Refresh 3+7 Episode 7 Recap

Yay, yay, yay! I found a video of great quality (720p) so that means clear pictures! So yay, yay, yay! Anyway, this is another great episode. I actually really enjoyed that it was told from a guy’s perspective because it just feels that this story is made to be told from a male’s perspective, from Jia Hua’s perspective. I really like this ep because the story is not about find love or about something that is unrealistic but rather it was everything realistic about chasing your dreams and really, Jia Hua went on quite a ride to realise that happiness was and is always in his hands. There is always repair to destruction!

Sun Jia Hua (Wang Po Chieh) is a busy public worker who is stamping a document after another. He lives in Gui Yang and is a virgo of blood type O. He narrates that his mother says that girls really like public workers so that’s why he became a public worker and furthermore, he is his city’s second place-getter public worker. He goes to prepare a certain specific tea for each of his superior and he places each cup in a specific position. He comforts himself that this is the training to become an outstanding public worker. Three years here and he has made no mistake, ever. Some of his colleagues arrive to work late and he asks himself how hard is it to arrive to work on time.

It’s 7:45 when Jia Hua’s alarm rings. By 7:50 he is already up and brushing his teeth. He uses an electrical brush because it is 14 seconds faster than a manual one. By 8:00 he is changing for work. He chooses clothes from the same area in his wardrobe because that saves 68 seconds of trying to match clothes. If it is 8:15, he can order small wontons. If it is 8:17 minutes, he can order steamed dumplings. If it is 8:20 minutes, he can only buy bread and eat as he gets to work.

He arrives to work at 8:58 passing Uncle Li who is reading a newspaper. He knows that if he does well in his post he will have a month and eight days left before he will be apart of those people who gets to drink the tea. Also, in a month and eight days, he will have fulfilled his three years and even get a pay rise. He will be promoted to being a senior’s assistant. The conditions of this promotion is to do as his superiors say and to arrive to work on time. Even if it is just an assistant but the pay is stable. His mother has introduced him a few girls and those girls swoon when they hear he is a public worker but he doesn’t like any of them. He sees a fly flying around so he catches it with his bare hand and slams it down on a paper. He draws around the fly and creates a wonderful picture when his superior calls on him to bring along a bucket of water and follow along.

Jia Hua’s superior takes him to a site of a graffiti wall and tells him to clean it all up.  So he washes and paints the wall tirelessly. So tired that he can’t even watch the news before he falls asleep.

Jia Hua wakes from a terrible nightmare that he arrives to work one minute late. Luckily, it was only a nightmare. So off he goes to another day of work. He stamps documents after documents and brightens up when he sees imaginary frogs jumping. That’s when his superior calls on him to fix the same wall that has been gratified once again thus breaking his brightness.  It’s another tiring day and he goes to sleep waking up two hours earlier than usual.

Jia Hua heads to work to find the wall having graffiti on it once again. After fixing the wall yet again, he decides to camp out and catch this person who is making his life miserable. He waits and waits to find nothing. Only, our artist has worked her magic on the opposite wall of where he is camped.

Jia Hua wakes and rushes to the other side of the wall to find that his hard work was all for nothing. He looks at the artwork and notices something strange about it. Suddenly, the artist, Ai Mi La/Emily (Guo Xiao Ting) jumps out from the artwork and runs away with his name tag. He chases after her but loses her and even knocks down some people’s tofu. Uh-oh, that’s when Mi La saves him. She grabs his wrist and together they run and hide. Once safe, she tells him 70 Dong Xing Road and that her name is Emily before leaving.

Jia Hua heads to 70 Dong Xing Road which is a mechanic place to find Emily working there. He tells her that he is here for his name tag but she just tells him to hand her tools to fix the car. She gives it to him and he notices that she has a blood nose. When he arrives to work one of his colleagues informs him that another colleague passed away at the age of 28 due to leukemia. His colleague tells him that having a blood nose is one of the symptoms and that worries Jia Hua.

After work Jia Hua heads to the mechanic place and introduces himself to Emily (same introduction that we had except he adds that he is 26 and he is a public worker). When he goes to tell her his name, she stops him and tells him not to say it because she is going to leave soon and does not want to remember non-meaningful names. She is going to go to a very far place that he has never been to before. She tells him that once she leaves there will be no one to graffiti his wall before sending him out.

He heads to work to discover the wall being knocked down. Emily arrives just in time to see this happening and he asks if he can invite her for dinner. She tells him that there is no need, it’s only a wall; no biggie. She leaves and asks if he wants to join her for a ride which he accepts. (Isn’t this during your work time?) He points out that she is having a noise bleed again but it is no big concern to her. He tells her that he wants to be by her more often before she leaves.

They make a pitstop and he points out that it is leukemia, right? Emily laughs hysterically and tells him that it is only her nasal that is vulnerable to bleeding. As for the far place, she wants to go there for vacation.

Together they go fishing and Jia Hua asks her when she is leaving. She replied that she can leave whenever. When he asks if they are friends, she answers that it depends on the situation. She names various talents which he does not have. She then asks if he likes the song that is playing (The Next Rainbow by Della Ding) but he doesn’t answer and instead just falls into the rhythm of it. She gives him his turn to ask some questions. Instead he pretends to fish up a fish and so that starts a fake who-fishes-the-bigger-fish war. (Naaawss, cute! Yeahh, I guess you are friends now). She teaches him a dance and even pecks him a kiss. So together they have fun and the next rainbow appears. (Get it? The Next Rainbow?)

Jia Hua arrives to work dressed casually to resign. He goes to the tea area and mixes the tea around before getting told off. As he leaves, he narrates that in two days his will fulfil his three years work period but he resigned regardless.

He heads to Emily’s mechanic place to find that she has left for vacation already. She leaves him a box with a t-shirt and an iPhone 4s. She tells him to forgive her, she is afraid of those partings like dramas that involve tears. She also tells him that she has place her favourite music here and hopes he likes it. She has a incurable illness called “one day we will die” and she is certain that he also has so that is why she has gone on her therapy and asks about him.

He goes to succeed his dream too and does what he loves most – draw.


My Opinion

Creativity is everywhere here! From the use of songs to the actual animations to the graffiti on the wall, everything was used creatively. My favourite creativity used was the animations and drawings. At the start when Jia Hua caught the fly and and used it to draw a picture it foreshadowed as to what his happiness is. Also, when he saw the frogs, that was also another foreshadow that was creatively used because the foreshadow does not mean anything until you reach the end and realise what his dream is. I loved the animations, they were so adorable! Ahahahas! It’s like Jia Hua and Emily can see the animations. When they were fishing, it felt like they could see what they were fishing and when Jia Hua gave her an applause, it felt like she could see all the other animations. I also really liked how Emily hid herself in the painting. I didn’t even realise myself until I saw her eyes!

I think this is the first ep where I saw a rainbow here. It directly parallel’s the title song, The Next Rainbow by Della Ding as well as the title of this micro-movie/mini-film. Considering that this is the seventh ep, I think that this was appropriately used here. It brings the audience back to where this all began, from nothing and blossoming to a full rainbow which signifies a brighter future ahead. I also really loved how this song was used by Emily as a prop. That is just better than the usual use of a background song.

Jia Hua has always been about being stable and leading a life where you can earn a stable income but we could see that he was not happy with what he was doing. He wasn’t doing it for himself, he was doing for the money. It wasn’t until he met Emily who taught him that you only have once chance in life so you have to live happily that he decided that he must change his way of life. With life, you need to constantly learn; you will never stop learning.

Emily is such a carefree girl because she knows that you only have one chance at life. I really like how she changed Jia Hua, even though it was indirectly. She taught him what the meaning of life is. She taught him how to life prosperously. Life is not about making money and doing something that you do not like, it is about being happy. She managed to get this message to him and change him as a person.

Once again, it is another open ending. I like this, because these eps are short and allows us to let our imaginations run wild. I do wonder if Jia Hua got together with Emily. Hmmmm…. I guess I will never know. Regardless of whether they got together or not, one thing that will tie them together is that they learnt the meaning of happiness.

I guess with each ep of this drama, everyone can take on a different meaning towards it. This drama is not about a certain story with a complication to fix but rather it is to tell the audience that there is always a brighter future ahead. It doesn’t matter how anyone portrays it, because with each ep the portrayal is different but what is common is that there is always a happy future at the end.

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