Refresh 3+7 Episode 1 Recap

A great opening to the drama/micro-movie/mini-film. It really feels like you have stumbled into a a movie. It is unexpected and a really great way to start off the story. In a short 46-ish minutes, this ep manages to pack a lot into it. There was development and although it does not have much climax considering that this is a fairly stable drama/micro-movie/mini-film, it still gives you that feeling where you are curious as to what it going to happen next.

This ep is different from your typical drama ep, it is more like a movie ep. It starts off with a pang and a unexpected scene and slowly eases into the fundamental movement of the plot. It may be a slow pace/fast pace development depending on how you view it but regardless, it is very stable and smooth sailing. 

Chapter 1:

It starts off with a quote from Chen Jie (Hu Ge)  that reads:

“Other than her, I don’t want to understand anyone else.”

Chen Jie then says in an over-voice, “It is easy to trick the brain but it is difficult to trick the heart.” He thinks that his heart is broken, or else why is it that he cannot cry? The girl that he loves has passed away but yet, when he participated in her funeral he could not even drop a tear. However, in reality, she did not die. It’s just that when she went overseas to work, she dumped him with an e-mail. Five years of feelings is not even worth an e-mail!

He tells himself that this is therapeutics mediation that he has to take once every four hours for seven days. Once he finishes it, it will be just like a common cold but really, it is not that simple. His heart just continues to ache. How could she just leave him?

He continues to drown in depressing. He can no longer differentiate whether it is when she sees her that he can’t breath or is it when he can’t breath that he thinks of her. He only wants to cry but why is it so hard for him to do so?

Suddenly there is some weird noise which causes him to wake up from his depression. He heads downstairs and climbs over a shop to find a girl, Zhang Ying (Mavis Fan) renovating. He shushes her while she just appears to be quite cheeky.

He heads back to his and it about to cry but the noise is back. So he calls on some people with authority which shushes her up for good.

It’s morning and he is still depressed and tells his birdy (whose name is Cookie) about how she could let go of all their feelings with an e-mail. Maybe if they have a dinner, gives some hugs and he sheds some tears that everything could head back to where they were. It’s just that she won’t see him. He can only think of a solution himself. He calls her asking her to come over with the excuse that she has things here but to his disappointment, she just tells him to throw it all away.

He opens the cage and tells the birdy to fly free. He gets a call from his ex-girlfriend asking for birdy back but birdy has already flown away.


It’s not all bad luck though. Birdy has flown down to the shop so he quickly runs down and trespasses hoping to catch birdy. Instead, he injures himself but he still continues trying to catch birdy. Zhang Ying comes out, speaking to him wanting to know what his is doing at her shop without permission which scares off birdy who flies away. He shouts at her blaming her for the loss of the five years of feelings. He realises that he is in no right to blame her so he goes to leave.

However, he is not going to leave so easily. Zhang Ying makes him repay for what he has damaged – and that is to help her renovate the shop. She reads aloud the letter that he dropped which was meant for his ex-girlfriend: “Baby, I hope I can hug/hold onto you in the next life.”  This perks him up to retrieve the letter. He has fixed up the book case that he broke. Seeing his great skills in carpentry, she is willing to offer him money to work for her but he declines. She even tries to coax him by claiming that his birdy ate her cookies and that maybe birdy will come back. She tells him that she is helping him; the best therapy for a broken heart is to work. He considers this and wonders if it really is that simple.


He goes to a convenient stall to make himself a cup of instant noodles and is met by Zhang Ying. She becomes his heart therapist helping him to talk out his heart. He tells her that he broke up with his ex-girlfriend 19 days and eight hours ago. She assures him that he will be fine tomorrow because people have to experience 21 times of the same scenario for it to become a habit. She furthers her point by telling him that we only need 21 days to get used to having a person by one’s side so his can break this by being alone for 21 days. He admits that they haven’t seen each other for half a year already. He tells her that her 21 days might work on other people but for him, everyday passes very slowly. She asks him how he cried but deduces that he didn’t cry at all.



So she takes him bike riding (on some bikes that they “borrowed”.) Finally, he is able to let himself free and cry.

After his cry, he makes a bet with him to see who can reach the traffic lights first. If he loses, he has to work for her. He loses, but he intentionally allowed her to win.

So he has work, but that does nothing to distract him. Even though his hands are moving, his mind still thinks of her. Zhang Ying tells her that it won’t do; he needs belief. She teaches him an exercise to call back his lover which he finds to be crazy. LOOOOL! Though, he tries it anyway. He looks at her and in a voice-over, he says that this is his first time really seeing her.

Zhang Ying even makes him a shareholder of this shop.

Chapter 2:

It starts off with a quote from Zhang Ying that reads:

“Your distance of understanding me is still very far!”

Chen Jie is keeping more and more about Zhang Ying at heart. He notices that she likes to buy books, not to read them but to arrange them in colours. There’s a room at the shop which she goes to wilt in there for 15 minutes every day.

He pours her a cup of milk tea which she spat out when she drank it. Who knew that she does not like milk tea even though she is opening a milk tea shop.

It’s finally the opening of the shop which is called Z+Z but there is no customers in sight. Chen Jie notices that today Zhang Ying spends an even greater amount of time in the room. When she comes out she carries a box. He then enters the room and finds a piece of paper with the name Zhang Liang written on it.


The two have a movie night where Chen Jie is wondering who this Zhang Liang guy is. He also notices that Zhang Ying is a bit overboard today, trying to disguise herself. There’s another girl in Chen Jie’s head now – Zhang Ying. He is about to make his leave when his ex-girlfriend calls asking for birdy. He promises to return it to her.

But he has no birdy to return. So he is going to give her his very own bird. Then, in a turn of events, Cookie returns! Now there is a dilemma, he can’t differentiate Cookie from his own birdy.

He goes to meet her but she can’t make it.

When he returns, he finds the box that Zhang Ying threw out. So he decides to take it.

Chapter 3:

“No one truly understands a person, not even one’s self.” 

He shows her the box and asks Zhang Ying to unlock it. In a flashback, he unlocked the box and connected the pieces of the puzzle together – Zhang Liang is/was her boyfriend. She doesn’t even take a look at the box and instead goes to leave. That’s when Zhang Liang arrives. She heads the opposite way with Chen Jie after her. He confronts her – didn’t she open this shop waiting for Zhang Liang to come? She tells him not to stick into her business and goes to lock herself in her 15-minute room beautifying herself.

Chen Jie questions Zhang Ying if he really understands her. He leaves and although he does not know what they are talking about, he feels that what Zhang Liang is saying is what he wants to say to his ex-girlfriend.

Zhang Liang questions Zhang Ying if she hates him. She tells him that when she woke at 8:30 this morning, she hated him but now at lunch she doesn’t any more. Then, when she saw a travel program, she thought back to the time that he went to Paris with her even though he didn’t love her any more, she hated him. He tells her that through the text messages and phone calls, he thought that she was fine. She tells him that she was just faking it all to make him feel better. Two years ago, her parents passed away. He became the only man to give her happiness. Losing him was losing everything, except this shop. She tells him by opening this shop she thought she was leading a new life but really, she was hurt. It’s not that she is not willing to give up but it’s just that his everything still lies in her heart. She doesn’t know who the [herself] who doesn’t love him will be.

Chen Jie is still outside wondering what they could be speaking about. Chen Jie: “Love is like opening a shop. Opening is difficult as is keeping it open. Closing it is even more difficult.” 

So the two break free of their past ties and trash the shop.

It’s been some time but Zhang Ying returns to a renewed milk tea shop. This milk tea shop is special; there are milk teas without milk. She goes to meet the opener – Chen Jie – and asks him can it really be considered to be milk tea if it is without tea. He tells her that it is up to her. He offers out his hand which she happily accepts.


My Opinion:

This was my first time seeing Hu Ge in action and I must say he is a very good actor! He is just brilliant! Though I am not too fond of his accent, well I just don’t really like Beijing accents. It’s just really strong for my liking. Anyway, Hu Ge was so cute in his role! I especially loved how he portrayed a lover who is unable to let go of his feelings. He really proved to be one who is dedicated to his relationship. He isn’t one to easily let go of his relationship. He is brilliant at portraying his emotions. I just found it so perfect. His near-crying scene was perfect but I found the actual crying scene to be a bit overboard.

Mavis is so cute here! I love her portrayal of Zhang Ying! Her character is bubbly but in many ways, she is a very closed off person. She is able to hide her feelings. I love how for chapters 1-2, it just felt like she was an ordinary girl renovating a shop but then you discover that it is more than that.

I loved that in a short one ep, these two have shown strong support for each other. From the very first moment that they met, there was already a sign of support and encouragement. It just felt like it was meant to be when she opened him up. (:

I really enjoyed his chemistry with Mavis. I like their progression from friends to something more than friends. Though, I can’t say that I see them as more than friends. They have great chemistry as friends but as a couple, it’s not there yet. Their progression just hasn’t been enough to express that. You can see that he still holds feelings for his ex-girlfriend and she still holds feelings for her ex-boyfriend. I just found it a bit unnatural how Chen Jie suddenly found himself falling for her, and she didn’t appear to have any feelings for him until the very end. They supposedly have let go of their feelings but in many ways they are still have not let go of it; they are still in a stage where they are slowly letting go of the past.

The ending is just brilliant in. It gives us viewers an open ending thus allowing us to view it how we want to. Regardless of whether they go on to develop a relationship, their handshake just signifies that no matter what, they have the backs of each other.

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    I really want to watch this now!! *_*

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