Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 2 Recap

I thought ep 1 was creepy but now I think this ep is simply confusing. I wouldn’t quite say the story itself because it is relatively self-explanatory but rather with Shan Shan. Last ep she was creepy and this ep she still is creepy but towards the end she suddenly turns nice. It’s just all a mess in terms of Shan Shan as a character. There really isn’t something solid as of yet to build her character. There is just something with her that I can’t quite pinpoint; her character is a tad bit out there. This ep delves a bit into Shan Shan’s character but not enough to tell the stories behind her motives.

So far what’s holding me onto this drama is the role of Shan Shan and the fall down of Ji Qing and Hao Ming’s relationship. The development just hasn’t been fast enough to allow to create the tension and atmosphere that one would expect. This episode is slow-paced but it helps to build for the next ep.


Usually by 5pm Hao Ming would ring Ji Qing to “book” her for dinner but now it is nearing 7pm and he still has not called yet and neither is the three hours up yet. Yi Ren questions if she trusts Hao Ming or Sunny and she replies that she trusts Sunny. If Hao Ming wants to marry her then he will have to stay strong against all odds. Yi Ren asks if she really has to gamble her happiness in a stranger’s hand. She answers that if she loses this gamble it means the happiness isn’t supposed to be hers. Sunny messages her to check her e-mail. She does and discovers an audio file. Obviously Sunny has tweaked it but she doesn’t know that. After hearing the audio, she rushes out.


Hao Ming is with Sunny at her place because out of kindness he is accompanying her to get some daily essentials to look after her sick grandmother. He calls Ji Qing but she is not very happy with him and even cuts off the conversation. Hao Ming decides that this won’t do and goes to leave but Shan Shan isn’t going to let him go so easily. She goes to offer him a glass of water but “accidentally” drops it. Of course being the nice guy that he is, he stays to clean it up. Shan Shan makes conversation by asking him who he called. He answers his girlfriend and she questions how she captivated him; beauty, diligent, gentle and tentative? He answers that she has all of the above just not gentle and tentative; it’s not her style. She tells him that most guys like gentle and tentative woman which he answers that he can’t force her to be what she is not and furthermore, not everyone is perfect. Shan Shan tells him that he is perfect, he is handsome, has a stable career, gentle, tentative and kind. (Okay, creepy!) She goes and take hold of his hand and tells him that he is what she just said, much like her father except she didn’t get the opportunity to know her father that well who died in a car accident. What can she do, her mother remarried and now her granny is like this. Unsure of what more he can do, he offers her his business card and tells her to call him whenever she needs help.

Yi Ren checks out Ji Qing’s timeline to find that she has posted: “How long can the taste of love last? When did love change to become affection? And then from that turning point change from affection to human feelings? Once love degenerate to human feelings, what’s the point of love any more? Who can tell me?” Yi Ren replies not to be that doubtful, her love is always here.

Yi Ren calls Ji Qing to comfort her when Hao Ming returns. Ji Qing puts the phone down while listening to Hao Ming’s apology and explanation. Listening to Hao Ming’s explanation, it affirms Yi Ren’s belief that in this world there are men who will wholeheartedly love one woman for their entire life.

Ji Qing questions Hao Ming how he was the heroine who saved the princess, did he hold her hand? He bypasses this question claiming that they have been together for eight years and furthermore, he is hers. He even promises to bring Shan Shan over for an explanation. Of course Ji Qing falls to his endeavours.

Ji Qing meets with Shan Shan to thank her for her hard work and to thank Ji Qing’s generosity, she gives Ji Qing some more recordings of how Hao Ming mentioned that she is not gentle and tentative enough. So Ji Qing goes to confront her hubby and questions why he wants to marry her if she is not perfect. He recalls his conversation with Shan Shan and smiles as he listens to her explain that if she changes for him she needs an insurance. He decides to take her to a special place – a church.

Hao Ming tells her that he knows that she came to look for him today because she is afraid that he thinks that she is not perfect enough and after they get married because of this reason his love for her will dilute. He assures her that this is not going to happen because no one is perfect. He loves her and not perfection and even if she gets people to test him out, he is not going to change. He can do anything for her to be happy. He drops to his knees in front of Jesus and swears “I, Fang Hao Ming, will forever love Ji Qing, until 80 years or 100 years old. As long as I, Fang Hao Ming, is alive, I will look after and protect Ji Qing. Even until the very end when I have a bit of energy left, I will put Ji Qing as my priority, allowing her to be happy.” Hearing this, Ji Qing hugs him with tears telling him that she believes him.

Ji Qing looks at the ring and finally decides to put accept it.

Shan Shan records herself saying how much she worships Ji Qing. She wants to be like her, to be as beautiful, as diligent, and to have such a handsome and loving boyfriend. She wants to become her.

Ji Qing arrives to find Hao Ming sleeping. She sleeps next to him and thinks to herself how lucky she is to be able to watch him sleep. He wakes to his surprise to him that she has accepted his ring. He promises to let her know that he decision is right. He gets a message and goes out while Shan Shan is satisfied that she is slowly breaking up Ji Qing and Hao Ming. Shan Shan wonders what Hao Ming could be doing going out so early so she decides to follow him. She sees him hug another woman and takes a picture of this.

Ji Qing wakes to find sweet sticky notes everywhere. She takes a picture of her lovely breakfast with her ringed hand pointing to the sticky note and posts it on Facebook. Her friends are excited by this news and she is even more excited to started preparing the wedding.


Ji Qing’s spring has arrived but Yi Ren wonders when hers will come. She heads home to find Sheng Hua waiting at her doorstep with a bag of food. She invites him and he informs her that he is going to hire her. They go together to pick up Duo Duo, Da Shuai sees them together and comes to the conclusion that they are secretly dating. When he realises his mistake, he blabs on and on that Sheng Hua is not the type of guy that she likes. Sheng Hua leaves and Da Shuai goes home with his daughter and ex-wife. He tries to make amends with her but she is not buying it; she doesn’t want to relive the past.


Yi Ren and Sheng Hua take a look back to their university days. He tells her that he is happy to just be behind the camera. He asks her if she and Da Shuai could still have a possibility. She answers that they can’t and it has nothing to do with love but trust. A couple with love but without trust is not going to work. She is not going to let herself fall in the same place twice. He asks her if she ever considered finding someone to take care of her. She answers that she doesn’t need it; from the point when she decided to get a divorce she only had one thing in mind – to take good care of Dou Dou and as for herself, it is not important.

Ji Qing tries time and time again to show off her ring to Hao Ming but he is not in the mood for it. So she takes him to an amusement park at night and they go skinny dipping. A guard catches them and they get locked up at the police station.

Yi Ren and Xiao Xian accompany Ji Qing to try on wedding dresses. Ji Qing mentions to them that something doesn’t feel right recently but she can’t pinpoint what it is. Then she receives s text from Shan Shan with a picture of Hao Ming hugging another girl. So she confronts her asking her the details of it and realises that was the day that Hao Ming started to change. Shan Shan comes out in the open that she needs money; her grandmother is sick and she needs money to look after her. Ji Qing offers to help her.

Ji Qing takes Shan Shan to a hospital and tells her that this is where the girl in the photo, Chen Ai Wen, works and explains she used to like Hao Ming and probably still does. Shan Shan suggests that this could have only happened if she and Hao Ming had an unpleasant passed where Ai Wen was a part of. Shan Shan decides she is going to show Ji Qing what she is capable of. She seeks out Ai Wen, claims that she is Hao Ming’s girlfriend and confronts her but Ai Wen knows better than that. That’s when Hao Ming arrives and Ji Qing and Shan Shan runs.

Once outside Shan Shan informs her that Ai Wen and Hao Ming have nothing between them; Ai Wen said so herself. She asks her why she needs to rented a person to test out Hao Ming when he loves her so much. She replies that she doesn’t have much confidence in marriage and Shan Shan replies she feels the same. Love is the world’s most fragile thing so she agrees that she needs to rent a lover to test out Hao Ming. That’s when she turns around and sees Hao Ming.

Ji Qing goes to explain but he is not hearing it. She crosses the road to chase after him but there is an oncoming car. Shan Shan pushes her out of the way and gets hit instead.


My Opinion:

If Ji Qing loves Hao Ming as much as she claims, she would not have rented Shan Shan to test out Hao Ming. They have been together for eight years and it appears that her love and trust towards Hao Ming is really shallow. She should know what type of guy Hao Ming is by now but she still has doubt in him. Even so, but when he went to help out Shan Shan she should be understanding that he is only doing this out of kindness. Furthermore, just hearing the audio she believed it and not Hao Ming. Is the meaning of eight years of feeling not enough to out win and audio? Sure, she is afraid of marriage but what she is doing is not for the sake of marriage but to cast doubt on Hao Ming. She believes strangers rather than a man whom she has been together with for eight years. For everything that he has done for her and the devotion that he shows her, she still has little faith in him. Now, it is not just an issue regarding marriage but rather her lack of trust and faith towards Hao Ming. Does she really believe that Hao Ming has something on with Ai Wen? She knew him since university and she knows of Ai Wen and Hao Ming’s history but yet she does not believe her Hao Ming only loves her.

Maybe Ji Qing is easily gullible and easy to deceive but she should love Hao Ming enough to not doubt him. After all, they must have been through a roller coaster to be where they are but I really question how she can have so little faith towards Hao Ming.

Shan Shan is really one of a kind. One minute she has her furious and game face on and the next she is all innocent and just here to help Ji Qing solve her relationship dilemmas. Why? What’s her motive? I really wonder what her next move is going to be. I really like that her character is mysterious as it creates a moody atmosphere in an otherwise bland scenario.

I like the character of Shan Shan but I find that Albee Huang really overacts in her role. When she speaks it’s like her lines are being delivered without emotions. I find it really dull how she exerts her lines and I also find that she is really “fake” when she acts innocent and nice.

I found the Ai Wen and hospital scene making no sense at all. I don’t get why Ji Qing has to explain her life to Shan Shan. I also don’t understand how she is helping Shan Shan. In the preview, it shows that Ji Qing offered Shan Shan a job as her assistant but that’s because of what happened so I still don’t get how she would help Shan Shan if she did not get crashed. I seriously don’t even think I make any sense here but whatever.

I find Yi Ren and Da Shuai’s storyline to be quite interesting. I am really curious as to how it will develop now that Sheng Hua is coming to play. There is still a lot to their relationship that still needs to be fished out. He had an affair but now he wants her back? Does he really love her or what?

I guess the real beginning of the drama starts next ep now that Shan Shan’s motive is being revealed.


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2 thoughts on “Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 2 Recap

  1. nedelynngoh August 5, 2013 at 12:51 am Reply

    I have a question 4 u. Do u the actress who play ai wen role?

  2. nedelynngoh August 5, 2013 at 12:55 am Reply

    I have a question 4 u. Do u know the actress who play ai wen role?
    What is her name?

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