My Opinion On Missing You Episode 10

This ep marks the half way point our Missing You dramaing time and there are still a lot of complications that are yet to arise which means that everything will happen in the next 10 eps. This means that things will be either quite rush or it will somehow work its way steadily with the story with the complications and resolutions all working in sync. I am hoping that it is the latter.

This ep managed to stretch both of our leads in directions that they probably never saw coming. They were taken to face something that they know will immensely affect their life. For once in these six eps since adult Jung Woo appeared, he is no longer clinging onto Soo Yeon and trying desperately to reel her back into his life, to be the girlfriend that he never had. As for Soo Yeon, she is brought to face her mother as consequently, the years and the life that she tried so hard to leave behind. As well as this, she is brought to face another vulnerable side of her that she has kept hidden ever since her father was named as a murderer.

As for Harry, I am just more than ready to actually see him put his revenge plan to action. And because it is Seung Ho, I couldn’t care less of his character is doing. I just enjoy watching him on screen and always being there for Soo Yeon. Plus, he is just too cute for my radar! 


My Opinion:

What I really loved about this episode is that both Jung Woo and Soo Yeon’s mother knows that she is Soo Yeon but none of them are forcing her to admit that she is in fact Soo Yeon. Jung Woo has learnt to let her go and let her be happy. Throughout the previous eps, he has consistently been blaming himself for what has happened to Soo Yeon/Zoe and continually tried to make her admit that she is Soo Yeon so he could try in every attempt that he has to protect her like he should have done 14 years ago. I think what he has to learn is that the past is the past and that there is no way to travel back in time so the only thing he can do now is to protect the current Zoe. My utmost favourite scene in this ep is Soo Yeon so-called reunion with her mother. Sure, her mother did not do a good job a parenting (and she tried to fix that by being a good mother to Jung Woo) but she did and does love Soo Yeon. When her mother said to her own daughter whom she thought she has lost for 15 years, that was heart-breaking, to see a mother who would let her beloved daughter go. But her mother knew the pain and suffering that her daughter had to face and in her daughter’s time of need, she was no where to be found. It was also a pain for Zoe to not go back to her mother. All this time she thought her mother did not care about her, all this time she thought her mother did not love her, all this time she missed her mother, but despite how much she wants to reunite with her mother, she is just not ready to do so just yet.

This ep really showed Zoe’s vulnerable side more than what we have ever witnessed. You can tell how much pain she is in when she told her mother that she doesn’t want to go back to being Soo Yeon. It is her mother that she has to face here, the woman who raised her for 15 years and the woman whom she has a blood relation to. She desperately wants to reunite with her mother but she can’t bring herself to do so after everything that has happened. She is weak and tries to be strong but when faced with her past she can’t help but break down. It doesn’t matter how much and how hard she is trying to forget her past, it will always be a reminder to her.

Another character who I really love is Zoe’s mother. Her mother really targets your emotions. She is such a fragile woman who is in pain for losing her only child. She may not be the best parent to Soo Yeon and that is why she is trying to fix that now by being a mother to Jung Woo but she still loves Soo Yeon. For her to pretend that her Soo Yeon right in front of her face is dead, that must have taken a lot of courage.

Yoochun is growing more stronger with each ep portraying as Jung Woo. The more that I watch of him, the more I see the emotions that he has devoted to portraying Jung Woo. Initially when I first met adult Jung Woo, his emotions did not lie that deep to his childhood but the more I see Jung Woo the more that I see how deeply what happened 15 years ago has affected him. He has also come to realise that his guilt for what has happened doesn’t just affect him but Soo Yeon as well and he is trying his best to repent for what he has done while being considerate of Soo Yeon. He has grown stronger in emotions but he still acts better in light-hearted scenes. He just looks and feels more comfortable in light-hearted scenes.

I love the way that Harry treats Zoe. He knows what she has been through and is always there to protect her to the best of his abilities. He worries about her, constantly about every little step that she takes. Sometimes I do find this to be overstepping her boundaries but he does this in a way that does not invade her privacy, rather he the way he does it, he lies the very edge between protecting her and invading her privacy. I do wonder what his motive is for bringing Zoe to Jung Woo’s place for dinner. Is it to protect her or all for his revenge plan? Aside from protecting her, I love the way he adores her. Is it possible that he becomes even more adorable when he is with Zoe, and the way he smiles at her and hugs her?

I am also glad to see Harry put his revenge plan into action because the recent eps have been around Soo Yeon and Jung Woo and not much about him. His revenge plan is slow, but it is running full steam ahead. He may seem nice, caring and kind on the outside but on the inside he is vengeful!

Oh yeahh, I knew it! It was the cleaning lady all along! I actually thought she was a nice lady, and could have been a motherly figure to Jung Woo but I never knew that she would do such a time. But I guess you can never tell. Now all that we have to figure out is what her motive is. I am almost 100% certain it has something to do with her daughter. Maybe the rapist guy raped her daughter or maybe he killed her. Then, with this I wonder why she has pinpointed Jung Woo to be her son-in-law… Or maybe, she did this all under Harry’s instructions. Who knows?


Speaking of which, I really like how Jung Woo’s profession is being heavily linked to the storyline. I really like how the cases here work so seamlessly together with linking the relationships between our characters. It is not the best career-plot relation that I have seen but it is well worked here. These cases that Jung Woo has to deal with links him time and time again with Soo Yeon. If it wasn’t for these cases, Jung Woo would not have been able to rebuild his relationship with her.

I seriously need someone to remind who Eun Joo is. I don’t even think she was in this ep because even if she does have an appearance it is never more than 10 seconds. I am not even sure if she is the second female lead any more because really, her role here is so insignificant that she might as well not exist. Really, a lot of side characters have even greater screen time than her, and at least their roles mean something. Ah Reum who is trying to get her brother to come home, her mother who is trying to make money without her husband’s interference, Jung Woo’s hyung/partner buddy who is there to stop Jung Woo from making mistakes, Soo Yeon’s mother who is the turning point in Soo Yeon’s life and a mother figure to Jung Woo and even the team leader have had longer screen time than Eun Joo. I am actually quite disappointed with this because because little Eun Joo had so much in her but adult Eun Joo is just like a flimsy piece of tissue paper. Considering that she and Jung Woo do have 14 years of friendship, I expected them to be close but from what I can see in their relationship, it is nothing of that. Furthermore, their relationship should be solid considering that they both lost someone whom they loved so much 14 years ago, and if their relationship is sold, it is not shown here. I am content to just watching the three leads but since Eun Joo was written in, I would like to see her take part. I want to see her actually be that second female lead that she was assigned to. I don’t want her to sit in the back seat and just let everything happen by. Who wrote her character? I think even I could have done better with including her character with the story. Maybe her drive a wedge through Soo Yeon and her mother’s relationship or Soo Yeon and Jung Woo’s relationship. Just make her do something other than sitting here and doing nothing. I am extremely furious that her second female lead role is nothing more than a background character. Urghhhhh!

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