Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 5 Recap

Whilst watching this, it becomes more distinct that things are not gluing together. It just goes from one scene to another. I think the only things that I am loving about this drama is the character of Shan Shan, Yi Ren and Mummy Wang’s relationship and Hao Ming and Ji Qing’s progressive relationship.

Mummy Wang asks Yi Ren if she is not afraid that she will tell her to continue things with Da Shuai. Yi Ren tells her that she knows that she loves her so if she says that, then she must feel that is better for Yi Ren. Mummy Wang tells Yi Ren her opinion while Da Shuai listens in. She tells her that Sheng Hua is a good man and if she is her daughter, she would advise her to choose him. Sheng Hua will love her and Duo Duo very much but if she chooses Da Shuai, she will lead a very difficult life. She tells her to go live her life the way she wants. Mummy Wang then asks her if she likes Sheng Hua. Yi Ren replies that she feels that he is cute  which translates to her liking him. As long as she is happy that is all that matters.

So Da Shuai goes to find Sheng Hua so they can chug down some beer together, not in a friendly but in the way that regardless of who wins, they will still be friends in the end. Yi Ren arrives and stops them from chugging down any more beer. Da Shuai announces that he has won and tells Sheng Hua that he lost but he didn’t lose to him, he lost to himself. He tells Yi Ren that she has once chance and one chance only before walking away drunk. Sheng Hua gets excitedly happy when Yi Ren shyly confesses what she told Mummy Wang.

Shan Shan manages to seek out where Ji Shi Xian (Tao Chuan Zheng) lives. She quickly hides when she sees Hao Ming. Hao Ming has brought his father-in-law-to-be a dog (in replacement of the other one). Shi Xian decides to call the dog Ji Xiao Mi. Hao Ming also suggest tomorrow for their families to meet up which he agrees to.

Sheng Hua walks Yi Ren home and they make awkward conversations… Yi Ren takes the initiative to break the awkwardness between them and asks him how long has it been (since he started liking her). He replies that it has been a very long time, longer than her time with Da Shuai. He apologises for being tardy, he should have given her the flowers eight years ago but he is thankful for this second chance. He takes her hand and tells her to believe him, this time he is not going to let go.

Hao Ming and Ji Qing make conversations with their BFF to congratulate them on the good news. Yi Ren asks Ji about her wedding plans and Ji Qing informs her that once she gives this big case for Xiao Xian to handle she will be able to fully focus on her wedding. Sheng Hua asks that Hao Ming care about Da Shuai some more because he is not in the position to do so.

Hao Ming is talking with Ai Wen when Shan Shan comes rushing in with her grandmother who is not breathing. Hao Ming listens in as Shan Shan records to her grandmother for the last time. She tells her that two years ago when she came to the nursing home, her two sons were arguing how to divide her assets and did not really care about her. Shan Shan also thanks her for being there for her in these two years but now she has no one to talk her heart to. Hao Ming offers her a handkerchief. She tells him that when she was little and lived in the nursing home, her mother was very busy so those who accompanied her was the grannys and grandpas there. But they all left one after another in an ambulance and never came back. So that’s why she records herself, to document her feelings. He tells her that he doesn’t know how to offer his condolences but she tells him that it is okay, she knew he was going to say that. Though she thanks him for being there for her.

Hao Ming leaves for work when Shan Shan asks if he came to find Ai Wen. He tells her that it not for what she is thinking and he warns him not to make the game a reality.

Meanwhile, Ji Qing is in a turmoil as she discovers that another company has copied their idea.  Xiao Xain is sure that it is all Shan Shan’s doing but Ji Qing is not so sure. Xiao Xain decides that she is going to take matters in her own hands.

Shan Shan is packing up granny’s belongings when Xiao Xian and her entourage arrive. Xiao Xian tells of what Shan Shan has done right in front of her mother, including the “rented lover” incident. They take her to face Ji Qing and even Shan Shan’s mother does not believe that her own daughter did not do it. Just how can she sacrifice herself for money? Shan Shan explains that she rented herself out and did not sell herself. She did this all for money. Ohhh, but Mummy Zhao cannot accept this and gives her own daughter a slap. Shan Shan affirms that she did not do it and rushes out. Mummy Zhao apologises to Ji Qing and uses her life to guarantee that if her daughter did it she did not do it on purpose before rushing out.

Hao Ming goes to pick up Ji Qing while Daddy Ji waits downstairs. The mother-daughter come rushing out. Shan Shan bumps into Daddy Ji and mummy Zhao apologises on Shan Shan’s behalf. Daddy Ji takes a look at her and realises that she is someone who he knows very well indeed. Daddy Ji apologises to mummy Zhao and tells her that he is doing everything he can to repay her but she tells him not to give them money any more; they are not going to use it.

Shan Shan tries to ask her mother who the man is but her mother is not spilling a word. Back home mummy Zhao realises why Shan Shan went to become a “rented lover”. She finally reveals that Ji Shi Xian is the man who killed her father. Mummy Zhao explains to her that at the time, her father was working when Shi Xian who was celebrating with his colleagues crashed her father.

Finally, the two families have their dinner with Yong Xin absence who decides that she is going to ask Da Shuai if Sheng Hua and Yi Ren are dating. Mummy Fang suggest that Ji Qing resign from her job after she gets married (okay, sexist much?) and help out her hubby instead.

Shan Shan records herself saying how much she was looking forward to calling Shi Xian her father but never knew that he was the one who killed her father. She also voices how horrific her life and her mother’s life has been because of what he has done. She vows that she is going to make him pay double for what he has made her lost, and his daughter is going to pay as well. She is going to make Ji Qing apologise to both her and her mother.

Ji Qing asks Hao Ming if Shan Shan would do such a thing. He tells her that Shan Shan is not this type of girl to do such a thing. Suddenly his mother calls to inform them that they are to get married by the end of the year.

Daddy Ji shows Xiao Mi some of the family photos and recalls his wife’s death and the appearance of Mummy Zhao. He wonders if Ji Qing knows her.

Hao Ming wakes from a horrific nightmare where he is being rushed to the hospital. He goes to check up on Ji Qing and sees her throwing out idea after idea. So he decides to make her some fish soup and give her a massage. He tells himself that nothing can happen to him. His girl right here does not have security towards marriage and it is only him who can give her the security she needs and take care of her. She takes a break and he looks over her files and decides that since her case is not working out, she can make a short movie. He narrates that regardless of what happens in the future he will help Ji Qing to ease the burden.

Yong Xing is devastated but decides that she is going to work for her happiness. Shan Shan sees Yong Xin who is in devastation. Yong Xin assumes that Shan Shan is on another mission and requests to join her which Shan Shan agrees to.


My Opinion:

I like Shan Shan but she is creepy! Like seriously creepy. I thought she was creepy enough but with each ep she is growing a whole lot more creepier! Though, like I have said before, her character is very interesting. Creepy but interesting. I like that the scriptwriters have actually spent time to develop her character. Her character is different so I want to see what her take on this drama is and how she will affect the other characters. Though what I hate the most about her character is her desire to record herself. That, I think is what the scriptwriters have done to drag down her character. I hate that she has to express her feelings and opinions this way. It just feels so closed in for her to have to do that. Why can’t she express her feelings openly? I just dislike this way of her expressing how she feels. Can’t she just talk it out or narrate it or write it down? And plus, that just makes her a creep.

I have mentioned before that this is feeling like separate stories and this ep just continues to endeavour on that. You can see how much they are working to link the stories together but it is just not working. It worked in the first two eps and just started to fall from there. Here they are trying to somehow put a little phone call here and a meeting there to connect the events but it is not happening for me. Everyone is following their own paths which is why this drama does not flow as well. The focus is supposed to being on Ji Qing and Hao Ming but it doesn’t feel this way. It feels that each of the other characters are also the focus, but it is not supposed to work that way. The other characters are supposed to help the main stars to shine. But this drama lacks that drawing point because everyone is a focus. See, like this ep, Hao Ming and Ji Qing are pushed back and instead Yi Ren and Sheng Hua are made to shine.

Another problem with this drama is that there is a lot of characters battling for the supporting/second lead position. This makes the interactions a bit murky. It is quite hard to differentiate who has a heavier role between Shan Shan and Yi Ren or Sheng Hua and Da Shuai. They are all trying to “battle” each other so it is quite hard to tell who has more of a bigger role.

I really do not see how the “rented lover’ has anything to do with this plot any more. Like I have mentioned several times before, I expected so much more from “rented lover” but it just disappoints. What more can I say about this? I just hold hope that it will develop into something so much more.


Anyway, I am loving Hao Ming and Ji Qing! They are so adorable together and with every ep they are growing more comfortable with each other. I find that Chris just acts with ease. He just looks so comfortable around his co-stars and he acts comfortably too!

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