Refresh 3+7 Episode 6 Recap

This ep is definitely not one of best eps of this series. It was not all over the place but there were many elements that just did not feel right. It doesn’t flow in terms of an episode. There were many elements that just felt like it was not meant for this. Even our leads here have their faults and there is something that just can’t connect them together, not even a little bit.

A girl, Jiang Li (Lin Yuan) – 20 years old, 164cm tall, graduated from Shi Chuan Movie College, can sing and dance – auditions for a show. She demonstrates her singing and dancing ability using a famous chinese poem but the directors are unimpressed and tell her to leave even though she has not finished her performance. She goes outside and settles down to eat her lunch when her mother calls. She assures her mother that she is fine and even landed the role. When she returns back to eat her lunch, she fines that a bird has done their business on it.

Jiang Li returns home to discover that she is homeless; her landlord has kicked her out because of her owing two months of rent. Hungry and with no where to go, she finds a job at a sushi restaurant advertising for a “lucky cat” so she decides to apply for it. The boss gives her the job but tells her that she has a three day trial period which she does not get paid but she happily agrees to it. Jiang Li lures in many customers and the neighbouring shop owner is not happy.

The “lucky cat” has a new opponent – the “terracotta warrior” of the neighbouring shop. Seeing that she has a rival, Jiang Li does all that she can to lure in customers, and the customers just keep on coming. A nearby kid accidentally kicks a ball to the “terracotta warrior”, He Tian Ze (Yang Yang), so he goes to kick it back to the kid only to hit Jiang Li smack bang in the head causing her to fall down. He quickly comes to help her up but she makes it clear that she doesn’t want his help. He apologises and goes back to his stand as the “terracotta warrior”.

At closing time Miss. “Lucky Cat” goes to secretly place some worms down Mr. “Terracotta Warrior”‘s back. She watches with laughter as he jumps around to get rid of them. Her laughter stops and instead she is filled with awe when he takes off his mask and she gets to see the real man behind the warrior suit.

She even laughs as she dreams about Tian Ze. Ahhh, she’s in love! Love at first sight!

Jiang Li goes a bit star-stunned at work when Mr. “Terracotta Warrior” comes up to apologise for what happened yesterday. He watches as she dances to lure in customers and gets into rhythm himself. Later, she gives him a box of sushi that she recommends and he happily smiles as he accepts her gift.

Jiang Li is waiting at that bus stop when she sees Tian Ze walking past so she decides to follow him to find with his friends at a pool club. She watches as he leaves with his friend in a posh car.

Her mother calls and she finally admits the truth. She then learns from her friend that Tian Ze is a rich young master and is only a “terracotta warrior” because he ran away from home. Hearing this she loses faith knowing that she has no possible chance.

Tian Ze thanks Jiang Li for her sushi yesterday by returning her with a box of Chinese food. He watches as she dances and can’t help but get dancing too, while recording her.

Jiang Li spots Tian Ze on the bus but he doesn’t see her. She decides that she is going to talk to him but can’t muster up the courage to do so. When she finally has the courage, he has left already to take a phone call. He tells his ex-girlfriend that they can’t go back to the past, it was her who initiated the break up and now it is going to be him who is going to deny her. Later on the day, she spots him along and decides that she is going to talk to him but she can’t muster up the courage to do so.

Jiang Li gets really excited when she gets her first play but gets even more excited when the director (who failed her at the audition) informs her that he wants her to be in their new show, “Terracotta Warrior vs. Lucky Cat”. The director also informs her that he found her suitable for this role after he saw a video of her dancing on the internet. Seeing the video, she immediately knows who uploaded it. This time she is filled with courage and even confesses to the warrior. The warrior removes his mask and it turns out that it is not Tian Ze. The shop owner informs her that Tian Ze resigned because he has to started school.

The warrior comes up to the lucky cat to give her a bottle of water. He asks her if she has considered her future before and she replies that she has; she wants to become a famous celebrity and furthermore, she has always wanted to become an actor. She then asks the warrior what his dream is and he replies that he has no dream because he hasn’t slept. The director announces cut and it is revealed that this is the filming of the show.

Jiang Li receives a package from Tian Ze and inside she finds various miscellaneous items as well as a “lucky cat” phone charm. She also finds a USB and a letter that tells her that he only found out what her name is after seeing it on the internet. He tells her that he is the “terracotta warrior” across the road and loves to watch her dance. He informs her of his name and tells her that he sent her these things because he likes plants. Furthermore, the flower he sent represents “strong”. He feels that one must chase their dreams in order to have a strong heart. She opens the USB to see various pictures of him as well as herself. He also apologises for not saying good-bye to her.

Jiang Li confesses to the warrior who removes his mask to reveal that he is Tian Ze.


My Opinion:

I just want to get it out there that the leads do not connect here. They do not even connect as friends. They just lack the chemistry to draw them together. So, it was love at first sight for them? It appears so but they do not show that they are friend, minus that of being in love. When Jiang Li went to confess her feelings, it did not feel remotely real. It just felt that she was in need to say so for the development of the drama. I don’t get how Tian Ze suddenly has feelings for her. Sure, he has a sense of like towards her but not anything more to become to like her. He enjoys her bubbly personality and dance skills and that’s about it. I really do not see any chemistry between the two.

I do find this ep trying to copy the previous ep but it falls a long long long way. This ep might as well be the unfilmed movie from the previous ep. But this ep lacks so much that the previous ep had. The storyline here really doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t have a solid basis for anything to happen and just feels like it is the foam to a cup of coffee. There is no depth and the information that you want to taste is no where in reach. r

However, in spite of all this, I really enjoyed the drama within a drama. (On a side note, there is a lot of drama within a drama recently) I can’t quite call it creative because I have seen this tactic used numerous times. Though, the ending is very creative. It brought out something that leaves viewers in a confusion and left to wonder for themselves whether Jiang Li getting together with Tian Ze is part of the drama drama or is it reality. It gives viewers an opportunity to decide what ending they want which I really enjoy in each and every one of these eps. It is all very unique and lets viewers to decide the fate they want.

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