Best of the Best TVB Serial 2012

It’s that time when the annual anniversary awards are nearing so I just want to know what you think is the best drama serial for 2012. This year there certainly was a huge diversity towards different themes that TVB managed to touch on which I must say is very brave for them to do so. There were certainly those that made you fall in love, those that made you scratch your head and ask yourself what the heck is going on and then there are those that just left you wondering what is the story of this again? Of course, everyone has their own different opinion on what they like but I am sure we all should have a universal agreement towards some dramas. 

My Fave TVB Serial(s) for 2012:

The Hippocratic Crush

Hands down to The Hippocratic Crush, it comes first in my list by a long long long way. It was just perfect in every single way. I love the OTP, they are just perfect together. Ahahahas, even as I am watching Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, I can’t help but want to ship them together even though they aren’t a couple! They have some of the best quotes in any TVB series for as long as I can remember. I will never forget the way Yat Kin confessed towards Chi Yu. Just beautiful! Oh, and I must mention the supporting characters worked so well here. They somehow just creates diversity towards the drama and it was just interesting to see their plot developments.

Divas in Distress

Well if you want a general plot that you know where it is going to end, here it is! I’ll clarify that I am talking about the mums’ plot. Their development was not what interested me but rather it was the subplots and couples. Ahahahas, must I need to remind you how adorable Vincent and Yi Hee are? There opposing views and stubbornness just makes them perfect together! I also enjoyed the role of Heung Heung. She manages to bring a light and genuine atmosphere all the time. Let’s not forget Koo Ming Wah as So Gei. The role was practically made for him!

The Last Steep Ascent

I do not even know why this drama made it into my fave list. It was pretty normal in terms of everything. The storyline has been reused and reused again and again and the supporting cast play the really and overused ordinary roles. For me the connection to the love story did not even appear until the very last ep. I did however found the connection between Sun Yuet and Miu Tin really nice, friendly and warm.

Witness Insecurity

This must be the LOL-est ending ever, really. They could have sent him to the hospital but they didn’t. That aside, I really love Hailey and Wai Sam’s interaction. It was really brave of her to actually take the initiative and approach him and it was really sweet of her to constantly keep a look out for her. I loved it more when he was protecting her as a WPU but when he became a CID, he turned quite bitter. I actually really love the development of this story. It was works really well and flows really smoothly.

Highs and Lows 

I was kind of, actually, I was very disappointed with the development. It was very slow and then when it actually reached the climax, everything turned on another 360 degrees turn. The only reason why this drama made it into my fave list is because of the creative storyline, the acting and the characters even though they were a bit out there. I found the storyline to be very interesting. I liked it more when it was of the different cases but for me it started to turn more topsy turvy when they focused it just on Ka Bik and well, the corrupt officers stuff. Just stellar acting skills presented by Raymond LamKate Tsui, and Ben Wong. 

Tiger Cubs

Now this is what you call action! There were some eps filled with action while there were others that felt like it was just an ordinary police case. I just love the action! Love, love, love! There should be more of this. Although I do wish that there was some romantic development between Man Keung and Hok Lai.

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One thought on “Best of the Best TVB Serial 2012

  1. heisui November 25, 2012 at 4:16 pm Reply

    Awesome post, it’s nice to get an overview of the 2012 dramas. :3

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