To The Beautiful You Episode 15 Recap

Three dates, two with Tae Joon and one with Eun Gyul. She is one lucky girl! This ep does well to show Eun Gyul as a character. (:

After the shock of revelation that Jae Hee is a girl all along, Eun Gyul storms out of the bathroom in anger. Jae Hee chases after him apologising that she should have told him earlier and it shouldn’t have happened this way. He questions “What are you sorry for? Are you sorry for playing me around like that?” She tells him that it’s not like that but he counters “If you were slightly sorry for me, if you really thought about me, if you took my confession seriously, you would have not done this.” He goes to walk off while she continues to apologise. He tells her, “Forget it. I was the only one who misunderstood but I’m yelling at you.” Poor guy!


Hyun Jae is in the bathroom giving himself a pep talk that he is the best. Eun Gyul storms back into the dorm and takes out his frustration on Hyun Jae before storming to his bed to sulk about what he just discovered and how Jae Hee is a girl all along that he didn’t realise. Hyun Jae makes an attempt to apologise before leaving.

Tae Joon enters the school and receives a text from his daddy with a picture of the plant he gave him. His daddy comments that the plant is growing well and reminds him to dress warmly at night because it will be cold. He smiles as he texts his daddy back telling him to take care of himself too.

All goes well during training. Hyun Jae and Tae Joon have some cute bromance time when Hyun Jae comments that his condition is well and questions whether something good happened. Tae Joon just plays high of himself and replies that his is always good. Coach Baek then calls them over and shows them a video of a new jumper (Lee Yun Ho) on the scene who is already surpassing Tae Joon’s record having only jumped for six months.

Jae Hee has been trying to get around to Eun Gyul all day but he just ignores her calls. An enthusiastic Seung Ri runs into him telling him his new joke but Eun Gyul doesn’t even manage a smile. LOL, so Seung Ri crosses this joke off his book.


Tae Joon returns to his dorm to find Jae Hee not there. She is sitting by Lettuce and crying as she tells Lettuce that she wants to be by Tae Joon’s side more than anything. Tae Joon arrives so she quickly rubs away her tears. She asks him if he remembers their first meeting here, when she crawled out of Lettuce’s house. He takes a seat beside her and she admits how great it was to be able to see the person she wanted to see so much – the Kang Tae Joon right in front of her eyes.

She finally drops the bomb that she is actually a girl. He pulls her into a hug, thanks her for coming by his side. He pulls back and admits he knew all along that she is a girl. He wanted to tell her  but he couldn’t help but be patient. He apologises and thanks her again before confessing that he likes her.

“I’m sorry. Thank you. And also, Goo Jae Hee… I like you.”

He pulls her back into a hug and together they let their tears run.

Hyun Jae offers a drink and apologises yet again to apathetic Eun Gyul. Eun Gyul tells him that it’s fine and apologises for taking out his anger on this. On a change of topic, Hyun Jae asks him about his love life. Eun Gyul replies that he is angry at that person because that person lied to him. The more that he thinks about that person, the more angered he gets but he also realises how hard it must have been for that person, not having anyone to talk to. Tears form as he continues “But I was like an idiot by that person’s side not knowing anything. The fact that I couldn’t provide any help to that person, I’m angry about that. But, that was all… not because of me, but another person. I’m really angered about that. But the thing that I am most angered about…is me – that I might not be able to forgive that person. I’m angry because of me. I’m so angry that it’s making me crazy.” (Naaaaws, poor guy!)

By next morning word has gotten around that there is a female student at Genie High School. Dorm 1’s leader, Young Man, catches this…

Coach Baek helps Reporter Yang carry some folders to her car. She tells him that she is in charge of Genie High School’s special interview which involves the athletic team. Coach Baek sees Miss Lee watching this scene so he quickly parts his way with Reporter Yang.

In class, Jae Hee tries to grab Eun Gyul’s attention but he just ignores her and walks off. Tae Joon sees the situation and goes after Eun Gyul, telling him that they need to have a talk. Outside, Tae Joon asks Eun Gyul if he had a fight with Jae Hee. Eun Gyul tells him that it’s none of his business and wonders when he started worrying so much for him. Tae Joon replies that it’s not him who he is worried about but Jae Hee. Jae Hee has been going through a difficult time and even he once said not to make things complicated for Jae Hee.

Eun Gyul knows all now and asks Tae Joon “Did you already know it? You were the first to know, weren’t you? … That Goo Jae Hee is a girl.” Tae Joon hesitates before confirming his knowledge. Eun Gyul angrily asks him hold could he have not told him anything, especially when he knew of his feelings for Jae Hee? Tae Joon apologises but tells him that there was nothing that he could do at the time. Eun Gyul tells him, “I thought you were at least my friend. I’m sorry for wrongly thinking like that on my own” before stalking off. (I’m sorry, they were friends?)

Eun Gyul sits as he watches the laundry turn. Jae Hee appears with her sock puppet and apologises, she definitely wanted to let him be the first to know. If it wasn’t because of him she wouldn’t have even lasted a day. It is because of him that she is able to put up with her difficulties. However, her apology doesn’t work and he just leaves the laundry without another word.

Seung Ri is still practising his jokes when a depressed Jae Hee walks in. He tells his joke to her but she walks off without a word. (Seung Ri, you are telling your jokes to the wrong people!)

Coach Baek and Miss Lee share a cutesy-jealosuy invite. Still feeling the hunch from the scene earlier, she declines when Coach Baek invites her for lunch and invites Dr. Jang out for sushi and tells Coach Baek to have lunch with Reporter Yang instead.


Jae Hee is folding Tae Joon’s clothes when he arrives and tells him not to do it; it’s a burden to him and he usually does it anyway. She replies that she likes to help him out. He then approaches the sensitive topic when he asks her what she was thinking about when she was lost in thought, Eun Gyul? She admits that Eun Gyul found out that she is a girl and doesn’t appear to be very happy about it who must feel betrayed about it. He assures her that Eun Gyul is a kind guy and will understand her soon enough. He then pretends to be jealous since she spent the whole day thinking about Eun Gyul. (Okay, does this mean that she accepted his confession?)

In a change of topic, they talk about Tae Joon’s newest competitor. She appears to lose a little faith in him and his plays off at this. She happily tells him that the winner will be him and she will guarantee this by putting her inheritance on the line. He gets ready to go work out and when she asks him why he tells her that he has an inheritance to protect. He also tells her that to help him she just has to stay by his side.

Seung Ri is still immersed in his jokes when Young Man tells him that there is a female student at their school. Finally, Seung Ri puts down his jokes. Young Man tells him that the female student must be in dorm 2 because dorm 1 and dorm 3 because they have evidence (being clothes-less) to prove their innocence. Seung Ri brush off that suspicion and warns him that he is going to die if he tries to even check. Umm, not the best warning… because Young Man takes it as a declaration of war.

Tae Joon takes Jae Hee to the aquarium for their first date. Jae Hee adorably tells herself to be herself as she waits for Tae Joon to get the tickets. When he approaches, she links arms with him but begins to retract it when looks down. He grabs her hand and stops her from retracting it. As they are walking around the aquarium, things get a bit awkward when they notice how much couples there are. They arrive at the penguin exhibit where there is a huge crowd. He takes hold of her hand and pulls her in front so they can actually see the penguins. He stands behind him, protecting her from the crowd.

As they are making their way to the bus stop, Tae Joon’s protective self appears when he protects her from some drunk passerbys. She mentions that it is weird for him to be so nice to her. He tells her that he is always nice and there is nothing that he can do wrong. She mentions that because of him there were times that she felt bad. He asks her how many times but she tells him that it’s only a joke. He stops and asks her when he made her feel the worst. She thinks about it and tells him it was the time when he had to return home early from the camping trip. She waited so long that day and expected so much but understood it when she heard what happened. He takes her hand and tells her that they are going camping.

Really, they are. He takes her to a camping store and purchases a camping set. He tells her that he has to try her s’mores. They set up their campsite at school and Jae Hee makes him some s’mores which he finds delicious. He wonders out aloud what they would have talked about if he had been there that night. She tells him that probably would have been the oppa who taught her how to make s’mores. He frowns at this and questions if she means the John Kim or whatever guy. She laughs as he tells her that the s’mores don’t taste so good any more.


On a more serious note, Tae Joon mentions that he used to go camping a lot when he was little and the best time to go was in winter. She tells him that she has never been camping in winter and he promises that they will go next time. She droops and she wonders out aloud if she can still be with him in the winter. He assures her that she has too because there is still a lot of things that he wants to show and do with her. She smiles and grabs his hand enthusiastically tells him that she wants to do it all. He takes hold of her hand and tells her that they will try everything, definitely.

Eun Gyul is folding his clothes and sees the t-shirt the she gave him. This makes him recall his disappointment with the tryouts and the failed confession.

Reporter Yang is snapping up pictures of Tae Joon and Hyun Jae. She hears the rumour that there is a girl at Genie High School. This gets her wondering as she watches Tae Joon and Jae Hee’s closeness during the athletic team practice. She approaches her after practice and asks her if she has heard of the rumour. Jae Hee answers that he hasn’t heard of it. Reporter Yang continues to pester her but luckily, Tae Joon comes to her rescue. When Reporter Yang comments that they are really close, Tae Joon just replies “Let’s just say we are” which leaves her still suspicious.

Eun Gyul overhears Young Man and Chul Soo wanting to check and see if there really is a female in dorm 2. Young Man and Chul Soo embarks on their quest and Hyun Jae spots them being sneaky with some cardboard boxes. He runs  into Eun Gyul  and tells of the rumour to him. Eun Gyul shrugs it off as nothing. Hyun Jae tells Eun Gyul that he might be able to change there as he tells of what he has just witnessed. Eun Gyul senses danger. He asks for the locker key and immediately makes his way there.

Jae Hee heads to the locker room to change and makes sure that the door is locked. Meanwhile, Young Man and Chul Soo is watching this from the cardboard box. Eun Gyul enters and rescues her just as Young Man and Chul Soo are distracted. Frustrated, they leave to check the other years.

Eun Gyul and Jae Hee are hiding in the corner waiting for the sunbaes to leave. Once alone, Eun Gyul warns her to be careful of the rumours that the dorm leaders won’t stop their hunt. Jae Hee apologises yet again.

The next thing that we see is Eun Gyul and Jae Hee in the soccer field. He asks her if he remembers this place. She nods and he tells her that this is the place where he developed feelings for her. He kicks a soccer goal and reminds her about the wish that she still owes him. He wants a fair chance even though he knows of her feelings for Tae Joon. She goes to answer him but she stops her because he doesn’t want her answer right now; he just got dumped by male Goo Jae Hee. He tells her to reconsider it and if it’s really not him then he will let go.

Reporter Yang waits out for Tae Joon. She wants to dig around his roommate, Goo Jae Hee. This makes him stop and makes him a deal. She won’t dig around Jae Hee if he gives him an one-on-one exclusive interview, covering sensitive topics. He is left with little choice but to agree.

A tired Jae Hee arrives back to the dorm. Tae Joon wonders why she came back so late and she excuses that she made up with Eun Gyul. In bed, she thinks back to Eun Gyul’s request for her to spend the next day with him tomorrow which she agreed to.

Jae Hee wakes to find Tae Joon preparing to go out for his interview. He warns her to be careful of her date, knowing how Eun Gyul feels about her. She tells him she knows and she is going to settle things once and for all. He pats her on the head telling her to have fun on her date and she wishes him good luck on his interview.

In a turn of events, Hyun Jae is the one banging on the bathroom door. Now he should know how Eun Gyul feels! Eun Gyul is busy beautifying himself for his date. Jae Hee arrives to her date which Eun Gyul teases is alright since she is a girl.

Jae Hee is at a cafe for his interview with Reporter Yang.


Seung Ri arrives at the hospital determined to make Han Na laugh. She is not in the mood today and tries to shoo him away but he is not going anywhere. He tells her that he heard that she is not going to rehabilitation and tells her that she should go. She asks him to move but he refuses and tells her that he is not going to move from her side no matter what. He asks her to accept his feelings and tells her that he will do so if she can’t accept his feelings but she still must go to rehab.

Han Na gets a bit teary and asks him why he is being like this. He straight forwardly answers that he like her. He then goes to make her laugh. His hat flies off and he goes to pick it up but it just continuously moves out of his reach. He even bursts his pants and shows his panties of a smiley face. Even straight face and uptight Han Na cracks a smile and he catches her on this. She hands him her jumper to cover up his pants and wheels herself away. Seung Ri employs a huge smile and calls after her, thanking her.

Although Jae Hee enjoys herself with Eun Gyul at the arcade, shopping (they look at hairpins and he secretly buys one for her) and eating dduhkboki, her mind is constantly on Tae Joon. She texts him to ask him how things are going but he doesn’t reply. Reporter Yang is really using this chance to get down to the nitty gritty of Tae Joon’s life and he is not happy about this.

It’s night time and Jae Hee and Eun Gyul takes a walk to the riverside. He tells her how happy he was when he found out that she was a girl because that means he can like her.

“Now I can like you like any other guy does.”

He tells her that it was very difficult to like her as a boy. At first he thought it was not going to work out but it did. He goes on to further tell her that when he found out that she is a girl, he never thought he could forgive her. But he did.

“I like it when… you smile. I really like it when you smile. [He puts his jacket on her shoulder] I think there is something wrong with me. I am not this kind of person.”

Eun Gyul leaves to buy some drinks, probably not ready to hear her answer yet.

After a very looooong interview, Reporter Yang finally lets Tae Joon go. She leaves him with one last grilling question, “Why are you helping Jae Hee that much?” He simply answers that he doesn’t want [her] to be bothered, it is better for him to be bothered instead. He turns on his phone and finally receives Jae Hee’s numerous messages.

Once back at school he texts her wondering where she is. “Where are you, Jae Hee? You are not in school right? Can’t you come back soon? I miss you.” She stumbles at the last bit of the message and announces to Eun Gyul that she has to go back to school now. Eun Gyul knows that it must be Tae Joon who is looking for her. He makes her a deal, “I’m going to the bathroom now… back and forth, I think it will take ten minutes. If I come back and I don’t see you here, I’ll understand it as you not accepting my feelings.” He gets up and takes hold of her hand before he leaves telling her, “But… I hope you don’t go.” 

Eun Gyul returns to find the bench empty but smiles enthusiastically when he finds her calling out to him.

She runs to Tae Joon’s side while Eun Gyul sits and recalls why Jae Hee waited for him. She turned him down in person.

Jae Hee tells Tae Joon that he missed her so she came running. He smiles as he pulls her into a hug.


My Opinion:

Hmmm, this ep lacked some oomph didn’t it? There wasn’t much hype, or any up there moments. Instead, everything came to a steady ease, as it should be considering this is the second last episode. The flow was quite decent, actually I found the flow of this ep to be the most enjoyable out of all the eps. It feels smooth (: However, in terms of development, it is quite flat here. Tae Joon and Jae Hee have already long established their feelings for each other, they just needed to show it to each other. From there on, there is literally no more development. I mean, they built on the confessions and feelings that Tae Joon and Jae Hee has for each other and then here it just doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal.

The ep pretty much sums up the entire drama. Everything has come to a conclusion. Eun Gyul has forgiven Jae Hee, Seung Ri and Han Na have their happy ending while Jae Hee is slowly coming to reveal her secret but more importantly, she and Tae Joon is together. I really do wonder where the next ep can take us. There really isn’t much left to develop. I wonder if they are going to throw in a one episode twist. Ahahahahas!

I am really glad that Eun Gyul got to know Jae Hee’s identity. Eun Gyul deserves every right to know. As much as it would hurt him to discover the truth, it is better for him to get hurt in the short-term than in the long term. From start to now, he knew that she only liked Tae Joon. On discovering that she is a girl, it is not her identity that shattered him but him knowing that he never had a place in her heart. He tried so hard to reach her yet she is and was never in her reach.

Once again, I’m glad that Eun Gyul knows Jae Hee’s identity because I was really disappointed in the Taiwanese version where Xiu Yi is left clueless. Eun Gyul changed so much on this discovery. He took on a different side to him. Here he is mature and forgave Jae Hee. He may have been angry with the discovery but he handled it very well. He not only had to process the discovery but come to forgive Jae Hee. Sure, he had a tantrum period but we as viewers know that he will forgive Jae Hee because Jae Hee’s happiness is always on the top of his mind.

Jae Hee revealing that she is a girl to Tae Joon is supposed to be the melting point but somehow it wasn’t of the right temperature. It didn’t appear to be something that is of interest. Maybe that was what the director was going for but I was expecting something to pop. Urghhh, it just feels so soft and calm. I would have expected some sort for reaction from Jae Hee when Tae Joon revealed that he knew all along, like an OMG expression? But nopes, nothing. It just appeared that she knows that he knows already which is a very different impression from what I have gotten from the previous eps. Anyway, I was glad that Jae Hee revealed her identity because that was something that I waited 15 eps for.

Oh, I do wonder how the rumour got around. Ahahahas!

I like Tae Joon and Jae Hee together as a couple but they just lack something. It’s not chemistry. They have that and appear to be at ease with each other. However, when they are together, it just lacks something that I cannot pinpoint yet.

What this ep also lacked was the build on on the gender issue. I was so disappointed because they played it up so much in the preceding eps. Eun Gyul tells her that he can only like her as any other guy would, but before he realised that she is a girl, the issue was more touchy, touchy? Get me? I know, I’m not making sense but whatever. Ahahahas, to put simply, the gender and sexuality issue really died down here and just headed back to the typical k-drama romance path.

The next ep better end well for both the ep itself and the drama.

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