Refresh 3+7 Episode 5 Recap

Sorry for the bad quality of the images! I looked and looked trying to find a better quality video but I couldn’t find it any where. 😦

I loved this ep, it is probably my fave ep so far. Everything spectacularly works so well together! The plot was just wonderful, it was so meaning and have so much depth that everyone can relate one way or another. It gives this moral a new meaning and shows how life is destined to be. When I watch I just help but realise the carefree style of this yet it teaches so much. This ep really has got to be the best by a long mile in terms of the brilliance of it. 

Chen Nian (Zha Xi Dun Zhu) is a young lad travelling to a small town with high hopes that he will become a famous international director. In the future he will write a moving script, this movie will be sincere and pure towards love just like the second love story of Shunji Iwai. Then, after the hard working years, he will tell everyone that his dreams started from a small town.

Chen Nian arrives at the town and while talking on with his mother on the phone, his eyes manages to spot a pretty girl.


Here he is stuck in a town with no internet, so he decides to make a bike trip and immediately he encounters many small but interesting scenarios which includes an arrogant painter and a wandering and lost boy (Hu Ge). His mother messages him telling him not to bet with his father any more and stop being immature.


He rides along and comes across an internet cafe. Just his luck! He enters and comes face to face with the girl whom he laid eyes on. Immediately he realises that she is the female lead that he has been searching for.

Chen Nian begins to type up his script but can only come up with the title “Paper Umbrella in the Rain”. Night falls and he decides to invite the girl, Miao Xiao Miao (Ma Si Chun), over for a drink but he is one step to late because she goes to send off an old man. When she returns he questions who the man is, recalling him to be the arrogant painter. She coldly replies that it’s her former calligraphy teacher.

Another day begins and Chen Nian makes his bike trip again. The man’s a calligraphy teacher yet the school is getting him to paint the school’s wall. Chen Nian decides that the wandering boy is going to play a role in his movie. He arrives back at the internet cafe and grabs the girl’s attention by breaking a cup. However, she coldly responds for him to pay for his damage. It is only when she goes to clean up the glass and catches his script that she warms to him. Upon hearing that he is a director, she immediately concludes that he knows a lot of mega celebrities but his expression tells so otherwise. She doubts her director status so he shows her what he has directed – a video of three seconds filled with purity and love. That’s not enough to draw her and she leaves back to business.

Chen Nian approaches her for a talk and tells her that they can start with her telling him what her name is. She informs him that her surname is Miao and tells him to call her Xiao Miao. He asks her about her life and if she is missing anything. She replies that her life is perfect the way it is and she doesn’t need to leave to visit other places, everything she needs is here. The more he looks at her, the more she is fit to be his leading lady.

It’s raining and Xiao Miao is walking in the rain with an umbrella. Just that sight assures Chen Nian that Xiao Miao really is fit to be his leading lady. Suddenly a man on a motorcycle by the name of Li Zhao Guang “Li Da Gou” (Cao Shuai), according to Xiao Miao splashes her with water. Chen Nian recalls that when he first spotted Xiao Miao, that man was with her so they must be childhood friends. Even grown up the two are still playing their childhood teasing on each other. Da Gou arrives to Xiao Miao’s cafe for lunch and is sending Chen Nian eyeing looks.

Night falls and Da Gou arrives at Xiao Miao’s cafe for dinner where informs her that his family wants him to move out to the city. She is shocked and saddened upon hearing this. She asks him if he is really going to go. He replies that there is nothing out in the city that is captivating him nor is there anything here that is worth for him to stay. Hearing this, counters that he can go; furthermore, even big director comes to this good place for inspiration. Da Gou gets jealous and thinks that she might have the eyes for him. Jealous comes into action. Da Gou leaves and gives Chen Nian’s bike a flat tyre.

Xiao Miao arrives to find Chen Nian here early sleeping on his bike.

Xiao Miao confronts Da Gou knowing that it was him who did the tampering. He warns her to be careful; just because he gives her more than one look over, she shouldn’t lose her heart.

Da Gou finds Chen Nian eating along so he decides to join him while bring along some beer and apologises for all that he has done the pass few days. Da Gou asks if he finds inspiration sitting at Xiao Miao’s cafe everyday but Chen Nian knows he is jealous because he likes her. Chen Nian tells him that Xiao Miao is a good girl, he should like her. Since Xiao Miao is such a good girl, Da Gou asks Chen Nian if he likes her. Chen Nian replies that he loves loves loves her, everyone has her personality. Da Gou admits that he wants to tell Xiao Miao the truth but every time he sees her the truth doesn’t come out. Is love really this hard?

Xiao Miao has to come wake the two drunken men. She gives Da Gou a lashing for getting Chen Nian drunk, now all of his money has been stolen. He questions if she is protect Chen Nian which she replies she is. It doesn’t matter to him any way since his is going to leave soon.

Chen Nian watches as Xiao Miao is absent-minded while working because Da Gou is preparing to leave.

Chen Nian follows the wondering boy’s eye to see that he is looking at a rainbow windmill thingy. He realises that maybe he is presumptuous, thinking what he sees is the truth when actually what he thinks is the most accurate. He just has to change the angle of viewing it to see that life is not how he thinks of it to be.


Chen Nian goes to pull Xiao Miao to go to the station but she refuses. He tells her that they both love each other and that is what is important. “Happiness is in your grasp.” When she arrives at the station the bus has already left, however, it turns out that he didn’t leave. He finally realises what is worth him staying for.

It’s all happy for the new couple but when they head back they find the wandering boy suffering a seizure. Chen Nian immediately comes to the boy’s aid by offering first aid. He tells the couple that he studied medicine but never finished the course because he wants to film and become a director. Ever since he was little he would make random films but no one acknowledged his works nor did they thought he was this type of material. That’s why he came here for inspiration but in the end he didn’t complete anything. Xiao Miao tells him that she knows that he has talent, it’s just that he is using it in the wrong areas; he can actually be a great doctor. Da Gou tells him that there are many paths to take and every path is right.

Chen Nian discovers that the calligraphy teacher finally finished painting the wall and realises that if you are unhappy in the path you are taking, it’s because you are taking someone else’s path. So he deletes his script and decides that it is time for him to head home.


My Opinion:

I enjoyed the attempt at the different cinematography here. Since this ep is about directing, it was only fit for the ep title to be presented creatively. Oh, btw, I am enjoyed the use of rainbow in all of the eps. The use of the title was very creative as it leads you into the impression that Chen Nian is going to create a wonderful movie but who knew he would choose another path? I must not forget the end cinematography and how it correlates well with the theme to showcasing that there is always some “greener” out there. I just love it how cinematography links in with the theme of a drama or in this case, an episode. It wasn’t overly creative nor detailed here but it’s simplicity just works so well here! Even though Chen Nian is dropping directing, well that’s my impression, but a movie got to be made.

How cute was Hu Ge as the wandering and lost boy? Ahahahas! When he went to release the air from one of the motorcycles I just burst out laughing! Just hilarious! Even when he looks and stares up or into space is wonderfully acted out. I found his character to be very touching even though he did not have any lines to say. Just him able to express his words through action is enough to play a significant path to this ep’s discovery.

Xiao Miao reminds me of Mu Cheng in Autumn’s Concerto. Her hairstyle, the way she dresses, the way she speaks and the way she looks is like a copy of Mu Cheng. I think they must be sisters or something. Xiao Miao is so subtle as a character yet the way she treats people is quite the opposite. When she first met Chen Nian she was very cold towards him and I was quite surprised when she readily got into a conversation with him. However, with Da Gou, even though she teases him at times but inside she loves him dearly and is actually quite warm towards him. When he told her that he was going to leave her mouth wanted him to leave but inside she was devastated just to hear the news.

Even though Chen Nian did not get to succeed his directing dreams, he did manage to merge a couple together. He managed to discover what and where his life is going to take him. Life does not always have to lead you on the path that you choose but rather it is a matter of whether the path wants you.

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    this drama is interesting.i watch it on youtube .where do you watch it? i can t find it with sub.i only get the story when i come here

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