Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 4 Recap

As much as I want to fall in love with this drama, there is something that just constantly get on my nerves and that is unsynchronisation (yeahh, I’m making up words) which this ep is another prime example of, clearly evident falling from the back of ep 3. This drama could do so much better but the hugest downfall of this drama is it being really choppy and the storyline falling out of place. I wanted this drama to do well but sadly that it is not what it is so good at. Ep 1 and 2 were quite well in terms of its synchronisation but recently, these past two eps just had a dramatic downfall which I am going to partially blame the storyline.

With the storyline it is the inconsistent direction that it wants to follow. If only the direction was clear-cut everything else would flow on much more smoothly than what it is doing now. It is Shan Shan who is the main drive of the rough storyline. Her character is really complex and there is still so much more to be revealed about her that is yet to be know which makes her character lack a distinct path that she wants to take.

If Ji Qing and Hao Ming’s marriage is going to drag through the entire drama the way it is, I am going to give each ep a full rage! Their relationship has to head through a big hurdle and a large puddle to give it a push and create something that it is much more interesting than what it currently is. Then I won’t rage. Ahahahas!

Ji Qing asks Hao Ming if she is terrible. He tells her that she is not terrible; she just lacks the sense of security and then doesn’t know the sense of how to love but that’s not because she doesn’t have a heart but because her heart has been hurt too many times. So that is why he is using his love to heal her injured heart. Then they will be very happy.

When Ji Qing goes to shower, Hao Ming gets a text from Ai Wen reminding him to go to his consultation tomorrow. He recalls his meeting with Ai Wen at the cafe where she revealed to him that he might have leukaemia.

Hao Ming goes for his check-up and gets a call informing him that the design plan is not here. He recalls to breakfast time where Ji Qing probably mistook his document as hers.

It turns out that Ji Qing does have Hao Ming’s information document. Xiao Xian listens as Shan Shan apologises to Ji Qing for what happened yesterday and advises her to make amends to her mother-in-law if she wants a good marriage with Yuan Qi. She thanks Shan Shan for her consideration and tells her to address her by “manager” when in work. Xiao Xian tells Ji Qing that their important customer, Yuan Qi, only has time for a meeting now so Ji Qing has to bother Shan Shan to send the document to Hao Ming.

Hao Ming is with Yong Xin when Shan Shan delivers the document, and a bottle of perfume. Yong Xin enthusiastically goes to introduce herself to Shan Shan and offers out a handshake but Hao Ming pulls her back before Shan Shan could take her hand. He hurriedly thanks Shan Shan and requests for her to lead. She then blurts out her apology for the “rented lover” incident and Yong Xin quickly pieces together the puzzle, though he manages to seal her mouth with some money. But Yong Xin is not gone, because once Shan Shan leaves, Yong Xin quickly barges her with a bunch of questions.

Xiao Xian is sure that Shan Shan is ill-conceived and even warns her colleagues that Shan Shan could be recording them to use as her own evidence. One of the colleagues suggest that Shan Shan’s motive could be Hao Ming. Xiao Xian confronts her and pulls her for a talk. Shan Shan sets her recorder on as well as her phone recorder on before entering the talk. Xiao Xian demands for her recorder which she gives. She then asks her what’s her motive for getting close to Ji Qing. She replies without blinking an eye that she needs money and she worships Ji Qing. But Xiao Xian is not buying and questions if she is that simple, why did she accept the “rented lover” job and why did she make up all those fibs. She answers that it the truth and if they can’t trust her then there is nothing to do about it. She apologises and asks for their forgiveness but begs that they do not make her leave this company. Xiao Xian buys into her story as she starts to cry and sends her back to work but is still sure that she is not so simple. So she decides to call her cousin.

Mrs. Wang confronts her son if he organised the fight last night. Da Shuai replies that this is his only way of getting Yi Ren back, what if Sheng Hua takes Yi Ren away from him? His mother berates him, telling him that he was the one who let Yi Ren go. She warns him that if he does not truly want to take Yi Ren back and give her happiness, she is going to let Yi Ren go regardless of how much she adores Yi Ren. However, because of him and Dou Dou, she can only be selfish and be on his side.

Ji Qing is outside the jewellery shopping calling Hao Ming to complain when his mother is going to come and how she won’t know how to deal with her. Little does she know that her mother-in-law-to-be is standing behind overhearing her entire conversation.  Hao Ming soon arrives and that’s when she finally realises her big blunder. Mrs. Fang snorts at Ji Qing to call her “auntie” instead if she really can’t  call her “mother”.

Things get a bit better inside the jewellery when Ji Qing apologises and promises that she will change. Though it falls a bit downhill when the two ladies have opposing views on which jewellery to choose. However, Mrs. Wang quickly puts it even telling them that they have to give her a grandchild when they get married but Ji Qing is not too keen on this idea. She then requests to meet her family much to her uneagerness.

Ji Qing complains to Hao Ming how hectic her life is becoming and how neither marriage nor having kids were part of her plan. He makes her take a breather and tells her that whenever she is stressed, she just has to reverse it and it becomes desserts. He assures her that no matter how hectic her life is, he will always be there for her. He tells her that if she is not prepared to have kids then they won’t have kids which Ji Qing is happy to hear.

Ji Qing and Hao Ming make a visit to her father whom she has not visited for years. Just seeing the house makes her recall a fight her parents had which resulted in her mother’s death. She is brought back to reality by her startled father.

Hao Ming busies himself making tea while leaving the father-daughter to talk. Ji Qing coldly tells her father that she is getting married and there isn’t much talk between the father-daughter thereafter. Hao Ming comes out with the brewed tea and Ji Qing’s father tells him that Ji Qing is very inferior and doesn’t love to talk much but she is very kind-hearted. Hao Ming agrees that she is kind-hearted but disagrees that she is inferior and doesn’t talk much. Her father then asks when the wedding is and suggest that they get engaged first but Ji Qing tells him that there is no need; she is already living together with Hao Ming. Her father then makes it hard on Hao Ming saying what if the trial marriage doesn’t work. She saves Hao Ming from any more accusations from her father by suggesting that they leave. Her father tells her to inform her mother that she is getting married. She does that and asks her mother if she can teach her how to be a wife and a daughter-in-law. She doesn’t know how to make sure her husband doesn’t have an affair or give herself lifelong happiness. “When you left I was only just eight. I don’t know how to learn from you. I don’t know how to tell stories to my daughter or how to tie her hair in pigtails. I also don’t know how to be like you and not get angry when she throw tempers. Can you teach me?” She leaves while her father tries to explain to her.

Sheng Hua goes to confess to Yi Ren but is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Yong Xin who tries to feed him a dessert. Mrs. Fang arrives and compliments how matching he and Yong Xin are but he clarifies that Yong Xin is just like his own little sister. Anyway, Mrs. Wang drags Yi Ren out on a shopping trip, to buy clothes for Da Shuai to wear for work interviews. Yi Ren initially declines but goes soft-hearted at her request. Meanwhile, Sheng Hua is absent-minded wondering what Yi Ren could possibly be doing so he decides to join along the shopping trip, much to the displeasure of Da Shuai.

So Da Shuai decides to trip Sheng Hua with some broomsticks. Instead, Sheng Hua manages to be the heroine and save Yi Ren while Da Shuai ends up being the one who trips and injures himself. Yi Ren goes soft-hearted and decides to take Da Shuai in.

Shan Shan watches the stars and records herself asking if her father misses her because she misses him. She tells him that he gave birth to her so he has to take responsibility and even if he doesn’t want to, he can’t because she will make him take responsibility. There are many people who say that one should look bright ahead and away from the shadows but she feels that it is good to have the shadows because it is because of this shadow that there are levels in life and that’s the same for humanity.

Xiao Xian brings her cousin and Shan Shan knows that she can no longer hide behind this. So she decides to leave without an explanation and claims that Xiao Xian wants her to leave. Ji Qing does not believe that it is that simple so Shan Shan shows her proof by playing the audio she recorded when Xiao Xian bullied her. But she tells her that she will leave because she did lie to her. “If a relationship is filled with lies from the very beginning, it does not matter thereafter how much sincerity is put in because it will not turn to trust.” She tells Ji Qing that she never had an older sister but always wished she would have one who would love her, take care of her and be her role model. She thought she finally found one but it’s only a false alarm. And with that she leaves.

After Shan Shan leaves, Xiao Xian suggests to Ji Qing that Shan Shan might have fallen in love with Hao Ming.

Ji Qing tells Hao Miing of Xiao Xian’s suspicion but he dismisses. She then spots the perfume and he realises that it was from Shan Shan.

Sheng Hua calls Hao Ming asking if he should inform Da Shuai that he is going to confess to Yi Ren. Hao Ming and Ji Qing advise him to just go ahead and confess. What’s important is whether Yi Ren likes him. Now, filled with confident he decides that he is going to confess. Mrs. Wang runs in on Sheng Hua rehearsing his all important confession speech. That’s when Yi Ren arrives and she takes the flowers and puts it in a vase thinking that it is for the shop. He masters up the courage to ask her to date him. He tells her that because Da Shuai is his good friend that’s why he didn’t go after her but he wants this chance to do so. He gives her the card and tells her that he will take care of both her and Dou Dou. She just puts the flower by the windowsill and asks Sheng Hua if he can buy some fish for Dou Dou.

Shan Shan arrives at the company to return Ji Qing her necklace but Ji Qing is in a meeting so Shan Shan decides to wait at Jing Qing’s office. She sits in Ji Qing’s chair and looks through a file when Ji Qing and Xiao Xian arrives. Shan Shan returns Ji Qing her necklace but Ji Qing tells her that she can keep it; it is for saving her. Shan Shan takes it that she trusts her but instead, Ji Qing tells her to leave. Shan Shan tells her that she doesn’t care about what others think just what she thinks but Ji Qing tells her to leave. So Shan Shan returns the necklace and leaves.

Yi Ren arrives home and asks her mother, Mrs. Wang, on her opinion on whether she should date Sheng Hua.


My Opinion:

Again, as with ep 3, the scenes appear to be really out of place with not much connection from one transition to the next. So I’m watching Hao Ming and Ji Qing’s scene and then suddenly Yi Ren’s scene would break in to create tension for Hao Ming and Ji Qing’s scene. But it is not doing so well at that and instead is making me frustrated! It is really sharp when it transitions leaving you feeling like it has just abruptly switched you from one scene to another, which it is doing.

The storyline is really disconnected. It is like three separate stories merged together instead of being one drama. It is supposed to be one streamline where everything flows together. Instead, Ji Qing and Hao Ming have their own story, Yi Ren has her own as does Shan Shan. There is nothing that ties them together except the mere connection that they know each other. I just want the stories to work in conjunction with the other stories and help each other rather than being independent.

Shan Shan is just creepy! Seriously, who watches the stars and creepily records themselves? Shan Shan is just a really weird character. But yet she is really interesting. There is still a lot of her that has to be opened up and when it does I am sure that it will completely change the outcome of the entire storyline and hopefully bring the story together. I find that when she tries to apologise and act innocent to be really stretched out and it just feels really fake. I think it’s because of the way she speaks and the way she acts when she does it. Just why, just didn’t she explain he reason for lying? What’s her real motive? With each and every ep so far, I have more and more questions for her character.

Tiffany has improved so much! Her acting is a whole lot better than when I first saw her and the way she expresses her emotions appear much more subtle and realistic. When she was recalling to when she was little and how she witnessed her mother die, the sadness in her fake is really realistic. She allows herself to actually fall into character. I found it when she talking to her mother and asking her to teach her how to be a wife and mother, her words and tears worked so well together. She showed hurt and the anger that she has towards her father. The way she expressed that emotion also showed that she misses her mother dearly. Just the way that she handles these emotional emotions feels so much more realistic and like it exists.

I actually love Ji Qing and Hao Ming together. They are still awkward together but they play a really sweet couple. He just loves her regardless of anything and would do anything for her. She loves him but not as much as he loves her. He would do anything for her but she just wants everything to work her way. She must know how badly he wants to get married but for her to be happy he would push that aside. You can really see it that as actors, Tiffany and Chris are becoming less awkward the more I see them together. (:

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  1. heisui December 1, 2012 at 11:39 am Reply

    Hmmm I guess I will have to wait for your recaps of the next few episodes before I decide on this drama. I’m glad Tiffany & Chris are getting more comfortable together though

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