My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 5-6

Oh man, if the first four eps were a way to start off this drama, then action is happening fast like hot potatoes! Things just never seem to settle, they are just quickly jumping from one thing to another! And with each scene, it always manages to make either scream, squeal, embarrassed for the characters or somewhere in between. Now this is the readying and heated pace that I am much looking forward to! No wonder it is Go Go Go! Ahahahhas! The name as well as the pace suits this drama just fine and perfectly; the lively and charismatic atmosphere requires the pace to be heated to accompany this drama. This is why this drama is so good to watch; with such light atmosphere, you can really see the connection between the characters (and I don’t just mean between the leads but with every single other character) which for us as the audience are drawn to this drama.

Why does this drama have to be so adorably cute!? Seriously, Ruby is probably one of the cutest girls out there who can really rock a perm. And that only just makes her cuter! Also, her personality and innocence just makes her that much adorably cute! Plus, our males leads here have such a sizzling chemistry and even though they are not exactly on the friendliest of terms, there chemistry is like best bros. Ommmgggg, and then there is Ruby’s chemistry with our leads which are adorably cute! (Am I overusing the words adorably cute?) Gahhhhhhhhhh, I think I might be going ballistic while watching this! I swear, there is connection between every single character here! What has this drama done to me?


My Opinion:

I think that the plot development of this drama is just perfect. There has never once been a time where I have complained that the progress is going too fast or too slow nor have I complained that it is too dull or bland or boring. All in all, it is perfect. Everything just falls in place like it is meant to be. When you watch this, majority of the time it does not feel like a drama (then again, it is still quite early to draw this conclusion since I am like a fifth of the way there) but rather we are invading on Ming Ming’s life. Well, not exactly invaders but rather a spectator to her life. The way that this drama has been written out so far is really well done; everything develops sequentially and without skipping a beat which is why everything works well together. Though, admittedly, the plot of this drama does lack a bit of charisma that SOP Queen had but not by a large margin.

The plot development for this drama is perfect but please do not get me started on the drama drama. I know it’s not much of a big deal but I can’t help but see it as a big deal. For me, this is one huge let down to the drama. Everything else is perfect but this. This is supposed to big Ming Ming’s chance to break but this script is uhhh, crap. I was actually glad to see Peter Ho‘s cameo appearance but I did not want to see it like this, not as some random character who is stealing Eason’s thunder. Seriously, only seven eps into this drama and the male lead is in a coma and they plan to introduce a new male lead? Really, I do not know who would even consider watching it. I just find this a wasted part of the plot. I don’t even know what is going on with the drama drama any more. Ming Ming got praised for her script change but I don’t even follow what she changed.

Ming Ming and Eason are adorably cute together! I really enjoy their chemistry together. They are so comfortable with each other, especially when they deliver their lines to each other. Furthermore, when they deliver their lines to each other, it feels so real. I have never seen Jiro with such holding chemistry when he delivers his lines, ever. When they confessed together, it did not feel like it was coming out of a script but as if it was coming from their heart. Already, Eason has transitioned from using Ming Ming to actually falling for her. Everything he does now is not to keep his role on the drama but for Ming Ming. Ever since he started to get close to her in ep 2ish onwards, on the outside it appeared that he was doing it to keep his role but on the inside he was truly falling for her.

I think the bromance between Shao Tian and Eason might just be better than Eason and Ming Ming’s chemistry, just a bit. Ahahahas! They are so adorably cute when they fight for Ming Ming. I don’t really know how to explain it but I see a chemistry that only these two men have when they are together. They share such a deep connection with each other. I like this kind of bromance, even though they aren’t actually friends but when they are together they just have this connection with each other. I think their common connection for this is that they both just want to protect Ming Ming.

Nawwwww, poor Shao Tian. You know you like Ming Ming. You are just not admitting it. You have to do something! You can’t just let Eason take her away like this! Shao Tian is afraid to admit it but he wants to protect her. If he can’t get her, he is not going to let anyone get her! He is always there for her. He cares and looks out for her and is ready to tackle anyone who dares tries to harm his “jie jie”. With him and Eason, I really don’t know who to ship Ming Ming with. Can Ming Ming just have both guys and make the best of both worlds?

I still find Pei Ni as a really bland and dull character. Her character is very one-dimensional and there isn’t much to her as of yet. I hope that later on they will develop her character because right now I do not even know what to think of her character.

I actually like Shao Tian’s xue mei, Yang Ru En’s (Hua Yi Han) character very much. I find that her character has much more dimension than Pei Ni. At least her character actually serves a role. But really, her character is a developed on and there is filling to her character. Furthermore, I find Yi Han to be a good actress. She has quite the element of touch when she delivers her lines. She does so in a sassy way that really suits her character.

Who is our third male lead? I wonder when he will make an appearance. I hope it is soon because I am excited to see the conflicts!

Oh, and apologises for the overuse of “adorably cute”. This drama is making me go a bit topsy-turvy…

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4 thoughts on “My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 5-6

  1. BeyonceCIA (@joliebeyonce) December 7, 2012 at 12:44 pm Reply

    this drama looks cute.maybe i ll give it a try

  2. heisui December 7, 2012 at 12:54 pm Reply

    YES I love the bromance between Eason & Shao Tian!!!

    • misscupcakees December 7, 2012 at 3:32 pm Reply

      Yeeeeppppps, I love love love it! They are adorable together!

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