My Opinion on Reply 1997 : First Impressions

I just don’t know why I did not get on the bandwagon earlier. I heard that this drama was good but I just never had the intentions to watch it, but luckily I got on board, because really, from the very beginning this drama is already a hit! Filled with a solid storyline and jam-packed and deep characters, this drama has everything to make it an excellent drama. The opening is enough to captivate you to sit down and enjoy the past, Korea’s past fandom.

I haven’t seen a drama like this in ages, or any dramas of this kind from what I remember (Hmmm, well the last drama/movie that I saw of this genre was You Are The Apple Of My Eye). It’s a really different experience from your usual rom-coms or any other genre of drama. This drama takes you back to the past and allows everyone, whether that were alive then or not, to realise the rise of fandom and the seriousness of fandom during that time.

This drama is also different to your usual k-dramas in the context that each ep is generally about 30 minutes long. I guess this could be both a good or bad thing depending on how you view it. However, being only 30 minutes long, everything in that one ep has to be jam-packed and has to happen at a pace where it is not blitzing through everything nor cannot it not go slow and drag on. So far it is doing none of these things and is sitting quite balanced in the middle.


My Opinion:

From the reunion to the very first flashback viewers are left to wonder what and peeve what could possibly happen in both the present time and the past. Viewers are left to wonder who is that couple that is getting married and are once again left to question what’s what when they are taken back to 1997. The transition was very well done, I love the way that Shi Won narrates everything to and and from the flashback. There will constantly be a “quote phrase” if you would call it that that helps to start the scene as well as conclude it. That’s one thing that I find myself enjoying in this drama, it is really creative. I have seen many narrations before but this has just made narration a whole lot more meaningful. I wonder if the whole 20 eps is spread through one reunion night. I hope so because it only seems fit that this happens within one night.

I can so see Shi Won and Yoon Je being a couple! I already see their adorable-ness together! Ahahahas! I love the way how he obviously likes her but she is oblivious to his feelings or maybe she is just trying to cover his feelings, which is really nicely used in these opening eps because it once again leaves us viewers in curiosity. Hmmm, does she like him? Does she know that he likes her? Regardless, they are a couple who can balance each other out. Shi Won is a what you might call an overreactive person while Yoon Je is calm; she is at the bottom of her class while he is at the top of his class and she has unrealistic dreams while his dreams are anything but unrealistic.

I was so surprised to see Yoon Je show his feelings so soon. Just two eps in and he has already taken the initiative by showing Shi Won that he likes her by the coupon exchange and the kiss. Hmmm, how will Shi Won take this to be? Is she going to just pretend that she doesn’t know it? Could it be that the couple who is getting married is them?

For some reason I find similarities between Yoon Je and Sam Dong in Dream High. Okay, I know that they are totally different people but I see a lot of Sam Dong in Yoon Je. They are a similar personality, well, that’s what I see. When Yoon Je throws his his “tantrums”, it reminds me a lot of how Sam Dong throws his “tantrums”. Ahhahahas, I don’t know. I just find them to be amazingly similar. Speaking of which, it leads me to see similarities between Shi Won and Hye Mi in Dream High. Regardless of the similarities, both the leads of this drama brings on their own charm to entice their viewers.

I know I’ve only just seen two eps but within these two eps Shi Won and Yoon Je has become solid characters with their background and storyline developing solidly. Now I just have to see the second leads and supporting acts make their grand appearance. (:

I just know I am going to love this drama and only to grow with more love for it.

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6 thoughts on “My Opinion on Reply 1997 : First Impressions

  1. heisui November 28, 2012 at 6:11 pm Reply

    I followed the recaps but for some reason never actually watched the drama T_T

    • misscupcakees November 28, 2012 at 7:17 pm Reply

      Oh? 😦 You should! We could go on a drama watching thing together! Ahahahas!

      I never read recaps for dramas that I am not watching or have not seen, I don’t want spoilers. 😛

      Reply 1997 is actually quite good, well for first impressions. (:

      • heisui November 28, 2012 at 7:19 pm

        I heard that the first half is better than the second half. Judging off the recaps though, it seems that the drama is very nostalgic and touching

      • misscupcakees November 28, 2012 at 7:21 pm

        Well I can’t say yet, I am only two eps into it so I’ll have to wait and see.

        Yeahh, I guess because that’s what a lot of people have been saying. I think it helps a lot of people to relate to the past and celebrity crushes. Ahahahas!

  2. Chen December 8, 2012 at 7:01 pm Reply

    I really did not want to watch this despite so many people saying that they want to…although reading your first impression… I think I will! I never knew each episode went for 30 minutes, and to me that’s good – these days, I am too lazy to sit for one hour straight watching, even if I break it down to parts…. I end up never finishing them. #truestory

    By the way~ you write so good! I never knew!

    • misscupcakees December 8, 2012 at 8:43 pm Reply

      Naaaawwws, first off, thankssss for your praise! That means so much!
      And secondly, I am glad that my review motivates you watch! 😀 Trust me, you will not regret watching this! I guarantee it!

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