My Opinion On Missing You: First Impressions

I felt like watching a k-melodrama (btw, this is my first one) and I was debating between Nice Guy and Missing You and in the end missing won out because my heart told me to watch it. Now I wonder if maybe I should have watched NG instead. While watching the first two eps I felt that it was quite underwhelming and disjointed. There were many pieces that didn’t make any sense and did not fall together but then I realised that this drama isn’t something that you can find yourself jumping into and expect to understand the story, I was one of those people who jumped in hoping the story would be clear cut and easy to comprehend. I soon realised that it was anything but that and that you have to be patient and wait for the pieces to slowly fall together to paint the picture.

This is a melodrama that is sure going to make people teary or if it is not tears it is sympathy or pity, that is once you understand what the story is about. Just look at the promotional posters and that says it all. You have to take the time to connect the bits and pieces together to make out what is going on and how they all connect to one another or else no matter how much you want to make sense of it, it is not going to happen. So far, Yeo Jin Goo as the younger version of Han Jung Woo and Kim So Hyun as the younger of version of Lee Soo Yeon are just amazing! They really know have to create a melodramatic atmosphere. They really can create a fire, can’t they? I am looking forward to present day and seeing how the adults stack up to their younger counterparts. I am just hoping that it will come soon. I am all for heading back in time but this drama is about the grown-ups, isn’t it? 


My Opinion:

Ahahahahaha, when the drama began with 1997, I immediately thought of Reply 1997. 1997, that must be one special year isn’t it? Everybody loves 1997, back when phones were still a brick! Other than that everything in that time period appears to be very modern. There was an ultra modern car, school, bed, room and everything else. I guess I can’t really complain much since the focus of this drama isn’t about 1997 but 2012. But still, I can’t help but think that it is set in present day every time I see it.

Okay, so let’s make sense of the story. Jung Woo is the child of Han Tae Joon. Tae Joon is in a money battle with Kang Hyung Joon’s mother and btw, Hyung Joon is his father’s child which means it is his brother. (And btw btw, Hyung Joon is like 10ish which is just errrhhh…) Hyung Joon is in hiding and has the key to the money so Tae Joon is after him. Jung Woo recently transferred back from America and befriends a murderer’s daughter, Soo Yeon. Soo Yeon and her mother decide to move in with Detective Kim Sung Ho (Jun Kwang Ryul) because of the reputation that they have acclaimed with her father being a murderer. Then it is later revealed that her father is falsely accussed to be the murderer. Confusing? Yeah. So basically, Jung Woo befriends Seo Yoon while a money battle ensures between the Han and Kang family. It may sound simple in that one sentence but when you watch it on screen you will discover the complexity of it. You really have to connect the dots to realise what is going on. When I first watched it I was in a daze myself. I was wondering what could be going on because nothing made any sense for me. There was no single line to draw to put the pieces together. Everything was scattered all over the place and was just a confusion. However, it was only when I started to connect the pieces together that the story started to make some sense; but that did not occur until the later half of the first ep and even then there were still many parts of the puzzle that I have yet to connect together. When I first watched it I had trouble figuring out who was who and even had to google it in order to put some sense into what I was watching.

This drama has everything emotional about it. Even though the plot is not very concise and you may not understand what is going on but one thing that you will get from it is that it is surely going to trigger from emotion from you from the get-go. I mean, how can you not feel sympathy for a girl being bashed up by her father and then gaining the reputation of “murderer’s daughter” when she did nothing wrong. With everything that is going on here it is impossible not to feel emotion for her. This drama really does well to target the viewers’ emotions, which I guess all melodramas is supposed to do but I didn’t expect it to get working from the very beginning.  I find myself wanting to care for her character already and I am sure I will continue to do so as I fall deeper into this drama.

I find So Hyun really compelling here in her role. She might be young actress but she has the power and essence of a mature young woman. She portrays her character with the right emotions at the exact right moment which makes us as the audience occupy her emotions and feel for her. Although she may be a hurt and injured girl but she is much stronger than what she looks. When Jung Woo asked to be her friend she was ecstatic to hear this but wanted to keep their relationship private because she doesn’t want him to get hurt too. She would rather face anything that comes alone than to drag anyone else along this path. I do find her character to be written as one is much stronger than that of any fifteen year old but that is fine considering all of her circumstances but it is also because of this that I sometimes find myself not seeing her as a mere fifteen year old but as a grown woman. She gives off that vibe that she is fine and able to accept anything that happens but is she really?

I like Jin Goo but when compared to So Hyun his acting lacks quite a bit, but he is only 15, what am I to complain about? I can’t even act! It is not only his acting that brings him down but his one-dimensional character. There isn’t really much depth to his character nor is there much to go on from. He is just the child of Tae Joon and knows nothing of his father’s doings. He is an innocent boy who befriends Soo Yeon not because he feels sympathy for her, well maybe a little, but because he genuinely wants to be her friend. He wants to help her and protect her. We do get to see a bit of emotion from him when he stepped back when Soo Yeon gave him the umbrella but really, other than that there is not much to his character. I think that it is part of the reason why his acting lacks a bit when compared to So Hyun. His character is not as well written as Soo Yeon. Hopefully in present time his character will have more depth than what it currently does.

These two young leads do have great chemistry with each other. I am hoping that the grown-ups with have as much chemistry if not more with each other.

With that cross over to present time in the first ep, I am screwing my head with what is going or and what is going to happen. I just need to desperately head to present time already!  I’m going to hold onto my eagerness for the grown-ups to appear because so far it is only the youngsters. But then that’s where I wonder what is it that is going to separate them? They love each other but what is the drawback from them being together? They are either going to be a pair of lucky or unlucky lovers but let’s hope that it is the former. I also need to see the significance of the second leads because so far there is not much significant development to them. Ahahahs, already I am curious as to how this will all end even though I am only two eps in! Hopefully the future eps will jump only forward from here onwards.

I do love the emphasis of rain here but I am so surprised that neither of these characters get sick after getting soaked and drenched in water. Ahhh, the power of dramas!

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