My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go: First Impressions

Recently there has been something with me and the reluctance to watch good dramas. I’ve just been really on the edge on which drama I should watch, and for this drama I was even more reluctant to watch it ever since I saw Absolute Boyfriend. Not that Jiro’s acting is bad in anyway, because it’s not; but because of the storyline in Absolute Boyfriend. I was scared, I didn’t want a repeat of that here. I wanted a good and solid storyline, something that we as viewers can grasp on. After hearing the positive ravings on Drama Go Go Go, I decided to check it out and boy am I ever glad I did. I can tell you one thing that this drama is meters ahead of Absolute Boyfriend. Jiro’s acting is totally contrary to his acting in AB. It is much more comfortable and relaxed and my biggest guess for this is that his co-star is someone whom he can communicate to unless his co-star in AB. Ahahahas! Well, four eps in and I have found myself another drama to loathe over!

I am just ever so glad that I decided to give this a go or else I would have missed out the chance to view such an extraordinary drama. I’ll admit that when I first heard of the plot of this drama I was a bit skeptical, actually I mean A LOT; I mean it’s about a woman getting involved with three different men who are all of different ages, how weird can it get? But when you watch it, it really isn’t that weird and appears to be the norm, but then again only time will tell, I have let to seek out the gist of this drama so who knows.


My Opinion:

Who knows what I have gotten myself into! Ummm, another drama haul? Yeahh, whatever, I am am talking to myself now. That, is how crazy this drama has made me! I seriously thought that after SOP Queen I would never encounter such a lively and amazing drama, not to mention the great chemistry present. Hmmm, I think that Taiwanese actors/actresses may be the magic to these stellar dramas or maybe it is just magic! This drama is just perfect; the plot is amazing, there is a cast who connects with each other and it just works. With a great plot, there needs to be actors who can connect with it because without that connection, it is not going to be successful and vice versa. This is why this drama is so attractive from the very first ep, there’s that magic that connects with the audience and does well to keep the audience glued to their screens.

That was one stellar beginning to the drama. It was not just creative but reflects Ming Ming as a character. That really is one way to draw the audience in; to leave them in a daze and then quickly resolve the puzzle and bring that on towards our lead. I have seen time and time again in numerous Chinese/Taiwanese dramas where it just begins off with the female lead narrating something (some recently evident in Love Me Or Leave Me (AKA I Rented A Lover). However, this drama takes a turn on this and there is actually innovation to this. Watching it, I was left wondering what is going on, I was like “Hey, who is this chick? She is not Ruby” which allowed me to want to stay tuned and know more. It kept me engaged and curious which is how all dramas should start off. I personally feel that the start of any drama marks what the drama is about and can do so much to initiate the plot.

A photoshoot of Ruby and Jiro, –

Jiro and Ruby have excellent chemistry together! Ming Ming and Eason are so adorable together! I can’t wait to see more of them together and them sharing their cuteness! When they are with each other, they can be themselves and they can actually allow themselves to be who they are. Even though they have only just recently met but it is clear that they help each other to shine. Ming Ming and Eason are not afraid when they are with each but rather, they let themselves to be themselves with each other. She is actually more willing to hide herself from Eason because he is ,well, her biggest crush but she doesn’t do that because upon meeting him, he immediately and unknowingly shows her that she does not need to hide who she is because she does not need to change who she is to be herself. Also, because of who Ming Ming is, she allows Eason to be who he really is when he is in front of her. He doesn’t have to change himself when he is with her. Even when he is getting close with her to stay on the drama, he doesn’t change who is as a person because with Ming Ming he can be himself. You can really see the chemistry that Jiro and Ruby have to allow for this ease of interaction between their character.

I actually find Jiro much more comfortable here than in Absolute Boyfriend. In AB when he expresses his lines, it has emotion but it doesn’t feel as real as it does here. I’m not sure of the filming dates for AB or DGGG but there is a real distinct difference between the way Jiro acts in both dramas. Here he is filled with eagerness to perform and just watching him on screen you can see how comfortable he is. I am happy of this because it helps him to connect his chemistry with Ruby. (: When Eason started to get close to Ming Ming I thought he was a bad guy and was only using her for his own benefit but even so he is still a good guy at heart. I love how he doesn’t know that he is falling for her. That was just adorable!

Ruby is so adorable but I just can’t wait till she gets a makeover. She needs it immediately, need I say more? Her voluminous hair is not doing her a whole lot of great deals but it does help to create her innocent, care-free and bubbly character. Her character is just so pure that you want to scream at her and tell her what to do. Even as Zhuang Jie is yelling at her she can only look down and accept what is to come. I just wanted her to say no to Zhuang Jie, it is her script and her characters, they can’t modify it. She is weak on the outside but inside she is a really strong character. All she needs is a little courage and support for that strong character to come out.

I wanna kiss Lin Geng Xin dammit! He is so cute! First time seeing him, love at first sight! Oh, and btw, he doesn’t have an accent so yay! Even though he is younger than Ruby in real life but that does nothing to disadvantage their chemistry and I think it helps it to be strong. He really knows how to connect with her doesn’t he? Ahahaha, I love his character as Tong Shao Tian too! The very first time that you see him you can tell that he has been holding a big crush on Ming Ming for a very long time, it is only her who do not see this. He is such a sweet guy who constantly looks out for her and even makes her the cutest breakfasts! Seriously, how can she not see that his looking out for her is more than just a friend, co-worker and house mate? I swear, random, but I think I would be content to watch Eason and Shao Tian battle it out for Ming Ming. That would sure make an interesting battle.

How out there was the scene when Shao Tian gave Eason a kiss? Woahh, Shao Tian really knows how to prove a point!

Four eps in and Maggie Wu’s character as Shen Pei Ni is really bland and dull. I really hope that she can lighten up and become a character because right now she is nothing more than a mere onlooker. I want to like her character because everyone else is really strong but she lacks behind them by metres. Hopefully as the story develops her character will become colourful. (:

I was so surprised to see Peter Ho here! And I still am! I can’t wait to see what hassle he is going to bring! I still remember missing his abs following the conclusion of Ring Ring Bell (AKA Please Ring The Bell Twice). 😛

Woahh, confession of love in ep three already (or was it ep four…?) ? That’s some fast moving! Now I am more excited to wonder how this is going to head on. How is she going to get herself romantically linked with three men? She really does have a driving force doesn’t she? Ahahahs! I really wonder who this 40’s man is. We have met two already so we just need one more to go.

I love this drama but the drama within this drama is just bad. I just wish that they would put some more real-ness into the drama within a drama, but I guess it works to create a light atmosphere. But really, it is just over the board. I know nothing into the industry of drama-making but what I do know is that if you suddenly change the male lead five eps in, the drama is going to tank regardless of who the lead is. Then they go into the press conference without the actual male lead and hope that viewers is just going to tune it. Moreover, they decide to put in two eps of Pei Ni talking to an unconscious Eason. That is what absurd drama storyline and I am ever so glad that this is never going to make it onto our screens.

Oh, btw, I’m not being bias or anything (okay, I lied, I am being bias) but the songs from Jiro’s album that is used here suits this drama much better than Absolute Boyfriend.

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6 thoughts on “My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go: First Impressions

  1. heisui December 2, 2012 at 11:56 am Reply

    Yeah now I am torn between Ming Ming x Eason and Ming Ming x Shao Tian. But I LOVE LGX and he’s doing really well as the 2nd lead!!!! \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/ As for Pei Ni……….BLEGHHHH. Like you said, I wish the drama was more realistic but its premise is already unrealistic anyways. But the least they could do is make Pei Ni into a more interesting character T_T

    By the way, do you the entire drama dubbed? Because there are some voices that are clearly dubbed (they sound like typical annoying dubbed voices..) but other voices sound REALLY REAL.

    • misscupcakees December 2, 2012 at 2:29 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, me too! I am all for Eason and Ming Ming but then Shao Tian is such a sweet guy! How can you choose between them two? Arghhh, just let her have them both!

      Ohhh, ummm, nopes! All of the leads have their own voice so yay! But some of the supporting casts have their voice dubbed, like Eason’s manager. If you watch closely, you can see that the voice is not succinct with her movement of her mouth. All in all, I am just glad that the leads do not have their voices dubbed.

      • heisui December 2, 2012 at 6:30 pm

        Whew what a relief. I am glad that all the leads are not dubbed. Yeah I was confused because the producer’s voice is clearly dubbed whereas the leads don’t sound dubbed. I thought that Pei Ni’s voice sounded dubbed though.

      • misscupcakees December 2, 2012 at 7:08 pm

        Ahahhaas, yeahh, it feels nice to hear their original voice. I seriously cannot imagine how it would be if they dubbed Jiro’s singing voice. Hmmm, the producer? I’m pretty sure her voice isn’t dubbed, it sounds quite real to me. I don’t think Maggie/Pei Ni’s voice is dubbed but then again, I am not sure, I have never heard her speak before.

      • heisui December 3, 2012 at 12:50 pm

        Well I thought that their voices sounded like the usual Chinese dubbed voices, but maybe that’s just me >.<

      • misscupcakees December 2, 2012 at 7:14 pm

        Wait, I have, I have heard Maggie Wu in Hi, My Sweetheart! However, it’s been a while since I have seen it so I don’t remember her voice.

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