Highs and Lows Episodes 11-15 Overview

This is where the love triangle/rectangle evolves Ka Bik and Sai Lok finally get closer with each other and show their feelings. Yep, the relationships are finally heading off! It is also where the corrupt officer issue seems to dilute through eps 13-15. These five eps felt like it was cut in half, literally. The first two eps are based solely on the corrupt officer issue and the last three eps are based on Ka Bik and Sai Lok’s evolving love complication, which frankly is not enough time for their development. There are crisis and crisis on top of one another that may appear quite packed but it is to develop the drama and get ready for the next phase where the drama will take a huge spin on its head taking a huge 180 degrees leap.

This marks the halfway point of the drama and yet there is still a lot to pack in the next 15 eps. I really wonder how, when and why Ka Bik will become a druggie queen. From where it is standing right now, it is very very very far from even coming close. It will have a lot to squeeze in a short amount of time.

Episode 11:

  • … saying some numbers, some lottery numbers.
  • Finally it is time for the quad to take their operation.
  • Shui Ki continues to look at the footage of the quad while the collabees tail the quad. The collabees see the quad stop at a convenience store. The collabees wonder if they will use this chance to make a phone call but it’s a false alarm, the quad purchases some drinks.
  • Chi Fai arrives on sure. Surly they will catch him, right? Oh, but it is revealed not to be Chi Fai.
  • Shui Ki is with Sai Lok and tells him that he wonders if they are following the wrong track and that maybe the quad aren’t corrupt officers after all. Sai Lok is sure that there is definitely something up with the quad since they couldn’t catch Chi Fai. There can only be two options – either that got false news that Chi Fai is leaving or Chi Fai has already heard the news that they are investigating for corrupt officers.
  • Poon Sir suddenly enters and announces that he wants be one of the investigators since they are investigating his team. He tells them that they are too greedy, wanting to kill two birds with one stone (discovering who the corrupt officer is and catch Chi Fai at the same time). Shui Ki make these two rivals cooperate together.
  • The quad leaves without permission. Of course their car is tracked and they are found arresting Chi Fai.
  • At the questioning room, Chi Fai receives a message from his lawyer and doesn’t even put up a fight.
  • Sandy asks the obvious question to which Sai Lok replies that they didn’t want to make a false alarm.
  • The quad are no corrupt officers. Instead, they get acknowledged for Chi Fai’s arrest.
  • Or are they? Gordon receives a call from a mysterious person who tells him that his “boss” is satisfied with him for resolving the Chiw Chi Fai issue. The person tells him to go get the “things” that will be at the usual spot.
  • Gordon looks at his certificate and recalls the events of what really happened that day. During the mission, he received a call from the mysterious person telling him to free Chiw Chi Fai because he is the mysterious person’s client. Later on Gordon goes to meet the mysterious person (at a secret location of course) who tells him that he is work together with Chi Fai to plot together to arrest his younger brother, Chiw Chi Bao so then Chi Fai can push all the blame to Bao Jun so he can be free and have his funds unfrozen. Gordon tells him that this will just up his suspicion and suggests a better plan this time around – arrest Chi Fai. Mysterious person who has received Chi Fai’s money to help him can tell Bao Jun about his brother’s plans to arrest him and then he can arrest Chi Fai which will rub off any suspicion of him. After the arrest, mysterious person will take over Chi Fai’s business. Bao Jun will regard mysterious person as a saviour. Then this will bring on benefits for both parties – Gordon and mysterious person.
  • The quad have a very secret get-together where it is revealed that it is because of Chi Sing that they are all corrupt officers. During a mission, Chi Sing gunned down a perpetrator. That perpetrator happened to leave behind a lot of cold hard cash which Chi Sing which he decided to take it all. The quad have a celebratory get-together for their successful mission where the other three discover Chi Sing’s hunch for the money. Chi Sing reveals that he had no choice; he needed it desperately for his wife’s surgical fees. Gordon is not pleased about this and advises him to admit his guilt while the other two support Chi Sing no matter what. Chi Sing suddenly gets an emergency call about his wife’s condition and immediately rushes over to the hospital. Filled with guilt and not wanting to put his buddies in a dangerous position, Chi Sing decides that it will be for the best if he commits suicide. The three persuade him to not commit suicide but he decides that he has to admit his guilt. Gordon cannot see his closest friend die (both figuratively and literally) so he decides to support him.
  • Gordon visits the gunned down guy and gives him a paperclip so he can run free. Everything should be over and done with right?
  • Nopes! The quad gets dragged to meet the mysterious guy who shows them a clip of Chi Sing pocketing the money. The mysterious guy threatens to reveal the clip if they don’t work for him. However, if they do work for him, they will get back the clip. So the quad are left with no choice but to agree.

Episode 12:

  • Wai Sir is no where to be seen. He leaves a note saying that he is taking a break and tells his colleagues to change the flowers for his mother at his house.
  • The quad being potential corrupt officers is still on the back of Happy Sir’s mind.
  • Happy Sir is at a shop drinking some chrysanthemum tea and comments how good it is. The boss tells him that her friend picked the chrysanthemum for her. When Happy Sir leaves, the person is revealed to be Ka Bik.
  • Meanwhile Ka Jun and Tim is cleaning the house at Lamma Island. Today is Ka Bik and Ka Jun’s death date.
  • Helen visits Gordon’s place and finds that the quad is preparing for a performance at the nursing home. Again she tells him to spend more time with Yong Yong. Yong Yong invites his mummy to come watch the performance which she agrees to.
  • The quad are contemplating how down Happy Sir is feeling about this whole corrupt officer incidence. Gordon: “Maybe this show will have no ending… until the day we die.”
  • Ka Bik looks at the house and remembers their happy times as one happy family.
  • Coincidentally, Sai Lok meets Ka Bik while she is visit her mother’s grave.
  • The performance is missing one member so Yong Yong volunteers his mummy to fill in this role, as Gordon’s character’s wife. During the performance, the stage door collapses onto Helen but luckily Gordon comes to save the day. His character then gets into a fight with the devil and so he dies.  That’s when the princess (Sandy) appears and saves him. She leads the singing which leads Poon Sir to watch her with awe. This guy is falling in love!
  • Helen has a heart-to-heart talk with Gordon. She tells him that she finally realises why he never wanted to leave the Narcotics Bureau. She tells him that watching him prepare for the performance with his buddies, there was a connection that was so strong between them.
  • Sai Lok joins the Chen siblings for dinner when Tim arrives, with a bit of jealousy. Ahahahas, but the four do have an enjoyable time together.
  • After dinner, Sai Lok and Ka Bik have a talk. He tells her that maybe he should have never suspected his friends in the first place and wonders how he could have had such less faith in them, especially for Gordon. She tells him that it doesn’t matter that they got investigated since they are innocent. He tells her that he minds. She suggest that if he does, he should just talk it out black and white with them. She tells him about her happy family in this house. Upon hearing this, he shows her a picture of some harsh-enduring pretty flowers and tells her that there doesn’t need to be someone by their side to produce a beautiful outcome.
  • Sandy goes to Sai Lok’s place, replaces the flowers as well as clean up his messy home.
  • Leung Gum Biw, a friend of Tim’s, uses him and tourists to traffic drugs.
  • Happy Sir plants some seeds for Ka Bik and tells her that she will know what the flowers are when it blossoms. (I bet it’s the harsh-enduring flowers!)
  • Ka Jun pulls Ka Bik and Happy Sir for a game of hide-and-seek. Coincidentally, they hide in a closet together. Naaaws!
  • However, their hiding place is revealed when she gets a phone call informing her that Tim got arrested.
  • Poon Sir offers Tim a way out of this mess – to be an undercover of the police and arrest the druggie boss.
  • Happy Sir argues with Poon Sir that Tim is unfit for this role. However, hearing this, Tim immediately agrees to the role. Ka Bik makes Sai Lok promise her to look after Tim.
  • Shui Ki make Poon Sir and Happy Sir cooperate together for this case.
  • Leung Gum Biw transfers money to a investment company but that’s where the tracks stop. Helen decides to trace this track by getting herself hired in the investment company.

Episode 13:

  • Sai Lok arrives home to find  Sandy there who has been taking great care of his home.
  • Helen delves deeper to find that the manager, Sunny Wong, of the investment company is laundering illegal money. When he invites her to go to a hotel to meet a client, she comes alone. Oh, but the client is not there. Sunny drinks himself drunk and Helen uses this opportunity to go through his phone.
  • Gordon drives Helen home. On their way, they stop at a tree which they remember to be a place where they used to frequent when they were dating and posed to take pictures. Time to head back that track; they take pictures of them posing.
  • Ivan waits for Helen and tells her that he is ready for them to move to Switzerland any time. She tells him that she needs time.
  • The crew is preparing Tim for his mission. Just before they head out, Tim calls Ka Bik telling her that he is heading to the mainland and telling her not to worry; he will be fine.
  • When Tim goes to meet the druggie minions, Ka Bik appears and gets herself on board.
  • They go to meet the druggie boss and it’s time for action! Everyone runs in all directions. Sai Lok arrives in a car to pick up Ka Bik. Though little did he know the druggie boss would hop on board. He leads her to safety and leaves himself in a struggle with the druggie boss. He drives into some barrels of gasoline and it explodes.
  • Ka Bik wakes in hospital and can only remember what Sai Lok did for her. So she rushes to his house, happy to find him alive. “Why did you risk your life to save me? […] I am not worth it. I am not your chrysanthemums. I am just a rubbish. From when I was young to now, no one cares about me or loves me. I only live on for my little brother. I don’t know what love is nor do I know how to love. But you are so good to me and did so much for me; I don’t want to owe you anything.  I don’t want you to give me false hope.” His hopes are not false; he embraces her in a kiss and she does not hold back.
  • Ka Bik wakes happily with a sleeping Sai Lok by her side. She explores his house and find some red packets left from his mother with messages on them. One of the messages was for him to find a suitable wife. After seeing this, she decides to leave.
  • He wakes to find her gone. He calls her and messages her but she doesn’t reply.
  • He arrives to work while waiting for a message. Sandy asks him about this and he tells her that he is waiting for the news of the Asia Sniper Competition – he and Poon Sir got selected to participate.
  • Sai Lok finds Sandy practising her shooting ability but upset that she can’t participate in the competition. For the benefit of them both, he offers her to participate in his position since he is not in the right mind to concentrate anyway. He jokingly tells her to win the competition and bring back the trophy for him to use as a vase to place the chrysanthemum for his mother.
  • Hok Lai and Sandy have a trial run of the competition, which they are pretty in sync. He drives her home and one the way he finds his parent’s ice-cream motorcycle broken down on the road. He fixes the motorcycle while his parents are warm and welcoming towards Sandy, offering her a vanilla ice-cream (the strawberry ones were sold out).
  • Hok Lai meets Esther who is very tentative towards him while he appears to have something to say to her yet he can’t open to say it yet.
  • Helen gets a clip of someone doing illegal money laundering for druggie boss, Yum Man Koon. That particular person appears to be a lot like Ivan. She decides to delve deeper into this and asks him where he went that day. He shows her a picture of a house that he purchased for them. He once again affirms that they can leave for Switzerland any time soon.
  • Helen tells Sandy not to give herself too much pressure just because her father won it when he participated. Sandy tells her that it is not just because of her father but because there is a person that she doesn’t want to disappoint.
  • Ivan meets with Gordon and asks him to give up Yong Yong’s custody. They (him and Helen) are going to immigrate to Switzerland soon and Yong Yong needs someone by side.
  • Helen has dinner with Gordon, his mother and Yong Yong. Gordon uses this chance to indirectly and unknowing to announce that he is going to give Yong Yong back to Helen.
  • After dinner, Gordon officially tells Helen that he is going to give Yong Yong back to her.
  • The quad have a get-together with Gordon is sorrow. Chi Sing tells him if he misses Helen and Yong Yong he should just go for it and get them back. He can’t, he can’t give them a sightful future.

Episode 14:

  • Ka Bik still isn’t answering to Sai Lok, but when he calls hers she picks up. He invites her out for dessert which she agrees to on knowing that Tim will come back and look after Ka Jun. They have an ultra cute time sharing their dessert together. She then learns that Tim is at the police station with Ah Jun at home. She immediately rushes home to find Ka Jun shivering in the bath. When Sai Lok offers to come and have a look at the situation, she and Ka Jun declines.
  • It’s competition time! Hok Lai’s parents give her some strawberry ice-cream as encouragement while Sai Lok gives Sandy a whistle and tells her to use it when she wants to forfeit. During the competition, Sandy drops her whistle. When she goes to retrieve it, she twists her ankle however perseverance and good cooperation with Hok Lai wins them the competition.
  • Helen meets Ivan and finds out that he has sold all of his shares of the company so he can live with her peacefully in Switzerland. He also gives her a limited edition watch that he hand put together. All those sacrifices!
  • Helen discovers that Ivan may be involved with illegal money laundering. She follows him to a restaurant and confronts him. He tells her that he has hereditary easily contract disease. She gives him a get-free-out-of-jail card and the evidence and tells him that even if she doesn’t arrest him, the narcotics bureau will soon get a hold of him. When she leaves, he makes a call and confirms that she allowed him to run free but he has to leave Hong Kong soon because they will soon get onto him.
  • Sai Lok calls Ka Bik wanting to meet but she tells him that she isn’t home. He knocks on her door and tells her through the door that she and her brother is not a burden to him. He doesn’t care what others think as long as they are happy with each other. He asks her if they be together. He will be waiting for her answer.
  • When Ka Jun shows Ka Bik that he can take care of himself and just wants her to be happy, she preps herself knowing what answer to give Sai Lok. Sai Lok waits at the park by his house waiting for Ka Bik when Sandy arrives one step faster than Ka Bik. Sandy gives him the trophy to place the chrysanthemum in but when she trips, she piggybacks her. Ka Bik just watches this from the corner losing home.
  • Ka Bik just drinks herself drunk and Tim has to come and take care of her. She tells him that he doesn’t need to care about a person like her. No, he has to because she helped him when no one else would.
  • People are very absented-mind during the meeting about Yum Man Koon, *cough…Sai Lok and Helen…cough*
  • Sai Lok goes out his way to find Ka Bik who tells her that he knows that she likes him. What matters is that they like each other, why do they have to care what people think? She tells him straight-forwardly that she has no feelings for him.
  • Gordon and Sai Lok play a game of chinese checkers and both realise that each of them are absent-minded.
  • Sandy and Hok Lai get their pictures taken but they have many re-takes because he is very stiff. Luckily, she manages to loosen him up.
  • The quad suggest to Gordon that if he really wants it, he should go for it. Gordon goes to visit a few places with Helen and after that she gives him a farewell kiss. He asks her if she can stay but she apologises.
  • Sai Lok and Sandy go undercover to copy some videos that links them to the money laundering at Bank of Balken Cooperation.

Episode 15:

  • Hok Lai invites Sandy out to choose a present for his father’s birthday. His mother invites Sandy to join them for dinner. He tells his mother (loud enough for Sandy to hear) that he broke up with Esther. Or not, because he later gets a call from Esther reminding him about lunch tomorrow.
  • Hok Lai meets up with Esther and breaks up with her.
  • It’s the celebratory party for Hok Lai and Sandy. However, she is disappointed that Sai Lok pulls a no show. Sai Lok gets pulled by his colleagues to join the party which Sandy is in joy to see his appearance. She even invites drags him for a dance which she enjoys while he feels awkward in. Oh Hok Lai is jealous!
  • Sai Lok thinks about what Sandy has done for her. She finds him in the balcony and he goes through many twists and turns to indirectly tell her that feelings and happiness cannot be forced but she thinks so otherwise.
  • Sai Lok discovers some information and shows it to Gordon who recognises the guys from the picture as the ones who were with Ivan.
  • Gordon tells Helen that Ivan may be laundering illegal money. She suspects that she might know already and she admits it.
  • Ivan finds Gordon for a chat and tells him that whatever he chooses to do will directly affect Helen.
  • Gordon tells the trio not to step into this case. Ohh, but they don’t listen. They hack into Ivan’s account and freeze it. The trio tells Ivan that he can get back his money if he admits his wrongdoings and not drag anyone else into this. Oh, but Ivan is going to make this a big issue.
  • Ivan holds Helen and Yong Yong captive. He warns Gordon that if he doesn’t get his money in six hours, he would not want to know the end result.
  • Sai Lok gives Gordon an address of where the druggies (umm, the guys that were with Ivan) that they are after are hiding. The quad goes to investigate this with Sai Lok tagging along. They follow the druggie guys to an abandoned car lot. Gordon gets a message from Ivan commanding him to retrieve the money. Sai Lok sees this and confronts him about it. Gordon handcuffs him to a steering wheel and tells him that he has no choice; there are some things that are worth more than his life.
  • Gordon figures out a morse code from Helen and they use that to track where they are held captive.
  • Helen manages to free Yong Yong but not herself.
  • Sai Lok puts the pieces together and realises that Gordon is doing all this for Helen and Yong Yong. He tells Sandy not to report this to the superior, he believes in Gordon. She agrees to help him because she believes in him.
  • Sai Lok and Sandy are in the lift talking out their plan of attack when the doors open with them coming face to face with Poon Sir.

My Opinion:

Woaaahhh, what a stellar ending from ep 15! Okay, not just with the stern and serious face of Poon Sir but the ending leaves you gasping just like ep 10 did, but with more curiosity. Immediately following the ending a lot of questions came popping up in my head. Like a viewer suggested, could it be that Poon Sir is a corrupt officer too? I hope not because I don’t want him to divert to the dark side, his role is already villainous enough.  Please, don’t let him be a corrupt officer! Could it be that he has found out what Gordon is doing? Could it purely be that he doesn’t want Sai Lok to work with Sandy? Could it be that he is going to punish Sai Lok for what he did? Could it be that he wants to help Sai Lok? Just let him do whatever he wants, just don’t make him a corrupt officer. Four is enough already. Ahahahahas!

From ep 10 onwards we are left in a state of confusion and curiosity. We pretty much have our answers on who the corrupt officers are when the quad are monitored. However, we are then pushed to believe that they are innocent and once again led to realise that they aren’t so. I absolutely love the path and lead up to the revelation because we are taken on a rollercoaster maze where we suspect them but then realise that they are innocent and then realise that they aren’t. It will filled with curiosity, climax, suspense and a desire to eagerly get to the bottom of this. I enjoyed the first explanation scene but the second was a bit of a let down for me, okay, maybe a lot. The first one, where Gorodn went to meet Agent, was not so much as it still left a path for more questions. It was dark and suspenseful. I really thought that Gordon was really scary then, reminding me a lot of his Michael’s character as Kong Sai Hau in E.U. He was so fierce that moment that he looked and appeared like he has fully transitioned to the dark side. Then comes Chi Sing’s explanation which  was a huge let down for the ep and the lead up to it. It was draggy, really draggy. There was a lot of detail that we didn’t need to know, we just needed to know that Gordon initially didn’t want to help but you know, bros comes first! It didn’t hold the suspense or force that the lead up had. It took up half the ep which could have been used to further the plot.

Naaaaws, ep 12 was cute! It served a stepping stone of some sort for Ka Bik and Sai lok’s relationship development. They have slowly grown falling for each other. Here they are comfortable with each other. Regardless of whether they know of their feelings for each other or it is subconscious, it shows through the way they care and interaction with each other. How adorably cute were they in the closet!? It was awkward but cute! I am serious, you could see the electricity passing between them!

Hands down, ep 13 was my fave ep! (: Love, love, loved the confession scene! It was passionate and brilliant. It was brilliant acting from Kate and shows just how much she has improved, especially with her crying scene. She is becoming more natural at it. She and Raymond were both very natural in that scene. Okay, that aside, I’ll question the logic. I still wonder how Sai Lok survived through the explosion and why Ka Bik made an appearance. They very least that TVB could have done was provide a brief explanation. I really want to know the answers!

I find myself in a meh, bleh, love, hate relationship for Poon Sir. I like him when he is with Sandy. He is like a totally different person; he is kind, tentative and caring. I really, absolutely hated the break-up scene with Esther. I mean, did he really have to tell his mother that SHE broke it off before they even broke up? I disliked him even more when he broke up with Esther. She did so much for him but he was just like nahhhh, I want to break up and that’s what we are doing. Psssshhhhh! Then I am in a meh, bleh state when he is working. I like his persistence and logical thinking to get the job done but then I dislike his ways for just wanting to get the job done and not even caring for other people’s safety.

I wonder where this love rectangle is going to head. Poon Sir likes Sandy who likes Sai Lok who likes Ka Bik who thinks she is no fit to be the one by his side. Actually, make this a love pentagon because Esther likes Poon Sir. Yahhh, complicated. Okay, maybe not because there are a lot of unrequited love here. How is it going to develop and end is my question. I really wonder who is going to end up with who.

If you tell me that this is all there is to Ka Bik and Sai Lok’s relationship, well %^%$@*($&U()#$*! I need to see more of them! They didn’t have enough time to develop their feelings for each other. I mean, the lead up was enough but their actual time together was not. I need to see more of them together, preferably soon!  I actually prefer Ka Bik and Sai Lok’s relationship over Sandy and Sai Lok. Ka Bik and Sai Lok have chemistry with each other whereas Sandy and Sai Lok don’t have anything with each other, even though Sandy likes him. There just isn’t anything there to represent their feelings.

Oh Ka Bik, I feel for her! Just wrong timing with everything. If only…if only… She loves him but she just never felt that she was fit for him. Seeing Sandy with him, she just let it be because she can’t compare herself to her. Sai Lok is a police officer and what is she? A fist gambler who cannot ever be perfect for him. She fell for him but she can’t see herself as the one right for him.

I am sure it’s not just me but I find the Gordon-Ivan-Helen case really boring. Yeaahhh, Ivan’s the bad guy. Helen is going to see this and get back together with Gordon. Yay, now move over for Ka Bik and Sai Lok. Ahahahas, though I really do wonder how Helen will fall for Gordon again because from what she has shown so far, she does love Ivan.

Naaaaws, poor Sai Lok. After the issue with Gordon and Ka Bik, he is once again put in another dilemma. I am glad that he chose to trust Gordon in the end because he believes in him. That is true friendship there. He believes in Gordon. He is going to be shattered once he discovers that Gordon is a corrupt officer.

I love Ben Wong here! He has portrayed his role to the very best. I mean, he always does so. Ahahahahas, he is always so good in his evil villain roles. He does so well in the indicative and possessive role. I do hope that he can have a happy ending. I don’t want to see him as a baddie. He needs a happy ending and not a near repeat of Lives of Omission.

Of all the characters here, Sandy least appeals to me. Her character is too…iunno, typical? Ordinary? She doesn’t have a drawing force that Ka Bik, Sai Lok or what the other characters possess. Maybe this is why I don’t see her relationship with Sai Lok with chemistry? I love Ella ever since her portrayal in  Survivor’s Law II but here her character lacks the appeal. Maybe she all her chemistry lies in the second half of the series? Oh, and she is so dense here. Sai Lok practically told her that he doesn’t like her but she doesn’t get it and nor can she see Hok Lai’s feelings towards her. Like, he literally took you to meet the parents!

Of course, I love Sai Lok. I love his character; it is only fit for Raymond to portray it. He can be kind and gentle when he needs be and he can be fierce when he has to. I found the scene at the abandoned car lot with Gordon just amazing. The way he spoke to Gordon held power, disbelief and disappointment. His facial expression just says all. He yields great chemistry with Kate and Michael.

I can’t wait to see Ka Bik turn because I really look forward to it and she has to do it soon or else it will be really rushed if it doesn’t happen soon.

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4 thoughts on “Highs and Lows Episodes 11-15 Overview

  1. Geeme Koon October 18, 2012 at 3:21 am Reply

    i want poon sir to get caught being a two-timer.. he broke up with his gf of many years .. and is feeling like a fool that sandy doesn’t even notice him when she is around happy sir. i feel bad for Lily Ho.. she is soo pretty and nice .. maybe poon sir also has a motive since ella is the daughter of the Police Chief… poon sir has a shady side!

    • misscupcakees October 20, 2012 at 8:25 pm Reply

      Ahahahas, always think the “bad” of Poon Sir! LOL!

  2. ki October 23, 2012 at 6:25 pm Reply

    well, i also love ep 12 and 13 very much, i watch its about many times LOL. They are so cute. I start like Kate tsui , I’m so excited about Ray
    Thanks for your overview. 🙂

    • misscupcakees October 23, 2012 at 6:38 pm Reply

      Ahahahaas, yeahhhh! I love them! I love the confession scene the most!

      Same here, I think I feel much more warmer towards her since this series.

      No worries!

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