Highs and Lows Episodes 16-20 Overview

What happened!? Where did all the cliffhangers and hype go? These five eps just lost whatever hype there was from the previous five eps. I expected some fall from the previous week but I did not expected it to go all pear-shaped. It was just very messy and the plot appeared to be be confused itself. The lack of direction just resulted in a messed up plot. It lacked connection to both the audience an as well as within the drama itself and the references to previous cases just lacked emphasis. Then there was the corrupt officer issue where they tried to drag in again which felt misplaced. The crisis that allowed our characters to develop upon that was present in the previous five eps are not here.

Now, these five eps have taken a 180 degrees turn in the wrong direction. I guess the only thing that is worthy of applause is the acting skills presented by each of our characters. 

Episode 16:

  • Poon Sir lets Sai Lok know that he cannot take action without informing him. Though he does allow to Sai Lok and to continue thier “room service”. They barge in and the druggie head, Mr Wong, holds Sai Lok hostage. This gets some shooting action and Mr Wong leads Sai Lok away, demanding him to drive.
  • After some reckless driving due to un-mutal understanding between the two men, they eventually crash into a car. Sai Lok gets flown out of the car down a hill. There he sees Yong Yong getting chased by one of the druggie minions. The minion goes to shoot Yong Yong but Gordon quickly saves him taking the bullet himself on his lower back. With Sai Lok and Yong Yong down, the minion goes to shoot them but a smart Sai Lok manages to whack him down…
  • Gordon arrives and Ivan whacks down Helen. This leaves the men in a reckless fight. Gordon is on the losing front with Ivan pinning him and holding a knife ready to stab him in the throat. Luckily, Helen manages to break free of her cable cuff and shoot down Ivan.
  • … Happy arrives with Yong Yong and faints in Gordon’s arms.
  • Happy is alive and well, though he will have to rest for eight weeks. The bros are bros again. Gordon thanks Happy but he thanks Gordon for dragging him to the right path in the first place. Gordon tells him, “As long as you are originally a good person, regardless if you have headed on the wrong path before, in the end they will always head back on the right path.” 
  • Ka Bik secretly visits a sleeping Sai Lok. She goes to pat him but decides against it and leaves, saddened.
  • Sai Lok arrives to work for a briefing in his wheelchair. He goes to tie his shoelaces but struggle to do so; so Sandy lends him a helping hand which Poon Sir sees and grows jealous over.
  • Gordon and Sai Lok gets praise for their involvement in the case but Poon Sir suspects that this case still have many doubts. Initially it was druggies laundering illegal money then it became a hostage case. He questions why Gordon did not immediately report it when Ivan captured Helen and Yong Yong to which Gordon replies that he thought he could handle it alone and they would have a larger chance to save them if he pretended to cooperate with Ivan. Poon Sir then questions if Sai Lok deliberately let Mr Wong roam free. Sai Lok admits to this because he thought that Mr Wong would contact the people who captured Helen and in the end he did find them. But, the biggest doubt comes with Helen. She knew of Ivan’s involvement in Bank of Balken Corporation but yet she didn’t register as being a couple with Ivan. Furthermore, when they were investigating this company, Ivan sold his shares. He then implies that Helen may have sent some evidence allowing Ivan to run free.
  • So they investigate the print records and discover that she printed music sheets that day. Of course, it all turns out to be because of You Fu’s magic.
  • Tim goes to play some poker but gets caught cheating. So the boss and a druggie boss, Keung Chi Hung (Vincent Lam), has Tim’s hands chopped off. Ka Bik arrives and hoax them causing Chi Hung to admire her and let Tim run free.
  • There’s a new case – an entertainment company is suspected to have relations with drugs. So it is up to Helen and Gordon to investigate this. In the meantime while Sai Lok is away, Poon Sir is going to lead the Sai Lok’s intelligence wing.
  • Gordon recognises Wendy as a familiar face…

Episode 17:

  • Helen goes to investigate Wendy but unexpectedly Wendy returns. Helen quickly hides herself but she drops her torch which gives her away. Luckily, Gordon arrives (as a security guard) right on time just before Wendy could discover Helen. Wendy recognises Gordon as one of her former classmates.
  • Ever since Ka Bik saved Tim from Chi Hung, he has been crushing on her. Chi Hung goes to her bar and witnesses Ka Bik bringing on a fight with a guy who was touchy-touchy with her friend. He goes to break up the fight and offers her a job at his casino.
  • Tim tells Ka Bik that he is afraid that Chi Hung has the eyes for her and warns her not to stick too close to him; he is a bad guy. She tells him that she knows what type of person she is and that is the type of people she will hand around.
  • Poon Sir’s new team/Sai Lok’s team is investigating Keung Chi Hung for drug trafficking working under Poon Sir’s method. He tells them that he is planning to plant an informat by Keung Chi’s side but he cannot reveal who the informat is.
  • Poon Sir invites Sandy for some shooting rounds. She scores every shoot right in the bulls eye while he is a bit off. He then invites her to accompany him to a shooting expo but she has something else on… visiting Sai Lok and cleaning his house as well telling him about their new case. It turns out that Poon Sir is stalking Sandy, literally. He hides to the side calls her, asking her if she is going to go to the shooting expo but she declines. So jealousy or something of that kind got over him and he calls Esther reluctantly agreeing to start anew with her. (What’s with this guy!? He likes Sandy but then he goes back to Esther!?)
  • A car comes crashing at a fussy and picky Wendy but luckily Gordon saves her. She offers him the job to be her personal bodyguard.
  • Sandy and Sai Lok discovers something off about Ka Bik. They follow her and find her meeting with Poon Sir. Ahhhh, now here is our informat! She initially did not agree to this job but she agreed to all because of her brother.
  • Poon Sir is not happy with the information gathered on the entertainment company case.
  • Gordon discovers You Fu is in need for money so he offers to mortgage his house to pay his debts.
  • The crew is on a lookout for Chi Hung as is Sai Lok. Sai Lok sees Chi Sing getting touchy touchy with Ka Bik though she evidently doesn’t want this. Oh, Sai Lok is mortified to see this.

Episode 18:

  • So Sai Lok messages Sandy and gets her to block a toilet which in turn will create some sewage problems for the casino thus saving Ka Bik from Chi Hung. (What type of police is Poon Sir allowing his informat to do something against their will?) Once again it is Sai Lok who saves Ka Bik.
  • Chi Hung has bought Ka Bik a florist. At the opening ceremony, a car arrives with people holding knives and ready to kill. They later discover that this is all due to Saam Kao’s doing which means trouble for Ka Bik.
  • Tim visits Ka Bik informing her that Happy Sir wants him to persuade her to defer from this job. She goes to find Sai Lok and tells him to stay out of her business. She tells him that she expected this when she accepted the money and agreed to get close to Chi Sing. “Including getting on the bed?” “Possibly.” She tells him that they are worlds apart.
  • Sai Lok finds Poon Sir and demands that Ka Bik gets deferred out of this mission. Poon Sir argues that she is doing this by her will and wins the argument. Sai Lok gets a scolding from Hong Sir telling him not to step into this case.
  • Saam Kao gets a stabbing in jail subsequently uses this chance to run free. Ka Bik returns home to find her brother gone and Saam Kao there.
  • Ka Bik gets closer to Chi Hung. She investigates his office and discovers some peculiar dolls. It turns out that she did this due to the request of Saam Kao who is holding her brother hostage.
  • Gordon discovers that Wendy is on drugs due to her immense pressures. He stops her and tells her that if she ever needs to talk, he is there.
  • Ka Bik follows Chi Hung to a village (where the drug factory is located) and runs into him. She manages to talk her way around and even tag along.
  • Poon Sir is suspicious of Ka Bik’s actions now which she excuses that she wants to solve the case ASAP.
  • Tim sees Ka Bik and follows after her but loses her very soon. She meets Saam Kao who tells her to continue her spying. As Saam Kao is walking out, he bumps into Tim. Tim recognises the voice to be very familiar and picks up a SIM card when he bumped into Saam Kao. Tim tells Ka Bik about his encounter with Saam Kao (which btw, Poon Sir catches as he has Ka Bik’s house all decked out) but she dismisses it claiming that he is still in jail. Tim then goes to check the SIM card but is unable to do so as Poon Sir has got his phone decked out. Poon Sir discovers that Ka Bik has been in contact with Saam Kao.

Episode 19:

  • The quad have a get-together and the trio discover that they have all been borrowing money from Gordon and is surprised that he mortgaged his house for them.
  • Gordon questions Wendy where she got her drugs from. He persuades her to tell him that she got it from Wilson Wu. Oh, but Poon Sir is not satisfied; this is just a minion which has no use for them.
  • The quad discovers that Gordon is lying, he never mortgaged his house. Oh, but he did and shows them proof. It is later revealed that he got all this money by secretly accepting money from Agent.
  • Ka Bik goes out to meet Tim and discovers him with Sandy and Sai Lok who are all trying to persuade her to defer from her informat job. Suddenly, Chi Sing’s crew arrive.
  • Sandy goes out to defer Chi Sing’s crew’s search giving enough time for them to escape. Just as she is about to reveal her identity, Ka Bik arrives solving the situation by claiming Sandy as her friend who is requesting her for help. Chi Sing then offers her a job at his casino.
  • Sandy gets a scolding from Poon Sir for taking this job without informing him. Any how, he tells her to be careful. He then lectures Sai Lok for influencing Sandy. Oh, so he knows how dangerous being an informat/undercover is yet he is willing to push Ka Bik to do it? He explains that Ka Bik and Sandy are different people. Ka Bik is doing it for money, Sandy is doing it for her job.
  • Sai Lok discovers that there is something suspicious with the factory that the Keung cousin owns. So they go to investigate it with Sai Lok tagging along. Ka Bik notices some empty doll boxes and that clicks something in her mind. They discover that there is something wrong with the soy sauce but Ka Bik doesn’t reveal her discovery.
  • They discover the driver who tried to crash Wendy who informs them that Wendy is not only involved in taking drugs but also selling them. She and her company get arrested and that’s another case solved. Of course, all that information was given by Agent to Gordon who continues to accept the money.
  • Sai Lok follows Ka Bik who is meeting with Sai Lok. He barges in and she has no choice to reveal what has happened to her brother. She tells him that not even Poon Sir knows about this but he tells her that Poon Sir knows.

Episode 20:

  • Sai Lok confronts Poon Sir about his knowledge about everything. Poon Sir’s plan is to wait, they have to wait until Chi Hung releases his drugs which Saam Kao will definitely will come to fight over. Sai Lok is not happy about the plan but what other choice do they have?
  • It’s the day and Saam Kao has brought Ka Bik along. Chi Hung cannot allow his beloved lady to die and commands his minion to follow Saam Kao’s orders. Then the police take action and it is a hectic scene. Poon Sir says aloud, which Chi Hung hears, that Ka Bik is an informat.
  • So he chases after her who has all of the drugs. Standing behind her, he has his gun poised to her. He could have shot her but he didn’t (which on my account means he likes her) so she runs free with the drugs as does Saam Kao.
  • Everyone is one a desperate hunt for Ka Bik, especially Poon Sir who just wants the drugs.
  • Ka Bik goes find Saam Kao but to find him not there. She then finds him at a pier and makes an exchange for her brother.
  • Sai Lok finds out where Ka Bik is hiding and goes to find her. He tells her that she has him and after all their experiences, he still likes her but she tells him that she is not right for him. Little do they know that Poon Sir is listening to their exchange. She then kisses him and uses this opportunity to whack him down. She heads off with the drugs and Poon Sir following her.
  • Poon Sir gets informed that Laaw Fuk died and before he died he pointed out to Saam Kao that Ka Bik is the traitor. This means that Ka Bik is in grave danger but this doesn’t matter to him. He just wants to solve the case.
  • Poon Sir loses track of Ka Bik as Saam Kao’s minions take her away without a trace, literally.
  • Poon is not happy and neither is Saam Kao now that he knows that Ka Bik is a traitor.
  • Sai Lok finds the footprints but he does not know who it belongs to.
  • Ka Bik is held captive and discovers her brother dead.
  • The crew find out where Ka Bik is. They find her with Saam Kao holding a gun to her. So lucky that they arrived on time. With some smart co-ordination from the quad, they manage to save Ka Bik and gun down Saam Kao. Poon Sir watches Sandy who watches Sai Lok desperately worried about Ka Bik.

My Opinion:

I personally felt that this drama could have done without these five eps, minus when Ka Jun died, literally. These five eps really felt out of the place when compared to the previous eps. It not only lacked direction but it was also very messy with its development. The cases here did not flow with each other. Everything ended well with the Ivan case but then it comes the blank space left to fill. That’s where they threw in the Wendy case and also the case that was the most nonsense and absurd case. It not only did not flow with the plot but it also served no purpose. If it was for more screen time for Helen, well then that’s a big fail. I can’t see it serving anything else other than being wasted space. I seriously did not see the purpose with it…unless it links to another future case. Then comes the case with Chi Hung which was excellent in terms of Kate and Vincent’s chemistry despite their age difference but lacked the push-off of drama. There wasn’t much to make Saam Kao’s participation grand and unexpected.

I actually really like Chi Hung and Ka Bi together. The two have really great chemistry despite their age difference! Ahahahahas! He really does love her when he chose to not fire.

The more and more I watch this, the more and more Poon Sir is of an unjust character. By his actions, he could be a corrupt officer. A police’s job is to protect their citizens yet he is willing to push Ka Bik into a pool of crocodiles. He could see that she did not want to be touchy touchy with Chi Hung yet he couldn’t care less about it. Technically, an informat is working as an undercover. So he is willing to “protect” and consider Sandy’s safety but not Ka Bik’s? Just because she is doing this for money does not meant that she is not worthy of just. He just pushes and pushes; nothing matters to him as long as he gets results.  I thought he likes Sandy yet he decided to have a fling with Esther? I really don’t understand him. What is he as a character. At the start, I could take it that he is doing this all for his career but now he is just out of it.

Poor Ka Bik, these things just keep happening to her. She already has a tough ride but everything is going to come crashing down now. She lives for her brother but now that he is gone, everything is going to change. She has to become a druggie, like soon, there really isn’t going to be much more time to develop if this keeps dragging on. Her brother’s death will probably ignite her change. I just hope her druggie queen storyline is not just a case but a roller coaster.

I must say though, Kate is amazing in her role! She suits these types of characters; I think she is stereotyped into these characters now. Ahahahahas! She really works it as a mean bar fister and a “dai lo’s” lady. She has this powerful and strong personality. Her acting has improved so much. She exerts her dialogue with energy and each line is filled with bravery and oomph. Plus, she looks so pretty here! I can’t help but notice her super duper fake eyelashes and her posture with how she stands with heels. LOL!

Poor Sai Lok as well! He is going to be even more heartbroken when he discovers what Gordon and Ka Bik are. He really does love her. LOL, but their kiss was just more of an insurance that she does like him, isn’t it? I miss seeing them together already! They didn’t have much time during the previous five eps and now things are just complicated for them.

Sandy is just plain bleak now. Her character has no shine and is very dull. Her storyline is also very weak. There is literally storyline for her nor is there room for her to develop. She just basically trails Sai Lok.

I need development soon! Something has to occur ASAP. Ka Bik needs to change so the plot can take a dramatic turn.

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6 thoughts on “Highs and Lows Episodes 16-20 Overview

  1. Natalie October 23, 2012 at 4:07 am Reply

    How come you’ve watched episode 20? Episode 20 in the UK airs on tuesday due to the special extra episode for SSSS…

    • misscupcakees October 23, 2012 at 4:08 pm Reply

      LOL, I don’t know. I watch all my TVB dramas on DVD…

  2. heisui October 23, 2012 at 12:49 pm Reply

    That’s too bad it’s heading in the wrong direction 😦

    • misscupcakees October 23, 2012 at 4:08 pm Reply

      I know! I just hope it will pick itself up for the next ten eps and make a walk to the right direction.

  3. ki October 23, 2012 at 6:33 pm Reply

    oh, Ep 20 is engaging and interesting, I will support Pat and Chi Hung If idon’t love Happy sir 😦
    Poor Pat! I like her so much, i really want to watch more sences between Pat and Sai Lok. :((
    Thanks for you review very much, It’s so detailed and suit to my thinking.

    • misscupcakees October 23, 2012 at 6:40 pm Reply

      Yeah, I guess ep 20 is the better of the five. Ahahahas, don’t worry, me too! I actually find Ka Bik and Chi Hung to have great chemistry and are a matching couple despite their age difference. Ahahahas!

      Yessss, we need more Ka Bik and Sai Lok scenes!

      No worries! I am glad you enjoy it. (: Keep watching!

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