My Opinion On Missing You Episode 8

Now this is where things get interesting, a whole lot more interesting.We finally what is to come after a very long wait and the disjointed build up eps should make a bit more sense now. The teenagers and the introduction of the adults were just the starting point, they gave us an insight to the background to this complex of relationships and built upon each of these character’s personalities. But we never had any idea what was going to head on and now we finally see what is coming ahead of us. So the pieces of the puzzle is falling together and all that we have to do is wait until the very end when all of the pieces come together and complete our puzzle (and shed some more tears along the way).


My Opinion: 

Watching the end of ep 7, I was afraid that Soo Yeon would break and reveal that she is in fact Soo Yeon. And watching Jung Woo shedding tears each time, I wanted her to admit it. I just feel so much pain for him. Well, 14 years back, he had to watch Soo Yeon get abused while he could do nothing and then he thought he finally found the Soo Yeon that he dedicated 14 years of his life searching for only to her deny who she is. I can’t even imagine that the pain that Jung Woo would have to go through if he did not meet Zoe. He would seriously not consider any other girl, like ever. This is why he desperately tries to force Zoe to admit that she is Soo Yeon. He just desperately needs some assurance that he did not waste 14 years of his life for nothing.

I am sure that deep down Jung Woo has pieced together that Zoe is Soo Yeon, despite her denial of being Soo Yeon. Her reluctance to reveal herself still stems back to 14 years ago. When he abandoned her, that was the end of everything. He left her and that was that, there is no going back for what he did. Sure, he kept searching for her but that doesn’t make up for that moment when he chose to leave her behind. He was her one and only friend and she was there in his time of need but when she needed someone by her side, he decided to flee. (Okay, well you can’t blame Jung Woo for doing so in that situation). She needed someone by her side and this is exactly why she is so dependent on Harry, not just because he is the only person she can depend on but because she knows that she can depend on him. He will always be by her regardless of whatever happens. He will not run or hide but he will be there to protect her. So here she is right now, still holding a barrier between her and Jung Woo because of what happened back then. She can’t bring herself to trust him just yet because she can’t afford for anyone to abandon her.

Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon have a very complicated and caring relationship towards each other. It is obvious that they have a relationship more than just friends but I don’t see it at the point where it is a romantic relationship just yet. They are only together because they only have each other to depend on. She cares for him for sure but she is having trouble opening herself up, especially now that Jung Woo is around. Hyung Joon is protective of Soo Yeon because she got hurt and because she is weak and needs him. He loves her more than she loves him but that is not going to work out if they both don’t love each other. But when she pulled back from his kiss, I felt hurt for him. He has given more out to her than she ever would. He can wait for her, he can do anything for her. That just shows how she feels about her relationship with him; she cares about him, but not enough to make it into a romantic relationship. (Baby, if I was Soo Yeon, I would kiss that guy without a doubt!)

Sometimes when I watch Jung Woo I feel like punching him. He has so much that neither Zoe or Harry has. He has his younger sister as well as Soo Yeon’s mother and Eun Joo who love him and would help him. He has people to depend on whereas Zoe and Harry only have each other. That’s why I don’t blame Zoe’s dependence on Harry. Jung Woo has taken the life and family that she could have had. She sees her mother but she can’t go and tell her that she is alive. She can see Eun Joo and she can’t tell her that she is Soo Yeon. She could have had so much but she doesn’t. When she chose to leave with Harry she chose to let go everything that she had and at that same time, Jung Woo took up what she had.

I have never seen Yoochun act before this drama and from what I have discovered, I realised that he is much better with light-hearted scenes. When he was smiling and was with Soo Yeon’s mother, it just felt so comfortable and at ease. When compared to the melo scenes, the light-hearted ones seem to suit him better. I find that sometimes he seems to force out the melo scenes. I mean, when he does the melo scenes it not obvious that he is feels uncomfortable with it, but it’s just that with the melo scenes sometimes it appears that he is trying so so so hard to make it feel emotional and dramatic. Get me? Whereas with the light-hearted scenes, even if it does only last for a few seconds, he just does it with ease.

I guess the biggest question here is who killed Kang Sang Deuk (aka the rapist). I am 100 percent sure that it is not Soo Yeon even if all of the evidence is pointing towards her. She just can’t and never would do it. Considering how scared she is to see him and to even hear his voice, how on earth would she get the courage to face him? I am putting all my bets on Hyung Joon, despite the evidence. Ahhh, the scriptwriters are trying to fool us here but I am not buying it! Only Hyung Joon would have the capability to do such a thing. We have ruled Soo Yeon out and we can also rule Jung Woo out, he is a detective and plus he was so desperate to keep Sang Deuk alive when he mentioned he knew where Sang Deuk was.

Can someone tell me who the second female lead is? Really, Eun Joo is like invisible. I think even Ah Reum has had more screen time than her and has been a more significant character. What is Eun Joo’s  role exactly? I hope her role grows bigger and more significant as the drama progresses because so far she is really dull and bland and even more one-dimensional than anyone in this drama. I am content to just seeing the three leads but since Eun Joo is present the least that the writers can do is actually make her appear as a second lead.

This ep was actually a lot more light-hearted than the other eps. I for one am glad for the mood lift, we need some smiles under all these tears!


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