To The Beautiful You Episode 16 Recap

It’s a happy ending, as all dramas should be. Of course our OTP ends up together. All the loose ends are tied up here in a happy fashion. It is very clichéd and ended like expected it would. This ep doesn’t leave any surprises; it is all very straight forward. As much as I have grown to warm Jae Hee and Tae Joon as a couple, I still rooted for Eun Gyul and Jae Hee all the way till the very end.

The 6′ o clock alarm rings and Tae Joon just slams it down hoping to get some more sleep. Nope, that’s a can’t do. Jae Hee is already up and running. She wakes him, making sure he is up and ready for training. As he is getting ready, she feeds him some sandwiches and some milk.

Tae Joon is training with Hyun Jae and together they make a great training team. There is a hilarious moment when Miss Lee sees Coach Baek falling asleep as him trains the boys so he quickly starts doing some push ups. LOL!

Tae Joon makes a good jump while Hyun Jae didn’t do so well. He gives him some advice and notices his worn out shoes. Coach Baek smiles in approval of the boys’ efforts and friendship.

Jae Hee is with Dr. Jang wanting to learn to massage, properly. When he goes to teach her about the muscles, he asks her how she is fairing binding her chest. She admits it hurts a little but she is used to it. He knocks her on the head telling her that even if she is used to, it does not make it okay and continues teaching her about the muscles.

Han Na is at a cafe beautifying herself while waiting for her Seung Ri to arrive. He returns her the jumper that she leant him while he and tells her that he carefully hand washed it with good will. She questions why he would wash it with good will and he sweetly replies that everything related to it, he will put 100% in. She mentions that it’s very cheesy but that’s Seung Ri’s cheesy truth! She asks him if he has any jokes today but he was in such a rush that he forgot. Instead, he brings up the rumour at his school – that there is a female student. She reacts strongly to this but recovers herself excusing that it is too far fetched to be true. She questions what he is going to do. He replies that his dorm should get up and have a flexing competition. She screams out that he shouldn’t and quickly makes up the excuse that it’s cold and he might catch a cold. Seung Ri is head over heels to think that she is worrying for him. Even without any jokes, he still manages to get her laughing – really laughing – when he puts on some crazy wig.

Tae Joon and Jae Hee are in the cafeteria when they overhear some sunbaes gossiping about the rumour. She immediately tenses and he assures her, “If some problem pops up, I’ll protect you.” She is happy about his concern and tells her that she believes in him. He then asks her how Eun Gyul is fairing which she replies she isn’t sure since they don’t see each other any more. He tells her that no matter how cheerful a guy acts, they can’t forget easily so the best thing she can’t do is leave him alone in the time being.

As they walk out of the cafeteria, Eun Gyul immediately appears and invites her out sneakers shopping. She is left with little choice but to agree when he threatens that they won’t be friends if she doesn’t agree. Tae Joon invites himself along because he has something to buy too.

Tae Joon picks out a pair of shoes that is one size too small for him. Jae Hee questions this and he answers that it is not for him to wear. Eun Gyul picks out his pair of sneakers and when he looks over he sees Tae Joon and Jae Hee quite close together. So he barges in between them and tries to show off his pair of shoes.

The three are at a food stall when Jae Hee and Eun Gyul take off their jackets to reveal that they are wearing matching shirts in different colours (Eun Gyul gave Jae Hee her shirt). Jealous Tae Joon excuses himself to the bathroom.

Back at the dorm, Tae Joon hands over a present to Jae Hee. It’s the same backpack as his. He excuses that he bought it because it was cheap and then realised that it was the same as his. She jumps over and links arms with him to thank him. However, he moves apart a bit still feeling awkward with the closeness.


She then offers to massage his legs but when he refuses she pushes him onto the bed. Oh, things are getting steamy! At least that’s why Tae Joon thinks so he stops her and tells her that from now on she must stay one metre away from him. She rebuts that it is impossible to do so in this little room. She goes to continue massaging his legs when he suddenly grabs hold of her shoulder and pushes her against the pole. He tells her to stay still, he is going to go for a run.

Dr. Jang comes to work to find Tae Joon sleeping at the clinic.  Tae Joon returns to his dorm to find a worried Jae Hee. He reasons that he couldn’t sleep. He heads to the bathroom to realise how dangerous it is becoming, little by little.

The boys are at the locker room with Hyun Jae assuring that the Hyun Woo guy has nothing on Tae Joon. Beat him and he can enter the Olympics. Tae Joon tells him that he is not going to do alone. He then hands him over a gift telling him, “Let’s go together.” Hyun Jae opens the gift and lets out a huff when he realises that it is a pair of shoes.

Jae Hee is helping Tae Joon pack for his tryouts. She sees that he is bring the red shoelaces with him. He tells her that it’s his lucky charm so he should hold onto it. He reminds her to come and watch. He ruffles her hair and makes his leave. She stops him and throws him a kiss which leaves him so surprised that he almost leaves without his bag. He comes back for his bag and reminds her not to be late for the competition.

Miss Lee hands Coach Baek a huge bag of food so he won’t just eat ramen. Naaws, cute! Before Miss Lee leaves, Coach Baek suggest that they carpool when he gets back. He also tells her that he recently moved [to a place near hers].

Jae Hee goes to search for her diary but can’t find it anywhere. She then grabs her chest and wonders why she is feeling so uncomfortable. She also has trouble during athletics practice.

Han Na is coming back from rehabilitation. Her oppa mentions that if she keeps this up, she will get better in no time. She smiles as she she looks down on her phone to do some texting.

Tae Joon texts Eun Gyul to tell him to take good care of Jae Hee. He then receives a text from Han Na who informs him that she started rehab and tells him that she is going to borrow his words for a while – A miracle is another name for hard work. She stealthily wishes him good luck at his competition and asks him how Jae Hee is fairing. He responds that she is fine and thanks her for worrying. She tells him that she is not worrying, she is just curious.


Jae Hee is not fairing so well. She is quite pale and her voice sounds energy-less. She faints when someone runs into her. He instructs the other students to loosen her neck tie and unbutton her shirt while he calls for help. Everyone is shocked to realise that she is the girl.

Seung Ri informs Eun Gyul of his discovery who quickly makes his way to the clinic eager to see Jae Hee. However, Seung Ri pulls him for a talk. Eun Gyul confesses that both he and Tae Joon knew of this. Seung Ri is angered that they kept it a secret and reminds him that if the school found out, they could get expelled. Eun Gyul replies that he doesn’t mind, much to Seung Ri’s frustration.


Dr. Jang tells Jae Hee that it’s all over now and comforts her, telling her that it’s not her fault. Jae Hee cries to Eun Gyul as she wonders what she should do now.

The boys arrive at the stadium where Tae Joon goes to call Jae Hee who is not picking up. Coach Baek gives the boys a “do your best” talk.

Seung Ri is at the lonely gym angered about the situation. He recalls when he had the talk with Jae Hee in the clinic where he tells her how furious he is that she pulled this stunt at their school. He grows angrier when she apologises to him as her “sunbae”. She tells him that she is willing to take whatever punishment it is as long as Tae Joon and Eun Gyul is not involved. They didn’t do anything wrong. He calms down a bit and asks about her injury. She can only manage a nod before her tears come flowing down and another apology follows.

The rumour that Jae Hee is a girl gets around pretty quickly. Young Man hears this too.

Jae Hee is walking around with everyone staring at her. Eun Gyul comes to her rescue taking her hand and escorts her back to her dorm. He assures her that everything will turn out well. He tells her not to worry about useless stuff. They will do whatever they can because he is definitely not going to send her off like this.

Jae Hee sits with Lettuce and wonders if it is alright if she just leaves. Even Lettuce isn’t ready to see her go just yet.

Seung Ri finds Young Man and Chul Soo and takes them out for a talk. He takes them to the lonely gym and asks them to keep it a secret from the school. He promises to take full reprehensibility if things don’t go to plan. He wants to see through the term with his dorm. He also tells the dorm leaders that this is his first and final request.

Jae Hee is out waiting when Seung Ri appears and tells her that her secret will stay a secret from the school. He tells her that it’s not because she is pretty but because it will cause a lot of trouble.

Jae Hee goes to confide her problem with Dr. Jang. (Does he ever leave?) She informs him that she is going to leave. He asks her if she is still going to see Tae Joon which she replies no because if she does, she will not leave so she purposely reserved her plane ticket for the day of the competition. She thanks doc for everything that he has done for her and cries. He tells her that it may hurt now but over time it will be fine.

She packs her belongings and receives a call from a very worried Tae Joon. He informs her that he misses her even though it hasn’t been a day yet. He questions if he has some sort of sickness. He then wonders if he should go and see her which she tells him not to since the competition is just around the corner. However, their conversation is cut short when Coach Baek calls him over. She just continues to drown herself in tears.

People are still giving Jae Hee the stare when Eun Gyul comes running over having heard the news that she is going to transfer schools. He drags her out telling her that he can’t send her off like this, maybe they can find another solution? She gives him a hug and tells him that everyone is so good to her that she must have gotten greedy. He pulls back and reiterates that he can’t send her off like this.

“It doesn’t matter who you like or who you date. Just stay by my side for a while!”

She can only apologise, leaving him to head off in a huff.

The boys are doing well in their training. Coach Baek reminds them to keep up their condition for the competition. The boys walk out and see Jae Hee. Hyun Jae excuses himself to the dorms, leaving the two lovebirds to chat up. Jae Hee tells Tae Joon that she came because she wanted to see him. He tells her that he would have went to see her even if she did not come. She directs him to go in since she has seen his face already but that’s not enough for him.


He takes her out bike riding and then they watch the sunset together. He takes hold of her hand and tells her and there is no need for words to convey what they want to say to each other. Night falls and they are still out in the same position watching the pretty and colourful fountain. She asks if he has to head back to dorm since this may affect his condition. He tells her that looking at her face is maintaining his condition. He then takes hold of her hand and continue to be immersed by the fountain. She watches his amazement and tells him that he is her miracle. She then looks away and he senses that there is something wrong. She tells him to stay put for a moment so she can load him into her eyes and continuously think about him. He asks again if something happened but she brushes it off and tells him that she is happy to be with him. He is adamant that something happened but she brushes it off yet again and goes to head back.

He heads after her and plants her a kiss which causes her to drop the bike in the process. (Love the placement in front of the fountain!)

He walks her to the bus stop and reminds her not to be late for the competition tomorrow. He offers to call Eun Gyul for her since it is dangerous at night. She offers her hand out and tells him to take care. He picks up that it’s too formal but plays along with it.

The bus arrives and just before she gets on, she gives him a goodbye hug. He questions for the nth time if something is wrong. She brushes it off yet again and tells him that she just doesn’t want to leave him.

“A second…a day… a year, they are all the same to me.”

He tells her “see you tomorrow” which she says the same thing to him. She looks out to him from the bus not sure if there is a tomorrow.

Jae Hee is in her dorm and recalls all her sweet moments with Tae Joon. She goes to walk out of the school with her luggage to find Seung Ri and the entire dorm waiting for her, all but Eun Gyul. She thanks them for everything. Seung Ri tells her not to forget about them because they will not forget about her. He gives her a hug and tells her to leave well as the rest of the dorm.

Jae Hee makes her way out and sees Eun Gyul bring Lettuce to say her a goodbye. He tells her that he was not going to come but because of her… She thanks him and gives him a parting hug. He asks her if she is not going to see Tae Joon before she goes. She replies that it is all for the best. He tells her that he is not going to apologise but rather, he is going to get revenge. She says her good bye to Lettuce before leaving. (I just realised that Lettuce likes Eun Gyul!)

It’s competition time and Tae Joon is worried. Jae Hee is nowhere to be seen and hasn’t even left him a message. Suddenly Eun Gyul calls to tell him that Jae Hee left. Tae Joon stalks off to pack his bags without a word. Hyun Jae goes to stop him and Jae Hee’s diary falls out. He realises what she wants to see most and decides what he has to do now is jump.

On the bus Jae Hee watches the competition. Lee Hyun Woo has jumped over 2m 27cm, Hyun Jae has jumped over 2m 29cm and Tae Joon jumps over 2m 31cm much to Jae Hee’s joy that tears come flowing down. He tells her on live TV that she has to wait because he is going to meet her. She nods her head to this.

It’s one year later in California, USA. Eun Gyul sends her a video e-mail and apologises for infrequent mails because he is busy with being on the Nationals team. He tells her that everyone is doing well and fills her in on the details. Coach Baek and Miss Lee are married, Han Na is secretly dating Seung Ri and Dr. Jang is leaving to study fashion in Paris. Oh, and Tae Joon is off on vacation, probably to Jeju Island. She wonders out aloud what Tae Joon is doing.

She goes to check her phone but accidentally knocks over her diary. She bends over to pick it up when her Tae Joon appears. They embrace each other in a hug.


My Opinion:

Personally, I found these last two eps to be my least favourite of the pack. It just fell short of the other episodes and lacked some punch that previously existed on the other eps. These two eps just felt like it had nothing else left to build on. It just dropped from the rest of the drama. There was a lack of development and anything exciting. I wanted to see some punch to give this drama some oomph. For the finale, I expected something more from this drama. This ep was also really different from the previous eps where they begin from where the last ep left off. I guess the last ep has nothing left of the left to build on.

Again, this ep lacked hype and emotion when people discovered that Jae Hee is a girl. It was all very anti-climatic and very carefree. You would expect it to be a huge shock to everyone but nope, it’s just like a bump in the foot path. What has occurred throughout this drama is that a lot of the climatic scenes have been downgraded to anti-climatic. That was the only climatic point of this ep yet it was all very calm. Arghhhh!

I like Tae Joon and Jae Hee as a couple but they don’t gel enough to be a couple. They just lack something and that something is connection. They have some chemistry, but lack a lot of connection. They are fine on their own and can connect to the audience. However, when they are together, they don’t appear connected. They just appear as if they are two random people minding their own business and are suddenly drawn together. They don’t reach out to the audience. They are cute together as couple, however, there is just something that doesn’t make me buy them as a couple. I can see their chemistry, but I can’t see their connection.

I am actually quite disappointed with this drama as a whole. It definitely is no where near as good as the Taiwanese version. Firstly, I didn’t like the addition of all the numerous characters. Many of them were actually irrelevant to the plot or played an influential role. I found the manager to be completely useless. I didn’t get her role here nor did I like her role. She didn’t have much of a role and was merely a shadow for Tae Joon. I didn’t really like Han Na either. She was just here to create drama or else this drama would have had nothing to develop on. I also found Tae Joon’s daddy’s role to be so-so. Secondly, at lot of the supposed supporting characters had only a very small role. That would be Dr. Jang. I would have thought he would have had a bigger and prominent role. I saw him as the one to help Jae Hee and give her advice. Instead, he just given a small role equivalent to Manager Jang. I would have liked to see him assume a role similar to that of Mei Tian in the Taiwanese Hana Kimi. Thirdly, I found that the plot didn’t develop sequentially. A lot of the scenes appear to be out of place or happening at the wrong time. Some scenes happen too soon while others feel really misplaced. Fourthly, the character relations is just out of place. Not with the leads but with the other characters. Seung Ri is supposed to be Dr. Jang’s nephew right? Well, they show no sign of that. Fifthly, this drama should not even be called a Hanazakari no Kimitachi e remake with all of these changes and differences.

Lee Hyun Woo still remains to be the stand out actor from the pack. He portrayed his role as Eun Gyul really well. He is able to get into character and has brilliant emotions when he expresses his feelings. I found that he handled his character the best out of all the leads. Not only that, he has really great chemistry with Hyun Jae and Jae Hee.

Seung Ri really got to shine in this ep. He was able to show his leadership and protective side. He showed that he is a strong character. He stood by to help Jae Hee even when he knew of the consequences. (:

This is a light-hearted drama that may have had many misses but well, there were hot actors.


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4 thoughts on “To The Beautiful You Episode 16 Recap

  1. lifewithdramas October 7, 2012 at 3:27 pm Reply

    I agree. This drama definitely was disappointing after the amazing Taiwanese Hana Kimi and the promising first half. I think the plot got a little messed up around the middle and it lost its momentum, and with the lack of chemistry (which was very good in the Taiwanese version) I lost motivation to finish watching it.

    • misscupcakees October 7, 2012 at 4:57 pm Reply

      Really? Did you find the first half promising? I actually found the entire drama a bit messed up from the very beginning. Ahahahs, yeahh, the Taiwanese version definitely had the chemistry that this version lacked.

  2. hana May 29, 2014 at 7:21 pm Reply

    Saya harap cerita ni keluar di astro one.

  3. love kdrama July 12, 2016 at 1:59 pm Reply

    Tbh I don’t really like the ending… I mean why Jae hee had to book a flight on the day of Tae Joon’s competition (with an unreasonable answer that if she doesn’t go that day she might not be able to leave)? In the drama the reason jae hee went to Korea is to see Tae Joon jumps again but at the end, she wants to leave on the day of the competition which she doesn’t really think about Tae Joon’s feelings (how about if Tae Joon fails or how disappointed he is after knowing that she is gone). The one year later is a bit odd tho, they supposed to make it 3months later or something, it’s too long. jae hee also asked Eun Gyeol about tae joon which means jae hee and tae joon didn’t even contact each other for one year after she left Korea??? if tae joon really likes her, they supposed to contact each other you know. Also, why she has to leave Korea, why she didn’t just go to Seol Han-na school? at the end, they didn’t give us any clue about Hyun Jae ( Tae Joon’s rival) whether he went to the Olympics or what happened to him, like the other supporting character.

    I know I’m not supposed to give my critics here but I just want to express my feelings towards the ending hehe. I think they should have a better plot but overall the drama is really good. your recap is really good tho 😀

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