Refresh 3+7 Episode 2 Recap

What a cute and sweet ep! I really like this pairing; they are so cute together! Their accents just complement each other so well. Ahahaahhas! Gaaahhh, I can’t help but ship these two! They are just so adorably cute together! They just look like they are made for each other. I love their encounters with each other and how they slowly grew fond of each other.

The introduction reminds me a lot of how majority of TVB dramas start off. Ahahahas! I guess you could say that this ep is a complete contrast to the previous ep but that’s okay because each ep holds a different story of its own. It is actually better that this ep is a contrast to the previous one to give it a coarse and indirect transition but yet its transition is in sync. 

It is set in Beijing where it is populated with motorcycles.

Lin Jia’s (Xu Yi) alarm rings. Even though she is uneager to wake up, she does so anyway. There is her 99 days left until she gets permanent residency.

Ye Tian Ming’s (Jiang Jing Fu) alarm rings and although he too is uneager to wake up, he does so anyway. He is a scoundrel who has a dream to be a Formula Campus champion. There is 99 days left to register for the championship training course and he is still missing 9000 dollars for his registration fees. He is determined to earn 9000 dollars within these 99 days.

Lin Jia arrives to her job at the community police office late. The issue of the day is how to deal with the motorcycles. One person suggests to send a person to stand guard at the alley way. Guess who this person might be – Lin Jia!

Tian Ming gets his first customer of the day and he also becomes Lin Jia’s first victim. She is unwilling to allow to pass through while he tries to coax her to allow him to pass through. However, Lin Jia wins and he has no choice but to reverse. He even gets booked for by another police officer for doing so.


Just when Lin Jia has finished putting up the “no motorcycles allowed” sign, Tian Ming sprays black paint all over it. He even passes over with Lin Jia chasing after him. He continues to show off which just agitates her. Though, when she falls, he goes over to help her but she declines his offer. She repeats that if she sees him again, she will not let him go and he counters that if she touches his motorcycle again, he really will ride it over her. So he leaves, leaving her in frustration.

Lin Jia tells herself that there is 98 days left of this misery. She calls her “smelly cake” but they don’t pick up.

If it wasn’t because of the neighbourhood aunt, Tian Ming would have earned a lot more, but that’s okay, there is still 98 days left.


Lin Jia arrives to work and she immediately gets surrounded by a circle of motorcycles. No matter what she does, she cannot rid them, that is until she threatens to call the police. The motorcycle riders slowly take off and one of them is revealed to be Tian Ming. Ohh, Lin Jia is not going to let him off. She chases after him with him showing off which just continues to agitate her. He manages to get away and she swears that she is not going to let him go.

Lin Jia gets a scolding from her superior telling her that a lot of residents have complained of her behaviour. She gets sent to deliver some  documents and when she leaves she is met by Tian Ming again. So she chases after him but he gets off yet again. She swears yet again that she is not going to let him off.

There’s 95 days left for both Lin Jia and Tian Ming to reach their deadline.

Lin Jia calls her “smelly cake” but they are still not picking up. She has a feeling that something bad is going to happen. She goes to check on her motorcycle to find that it has a flat tyre. But she is not going to let Tian Ming off that easily. She sets out to go find Tian Ming only to see her “smelly cake” with another girl. She slaps him and he goes to slap her back. However, Tian Ming intervenes and gives “smelly cake” a full bashing. Looking for a way out of this, Lin Jia rides off with Tian Ming’s motorcycle.

Lin Jia gets sent to deliver the necessities to the neighbourhood. She encounters Tian Ming again who is helping Uncle Wang to paint his house but is unwilling to put up a fight with him in front of the elderly blind man. She offers to help out Uncle Wang which agitates Tian Ming. After a long day, she returns Tian Ming his car but tells him not to any more of these un-menfolk things.

She walks home afraid in the dark but with Tian Ming behind her, she has a sense of security.

It’s morning and Lin Jia wakes to find her flat tyre has been repair. She never thought that Tian Ming could be that menfolk! Her superior tells her that she doesn’t have to work on the motorcycle any more; there is somebody who is much more suited to this role. Isn’t she happy?

She gets off work to see Tian Ming. She follows him to watch him practising some really intriguing stunts. When he falls, she immediately rushes over to help him. They have some bonding time where they discover that they are born on the same day of the same month of the same year! Oh, what fate! He asks her why she is a neighbourhood aunt. She explains that her dream is to become a designer she is here for Beijing’s permanent residency. There is just 91 days until she fulfils her three years of working service where she will finally be able to get her permanent residency which will allow her to fulfil her dream. She asks him what his dream is. He explains that he, too, has 91 days left for the championship training course. He wants to become a Formula Campus champion. When he asks him who the guy who tried to hit her, she immediately takes leave.

She walks home afraid in the dark. When she senses a motorcycle, she hoped it was Tian Ming but it turned out to be false hope. Tian Ming appears and her false hope becomes real. Naaaaaawwwwwwws, cuttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee!


Time ticks and Lin Jia and Tian Ming continues to grow in their bond.

Lin Jia finally have the courage to explain to Tian Ming who that guy was. He was her boyfriend for five years. In these five years, he was only half-hearted towards her and when she found out, he asked for her forgiveness. She truly believed him but soon afterwards, she discovered that he lied to her time and time again. Tian Ming listens and tells her that no one can help her with this except herself. On a happier side, she tells him that she got the interview.

“Smelly cake” calls Lin Jia and she tells him with power not to call her again; she is not going to forgive him. To prove her determination, she even flushes her sim card away. She informs Tian Ming that she has thoroughly broken up with “smelly cake”.

As Lin Jia prepares to go for her interview, she gets a call informing her of a neighbourhood roadside accident involving Uncle Wang. Together with Tian Ming, they go to help Uncle Wang. However, this makes her forget about her interview but that’s okay because he takes hold of her hand (wrist) and offers to escort her there. He informs her that in a month’s time, he will be able to earn his registration fees. She then tells him to go slower because she is afraid. He tells her to hold on tight and she obeys.


My Opinion:

How cute are Lin Jia and Tian Ming together!? They are so adorable together, both in terms of look and personality. Although they started out as a bickering couple-to-be, when lessened their frustration towards each other, they actually appear to be a loving and genuine couple. They were both at each other’s end when they met but when they got to know each other, they realised that they had more in common than they probably ever thought was possible.

I love how it was written in that Lin Jian and Tian Ming have the same birthday and the same countdown. That really is something that is dependent on fate. For two people to have the same birthday to even get to encounter each other, well that is really something that is very minute. It goes to show that they are two people who are compatible for each other. They really are like a copy of each other. Ahahahahas! The time countdown gives these two not only a symbol of time to get to know each other but a bond that connects them together.

As much as I loved the couple, this ep wasn’t a stand out for me. There wasn’t anything that could really hold onto your attention. The development was very flat. There wasn’t much to build off from. There wasn’t much that I could expect from this ep but I just wanted it to have a lift somewhere. I

I love the open-ending where it is obvious but indirect that they have accepted each other. I think that the subsequent episodes will have a similar ending which I do not mind. I actually like these open-endings. It works well for these eps because it is so short and only so much development can occur in a 40-ish minute ep.

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