My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 9-10

This is what I am talking about; progress is in the air! This is what progress should be! It shows no sign of going too fast nor is it going too slowly, it is just right and balanced in the middle. Everything appears to be very in sync and are taking it step by step but in doing so it is not too draggy but rather everything happens evenly. Even the development of Ming Ming and Eason’s unofficial official relationship feels just right. They got together quite quickly in a mere SIX episodes but it does not feel that it is rushed, not even a tiny bit. They make me feel that they have a much deeper connection than what they show on screen (plus, they are adorable!) Watching this makes me come to realise that the level of development and progress plays a huge role into the synchronisation and chemistry that our characters exhibit.

I have had my share of watching celebrity/rich guy-commoner relationship and trust me, I love watching them as they generally follow the same outline and here is no exception. However, this drama does take this on a different perspective with Eason “using” Ming Ming as well as Ming Ming being a shadow to Eason. Also, the portrayal of Jiro and Ruby’s character respectively is quite deep where you can delve inside as to what the characters are thinking about.

Seriously, the more I watch the drama, the more I am tossing between Eason or Shao Tian. Why must these two guys be so darn handsome and why must they be so attractive? And why must they both be so tentative towards Ming Ming. Really, if they were both in a boxing match, it will be a very tight win for anyone. Arghhh, Ming Ming should just have both! I’ll take both! 🙂


My Opinion:

I am so so so glad that the voices of our leads are not dubbed. Personally, I have a dislike towards dubbing; I just can’t stand hearing someone else’s voice when I know what they sound like. It just changes my perspective towards the drama and makes me view the characters a little differently. I like to hear the actor’s own voice, because it is them speaking the lines. Ahahahas! Sometimes the dubbing is so obvious that I see the character as a totally different person. Eason’s manager, Qiong Zhi mummy’s voice is so obvious that it is dubbed that I sometimes find it quite fake that it makes her character not herself if you understand. Ahahahaahas! Of all people I am just really glad that Ruby’s voice is not dubbed. I think her own voice is perfect for her character, it is so bubbly and cheery! I also really like Lin Geng Xin’s voice, although it is no where like Zhang Han’s voice. Ahahahas! I just love it when he calls Ming Ming “jie”. So beautifffuuuuuullllll! I just love it when voices are undubbed, period.

I am growing more and more impatient by each ep! Where is the third male lead!? Where? I have been patient long enough. I just want to see him already! I need to see what his relationship with Ming Ming is going to be and how that is going to complicate things between her and Eason. Fu Yun Kai, make your appearance already! I swear, if he doesn’t appear soon I am going to go on a raging marathon with each ep until he appears.

Naaaaws, Shao Tian, my Shao Tian! He is so adorable with the care that he treats Ming Ming with. He says that he doesn’t like her but I can see that he does have some feelings towards her. It may not be as evident as Eason’s but he does have something towards her. The feelings is so blocked out that it is not even evident to himself yet. He treats her as a sister but it is in every way more than than. He is especially caring around her and always on a lookout for her. He wants her to be happy and does not want her to get hurt but instead he is making himself unhappy. He shows that he is happy on the outside but when he sees her with Eason, his mood drops a little. Yet that doesn’t matter to him as long as she is happy. I love how he is always there for Ming Ming even though she is supposed to be the one to protect him. When he heard Eason talking to Henry about how he is using Ming Ming, Shao Tian’s face was so dark that he could have dimmed the entire place. He really could have just went out and bashed Eason but he didn’t do that because his “jie” would be furious. Instead, he would rather allow her to find out herself what she means to Eason. His maturity sometimes makes him appear older than Ming Ming. He thinks ahead unlike Ming Ming who thinks only about the current.

I have never doubted Eason’s sincerity towards Ming Ming and I continue to believe in him. In the start he only grew close to Ming Ming in order to gain her like towards him and use her to keep his acting position but throughout the eps you can really see that he has fallen for her. In these two eps, now that they are together, he really does show that he truly likes her. I know that there are people out there who is going to wonder if his sincerity towards her is still part of his plan to keep his position but I whole-heartedly stand to believe that he really likes Ming Ming. Eason has no more motive to staying by Ming Ming any more; he has already secured his position, so why else would he be around Ming Ming?

Ahhh, Ming Ming! She has already changed ever since she met Eason. It is because of him that she is able to build up the courage and it is because of him that she is able to stand up for herself. If not for Eason, she would not have the courage to put up a fight for Fang Meng to stay alive. She is growing into a much stronger woman and she is able to express herself. Before Eason, she would allow people to literally step over her but now she is not going to let that happen. Though in doing so, she still retains her bubbly personality.

I really loved the scene at the end of ep 9 when Ming Ming secretly sent Eason home. It was so sweet. She wanted to see him but she knew that she had to give him space. As long as it is beneficial for him, she is willing to do it. She really does like him and so far in this relationship she is putting more on the line than Eason is. She is changing herself for him, she is doing things that she never would have for him, she has to stay behind the limelight for him. Whereas, Eason literally has nothing on the line. He just has to be there. In many situations (and dramas) this type of imbalanced relationship does not work and here it is going to be no exception, it is just taking progressing as it should be before the relationship comes crashing down.

Ming Ming is just so adorable! Even at her age she still shows her signs of clumsiness and being young. I loved it when she was cooking for Eason and just decided to dump the canned mushroom in the soup because she was cute and clumsy. See, she just thinks about the current and not the future! Anyway, I think the script writers have done well to write Ming Ming as this type of person because with her being this way, she seems suited to Eason. However, sometimes it is like she constantly needs someone to direct her to the right direction. It’s like she can’t make the appropriate decisions herself.

Now Pei Ni is growing into a more dimensional character. This is how she should have been. She may be still one dimensional but her character is building up. Throughout these two eps, her character has shown huge growth. We finally get to see what her character is like. Her character isn’t all just cold from what we have seen. She has her own feelings and is actually quite warm. She shows that she wants her own happiness to be achieved by herself and not made by other people. I find that her character is able to open up now, she is not as bland any more. I just hope that she will be able to shine some more because so far the leads are well ahead of her.

The connection between the characters here are really warm, and that is regardless of whether they are major or minor characters. I really like how Qiong Zhi mummy has an inflicting role here. Her relationship with Eason is actually quite deep. It doesn’t matter that they are only working together without a contract because they have grown close to become something similar to a mother-son relationship. She cares for him and what she does is helping him. She has ever right to doubt that Eason will change managers but his relationship with her is worth more than what any other manager can offer.

Have I ever mentioned how much I am liking Ru En? She is such an interesting character who always has something up her sleeves and she always knows how to scout news. I find that her character really has filling and is really unique. I love her character! I really hope that she will end up with Shao Tian considering he will not be able to get Ming Ming.

Really, I have to see the third male lead now! Arghhhh, you do not want to keep me waiting any longer!


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4 thoughts on “My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 9-10

  1. heisui December 11, 2012 at 8:50 am Reply

    I love your new site layout, and the Shao Tian & Eason header! 😉

    I only watched a few parts of eps 9-10 because I need the subs T_T But I am now convinced that Eason does like Ming Ming, I just want to see if he would choose Ming Ming over his career. I do think they got together a bit too quickly but it is nice to have a fast pace.

    I’m also warming up to Pei Ni, which I thought wasn’t possible! She is actually a likeable character now. And is it just me or did Shao Tian somehow get hotter?

    • misscupcakees December 11, 2012 at 11:17 am Reply

      Thank you! I have to make more headers but I’m a noob at photoshop :/ ahahahaha!

      Ohhh, hopefully you can find the subs soon! I was always convinced that Eason likes Ming Ming, he has no reason to keep her by his side any more.

      Really? I really like the pace of it. I found that it was quite enjoyable at that rate. I also think the pace is nice because it allows room for complications to occur in their relationship.

      Oh yeahhh, Pei Ni is growing into a more dimensional character now! 🙂

      Ahahahahas, not just you! 😀 Shao Tian grows hotter with each ep! ❤

      • heisui December 11, 2012 at 11:22 am

        Well I think it is the perfect header because of the awesome picture 😀

        I just skimmed through eps 11-12 and it seems Shao Tian will get his chance to comfort Ming Ming! He is too cute!

      • misscupcakees December 11, 2012 at 11:25 am

        😛 Of course! Bromanceeeee!

        Really!? I need to watch 11-12 asap!

        Woahh, this is hard work; I keep jumping ships between Eason and Shao Tian. Can’t she just take both?

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