Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 3 Recap

There is something really different with this ep when compared to the previous eps. The scenes transitions were very plain and simply bad. It was just so distinct that the transitions were unsynchronised and the scenes were placed all over the place that it made no sense when one scene transitioned to another. Other than the unsynchronised scenes, the interactions between Hao Ming and Ji Qing who had their first solid argument which really allows them to further grow as a couple.

Previously I though Shan Shan was creepy but now we finally get to know the real reason behind her creepy-ness, or at least that is what it appears to be.  I love the character of Shan Shan; it is really cleverly written. Something just evolves with her through each and every ep. The more that I watch of Shan Shan, the more that I am more curious to see how much more her character holds.

Shan Shan is taken to the hospital for emergency treatment while Ji Qing and Hao Ming have a talk. She apologises for being immature and he assures her that everything will be fine. They at Shan Shan’s ID card to discover that she lives at the nursing home. He tells her to call Ai Wen if she has any questions that she can’t solve before leaving to find Shan Shan’s family.

Da Shuai heads to Sheng Hua’s sushi shop to see Yi Ren and Sheng Hua walking in with Dou Dou like a happy family. He suspects there is something going on with Sheng Hua with the way he is treating Yi Ren. He takes Dou Dou home and Sheng Hua questions Yi Ren if she can be at ease allowing him to take Dou Dou home. She answers that it is better than him having an affair.

Shan Shan wakes and is without damaging injuries but Ji Qing is still filled with remorse over what she has done. Shan Shan tells her that if she feels this way she should give her a present – the necklace that she is wearing. So Ji Qing gives it to her and promises that she will train her to become a top make-up sales manager. That’s when Shan Shan’s mother arrives who thanks Ji Qing for looking after her Shan Shan.


Sheng Hua sends Yi Ren home who finds herself a mess and that Da Shuai is not a good father. He asks to spend the night, he sold his house and has no where to stay but she is not going to buy into his story and kicks him out. Seeing that Da Shuai got kicked out, Sheng Hua realises that Yi Ren really is not going to give Da Shuai another chance so he decides to make his move. His texts her inviting her on a grocery shopping trip tomorrow which she agrees to much to his excitement.

Once home Hao Ming and Ji Qing have their talk. She is sure that there is something going between him and Ai Wen. He tells her to ask him if she wants to know what is going between him and Ai Wen. She tells him to explain himself and the photo. He explains that they are just a couple of friends who haven’t met in a long time so it is only natural for them to hug. Furthermore, Ai Wen is getting married and requested him to design some unique furniture. He calls Ai Wen and gets her to explain to Ji Qing that there is nothing between them.

Sheng Hua arrives nice and early and even prepares the mother-daughter breakfast. He goes to tell her something but Dou Dou wakes up just in time breaking their conversation.


Ji Qing wakes to find Hao Ming on the far side of the bed so she positions herself closer to him but he pushes her away. He is awake too and tells her that since she is awake, she should not pretend any more. She apologises to him but he doesn’t forgive her. He goes to leave and in order to keep him here she offers to make him breakfast. He requests for a sunny-side up with the yolk not broken. He decides that he can use this opportunity to toy with her for a while. He imagines what he can get her to do for him which includes her proposing to him.


Back to reality, he informs her that Yong Xin will return to participate in their wedding. She answers that is if their wedding will still go ahead which agitates him but he stops his agitation when she starts to cry. She tells him that he shouted at her last night causing her not to sleep well and that she is afraid that he won’t marry her. She only rented a lover because she loves him deeply. He tells her that he loves her deeply too and that she needs to have trust in him. Suddenly there is a knock on the door and it’s Hao Ming’s little sister, Fang Yong Xin (Wan Wei Qiao).

Yi Ren and Sheng Hua are at the market shopping when a box of seafood come at them. Sheng Hua saves Yi Ren from getting hit and instead gets himself hit with the water splashing all over him. Once they arrive to the shop she tells him to take off his shirt so she can wash it. He is a bit clumsy at doing so, so she goes to help him. That’s when Da Shuai comes and misunderstands the situation and Yi Ren has to explain herself.

Sheng Hua drags him out for a man’s talk. He admits that he has the eyes for Yi Ren. The two men vow to make Yi Ren theirs and get into a fight. Yi Ren sees them and they pretend to be best buddies. That’s when Yong Xin arrives.

Xiao Xian informs Yi Ren that Ji Qing hired Shan Shan to be her assistant so they put Ji Qing down for an interrogation. She tells them her story and how Shan Shan saved her life. Yong Xin questions why she let Shan Shan work at their company. She replies that Shan Shan needs to earn money and furthermore, she is willing to learn. That’s not the biggest issue right now; meeting Hao Ming’s mother is. Shan Shan comes rushing informing Ji Qing that the document that she gave is the wrong one. Ji Qing realises that she left it home.  Shan Shan offers to go to her house and get but Xiao Xian steps in instep.

Ji Qing leaves Shan Shan her phone while she heads for a meeting. Shan Shan goes to place the phone at Ji Qing’s office and finds Hao Ming’s mother (Lin Xiu Jun) there. Shan Shan goes to show Hao Ming’s mother around leaving the phone behind. Xiao Xian calls Ji Qing but no one picks up. Xiao Xian arrives with the document but the meeting has already finished. Ji Qing berates Shan Shan for her mess that she has caused not even giving her an opportunity to explain herself. Mrs. Fang steps in comments that she thought the longer you work here the more gentle and beautiful you become but who knew it would be the opposite. Mrs. Fang leaves while Ji Qing tries to get into her good books.

Hao Ming and Ji Qing arrive at Sheng Hua’s sushi shop waiting for his mother to arrive. So Hao Ming, Ji Qing, Yong Xin and Mrs. Fang sit down for a chat about her son and Ji Qing’s wedding. Mrs. Fang tells Ji Qing to call her “mother” but Ji Qing can’t get that word to come out of her mouth.

Shan Shan asks herself other than having Ji Qing’s necklace can she also have everything else that Ji Qing has and become another Ji Qing or make everything that is Ji Qing become hers. She looks and her bankbook and the name Ji Shi Xian says: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t come to find me, I will come to find you. Very soon we will recognise each other.” Her mother calls and questions if she is close with Ji Qing. She replies that she isn’t but they will be very soon.

Yi Ren mentions to Sheng Hua that Ji Qing and Mrs. Fang don’t seem to be getting along very well. If they can get along well like she and Da Shuai’s mother then that would be great. Both her and Ji Qing lacked a mother when they were young and really desire motherly love. Sheng Hua questions what her and Mrs. Wang’s relationship is. She replies that they are still like mother-daughter. When she and Da Shuai divorce, Mrs. Wang said to her that even though they cannot be mother/daughter-in-law, they can be mother-daughter. Sheng Hua questions if maybe she and Dou Dou needs someone better to look after them but before she can answer, they are interrupted by Ji Qing.

Ji Qing tells Hao Ming that he will know how hard it will be when he meets her father. He tells her that it’s not that hard; they just aren’t familiar yet. She just has to think of his mother as her boss; they can’t choose their boss so they have to understand their boss. She backfires that they can always resign. Ahahahas! But she is not going to; she will try her best at this job.

They hear a noise outside so they rush out to find Da Shuai being bashed up (a fight which he organised). His mother comes and he tells her that they forced him to move out and now he has no where to live. His mother puts in good words in front of Yi Ren but she is not buying it and Ji Qing drags her off before she goes soft-hearted. Sheng Hua offers Da Shuai to give at his house but Da Shuai hardly considers him as a friend any more. Mrs. Wang once again has to settle the matter, before he loses his best friends. Once Da Shuai and Mrs. Wang leave, Sheng Hua admits to Hao Ming that he has liked Yi Ren ever since university. Once, he especially returned from Japan to buy some flowers and write a card for Yi Ren but when he saw Yi Ren and Da Shuai getting close, as a good friend he can only retreat. As a result he stayed in Japan for two years and did not dare to come back. He questions if he can like Yi Ren. Hao Ming assures him that he can because love does not require anyone else’s opinion but if he wants to be with her he needs to be sure that her heart is on the same page as his.

Mrs. Wang has a talk with Da Shuai (with Ji Qing’s presence). She asks if Da Shuai (and herself) can move in with her; Duo Duo needs to be taken care of and she has to work. Yi Ren goes soft-hearted and agrees to this, only allow her and not Da Shuai.

Ji Qing questions Yi Ren’s reasons. Yi Ren replies that Mrs. Wang is her love. She first fell in love with Mrs. Wang before she fell in love with Da Shuai. During her high school years, she lost her parents and it was only during university when she met Da Shuai and his mother that she rediscoverered the love of family. When she married Da Shuai, Mrs. Wang loved her as a daughter. Without her, she wouldn’t know how to be a wife or a mother. That when Mrs. Wang arrives overhearing the conversation about how much Yi Ren loves her. Ji Qing tells her that this is the very bottom line.

Ji Qing walks home with tears recalling how she can’t call Mrs. Fang “mother” and her conversation with Yi Ren. She tells her mother that she is going to get married but she doesn’t know what to do; she doesn’t know how to be a wife or a mother.

She comes home and mentions to Hao Ming that she doesn’t know how to be a wife or a daughter-in-law. He tells her that it doesn’t matter if she offends his mother because regardless, she is still her daughter-in-law. He tells her that as long as they want to be together, then those processes are just processes because in the end it is them who are going to be together.


My Opinion:

Huge applause to the scriptwriter and producer and everyone else behind the scenes who has helped to create the character of Shan Shan. She may not be the best character here but she is a clever and unique character. The more and more that I watch this, the more Shan Shan shines as a character. The story to Shan Shan has been neatly written to reveal episode by episode something for her. She is more than just a “rented lover”, she has so much behind her and what we have just witnessed in this ep is just more of what to come and its revelation can do a lot of damage as well create a huge shift in the storyline. Hmmm, could she be Ji Qing’s sister? If so that will change everything. Though, I am quite disappointment with her “rented lover” role unless that role is not really finished yet. I thought that as a “rented lover”, she would be more significant to Ji Qing and Hao Ming’s relationship. I actually wanted her to create a misunderstanding between Ji Qing and Hao Ming because it would only make sense of a “rented lover”. This leads me to wonder what is the significance of the literally translation of the title “I Rented A Lover”. I really hope that there is more to “rented lover”.

How cute is Zhuang Xiao Xian? She is just so jolly and adorable! I love her baby face! Ahahahaas! She is really adorable! I wonder what role she will play. Hmmm, well she does have a more than huge crush on Sheng Hua.

I am still longing to see the background behind Da Shuai and Yi Ren’s relationship. They broke up because he has an affair but why is he still clinging onto her? Does he still love her? Just watching it you would think that Da Shuai does not love her because he had an affair and did not so signs of making up to her until when they are divorce. He never truly cherished her but I think we really have the get the know-it-all to their relationship before we can completely understand the complexity of their current relationship. Furthermore, I wonder if Yi Ren loves Da Shuai. She seems really opposed to his ways of doing this such as when he just fell asleep with Duo Duo but if you think about it, that was what he would have been like when they were still together. Anyway, I am actually really looking forward to Yi Ren, Sheng Hua and Da Shuai’s love triangle.

I also really want to see more of Hao Ming’s relationship with his friends. Ji Qing has a close relationship with her friends so it is only fair for Hao Ming to have his.

Marriage is approaching for Ji Qing and Hao Ming so something must and will happen before they can get married. There is still 10ish eps to go! Hopefully these 10ish eps will be filled with potential to spike!

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