Highs and Lows Episodes 21-25 Overview

Not quite a 180 degrees turn in the right direction but with each episode, it continues to build up except the last ep left me quite dreary. Now things are really moving on the right track and are sticking together. It’s like a puzzle where you can stick the pieces together! I am just glad that Ka Bik has switched to the “dark side” because this was what I was most looking forward to. This is really going to bring a new level to the drama. Though I do wonder how it is all going to play out with the rest of the story development.

I was actually surprised with the smoothness of Ka Bik’s transition from a drug addict to a drug “queen”. Although it happened in a short 5 eps, it felt like it was meant to be and meant to occur. It was fast but yet it worked so well. Ahahahahas, though I am pleasantly surprised how Ka Bik gets involved with all these druggie leaders time and time again. LOOOOL! 

Episode 21:

  • Poon Sir gets informed by Hong Sir that Ka Jun died two days prior to the operation so he needs not remorse about it.
  • Sai Lok visits a depressed Ka Bik and promises that regardless of what happens, she will take care of her and not let her get hurt because he cannot afford to lose her. She just stares at him blankly. He gives her a kiss on the forehead while Sandy watches this from a corner, devastated.
  • So Poon Sir just silently stands by her side supporting her. On their drive back, she explains that she has been very silly falling for Sai Lok herself. He uses this opportunity to tell her that he has always been noticing her and if he was Sai Lok, he would definitely choose her.
  • Esther drinks herself drunk, finally realising that she is only ever Poon Sir’s delivery girl. She gets “harassed” by some guys but luckily You Fu rescues her. He takes her to his house and when she wakes, she whacks him in the face and hurriedly leaves.
  • There is a new case but Gordon and Helen cannot participate in it as they have to head over to Macau (for work purposes). So he leaves Agent’s phone with Ho Kwai.
  • The crew is at the recycling dump in search for the drugs but they find nothing. Well, duh because it was of Agent’s request. Kwai goes to meet agent where it is revealed that Kwai did some fiddling and allowed the drugs to sail away freely. Agent offers him some money as praise which he accepts.
  • Tim and Sai Lok escort Ka Bik (who is still in a depressed state) home. When Tim and Sai Lok leaves, Sandy makes a visit to Ka Bik. Sandy finds Ka Bik inhaling drugs.  Tim arrives home and manage to persuade Sandy not to tell Sai Lok about this; he will find a way to help Ka Bik rid herself of this drug habit.
  • Gordon returns from his trip from Macau and discovers that Kwai has accepted Agent’s money. He tells him that he cannot accept Agent’s money because from thereon onwards, there will be trouble. (Tut, tut. Like you never accepted Agent’s money.) Gordon decides to help him cut off ties with Agent by helping him to pay Agent back.
  • Sandy takes Ka Bik to a church in an attempt to open her up. Ka Bik silently listens to the priest reading prayers but then goes trashing the church exclaiming that it can’t help her.
  • Sandy decides to take some time off to open up Ka Bik and help her rid her drug addiction. Sandy’s method is to lock Ka Bik at home for 72 hours and not allowing her to touch any drugs. If she successfully passes this, then she would have rid her addiction. Ka Bik lets Sandy know that she slept with Sai Lok which causes Sandy to run out of the house but she comes to her sense and realises that she is here to help Ka Bik so she handcuffs her.
  • When Sandy wakes, she finds Ka Bik cutting herself in an attempt to free herself. So Sandy uncuffs her and Ka Bik runs free.
  • Sandy informs Sai Lok of Ka Bik’s disappearance so they go to search for her with no luck. Though, they discover a drug dealer and learn that there could be a corrupt officer helping them.
  • Sandy and Sai Lok search through the recent cases and touch on the recycling dump case. (Aren’t you guys worried about Ka Bik?)
  • Sai Lok tells Gordon that he suspects that Kwai could be a corrupt officer but Gordon assures him that it is impossible. After Sai Lok leaves, Gordon gets a message from Agent requesting to meet.

Episode 22:

  • Gordon meets agent and tells him that he [they] that they would not be helping him any more. It is too dangerous; suspicion is following them. Agent wants Gordon to continue helping them but he is adamant that he is not going to help him any more.
  • Kwai gets taken to meet Agent. Agent threatens to reveal everything that he has done if he doesn’t help him and he reveals that Gordon has been accepting money all along. This ignites Kwai’s fire so he agrees to help.
  • There is a new case and Gordon somehow knows of what Kwai is planning to do. Gordon warns him to not do it, Happy is already suspecting him. Though Kwai is unwilling to hear him out; he betrayed them.
  • The operation is unsuccessful and is cancelled as the druggies somehow manage to free themselves.
  • Of course, this is all due to Gordon’s meddling. Agent meets him and explains that he revealed his acceptance of money to Kwai to get him to help him [Agent] once again.
  • You Fu meets Esther and shows her proof that nothing that night. Able to trust him, she cries and pours out her heart to him. She tells him that she knows that Brian no longer loves her but every time he calls she can’t help but immediately hop to his side.
  • Sai Lok’s team is on a drug raid. Sandy and Sai Lok are shocked to see Ka Bik in this state as she is to see them. So runs away.
  • After the operation, Sai Lok and Sandy have Ka Bik cornered. He questions Ka Bik why and how she can turn herself to this state. He then smacks her, shoves her to a mirror and tells her that she is not the Chen Ka Bik that he knows. She cries and explains that she had no choice. It was Saam Kao and his minions who injected her with drugs and raped her. Sai Lok goes to comfort her but she just runs away.
  • Gordon gives Kwai a USB with some criminal files. The files soon get leaked out online. It turns out that the USB/his computer had a virus. Gordon uses this opportunity to kick Kwai down and back to patrol officer. Of course Kwai is not happy. He warns Gordon to be careful, he will lose everything. He also tells him that the biggest mistake that he made in his life is knowing him.
  • Of course this also raises Poon Sir’s suspicion – Gordon not only did not help Kwai but used this chance to kick him down.
  • Sai Lok pays Saam Kao a visit and throws him some punches demanding to know where his minion – Laa Baa – is.
  • Sandy and Sai Lok are on the lookout for Ka Bik. They deck out all night only to find nothing. She ends up falling asleep so he covers her with his jacket. (Cute? No in this sense, but it was considerate) They wake and when Sandy goes out to buy breakfast, she almost gets run over by a car. So he carries her back – yeahh, cute! – and tells her that what they have to do now is keep up their health.
  • Sai Lok decides to give up; they have searched for so long only to find nothing.
  • Poon Sir is with Sandy when she gets a call from Sai Lok with Laa Baa’s information. So they go to find him with Poon Sir following them. Sai Lok bashes the heck out of him but luckily Poon Sir arrives in time to stop him before he goes even more overboard. Sandy reveals everything that has happened to Ka Bik. Hearing this, Poon Sir allows everything that he just saw go free.
  • Poon Sir lets the news sink in and tells himself that it is all an accident, all that has happened to Ka Bik has nothing to do with him.
  • Ka Bik drowns herself in drugs which Tim engages in some underground boxing and surprisingly does not lose. It turns out that he cheated, that’s why there are gangsters coming after them [him and Ka Bik]. Just when they are pushed to the edge, Wou Hou Wai (one of Ka Bik’s father’s released inmate friend) saves them and decides to take them under his wing.

Episode 23:

  • The quad have a gathering, minus Gordon. The duo (You Fu and Chi Sing) let Kwai know that they have a mission tomorrow. Kwai’s family is tight on money but he is going to turn that around and bring down Gordon.
  • It’s operation time but it is a mission fail for them all due to Kwai’s doing.
  • Sai Lok tells Gordon that he has everything to suspect of Kwai now because he discovered that there is a sudden huge money input in Kwai’s account.
  • Kwai wonders about the money too and suspects that Gordon could be the one who did it to push him down.
  • You Fu and Chi Sing are worried and wonders how they can help Kwai but Gordon will handle all this.
  • There is a new case and Wou Hou Wai is the suspect here. The crew arrive at the pub and Ka Bik smashes Sai Lok in the head with a glass bottle.
  • While locked away, Sai Lok tells Ka Bik that he never gave up searching for her. He then shows her a chrysanthemum and uses this to tell her that giving up should never be a solution. She doesn’t say anything but only lets out a tear. She meets her lawyer and decides to report Sai Lok for disturbance.
  • Sandy questions Sai Lok’s motives. She can see through his opaque doings – he wants to give Ka Bik a stage to fall from so she won’t have to go to jail.
  • Sandy goes to find Ka Bik wanting to persuade her not to report Sai Lok but Sai Lok arrives and tells her that she can help him but not doing anything.
  • Sandy lets out her frustration by playing paintball with Poon Sir keeping her company. She tells him that she may have really overdone it or else why would nothing succeed? He tells her that to those who does not know how to accept gratitude, it is best that she give up. There is someone out there who knows how to cherish her.
  • Gordon finds Kwai and tells him how deep Happy has gotten into this case of his. Gordon figures out a plan to rid Kwai of suspicion. However, Kwai does not believe this and believes that he put the money in his account because he wants him to be his scapegoat. Suddenly he gets a call from his wife informing him that his kids are missing. So together they go to find that his kids are at an ice-cream shop, courtesy of Sai Lok. Sai Lok warns Kwai to clean his act and become a good role model.
  • Sai Lok tells Gordon that if Kwai continues this, it will only fall downhill. He also warns that he will arrest anyone who tries to help Kwai out of this mess.
  • Using Gordon’s method, Kwai is able to get out of the money mess.
  • Gordon goes to his cave full of evidence of Agent and thinks…
  • Sandy is growing suspicious of the footprints that where left behind that day and decides to investigate it. Poon Sir appears as she is investigating this. She tells him her suspicion which gives Poon Sir the opportunity to get rid of his pair of shoes.
  • It’s Ka Bik and Tim’s first mission which unbeknownst to them is staged by Hou Wai. Luckily – or maybe unluckily – they succeed.
  • Ka Bik continues her drug addiction while recalling her horrendous experience.

Episode 24:

  • Sai Lok finds the drug dealer who he met during ep 21 and decks him out for question. Sandy comes across Chi Sing and You Fu and tells them that what Sai Lok is doing.
  • The two lets Kwai knows of Sai Lok’s suspicion. He sends his family off to Macau while he stays back and decides to head to Thailand.
  • Agent plans to finish off Kwai once and for all.
  • In his cave, Gordon figures out who Agent really is and decides to test his waters  when he heads to a village and meets a shop owner (Ram Cheung) which confirms his suspicions.
  • Gordon follows on of Agent’s minions which leads him to Kwai’s place. He sees an unconscious Kwai with a burning pot of coal. He goes to reach out to Kwai but the minion chokes him before he can do so. The two man fall into a fight with Gordon winning it when Gordon manages knock the minion out. Gordon uses this opportunity to send Agent a picture of an unconscious Kwai using the minion’s phone. Agent replies back with, “2901”.
  • Gordon holds the unconscious minion – all cuffed up – captive in his cave. He figures a plan to help Kwai get away and admits that he has been accepting money from Agent and he did not want them to do so because he is afraid that they will create suspicion with the money. However, Kwai is not convinced so Gordon takes him to his other cave and shows him all the money, unused. He tells Kwai that he has been saving the money for them. Kwai can see through his motives – if anything happens he wants to be the one to take the blame for it. So they are once again friends again.
  • Sai Lok reveals to Gordon that all he has to do is find the middleman to figure out the severity of this corrupt officer incident.
  • So Kwai pulls a no-show.
  • Poon Sir puts together some information to defer Sandy from discovering that the footprints belong to him.
  • Poon Sir sees that Esther is dating You Fu so he gives You Fu a hard time. (Omggg, you don’t like Esther any more so why are you doing this?)
  • Sai Lok discovers another code used by the minion and Agent “58029517” and gets You Fu to figure it out.
  • It’s Ka Bik and Tim’s second mission. During the exchange with Gaou Mun Loong, the police comes and Ka Bik and Tim successfully get away. They discover that Hou Wai has only been using them as a chess piece.
  • You Fu deciphers the code to be “66920307”. Gordon deciphers “0307” to be a date and “6692” to be some bus numbers leading him to a destination.
  • Hou Wai is furious that Ka Bik and Tim is out there with his money. Gaou Mun Loong arrives with Ka Bik and Tim under his wing. Ka Bik offers to take Hou Wai’s minions as her own and they all immediately switches sides. Mun Loong tells them to push Hou Wai down a building if they want to show their sincerity, and Tim does just that.

Episode 25: 

  • Ka Bik has taken over Hou Wai’s enterprise. Sai Lok pays her a visit to tell her that she is crazy for doing this. After Sai Lok leaves, in a voice over, she says that this is the only way that she can avenge for her brother.
  • Sandy (with Poon Sir tagging along) goes back to the scene itself in search for more evidence. They run into some hikers and discovers that their friend, Hou Hai, would have probably captured something. The next thing that hits our screens is Poon Sir walking out of a burning building. The house owner managed to get out of this unscratched as he is on holidays however, the security guard is left unconscious from the smoke inhalation.
  • Sandy holds herself responsible for this and decides to report this all to Hong Sir. However, Poon Sir persuades her otherwise, “Some things are just that coincidental in this world.” He promises to work alongside her to solving this case.
  • Kwai finally makes an appearance and meets up with Chi Sing and You Fu. He tells them that they can only trust Gordon and Gordon only. Speaking of Gordon, You Fu brings up the numbers that Gordon has been stressing over and this immediately hits a light in Kwai’s mind. He goes over to Macau to visit his wife and kids but cannot appear to let go of the news that he has just learnt of.
  • It’s the seventh of March. Gordon is about to take off when Sai Lok hops along and tells him that he received an anonymous message stating that Gordon is a corrupt officer and an address of where the “corrupt money” resides. Sai Lok drives them to Gordon’s other cave to find the sofa missing. He trashes the cave but find no money in existence.
  • Gordon then arrives to an abandoned lot to find Kwai lying dead with a letter in his hands apologising for his “wrong doings”. The now trio gets questioned about what Kwai’s “wrong doings” but reveal nothing.
  • Gordon shows You Fu and Chi Sing a video that Kwai left behind. Kwai reveals that he knows what Gordon was going to do so he decided to get the only person who could stop him – Happy – to stop him. He then let the minion go free and followed the minion to meet Agent. In order to make up for his wrong doings, he killed Agent and his minion.
  • Sai Lok is suspicious of Kwai’s case, his corrupt officer case (which he suspects there are more corrupt officers). Brian that reasons that the investigation of Kwai’s corrupt officer case wasn’t that deep so he had no reason to choose the death path unless he was protecting someone/some people who are important to him. Hong Sir forbids anyone from investigating this case unless they have solid evidence.
  • Poon Sir runs into Chi Sing’s wife who informs him that she is only here thanks to Chi Sing for paying her surgery two years ago. This raises some suspicion and Poon Sir investigates the case that Chi Sing participated in two years ago. From there on, he starts to piece together the puzzle. To confirm this puzzle, they just have to find the informat of this case – Bai Kwun.
  • Sandy informs Gordon of her footprint findings. After some quick gather of information, Poon Sir becomes a suspect.
  • From the burnt building, the SD card managed to be salvaged, though in ruins. It could have been fixed but after some handiwork from Poon Sir, it is left in a state that nothing can be done to save it.
  • Gordon informs Sandy and Sai Lok his suspicion of Poon Sir. Upon hearing this, Sai Lok gives Poon Sir a punch and Hong Sir has to stop him from doing any more damage.
  • This case is put up for further investigation and this is final. Poon Sir also has to take a break. Since no one has any trust towards him, Poon Sir decides to resign. Yeeeppps, that just ups your suspicion.

My Opinion:

It’s official, no one is on the good side; everyone is a corrupt one way or another except for Sandy and Sai Lok. I mean, it is logical for all these people to be corrupt but I just never expected it. In some ways it is just too much for the me; I am actually surprised by it. I understand the need for these corrupt-ness but I just really never expected it to occur in this way. It is just leading to an irreversible change. I just don’t know how it is all going to end. Is everybody going to die? I really struggle to believe how it will revert itself back to the “good” side unless everything was just a “show”. I just hope it does no fail as we head to the final five eps. It better end in a way that I will be satisfied!

I can’t say how much I enjoyed Kate’s portrayal of Ka Bik when she admitted the trauma that she endured. It is just brilliant. She has really improved immensely with her emotional and crying scenes. In this scene you could see the fear, hurt and pain. Even after her trauma, here she showed that she is not weak and willing to stand again. She is going to strive and not going allow those who care about her see her in this horrible state. Personally, seeing her like this, I think that when she saw Sai Lok seeing her like this, it gave her the determination that she needed to pick herself up.

I also loved Ka Bik as a woman who has regained her power and able to stand up again. Though, after her portrayal as Paris in Lives of Omission, I never really doubted it. Ahahahahs! I loved it when she held the gun to Hou Wai. She was strong but yet she was weak. She hesitated to push him down and I do wonder what she would have done if Tim did not take control.

Ka Bik may have turned to the “dark side” but really, she is still that genuine and kind Ka Bik that we met.

I actually had high hopes to see Kate’s portrayal during the “gang rape” scene but well, all we saw just Ka Bik lying there and some creepy guys smiling creepily. I really wanted to see how Kate would react. This scene was highly talked up but it literally appeared for only a second. I had high hopes to see Kate but well, I was disappointed.

I need to see something with the corrupt officer case. It really has to head somewhere now after Kwai’s sacrifice.

I love Ella but this role just isn’t made for her to shine. It is very bland and she is more like a kick ball for the drama. Acting wise, she hasn’t had a dramatic improvement but she does portray Sandy quite well. She is neither a weak nor strong character and she is neither dependent or an independent character. In many ways, she lies in the middle of all categories. I want to see her do something significant. I want to see a change with her, and something big. Sai Lok has the biggest issue of trust with everyone; Gordon is a corrupt officer and Poon Sir is a half corrupt officer. What is Sandy? Just a plain old ordinary police officer. Ohhhh, does she ever change her clothes!?

Naaawwws, my poor Sai Lok! He not only has to deal with Ka Bik turning to the “dark side” but his best friend being a corrupt officer as well. I miss hearing his “niceeee” and seeing his smiling face. He really has a lot to deal with. Recently, it has been so solemn and so depressing to see. I want to see him happy as Happy Sir should be!

Someone please tell me who Elaine plays (nahhh, just joking) but really her role has gone from non-significant to non-existent. Has she had any development with Gordon yet? When she spoke to him twice during these five eps, it appeared that he has a place in her heart but in a way not so. She cares for him but more as Yong Yong’s father and her friend. As for Gordon, it seems that he has diluted his feelings for her or that he just has a lot on his plate. Ahahahahas!

I find myself liking Tim more and more. He may be Ka Bik’s sidekick but when needs be, he really has the determination!

Five eps, I wonder what the ending could bring. It just better be good! Ahahahas!

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