Highs and Lows Episodes 6-10 Overview

Yeeeps, these following five eps are what proves to be heating up, especially ep 6. After the solid first week, this week proves that it can handle the pressure. These five eps really start to build on Ka Bik and Sai Lok’s relationship as well the strain between Sai Lok and Gordon. Each ep continues to build on suspense and ep 10 will really leave you curious and eager to know what is going to happen next. It really shows how well written this plot is to even continue to include Ka Bik presence despite her conclusion as an informat. 

Episode 6:

  • Gordon stands by Chi Sing and takes on Chi Sing’s mistake instead.
  • Helen offically tells Gordon that she is going to take Yong Yong back.
  • Gordon finally realises that he fails as father.
  • Sai Lok reminds Ka Bik to put in more effort if she wants her reward at the end of this.
  • Ka Bik follows Saam Cao and discovers that he went to a room at the back of the cold room. She informs Sai Lok that the exchange will happen on Wednesday at 12am at Man Gui Wan. She gets locked in the cold room.
  • Sandy issues a stop warrant to Sai Lok because she found out of his relation with Lam Guok Doung. Furthermore, he has had money transfers from Lam Guok Doung which she suspects that he took this money privately to aid Saam Cao.
  • Sai Lok knows that Ka Bik is in trouble. He is worried but he can’t do anything but sit and wait.
  • Action time! Poon Sir is sure the drugs at Lamma Island but Happy Sir is still sure that it is at Man Gui Wan. The traffickers at Lamma Island get caught…trafficking seafood… So now Poon Sir believes that the location is at Man Gui Wan. Everyone leaves for action leaving Sandy to keep an eye on Sai Lok.
  • Sai Lok breaks free of his house arrest and rushes over to the restaurant to save Ka Bik. He finds her, frozen. Together Sandy and Sai Lok strip her and puts her  in 40 degrees water in attempt to wake her.
  • There is enough evidence to arrest Saam Cao because in a flashback it is revealed that Gordon got information beforehand from Sai Lok that Man Gui Wan is the place where the drug trafficking will occur so they placed an underwater video recorder to capture the evidence.

  • Evidence, pfffft, it’s time to run! Everyone starts shooting while Sai Lok keeps trying to wake Ka Bik up. He even gives her mouth to mouth and finally she wakes. The drug traffickers lose and are all arrested.
  • Sai Lok has to undergo questioning for his monthly transfers. He refuses to reveal the reason behind it. Gordon believes that he is doing this to protect someone and even Sandy believes that he is not a corrupt officer and decides to investigate this matter in her hands.
  • Sandy discovers that eight years ago, Guok Doung committed a crime and accidentally killed a police officer in the process. When he got released from jail, he secretly helped the police officer’s family. He did this by transferring money to Sai Lok’s to use him to transfer this money to the police officer’s mistress.  Sai Lok did not want to tell because he doesn’t want Guok Doung to fall in the wrong path again and he also wanted to protect the officer’s good husband identity.

Episode 7:

  • The quad promises to support Chi Sing if his actions get reported up to the superior. Shui Ki and Poon Sir arrives and praises the team for their efforts in cracking the case.
  • Sandy finds Happy Sir and apologises to him but tells him that she wouldn’t have misunderstood if he told her so he shouldn’t just blame her fully for this. He tells her that to keep a secret means to not spill it. In acceptance of her apology, her asks her for a favour.
  • Sandy goes to Ka Bik’s place to hand her over her first instalment for her informat payment.  She is devastated to discover that her payment is only a meagre 16, 500 ($HKD) with her second instalment to be 8, 400 and her third and final payment to be 4, 200 which is significantly down from the supposed 3, 000, 000 because when they went to retrieve the narcotics, majority of it got washed away in the sea.
  • Tim follows Happy Sir to the mall in an attempt to mock him. Instead, Happy Sir mocks Tim back.
  • Ka Bik is not happy about her payment and goes to get this settled with Happy Sir once and for all. Well, he can only do so much but promises that he will help her in the future if she needs it.
  • Gordon takes Yong Yong out for a movie but on their way there he gets called in for work. So he takes Yong Yong to the police station with him. Yong Yong waits and waits for his daddy to finish work but his daddy just never seems to finish work. So Yong Yong ends up seeing the movie with his mummy instead.
  • Helen is certainly not pleased with Gordon’s time management and decides to look after Yong Yong for a few days.
  • The NB team is to warrant all of Chiw Saam Kao’s funds. This means that they have to take back the house that Saam Kao gave to his former maid, Taow Po Po. However, Taow Po Po isn’t ready to let go of her house.
  • Gordon and Helen have an argument over Taow Po Po’s house. Gordon doesn’t want to take her house away but Helen is adamant that he has to.
  • The quad go to a nursing home to do some charity work. There they meet social worker Li Hoi Ying/Esther (Lily Ho) and it is love at first sight for You Fu. Hoi Ying manages to convince Taow Po Po to come and live at the nursing home and consequently give up her house.
  • Looking after Yong Yong is making Helen’s life very hectic. She even packs Yong Yong her phone for lunch…
  • Happy Sir can see through Gordon’s plans to make Helen willingly give up Yong Yong’s custody.
  • Ho Kwai and You Fu go help Taow Po Po move to the nursing home. There they encounter Choi Po Po who gets frightened when she sees a man with a tattoo. She immediately runs to Ho Kwai telling him to protect her, recognising him as the police from ten years ago.
  • The quad research the case. Ten years ago, a girl from across Choi Po Po’s place died due to drugs. Choi Po Po was a witness who could have potentially saw the perpetrator.
  • The quad invite Esther out for help on this case. Her police boyfriend decides to tag along as he also has an interest in this case. It is revealed to be none other than Poon Sir!
  • Poor Sir and Gordon arrive at the nursing home to get to know this case better. Choi Po Po is no where in sight. Gordon finds her in hiding, having just seen the tattooed man, the perpetrator from ten years ago.  Ten years ago she lived in the house across from the girl. That day she got up early to pack for her trip to head back to the countryside. She heard the girl and a man argument so out of curiosity, she looked over and saw a tattooed man. It was after her return from the countryside that she discovered that the girl died.
  • Chui Yui was 28 at the time she died due to overdose on glass powdered drugs. At the time of the crime, her three years old daughter, Chui Yao Yee was present. She is now adopted by a Lok couple.
  • Ho Kwai and You Fu head back to the crime scene of 10 years ago and discovers that the security guard gave fake evidence claiming that he didn’t see any unusual people entering. The security guard does remember seeing a tattooed man entering.
  • Sandy and Sai Lok enter the nursing home as a nurse and gardener respectively in search for evidence. Sai Lok deciphers that since the tattooed man came on Saturday, he is going to come again next Saturday.

Episode 8:

  • Sandy arrives at a formal function with her parents where her daddy tries to put in a good word to her superior for her. However, she does not want that; she wants to prove by her ability and not climb by relations. Yong Yong also arrives with Helen and Ivan. Yong Yong doesn’t want to be here, he just wants to finish his drawing homework. So he calls his daddy who runs through how he should draw this picture. Helen sees his picture and is not satisfied with it. So she gets a professional artist to complete his homework. She realises that Yong Yong’s happiness is more important than getting good grades.
  • Tim befriends Fei Si (Koo Ming Wah) who gives him some pubs to look after.
  • Sai Lok gives Ka Bik her second instalment of informat payment. Ka Bik casually tells him to donate the third payment since Tim is well off now.
  • Ho Kwai sees a guy disabled guy due to consuming glass powdered drugs and recalls one poor decision that he made 10 years ago which changed the outcome of Chui Yui’s case. He was collecting evidence at the crime scene however he decided to leave to meet his wife. That was when one of the VCDs disappeared.
  • Ka Bik is at the pub and sees some minions selling drugs. Frustrated and unable to cope with this, she immediately flushes their drugs down the toilet.
  • Ka Bik kicks Tim out of the house  because he allowed the drug exchange to go through. He is adamant that he did not allow this to happen and goes to prove his innocence. He discovers that his superiors Fei Gei and Fei Si allowed this. (Ummm, I thought Fei Si is a good guy? Didn’t he go to the party that Sai Lok went to?) Fei Gei bashes Tim up. Ka Bik sees this and immediately calls Sai Lok for help.
  • Sandy leads the crew to make the ID checks as the pubs a big scene while Sai Lok heads with Ka Bik to find Fei Si. Fei Si’s minions return with the drugs and that is more than enough evidence for Sai Lok to make his arrest.
  • Ka Bik finally believes that Tim is innocent.
  • The police take Yao Yee for question with her parents right by her side. She doesn’t remember anything but has horrific flashback to the scene.
  • Ho Kwai takes Yao Yee back to the scene which triggers both pleasant and unpleasant memories for her. Luckily her father arrives and rescues her before Ho Kwai can cause any more mental damage to her. For his actions (both today and ten years ago), Poon Sir puts Ho Kwai under investigation to see if he is still fit enough to be a police.
  • Ho Kwai comes home drunk scaring both his wife and kids. He realises that he shouldn’t take this out on them.
  • It’s Saturday and both Sandy and Sai Lok are on the lookout for the perpetrator. Sai Lok plays mahjong with the elderlys and discovers that the air-con wasn’t working last Saturday.
  • Yao Yee keeps getting horrific nightmares of the scene. One day she faints at school and her parents are told that she needs a kidney transplant. The doctor tells Mr. Lok (Lok Yat Ming) that he can donate to which he reacts strongly to. Gordon follows Mr. Lok and discovers him secretly asking a doctor if he would require a DNA test if he wants to donate a kidney.
  • Helen have some chit-chat time about Yong Yong.
  • It is revealed that the tattooed man is Mr. Lok.
  • Chi Sing and You Fu arrive at the hospital telling Gordon and Ho Kwai that Choi Po Po finally remembers the tattooed man, loud enough for Mr. Lok to hear.

Episode 9:

  • Now all they have to do is follow Mr. Lok’s every movement.
  • It is revealed that Sai Lok discovered that Mr. Lok is the tattooed man because he saw Mr. Lok’s name on the nursing home’s log book as the man who came to fix the air-con. They also did a DNA test and discovered that Yao Yee and Lok Yat Ming are biological father-daughter. Sandy realises that everything that they did (saying Choi Po Po recognises the tattooed man) is to be the bait to the fish.
  • The fish has arrived at the nursing home but after a moment of hesitation he decides to retreat to the back of the nursing home.
  • Choi Po Po disappears when Sandy looks away for even one second. They find her held captive by Mrs. Lok at the rooftop building.
  • Mrs. Lok tells her husband that she knows the truth between him and Yao Yee but that doesn’t matter to her because she loves him. Meanwhile, Sandy ties herself to a cable, walks in from behind and saves the  two ladies. One mistep sees her fall back… Luckily Sai Lok grabs hold of her and saves her (LOL, so the others just stand and watch? -.-)
  • Mr. Lok was a drug dealer. He never guessed that Chui Yui would steal his drugs and die as a result of overdose. After her death, he stole the VCD because there are pictures of him there and if the police find it, he will definitely be taken back for questioning. After that, he headed to America under a new identity and married his current wife. However, he came back for his daughter. Though he would have never guessed that this case would resurface because of Choi Po Po. Gordon tells him that he can get a lighter sentence if he reveals who the druggie boss behind all of this is. Though he refuses as this will put his family under danger.
  • Gordon gets a call from Helen telling him that Yong Yong is running a high fever. She realises that as long as Yong Yong is happy nothing else matters. She decides that it is best that she drop the custody case and leaves Yong Yong back under Gordon’s care.
  • Shui Ki praises Sandy for her efforts during the case. She immediately finds her daddy, unhappy that he has put in good words for her. He claims that he didn’t do anything but she isn’t so sure.
  • Sandy drinks herself drunk at Ka Bik and Tim’s bar because of the daddy issue. Guess who is here to take her home? Sai Lok!
  • Yao Yee has a successful transplant and Mrs. Lok tells her that Yat Ming is really her father. However, her successful immediately ends there and she suffers blood leakage in her brain as a result from the drug intake during pregnancy. That finally breaks Mr. Lok and he reveals that the druggie boss is Chiw Chi Fai.
  • Sandy and Sai Lok are on a lookout to stalk Chiw Chi Fai (Henry Lee). After a night of hard work, Sai Lok takes Sandy to visit the nursing home. She goes to the garden and sees some pretty sunflowers. Sai Lok uses this to tell her that family is precious.
  • Sandy takes Sai Lok’s words into consideration and makes amends with her daddy. (Wait, isn’t this her daddy in Surviour’s Law II?)
  • The crew decipher where Chi Fai’s place of exchange is. However, when they go to arrest him, he gets away at the very last minute.
  • Shui Ki invites Sai Lok to the riverside at night and tells him that he suspects that there are/is corrupt officer(s) in the team. Chi Fai could not have gotten away so easily and so last minute if someone did not give him directions to flee. There is also enough evidence to suspect so; they heard some secret phone messages in the control room that they cannot decipher. He wants Sai Lok to investigate this matter; and his assistant is Sandy! Sai Lok cannot be a corrupt officer following his investigation last time and Sandy definitely cannot be one considering her father is a high commissioner.

Episode 10:

  • The new collabees go to search the room where the perpetrator ran free. Sai Lok finds that the perpetrator escaped through a vent. He concludes that the perpetrator could have only got away so quickly and on such short notice with communication from one of them on operation. They head outside and Sandy sees some pretty chrysanthemum so she goes to pick some of it to give to Sai Lok since that is the flowers he gives to his mother.
  • The Lok family head off to live in their new country.
  • Helen and Gordon have a sweet catch-up time. She spots Ivan with some “bad” people.
  • There is a new case. They are to arrest the druggie boss of Shum Sui Po, Saaw Paow. They decide that the best way to handle this is to put in an undercover police. You Fu offers himself up for this role and Poon Sir volunteers Ah Hua (Kayi Cheung) to be his partner.
  • Sai Lok has another informat – Tim – who gives You Fu advice on how to make his grand entrance to the druggie world.
  • Gordon, Ho Kwai and Chi Sing are on the lookout for the druggie house. Chi Sing gets a call so he and Ho Wai immediately leave. It’s some news that Chiw Chi Fai is out and about. Of course, this news was created by Sandy and Sai Lok. Now they have even more rights to assume that they could be the corrupt officer.
  • The quad goes to seek out the person who helped to spread the news – Ka Bik. Sai Lok warns her and tells her to leave the bar; he will be there to pick her up. However, the quad arrives one step too soon and has Ka Bik cornered. Luckily she talks her way out of this, claiming that she only wanted to mock Sai Lok. Gordon warns her not to do it again before leaving.
  • If you want to catch a good fish, you need good bait which means Sandy and Sai Lok can only continue to use Ka Bik and Tim to spread fake news until they catch the fish.
  • Helen investigates Chi Fai’s estate. She goes to his house and discovers that his entire estate is spent on rare and precious stamps which means he won’t be leaving Hong Kong any time soon.
  • Sandy uses the FIB supercomputer to investigate the quad’s financial status. Poon Sir sees her leaving the police station late at night. He tracks her technological footsteps and realises what she and Sai Lok is doing. (Okay, just saying, the system must be quite crap if Poon Sir can see what Sandy searched up, considering she did have special permission and all…)
  • It’s time to arrest Saaw Paow. Poon Sir specifically organises for himself to be in the control room and only the quad on action. Gordon has Saaw Paow cornered. Saaw Poaw tries to bribe him but that doesn’t work and he gets arrested.
  • Poon Sir lets it slip to Sai Lok that he is doing exactly what he is doing.
  • Chi Fai has a minion called Lei Goon who has surfaced. Sai Lok tells Ka Bik to find Lei Goon through a girl called June who does as the same occupation as her. She uses him to find where Lei Goon is and the police come to arrest him. Lei Goon spills where Chi Fai is.
  • Shui Ki organises a mission to catch Chi Fai where the quad is the last to go on the mission. During their wait, they are secretly monitored by Shui Ki, Sai Lok and Sandy. Ho Kwai goes to make a phone call…


My Opinion:

The more I watch this, the more it resembles Tiger Cubs both in terms of the action and plot development of the drama as well the cinematography.  I personally see many resemblance here, especially with the Chi Fai’s case. When they went to the building to arrest him, the action and the process of the action reminds me a lot of one of the cases in Tiger Cubs. The way that they arranged the barge and planned the plan is just too similar for my eyes but I actually enjoy it like this. Ahahahas, but I do like the fact that it differentiates itself from Tiger Cubs. For many of these cases, the actions might be very similar but it yields itself in a way that is distinctively just for Highs and Lows. I found the cinematography strikingly even more similar to that of Tiger Cubs. The opening review is literally the same. It, like Tiger Cubs is very movie-like. I do like this more than Tiger Cubs though. I love the effect of lead in from the music immediately to the opening scene and the lightened colour. This makes it feel…more intensifying. Like Tiger Cubs, I really enjoy how the opening sequence features previous scenes that will come in play with the ep.

I really enjoy the plot development here. I especially enjoy have Ka Bik still remains connected to the plot even though she has clearly finished her role as an informat. I find it really well written this way. I also really like how each of the cases provides a basis for the following cases/turning point to occur. I love how it flows so smoothly.

Oh how cute is Sai Lok and Ka Bik’s chemistry!? I love how they slowly change from strangers to work mates and slowly to becoming friends. They are so cute! They are also so adorably sweet together! I really love that scene in the hall where Sai Lok went to met a Ka Bik. I found that scene nicely played. It was also both charismatic and filled with chemistry! Ahahahas, when she chose to believe in him, it showed that she has come to trust him. This shows that he has and stilling continuing to delve his way into her heart. After everything that has happened, him being able to do that is a very big step.

I still can’t figure out Ka Bik and Tim’s relationship. They are friends and housemates, that I know for sure. They also have something more than that. I am pretty sure he likes her. I hope they would show the background story behind their relationship. I actually like their chemistry together. They appear more like brother-sister than Tim having a crush on her. I love that they are always looking out for each other. Even when she kicked him out of the house, she softened and went to look for him.

I don’t find Sai Lok and Sandy’s relationship that…progressive. So far I only see them as friends and colleagues at the most. Even when they had their collaboration to bring them closer, they still feel quite distant with each other. I really look forward them as a couple but if their relationship is going the way it is then… I mean, they have great chemistry as friends. I’m not sure of that as anything more…

I love Sai Lok and Poon Sir’s friendship/enemyship. I find it more intriguing than his friendship with Gordon. Personally, I find Raymond has more chemistry with Michael but he has more connection to Ben. I love that they are able to work together yet they assume some kind of rivalry with each other. I see bromance in the making!

Ohh, oh, ohh! I just want to mention I love Raymond’s expressions! He also didn’t say “Yes” in these five episodes. Wahhhh!

Okay, the big question here is who the corrupt officer is. I am starting to wonder to if the whole quad are corrupt officers…

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2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows Episodes 6-10 Overview

  1. justwacky October 8, 2012 at 2:26 am Reply

    I know it’s a bit belated but thanks again for you wonderful overviews and great english. I’m super glad that you are this awesome xD

    • misscupcakees October 8, 2012 at 8:27 pm Reply

      Ahahhaas, no worries! I’m glad you are enjoying it!

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