Refresh 3+7 Episode 3 Recap

I’m back guys! Sorry for not telling you that I was going to be away and sorry for the delay in recaps!  I truly am (: I’ve just been caught up in a pretty hectic time right now with school, exams and all. But, there is never a time without drama, now matter how hectic my life may be! (:

This micro-movie/mini-film is not something that you will go head over heels for but let me assure you, if you are one who is looking for short something that you can go “Wow” at in terms of the realistic and moral storyline, this is it. Each and every ep tells of something different and it all has a different moral within it. Usually I am not a big fan of dramas with morals, because iunno, I just want to watch and swoon over it, but something this half drama/half movie has moved me otherwise. I like that so much can be told in such a short 43 minutes. The development is so wonderfully done that it does not feel like it is even 43 minutes!

This ep is really different from the previous two in terms of its audience and subsequently, storyline. If you’ve watched the previous two eps, you would have realised that it was more lovey-dovey and cutesy. Here, it is the contrary and based more on the way of life and maturity matters. 

Wen Ting (Annie Liu) and her boyfriend Luo Xi (Viter Fan) are looking at a painting but no matter how hard he looks at it, it can’t understand why it is worth $3,800,000 (CNY). She explains it is the signature of Lin Mu that is valuable.


She then tells him that people do not care about art; it is the hype that they care about. She furthers her point that now that she has helped him achieve his wholly status, even if he draws rubbish, people will still buy it. Oh, so in her heart his paintings are only worth rubbish?

Wen Ting chases after him, explaining that she is only speaking the truth. Right now his career has just picked up so of course he wants to pursue art. She questions that if he returns back to his minute apartment, will he still pursue it? He explains that he has always been like this, it is her who wants him to change. She swiftly replies that all artist have to go through the “packaging” stage to become famous. On the contrary, even if pigs go through “packaging”, they too will become famous pigs. Just then, a man comes after Yue Er,  who is chasing away the pigs. Luo Xi asks Wen Ting if she really can “package” pigs. She replies she can’t but she can make that man a famous artist. Oh, challenge is on! If she wins, he must agree that he method is right.

Wen Ting approaches the man, Qian Man Cang (Xiao Yang) and gets the conversation started by claiming his writing is very good. She explains what could happen should he become famous and just hearing it is enough to make him drool. He packs his back and is ready to leave, but when he discovers that Yue E is not here to farewell him, he runs to the front of her and screams to her that if she does not allow him to go, he won’t go. She tells him to go and Wen Ting explains to him that she saying this is to make him work hard. He promises that once he has a career success, he will return and marry her.

So the hard work starts. She takes him to his new work office and tells him one thing that he must obey, “Whatever I say, you must obey. What you shouldn’t ask, don’t ask. What you shouldn’t say, don’t say.” Now they are work buddies! She even gets him a new makeover from head to toe.

Mang Cang spend his days writing and that it is not going to go to waste. His hard work is paying off which a company even approaching him. Or is it? He goes to the company to present the boss with a thank giving gift (a sack of is home grown potatoes) where the boss reveals that the praise last time was no praise; it was money endorsed. Oh, Wen Ting is not happy, and neither is Man Cang.

Also, neither is Man Cang with Wen Ting’s way of doing things and constantly planning to go to hyped up artist events. She reminds him that he lost the bet so he has to listen to her. He asks if she speak to not as his manager but as his girlfriend but she tells him that she is first, his manager and second, his girlfriend. Having had enough of this, he breaks up with her. The artistic world that he pursues is colourful like a rainbow but now it is black and white. After all this, he still likes to be the stubborn artist.

There’s a press conference tomorrow and Wen Ting throws Man Cang a script full of lies which includes breaking up eighteen times (woaaahh!) that she wants him to memorise. She wants people to think of him as a fine, experienced and great artist. He doesn’t want to lie and she tells him that if doesn’t do so, there will be nothing to hype up and there will be no one wanting to interview him. But he persists that he is not lovelorn before, it is her who has broken up. Ohhh, caught on her fire there! So what if she is lovelorn; she didn’t want it, it is “him” who doesn’t want her.

 (Sorry for the blurry picture!)

It’s the press conference and all is going well. Man Cang even seems to be following the script but then he breaks out to confessing his love for Yue Er and admits his inspiration comes from Yue Er. During the breakout, Wen Ting gets asked why she decided to promote Man Cang. She answers simply that he is a genius.

After the press conference, she gets a message from Luo Xi asking to meet at their usual spot which she is happy to see because the prosperity of a reconciliation is on the horizon. She arrives there and waits. He finally arrives and hands her back her box of things and takes leave but she stops him and gets him to sit down for a moment. She hands him a present which he queries is a something for them to get them back together. She tells him to take as whatever, even as a break up present if he pleases. So that is what he does, but she stops him and tells him that their bet is not over yet. He tells her that their break p has nothing to do with the bet and also tells her to let go of innocent Man Cang. He hands her back the present and tells her that no matter what she does, he is nothing to beg for her back.

Man Cang’s piece of writing is the last up for auction. His hope is for at least 1,000 but the first offer well exceeds his expectations at 5,000,000. The offers just keep on rising to the high price of 100,000,000. He is ecstatic while is feeling down. Dou Xi messages her congratulating her for her packaging efforts and wishing that she will be able to find true happiness in this kind of world.

Man Cang discovers is 100,000,000 piece of artwork stationed in her room. Oh, he knows all now; he is not stupid. She spills the truth that she was the one who spent 100,000,000 on his artwork because this is only a portion of the “packaging” deal.

A reporter comes to interview Man Cang where the reporter guesses that it was Wen Ting who bought his artwork. The next day, this news is the top headline of every newspaper. Luo Xi pays her a visit and tells her that this would not have happened if she gave up. Just not the right time to come.

Man Cang drinks himself drunk and calls You Er who is ready and happy for him to come home.

Wen Ting is also drowning in sadness. Man Cang goes to comfort and apologises for his big mouth. Instead, she apologises. If it isn’t because of her, he would not have suffered punishment. He tells her that she is only doing him a favour by letting him truly become an artist. She then admits that he is only her token to her and Luo Xi’s bet.

At a press conference Wen Ting apologises for her misdemeanour and holds full responsibility for it. It is because of Man Cang’s sincerity, it allowed her to realise that art is meant to be pure and not vanity. So she decides to be a veracious person and reveal all of the  insider techniques. However, a reporter stops her from doing so and questions if maybe she used the same techniques to create Luo Xi. It’s her boyfriend that they are talking about and he is not going to let him get harmed, going out of her way to defend him.

Luo Xi turns up and replies that he has nothing to hide from. “I am with Wen Ting because I love her. I won’t leave her because of her loss of ground. If, say, she committed a crime for “packaging” me, then she is only wrong on one half; there is also my half. We will bear the consequences together.”

It’s a month later and Man Cang is happily enjoying his life back at the village shooting some basketballs when Wen Ting and Luo Xi arrive. Wen Ting asks for his forgiveness which he tells her that he has long forgotten about that time. Man Cang also introduces his wife-to-be as Cai Die, Yue Er’s younger sister. It is also revealed that when he drunk and called home, it was Cai Die who answered. Wen Ting then gets a call and right after the call, she asks Man Cang if he wants to be an artist again.

(It is revealed in the credits that Man Cang agreed to Wen Ting’s offer.)


My Opinion: 

I can’t say that this ep is sweet neither is it cutesy. It’s just different from the types of genres that I usually watch. It was a story full of teachings and truth. It showcased the true meaning of what life is; not for making money but to be cherished. I actually enjoyed that this ep wasn’t all about love because it showed love on another scale. Wen Ting and Man Cang had a sort of love there that was not romantic but they were constantly helping each other little by little. In the short run, Wen Ting was helping Man Cang to become famous but in the long run, it is Man Cang who is helping to teach Wen Ting that there are some things that are worth more than fame and that is the love and happiness of others as well as yourself.

How good is Annie’s acting here? I’s just made for this role! I really bought as a character and for just 43 minutes she wasn’t just a character but as someone who is real, someone who genuinely exists. I have never seen or felt a character as real as her in ages. She was just so real here! When she was in pain and tears, it felt that what had happened to her occurred over a long period of time. She acted out her character so well here that it is so real!

I love Wen Ting and Man Cang’s interactions! It is not cute or even remotely friendly but with the way that they communicate each to each other is so genuine, well more of Man Cang’s behalf but yeahhh… I especially love the part when she was crying and he made her noodles. That was so beautiful! I’m just glad that she found the courage to admit what she is doing and why she is doing it.

I really loved the open endings of these eps but this one left me in a daze. I assume that that Wen Ting got back together with Man Cang but I want to know for certain. Ahahahas, and I also need to know for certain is Man Cang went back to being an artist. I really want to know for certain. The way that this ep ended is not like a conclusion but rather a cliff hanger for the next  ep to develop from.

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