraying a police officer, a role that he has never portrayed before. Personally, I find that he plays professional and “playboy” roles quite well. I really like this one because it is a mix of the two allowing him to bring in the best of both worlds. Raymond Lam is doing well as Happy Sir. His character really appeals to me. I love the way he handles his subordinates. He is a leader who is able to teach his subordinates and he will help them at whatever the cost may be. (: LOL, is it just me who finds the way be says “Niceee” adorably cute and sexy?

Michael’s role here reminds me a lot of his role in L’Escargot. In both roles he is the friend’s man more than a family man. In both roles he is the father who spends more time at work than with his child. In both roles he is the one who thinks that his way of doing things is the right way. In both roles he will always help his friends. I want to see him step of out this stereotype and maybe play a role that is the opposite of this. I can’t say I like him here nor can I say I dislike him. I’m just bored of seeing him cast in the same role. He could essentially be the same character, just with a different occupation. However, in saying so, I do like to see him in action roles, though I am disappointed to see him as a police again as he was one in Gun Metal Grey.

Kate’s role is also quite fresh, at least she isn’t a police again! Ahahaahahs! I have no doubt that she can pull the rebellious role off, as evident by her portrayal of Paris in Lives of Omission. I actually really like her here as the goodie Ka Bik. I am eager to see how she will turn into the baddie Ka Bik. I really want to know why she will turn because from these first five eps, she shows strong hatred towards narcotics. Personally, I really like the her hands. Yeah, I know, I’m weird but really, they are so pretty! I love the she holds and grips things. LOL!

I just wonder why does Ben always gets cast in the baddie roles? This is in like every drama that he has been in. I do not recall one where he has had a major goodie role. I really would like to see him as a good character. He does well in role as a police. He looks it to be the role who can order people and can control people. && Really? Is he really called Poon Hok Lai here? Really? Isn’t there a different name? It reminds me too much of Yu Hok Lai in Tiger Cubs.

I actually really like the bromance between Poon Sir and Happy Sir. Well, you can’t actually say it’s bromance since they are anything but close buddies. Ahahahas, but I like them together and how they are against each other and trying to out do each other. I love the coffee scene. Ahahahas! Even though they aren’t friends but they share a connection that is quite close. I actually like their relationship more than I like Gordon and Happy Sir’s friendship.

Ohhh, it’s Ella in her first big role since Survivor’s Law II! Her character is actually quite similar to her role as Lily in Surviour’s Law II. It’s just here she isn’t a sassy girl. She still is the one who would stand up for what she believes in and she highly believes in herself. So far there isn’t much development to her character yet so we have to wait and see how her character will develop. I wonder how she will fall for Sai Lok because right now she doesn’t appear to like him very much.

As for Elaine, her character has a lot of development to show. I want to see how she can change Gordon. I think Elaine is doing quite good in her role as Madam Yu considering it is her first acting role, right? (:

Arrghhh, what has been bothering me the most in this drama is the relationship between Tim and Ka Bik. I just want to know what they are. They are more than friends but not lovers. I just can’t tell what they are. Ahahahas!

Oh, oh, ohhhhhh! Do you know how excited I was when I saw an iPhone here!? An iPhone in a TVB drama! That’s a first; I’ve only ever seen iPhones in TVB sitcoms. Ahahahas! LOL, but it only appeared for 10 seconds. They should just let each of the characters use good phones. I just can’t stand to see people still using slide phones when this world is in smartphone world. This is supposed to a “smart” drama. Ahahaahs! Did you see the phone that Elaine was holding? It was a slide phone. -.-

I like these first five eps because they set a solid introduction to each of the characters and a point for development for subsequent conflicts. It has introduced each of the characters quite solidly and we also discover a bit of the background stories for most of the characters.

I really like the ending theme. It matches well into the drama and well, it’s Raymond Lam who sings it. Though I do feel the MV doesn’t suit the drama. Ahahhas! I do wish that Ella would have a song here. It would be good to hear one from her but I guess not.

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4 thoughts on “Highs and Lows Episodes 1-5 Overview

  1. heisui October 1, 2012 at 4:03 pm Reply

    You have convinced me with your opinion section at the end. I cannot wait to give this a try!!!!!

    • misscupcakees October 2, 2012 at 7:26 pm Reply

      Really? Ahahahahas, go watch it! It’s good!

  2. justwacky October 1, 2012 at 8:10 pm Reply

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! You have no idea how thrilled I am to watch this show. Btw, how is Lam Fung’s acting? I heard that he is quite bland with not much emotion. Is that the case? I so agree with you on the theme song thing. Even so I still love Lam Fung’s voice 🙂

    • misscupcakees October 2, 2012 at 7:27 pm Reply

      No worries!
      Really? I actually found his acting to be full of emotion. Ahahas, you should hear him say “nice”.

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