Refresh 3+7 Synopsis

Refresh 3+7 is a micro-movie/mini film that consists of ten episodes that all tell of a different, individual and unique story. The three represents three days: yesterday, today and tomorrow while the seven represents the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and together three plus seven is equal to ten. While each episode tells of a different story, what links them together is the common quest of discovery.

Episode 1: Our Shop (说好我们的店)

Zhang Ying (Mavis Fan) is woman who has recently broken up with her boyfriend, though unwillingly on her behalf, so she decides to go renovate a milk tea shop during the dark night just to anger her now ex-boyfriend. She encounters Chen Jie (Hu Ge), a guy who is trying to get over his break up with his girlfriend, gets frustrated and angered by what she is doing. He tries to drive her away and convince her to stop renovating but does not succeed in any one of them. Instead, her genuinity and determination manages to lure him to help her renovate, or well, he was in debt of her so he had no choice but to help her.

Throughout their time spent together, he discovers her unique personality and the two slowly grew to become good friends. Seeing that she cannot let go of her previous relationship, he makes her to face her ex-boyfriend. This time she ends things with him once and for all. After doing so, she realises that the milk tea shop now no longer holds any meaning to her so she decides to close it and leave ready to start a life where she will find one who will cherish her. When she returns, she discovers that Chen Jie has opened a milk tea shop, ready to have her personality plastered all over the shop but will she accept it?

Episode 2: The Aunt from my Neighbourhood Committee (我的居委会大妈)

Lin Jia (Xu Yi) is a member of a committee just to gain her Beijing permanent residency. One of her jobs is to manage the young motorcyclists with which she always ends up having a battle of wits with one of the cyclists, Ye Tian Ming (Jiang Jing Fu) who always makes her lose her temper. However, Tian Ming is actually a very nice guy. At night he would go out of his way to help her and because of this the two slowly grow to become close friends.

Lin Jia gets hurt by her boyfriend but she pushes it aside as she has found new meaning to her role of working in the committee. It is meeting Tian Ming that she realises the relationship she has with her boyfriend is not worth the sacrifices that she has to put up with. So she decides to walk out of it and start anew, this time with one she knows who will love her and not make her put up sacrifices. Will she be able to live a refreshed life?

Episode 3: Artist (艺术家)

Wen Ting (Annie Liu) is an art gallery manager who believes that the only way to get an artist famous is by hyping everything up. Her boyfriend, Luo Xi (Viter Fan) only has his current wholly status due to her methods. However, he isn’t pleased by what she has done and strikes a bet with her. In order to win the bet, she finds a farmer, Qian Man Cang (Xiao Yang) who has a love for art, and plans to hype him up to prove to Luo Xi that this is the way life should be.

She spends her time hyping him up but hides her way of doing things from him. When he finds out he has no choice but to stick by her plans. He shows her what a blank canvas is and allows her to see the original nature on which artwork is formed. However, that is not enough for her to see through what she is doing. It is only when her ways of hyping her artists up get revealed to the public that she starts to take a step back. Will she be able to see that an artwork is not just a money-making business but an expression of inner thought to cherish?

Episode 4: Rainbow Friday (彩色星期五)

Yu Jing (Jessica Hsuan) is a divorcee who invites painter Shen Dong (Qin Hao) to whitewash her walls. However, due to a misunderstanding, Yu Jing believes Shen Dong is a swindler to steal her money to return to her ex-husband, Zhang Zhi Ming. So she locks him up in her home while she goes out to find the police (Hu Ge). Unfortunately, she encounters a car crash while he is still locked up in her home. There he realises hre helplessness, bravery and courage and starts pitying her.

When he learns that she is unconscious in hospital, he decides to help her all he can. He uses his own money to pay for her hospital fees and even takes care of her daughter. Just in this time period he is able to do so much just so insignificant things to help her, a stranger whom he has just recently met.

When she wakes up and discovers everything that Shen Dong has done for her can she realise that there really are more good people than bad people in this world?

Episode 5: Bountiful Tales in a Small Town (小城故事多)

Chen Nian (Zha Xi Dun Zhu) is a director who believes that he is very creative, artistic and fresh ends up in a small town looking for his next idea for the upcoming film festival. He quickly locates his target for his script – a pretty woman (Ma Si Chun). He thought that he could enchant her with his charms and tried many ways to do only to fail. Initially, she took not liking towards him and only used him as a provoking umbrella against the boy who she has a crush on (Cao Shuai). It is only after spending time with him that she grew warmer towards him.

During Chen Nian’s time in the town and after his many different interactions with various people, he realises that he has always held a constrained view towards the world and decides that he must get rid of this if he wants to see beyond this into the natural and beautiful scenery. He decides to help matchmake the the boy and girl and uses his time at the town as inspiration for his script but how much will this change him as a director?

Episode 6: Terracotta Warrior and The Lucky Cat (兵马俑与招财猫)

Jiang Li (Lin Yuan) is a  girl who lacks self confidence. She has always had a dream to become an actor but she fails to land a role. So instead she applies to be the shop’s lucky cat but only because she needs this job to earn money.  Even so, she finds herself falling for He Tian Ze (Yang Yang) who is the lucky terracotta warrior of the neighbouring shop but it is because of her lack of self confidence she can’t bring herself to communicate with him.

Tian Ze soon finds himself slowly falling for the lovely personality of this lucky cat.

One day Jiang Li finally musters up the courage to tell Tian Ze that she has fallen for him but only to discover that he has left already. At the same day she also lands herself a job to star on the big screen play the “lucky cat” in the film “Terracotta Warrior vs. Lucky Cat”.

Terracotta Warrior vs. Lucky Cat, is this a sign of fate? Will this be the one connection to bring this unlikely couple together?

Episode 7: Wall to Wall (墙里墙外)

Sun Jia Hua (Wang Po Chieh) is a public worker who has always went about his work in an orderly manner, that is until he met a girl called Ai Mi Li/Emily (Guo Xiao Ting). She would often graffiti the walls of Jia Hua’s workplace and he would always have to clean the wall but the graffiti would still appear again the next day.

After some time, he started to realise what an independent-mind and slowly started to appreciate her for who she is and they soon become friends. Once, he mistook her for contracting a terminal illness and in spite of everything, he hesitantly expressed his love towards her but she quickly cleared his misunderstanding. Instead, she taught him the meaning of life and what happiness is. Will he be able to realise what his happiness is?

Episode 8: Undeceivable (骗不了)

Wang Lu (Alice Tseng) may appear to be a white female worker but she is in fact a thief and a liar working hand-in-hand with her boyfriend, Ah Yong (Sun Yi Zhou). Yet she is sick and tired of doing this, it is her boyfriend who keeps her going.

One day a little boy finds Wang Lu and requests that she pretend to be his mother in front of his ill grandmother. She mysteriously agrees to accept the offer though she knows what is in store for her. Her boyfriend thinks that this is a great chance for them to get their hands on the family’s fortune.

However, Wang Lu cannot bear to steal from the ill grandmother and young grandson. They treat her and her boyfriend sincerely like a real family which causes Wang Lu to take special care of the two. However, that doesn’t matter to Ah Yong. All he cares about is money. He forces her to take all of the grandmother’s money but after thinking it through thoroughly, she decides to not take anything. Instead, she pleads guilty for all that she has done as a form of redemption. Can she really lead a fresh life?

Episode 9: Lights from the City (城市之光)

Yang Guang (Lu Yu Lai) is a kind and honest young man but in order to help his older brother scrape together fifty thousand of betrothal money, he has no choice but to pretend to be a blind man in order to work at a manufacturing company testing radar warnings. Even so he does not do anything against his conscience and really tests everything from a blind person’s perspective.

During this time, he meets a female burglar, Xiao Mei (Ye Qing). Although she steals, her conscience is still there and she is still a kind girl at heart. Due to the two’s kind at heart but wrong doings, the two grow to understand and and help each other. The two grow to develop feelings for each other but before they can grow to fully love each other, Xiao Mei gets caught for the act of stealing. While away, Yang Guang helps to take care of her ill grandfather instead.

Once Xiao Mei is freed, Yang Guang proposes to her but will she accept it after all that she has been through?

Episode 10: Wedding Banquet (喜宴)

Xia Tian “Tian Tian”‘s  (Ady An) cousin, Zao Zao (Li Cheng Yuan) is getting married. Knowing that her mother cannot lose pride in front of her aunt, she decides to force her ex-boyfriend, Yue Ran (Hu Ge) to pretend that they are still in a pretend that they are still together and accompany her to the banquet. Having grown up with her mother who is always at two ends with her aunt over the success of their children, she is brought up to believe that face utmost priority.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Zao Zao is not marrying the rich guy which her aunt approved of and instead chose to follow her heart and marry her true love. The two women decides to put away their jealousy and comes to realise what true happiness really means.

Xia Tian’s mother encourages her to chase her own path to happiness but will Tian Tian discover what happiness really is?

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