Highs and Lows Episodes 26-30 Overview

Not the most pleasing five eps. Considering that it is the ending, I had high expectations for these five eps but sadly, it only disappointed me. I am sad to learn that it dropped quite a lot from last week. During last week’s five eps, there was development but these five eps is all very muddled up and out of place. I really wanted something big from this ending but it felt like I was reliving Lives of Omission all over again. These two series end in a very familiar way that it almost appears that this one is a copy.

These last 5-10 eps took a totally different path than the beginning of the drama. It is not only until the pointy end of the drama that most of the actions take place and well, you can only like it or not like it. I, for one, do not like it. It was such a drastic change that it is like a different drama, no, no, no, I mean it is like Lives of Omission. The start of the drama was unique but now it appears to be more of a copy and the ending just proves so otherwise. Arrrghhhh, frustration! 

I would say that the ending is stupid but well, it’s not. This is the only reasonable, logical and explainable way that it could end considering all that has occurred. There wasn’t any room for any change. Everything was very predictable and I would bet that even if you were not following the drama you would still know what how it is all going to end.

Episode 26:

  • So Poon Sir Hok Lai packs and leaves. Sandy chases after him and tells him that she can no longer trust him any more. He counters that there are “others” who are baddies, it’s just that she hasn’t open her eyes to see it yet.
  • Hok Lai grounds himself in his room and recalls Gordon’s mention of the shoes. So he connects the puzzle together and is determined not to fall.
  • Ka Bik is not happy with her minions. They haven’t been selling enough drugs. Mun Loong tells her that the officer who keeps targeting her is Sai  Lok. Tim shows her an app which will help them successfully traffic their drugs.
  • Ka Bik sits with Tim and tells him that is the right path and wonders if heaven is toying with by making  her touch what she opposes. She then fills herself with confidence to make her career big.
  • The trio goes to pay Kwai their respect. Gordon tells him that he plans to propose to Helen and then they will immigrate with Yong Yong as a family.
  • Guess who is the new temporary leader of NB’s operation team? Madam Yu!
  • Gordon takes initiative and invites Helen out on Saturday but she declines… Gordon gets a call from the nursing home’s Cun Baak asking him to be his groomsman which he agrees to.
  • It’s Cun Baak’s wedding and guess who is Cun Baak’s wife’s bridesmaid? Helen! Gordon takes this romantic opportunity to propose to Helen which she happily accepts. (Ummm, since when did their relationship reignite?)
  • Hok Lai bumps into Esther and goes to invite her out for a drink but she immediately tries to leave. He queries if it is something that You Fu said but she replies that it isn’t; he has changed into another person. Luckily You Fu arrives to save Esther from any more of Hok Lai’s hassles. So Hok Lai drinks himself drunk and even gets bashed up by some druggie minions.
  • It’s the wedding day! But there’s an uninvited visitor. Hok Lai of course. (Oh a side note, You Fu is the groomsman and not Sai Lok). He wishes him all the best with Helen but tells him that what he did will follow him forever. Just when Helen is walking down the aisle, Gordon gets a video message of that threatens to reveal everything that he did. Elaine: “I do.” Gordon: “Sorry, I am not willing.” With that he walks out.
  • The trio wonders if there is a new Agent. Gordon tells his buddy that if this new Agent does get him to work, he will on include them but the two are adamant that they stick together.
  • Helen returns Gordon the money for all their cancellations and asks him why. He only tells her that what he did is because he loves her. (Pfft, since when did you show love you her?)
  • Even though Sai Lok does not know the reason why Gordon did what he did, but he supports him and knows that he would not have done it without a reason. Gordon questions Sai Lok what his next step with Ka Bik is but he assures her that he knows his boundaries very well.
  • Ka Bik is the new target and Madam Yu stations Gordon to be in charge of this case. Gordon gets an anonymous text requesting to meet.
  • Gordon goes to meet this new agent who is no other than Hok Lai. Gordon is left with no choice but to cooperate with Hok Lai if he does not want his illegal doings to be revealed. In a flashback,  it is revealed that Hok Lai found the video in the form of an SD card from one of the skeletons which is revealed to be Bai Kwun (Ram Cheung). 
  • For this operation, Sai Lok assures that he will not let Ka Bik run free.
  • Ka Bik has it planned that someone will kill Saam Kao but it’s a mission fail. Instead, her father gets injured because of her threats to Saam Kao. She visits her father who tells her that she must be prepared for what is to come (i.e. that he could potentially be dead). So she decides not to take any action.

Episode 27:

  • The crew discover that Ka Bik’s team is so successful in trafficking the drugs because they created an app that tracks the police’s ever movement. But that’s okay because Sai Lok’s team hacked into the app.
  • It’s mission time. Tim and Ka Bik are so close to being caught but with the aid of Hok Lai (and Gordon), they are able to escape though not unharmed. Sai Lok manages to shoot the boat that Ka Bik and Tim were going to escape on which caused an explosion which caused on of Tim’s eyes to be blind.
  • Sai Lok is dining with Gordon and tells him that he wants to arrest Ka Bik to help her. He also mentions that there must be a spy to help them escape successfully each time. Hok Lai then joins them and directs to Gordon that he knows what he is up to.
  • Hok Lai gatecrashes Ka Bik’s meeting with Mun Loong and tells her that Saam Kao is dead thanks to his indirect handiwork. He asks to  join her which she agrees to.
  • Gordon was originally a one-man-band working for Hok Lai but now You Fu and Chi Sing have been dragged into the water as well.
  • Tim is all well and back in action. Sai Lok arrives and questions Ka Bik why she has to stick to Hok Lai. He was the one who did nothing when he saw her being taken away by Saam Kao’s minions. She tells Sai Lok that she knows that but even if he did do something would that have changed the outcome?
  • There’s an opponent in drug trafficking and it is up to Hok Lai to rid that opponent.
  • Hmmm… Hok Lai has a new mission for Gordon. He has Gordon arrest Mun Loong. Why? Because this will help him climb up the ladder. He uses this to introduce a new partner (Brian Burrell) to expand their money-making opportunities and coax the superiors.
  • Sai Lok is still suspicious of Gordon and questions how he knew when to arrest Mun Loong. Gordon just replies that it was his informat who gave him the details.
  • Gordon meets with Hok Lai and tells him, “If I die, you won’t live well either.”
  • Sandy meets with Hok Lai and tries to persuade him to not do this but it doesn’t work. He tells her to open her eyes to see who is the corrupt one in all of this. It doesn’t matter if he has turned to the dark side; what matters is that he is the most outstanding. Sandy tells him that hopes that she won’t be the one to arrest him but he assures her that she won’t because she will never be able to catch him.
  • Hok Lai decides to traffic the drugs via a recycling dump. Sai Lok is sure something is up; Hok Lai won’t easily let them know of this. Sai Lok is still suspicious of Gordon and tries to dig deeper but he gets nothing from Gordon.
  • Ka Bik gets a letter from her father requesting to meet. She goes to meet him and he tells her to back out of this but I guess his persuasion is not going to work.
  • Sandy meets Ka Bik. Ka Bik makes an allusion by telling her that she will never be a princess while some people are just born to be.
  • Ka Bik gets a call informing her that her father died when he bumped his head in jail. Of course this is not accidental; it’s all thanks to Hok Lai’s handiwork.
  • Ka Bik drowns herself is a saddened sorrow following her father’s death. Hok Lai takes this opportunity to take advantage of her. It’s morning and Tim arrives realising the full extent of what has happened.
  • Tim runs off drowning in sorrow. He runs into Sai Lok and throws him some punches though blames himself for unable to do anything to help Ka Bik. Sai Lok tells him that he can help Ka Bik, he just has to stay by her side.

Episode 28:

  • Ka Bik and Hok Lai are growing closer by the day.
  • Ka Bik pays her brother a visit as does Sai Lok. He tells to wake up; Hok lai doesn’t truly like her but that doesn’t matter to her. It is heaven who is toying with her. Hok Lai meets Sai Lok and warns him not to bother Ka Bik; she is his girl now. Sai Lok counters that never was his opponent because he never made the standards.
  • There’s an informat in the boat company. However, he died. Just before the informat died, he sent Madam Yu a letter.
  • After receiving the letter that contains nothing of use, Helen realises that something is off and learns that Gordon did some handiwork. She goes to confront him at his house but he denies it all and even scolds him son and mother away.
  • Gordon gives Hok Lai the real letter who burns the letter. Hok Lai tells him, “As long as no one catches me, no one will know you are corrupt.”  Or is it? It turns out he recorded the entire exchange.
  • Tim comes back and asks Hok Lai for another chance. (LOL, since when did he have to ask for another chance? Doesn’t he have a high status?) Hok Lai gives him some drugs to take in front of him but luckily Ka Bik arrives to rescue Tim.
  • The crew is on the lookout at the recycling dump.  It’s action time and Gordon has somehow told Hok Lai to escape.
  • They barge in and only Ka Bik is there. Tim manages to drive her off but Sai Lok manages to hop along on the car ride. Sai Lok smashes the window causing Tim to crash. Ka Bik pleads Sai Lok to let her free; if she has to go to jail she would rather did. She even points a glass to her throat. Sai Lok cannot let her die so he drops her gun and lets her go free with Tim. (Great, another corrupt officer.)
  • As punishment for this, Sai Lok will be under investigation and has to take a temporary break. Of course, Sai Lok’s actions were only revealed because Hok Lai got somebody to record their entire scenario.
  • The druggie’s new partner is not happy, all his drugs gone just last that. However, Hok Lai reasons that he deliberately let the police take hold of the drugs because the police narcotics storage site is the safest place for the drugs to be. The druggie partner gives him five days to retrieve the drugs.
  • While the drugs are being transferred to the storage, Sai Lok follows the drug transfer car, with worries that Hok Lai will come. Even after the successful transfer of the drugs, Sai Lok is still sure that Hok Lai will find a way to take back the drugs. Sandy asks him if he could have a second chance would he still let Ka Bik go. He indirectly replies that he will.
  • Who better to help Hok Lai with retrieving the drugs than Gordon?
  • Ka Bik discovers that it was Hok Lai who caused her father to die. She then discovers that she is six weeks pregnant with his child. (Oh wow, pregnant with the guy who indirectly killed your brother, caused you to be taken advantage of and caused your father’s death. That’s really something.)
  • Ka Bik goes to have an abortion but has second thoughts about it when she sees a baby. The baby is innocent. Tim tells her not to have the baby but she just can’t do it. Tim assures her that there is a way out of this.

Episode 29:

  • Tim drinks himself drunk, recalls his times with Ka Bik and decides that to help her, he has to take action. So he climbs from behind to Hok Lai’s room. He goes to shoot Hok Lai but Hok Lai outsmarts him; Hok Lai throws a statue to the window, smashing the glass causing Tim to fall back. (Seriously, that is weak glass!) Though he only scrapes to hold onto the handrail. What does Hok Lai do? Push him down.
  • Ka Bik arrives, one step too late. Tim tells her that this is all worth it and he never regretted it. He  promises to take her baby as his own and then he dies in her arms. (Helloooo, why aren’t the onlookers calling the ambulance!?)
  • The police arrive and Hok Lai drags Ka Bik away before they could catch up to her. He tells her that he had no choice. (Oh, you had a choice!) Ka Bik doesn’t say anything. She just goes to inject herself with drugs only she doesn’t do it.
  • There is only one day left till the five day deadline. Hok Lai tells Gordon that he just has to follow his orders when he enters the storage site tomorrow.
  • It’s finally the day and Sai Lok is still on the lookout. Except, he can’t keep a lookout for much longer when he gets towed away for trespassing.
  • Gordon is in the storage room when one of the drug packets explodes causing the sprinklers to turn on. Following Hok Lai’s orders, he moves the drugs out to the car park.
  • The drugs are moved to the parking lot when a group of “ambulance officers” played by the new druggie leader and his minions arrive and starts firing. The druggie leader faces Gordon but doesn’t shoot him but knocks him out instead. Sai Lok is back on scene after he sneakily escape. The druggie leader throws out a grenade and goes to shoot Sai Lok but Sandy shields him and takes the bullet instead.
  • Gordon regains consciousness and takes in the extent of the damage caused indirectly by him.
  • The damage is huge; five of the crew a critically injured with one who died on the way to hospital. Sai Lok confronts Gordon knowing that he is apart of all this. Gordon indirectly admits this and tells him that he will take full responsibility for this. Sai Lok reminds this that he promised him that regardless of what happens they will face it together. “If I die, would you die with me?” “Yes. Because I view you as my own [big] brother. I absolutely would not let you get hurt.” “I also would not allow my own [younger] brother to get hurt.”
  • The trio has even more hatred towards Hok Lai knowing that if they kill him, them being a corrupt officer will be revealed.
  • Ka Bik goes to visit an unconscious Sandy and cries as she tells apologises for this; if it wasn’t because of her she would not be like this. She tells her to wake and take good care of Sai Lok after she leaves; only she can give Sai Lok happiness. They must live happily.
  • Ka Bik scatters her brother’s, her father’s and Tim’s ashes and assures them that she will not let them just die dubiously. Those that killed her beloved ones will get what they deserve.
  • Sandy wakes and the first person she wants to see is Sai Lok. She is worried about Ka Bik and tells him what she felt and heard from Ka Bik while she was unconscious.
  • Chi Sing and You Fu are waiting for Gordon. Gordon arrives but they didn’t arrange this meeting. They discover that this is all a set up from Hok Lai. Oh, and he invited Sai Lok along.  The trio leaves while Sai Lok enters the house. Hok Lai locks Sai Lok in the house and even sets in on fire. The trio has escaped but Gordon cannot bear to leave Sai Lok so they go back to rescue him. They dump him by an alleyway and when Sai Lok wakes, he sees faint shadows of the trio.
  • Sai Lok is visiting Sandy when Ka Bik calls asking him to come over to the get-away-ambulance because she suspects the drugs are still here.
  • What a coincidence, Hok Lai appears. He messages Sai Lok showing him a video of Ka Bik trapped in the ambulance with a ticking bomb.

Episode 30:

  • Sai Lok immediately take off.
  • Gordon arrives. Hok Lai hands him the bomb trigger, tells him that the druggies would come. All that he has to do it press the button.
  • The bomb is ticking away. The druggies arrive… Sai Lok arrives… Sai Lok tells Gordon not to trigger it, Ka Bik is in there. However, the ambulance explodes even though he did not trigger it. Sai Lok shoots and it hits Gordon’s abdomen.
  • Gordon runs after Hok Lai with Sai Lok running after them both. So the three men engage in a wicked-gun-point-off-thing. Gordon has his gun on Hok Lai, Hok Lai has his gun on Sai Lok and Sai Lok has his gun on Gordon. Hok Lai tells Sai Lok that he should be taking revenge on Gordon and not him. So Sai Lok turns his gun on Gordon. Gordon admits that he did a lot of wrong things but he had no choice and furthermore, he just fell deeper into the hole. It doesn’t matter what the outcome will be, he won’t blame him.
  • Suddenly a minion arrives and Gordon goes to shoot the minion. The sound of the shooting causes Sai Lok to shoot… and shoots right at Gordon. Sai Lok then goes to shoot at Hok Lai but he is out of bullets. Hok Lai goes to send out the evidence of Gordon being a corrupt officer but he discovers that the clip is missing. Gordon managed to hack into his phone and delete the clip.
  • Suddenly Ka Bik arrives holding a rifle to Hok Lai. She managed to escape the ambulance just in time before it exploded. Hok Lai shoots right at her. She falls into Sai Lok arms and tells Hok Lai that she is carrying his baby. She cries as she apologises to Sai Lok and falls unconscious in his arms.
  • Suddenly there is an entourage after Hok Lai. Hok Lai takes off in a truck filled with bottles of water. Sai Lok goes after Hok Lai with Sandy coming to his aid. Sai Lok and Sandy discovers that the water is mixed with cocaine. They shoot down the bottles of water while Hok Lai watches his money-business being washed away. (Okay, love the this shooting scene. Reminds me a lot about Tiger Cubs). The other police arrive and so Hok Lai runs.
  • This time, it is Sandy’s turn to visit an unconscious Ka Bik. She tells her that she believes that she will wake; she is strong and has been through many tough situations. Sai Lok tells her to remember that there are many people out there for her: him, Sandy as well as her baby.
  • The crew deck out Hok Lai’s each and every movement. Hok Lai goes to make his grand escape on a marvellous boat. It turns out that the druggie leader didn’t die and is here to get revenge. They will die together. The druggie leader ignites a heap of bombs and the boat sinks with them on board.
  • It’s Gordon’s funeral. In Helen’s eulogy, she says, “I don’t know how to differentiate a good from bad person. Some people do a lot of bad things but at the very last moment when they do something good everybody will think of that person as a good person.  Some people only do good things in their life but in order to save their friends, they will do something wrong and become a bad person. Regardless, I feel that Gordon is a good father. All that he did is for his friends. Actually, he just wants everyone to be happy.” She then reads out a letter that Gordon left for Sai Lok: “Lok, when you hear Madam reading out this letter, I will already be gone. This is something horrible but I deliberately didn’t tell you that I was getting close to Poon Hok Lai. I knew I had a high chance of dying in your hands. You don’t need to feel guilt or remorse. This outcome is to repent and take responsibilities  for all my doings.  Do you remember that when we play chess we do not mind making the wrong move? Because we know that there will be a next chapter. But my life is not so lucky. Make one wrong mistake and you can never take a step back. I have always wanted to be a good police but I don’t have that opportunity any more. I hope that you will be able to accomplish my wish. Able to meet you, Helen and Kwai these friends, I am able to die without regrets.” Helen also accomplishes another of Gordon’s wish – she marries him.
  • Chi Sing and You Fu realise that they have to admit their guilt. Their other half is still waiting for them and really cares about them.
  • An unconscious Ka Bik undergoes surgery with Sai Lok by her side to give birth to her baby boy. However, immediately after the surgery, she turns for the worse and dies. Sai Lok tells her that she is very strong; she never gave up. She used her life in exchange for her child. She is the bravest mother.
  • Sandy and her family are preparing to leave for England when Sai Lok arrives. Sai Lok asks her, “If I asked you to stay, what would you do?” “You won’t because we both have many things that we can’t let go of.” Some bubbles fly by and Sandy says,  No matter how pretty it is, once you pop it, everything will burst and you will be left with nothing.” Sai Lok proves to her that it is not true. He catches a bubble and it doesn’t burst and says, “Some things are just that miraculous. As long as you have hope anything can be possible.” 

  • It’s three years later. Sandy (with a new attire) is the new leader of the Narcotics Bureau Operations team and there are four new members – Him Law, Vincent Wong, Oscar Leung and Benjamin Yuen who reprise their roles as Yu Hok Lai, Yau Chun Hin, Chong Cheuk Yuen and Tse Kar Sing respectively from Tiger Cubs! Whhhhooooooppppppeeeeeeeeee!  It’s their first mission today but Happy Sir is not participating in it because he has an even more important operation.
  • Sai Lok is with Ka Bik’s son at the house at Lamma Island. He teaches him how to read their special poem. Naaaaawwwws!

My Opinion:

Omggggg, I was so shocked and hysterical to see Him, Vincent, Oscar and Benjamin reprise their roles from Tiger Cubs. I was serious shocked. I just couldn’t believe it.. It just made my day to see them on screen. I actually think that this was the best part of the ep! Ahahahas, seriously, how cool are they!? In many ways they still retain the same personality from Tiger Cubs. Him is still that guy who can take lead. I can just see the power and determination that they have. I love them! It just makes me even more eager to see them again. I really do hope that there will be a Tiger Cubs 2! I seriously need a Tiger Cubs 2 now! Ahahahas, but what’s with Benjamin’s hair? It looks like he just got out of bed or that he is from the 80’s-ish.

Woahhh, this is very Lives of Omission. It ended just as dark if not even darker than Lives of Omission. This drama was going to head down the same path from the very moment that the corrupt officers came into existence. There is no turning back for any of these characters. Everyone had no reverse button. Once they stepped on that path, it was destined for them to only continue to walk down it. I was not shocked but rather, I was in an OMG state when everyone quickly turned corrupt one way or another. I always thought that Sai Lok was a just and lawful police but at the very moment that he let Ka Bik go, I lost all faith in him. I get that he loves Ka Bik and that was the only way for the drama to continue but iunno, I just felt that Sai Lok could have done so much better than that.

Throughout the entire stint of ep 30, I was just going OMG, seriously!? Everyone just died one by one. OMG, like, seriously!? I know that it was the only way that this drama could head but arrrghhhhh! See the resemblance to Lives of Omission? A bullet here and a bullet there. Ahahahaas, when Hok Lai shot Ka Bik it was so like the scene when Bai Co shot Paris in Lives of Omission. Poor Kate, she always get shot in the left chest too!

Each of the “baddies” all has a good conscience except for Hok Lai. Ka Bik and Gordon maybe be corrupt and bad but deep down they both held onto a kind heart. Gordon rid of all ties with those he loves because he did not want to drag them down with him. He cares for them and cannot bear to watch him get hurt. Although Tim stands by everything that Ka Bik does, Ka Bik is not willing to allow him touch any drugs. Furthermore, Ka Bik knows that she is carrying her enemy’s child but yet she is unwilling to give it up because she knows that the baby is innocent. Hok Lai couldn’t even care less for his parents or anybody. They are only useful if they can help him to climb or else, they are all rubbish.

No, no, no! That was so not what I expected with Ka Bik’s pregnancy. I so wanted it to be Sai Lok’s child! Arrrghhh! Why, why could it not be Sai Lok’s? With Sai Lok caring for the child, it just showed how much he loves Ka Bik. She always had a place in his heart and will continue to be. I just think that things would be a whole lot different and carry on a even stronger meaning if the child was Sai Lok’s, not that Sai Lok would not love the child even if it is not his.

The very last ep was cinematographically different to the other eps. I just found the use of the pause-black-and-white-slow-motion pictures were heavily overused.  It was used correctly in some aspects but at others it just felt like it was used for the purpose of using it. It was supposed to create suspense but instead, it was just a bother to have to witness the overuse of it.

I admire Sai Lok for able to still stand so strong after everything that has happened. He had to face the possibility of his best friend and role model being a corrupt officer as well as a miserable love life. I enjoyed Raymond’s portray of his character. Though, I do like the initial Happy better than the angry Happy. I haven’t heard him say “niceeee” in so long! When he gets angry, his expression just says all.

Michael was good in his role. Though it reminds me a lot of his role in E.U. He does well to be a strong and caring character. He loves his friends and family and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and help them.

Kate just keeps on getting better and better with her acting. She portrays much stronger and realistic emotions nowadays. I would say that this role is one of the turning points. She was excellent in this and it really showed off her crying skills. I loved seeing her here. She was filled with power and determination. (:

I found Ella’s role to not hold anything appealing. Her character is very normal and simple. There wasn’t much to her character. Her character lacked depth that I felt Ella could have done so much more to show her acting skills. I really feel like buying her some clothes! She is always in the same clothes EVERYWHERE!

Ben Wong was great in his role Hok Lai. He always portray these villainous roles so well. He is just so well in his portrayal that I see him being a heartless guy. His character reminds me a lot of his character as Ginger in Lives of Omission. Once again, he betrays the police and turns to the “dark side”. Yet again, he is heartless and everything he does is to climb. From the very start I wanted him to be a goodie but I know that that was not going to happen so instead I held hope that he can just be an uptight leader. Just why, why did he have to change?

Madam Yu might as well not have been a part of this drama. Her screen time was so little and her role was so insignificant that it would not have changed much whether she was there or not. I only found her acting to be okay. I didn’t see any of her chemistry with any characters so that’s why I was so shocked when she agreed to marry Gordon. Like, since when did they re-ignited their feelings for each other? Gordon’s feelings for her just seemed to have dropped since the abduction…

I really envy Ka Bik’s friendship with Tim. Throughout the drama they have just grown stronger and stronger with their friendship. Their friendship is just so close and tight. Tim would do anything for Ka Bik and Ka Bik treats Tim not as a friend but as her family. She knows that she can rely on him no matter what happens. I love that Tim is always there for her and always supportive of her decisions despite what her decisions are. That is true sincere friendship and how all friendships should be. Friendship is mutually caring for each other and these two have displayed that in a way that I find to be one of the stronger friendships that I have seen. I love these two together! They have amazing chemistry as friends!

The plot of this drama just went haywire. Firstly, it was a case-to-case drama then it turned to solely one druggie case. Secondly, an investigation on corrupt officers lead to Hok Lai switching sides and creating a new division. Thirdly, everyone just turned corrupt. -.- Oh, and TVB really needs to upgrade their phones. I know Sony Ericsson sponsors it but well, some phones are just really out of date.

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3 thoughts on “Highs and Lows Episodes 26-30 Overview

  1. Geeme Koon November 6, 2012 at 11:38 am Reply

    Tim is the poor unrequited love puppy.. i felt bad for him. most guys would have ditched Pat , but Tim stays even if he knows she likes Happy or even shacked up with the slimy Brian guy (GROSS!!)..

    • misscupcakees November 6, 2012 at 11:39 am Reply

      Yeaahhh, he is so supportive of her regardless of what she does. He is a really loyal friend to Ka Bik.

  2. Geeme Koon November 6, 2012 at 3:17 pm Reply

    I was thinking there would be an alternative ending for 雷霆掃毒 … maybe Happy would end up with Sandy.. Happy+Sandy = Sappy! the whole bubble scene and all the memories of Happy/Sandy .. but still no connection.. poor sandy.. she is 2nd place 😦

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