Refresh 3+7 Episode 8 Recap

Sadly, we are back to 360p quality pictures. Sorry! I did all I could to find a better quality video but I couldn’t find one. Hopefully the pictures aren’t that hard to see.

This ep was strong in its concept but lacked a bit in the execution of it. There were various scenes where it felt like it was trying to force Ah Yong to take centre stage when Wang Lu was clearly the one at centre stage. The execution was strong on Wang Lu’s behalf but fell weak on Ah Yong’s behalf.

Though, I really enjoyed how this ep conveyed the message of having a good conscience and what it means to truly live a healthy life.

Wang Lu (Alice Tseng) calls number after number with phone after phone but everyone quickly hangs up on her one by one.

Wang Lu and her boyfriend, Ah Yong (Sun Yi Zhou) work around deceiving people all in the name for money. She tells him that she is sick and tired of living a shadowed life. Ah Yong got hurt during one of their “money making business” yet they can’t report it to the police and they even have to lie to the hospital. She just wants to lead a normal 9 till 5 job but Ah Yong tells her that she can’t live her life like that. So it’s back to their deceiving business. They quickly get a new business of the door with a little boy requesting Wang Lu to pretend to be his mother for a month.

The little boy’s mother is on an overseas business trip and his ill grandmother with alzheimer’s is longing to see her daughter. Wang Lu thinks the boy is toying with her, that is until he mentions he will pay $1,000,000.

Ah Yong sees this as a big money making opportunity. The little boy and his grandmother live vividly and quite well off. As long as they can play the game right, they can deceive big. She questions if this is the way to go and he assures her that it sure is.

So the plan is put into action with Wang Lu masquerading as Lily as the little boy’s, Tong Tong, mother. Upon meeting the granny, Lily is warmly welcomed. Wang Lu follows along playing the daughter and mother.


Wang Lu discovers that she is pregnant but she can’t bring herself to tell Ah Yong when he sees what a mess he is in, with some people threatening to reveal them (or well, him to be specific). He tells her to hide at Tong Tong’s place for a few days to let things cool. She breaks and tells him that she wants a child but he tells her that now is not the time.


Wang Lu returns to the granny’s place to hide. She gets a call from her real mother who is worried about her and tells her that she can return any time if she cannot take it any more. She hears a noise outside so she rushes out to find granny there. Granny asks that she tell her a story and she does that, telling Granny the story of a girl (aka. herself). She met her current boyfriend when she was in university . Her father died when she was young so her mother had to raise her up single-handedly; her mother worked tirelessly to pay for her daughter’s university fees and this is all the more why this girl can’t tell her mother the truth about her life, nor can she bear to return home. What this girl also does not know is where this guy has her in his heart. Sometimes she feels as if this man is very far away from her. Her mother thinks that her daughter graduated and is working at a large firm with a loving boyfriend. But these are lies because she doesn’t want her mother to get angry. Granny pulls her in and tells her that she is not angry, as long as Lily is here, that is all that matters.

Ah Yong calls her to tell her that he is being stalked. Having had enough of this, she tells him that they should stop. He agrees and tells her that her business will be the last and then they will leave here.

She asks granny if they can mortgage the house with the excuse that she is facing some difficulty at work and needs some financial assistant. Granny tells her to go ahead without a single second thought. Granny tells her that she has worked hard for this family and if her as the mother doesn’t help her then no one will.

Wang Lu heads upstairs and sees Tong Tong paying his respects to his parents. Tong Tong admits that he lied when he said he was going to pay her. He also admits that half a year ago, his parents were involved in a tragic accident and at that time his granny already had alzheimer’s and it kept getting worse. She wants to see his mother and plus, she is nearing the end of her path so he thought he will let her be happy.

Ah Yong calls Wang Lu telling her that he is outside her building wanting to see her. She looks out and sees some gangsters running behind him. Uh-oh. The gangsters get to him and this headmaster tells him that he wants that house that he is staring so nicely at before leaving him to his plans. Wang Lu gets to him, tells him that she wants to leave and also announces that she is pregnant. He tells her that she can’t keep the baby, especially not right now. He shouts at her to leave when Tong Tong tells her that granny is not going to make it.

Tong Tong is heading overseas with his aunty and tells Wang Lu that he will miss her. He gives her a box that granny left her before leaving.


Wang Lu gives Ah Yong the box filled with money for him to give to the gangsters. He does just that when the police arrives that exact moment. She goes to make a run but he pulls her back and tells her that he was the one who called the police. He wanted to give himself an opportunity and to take this burden off her. “I love you. I don’t want to baby to be born without a father. I really do love you.” He tells her to return the house back to who it belongs to. He deceived the entire world but he cannot deceive himself.


My Opinion:

This story was nicely portrayed on Wang Lu’s behalf but not so on Ah Yong’s behalf. I actually think that this ep was more biased towards Wang Lu’s half and yet they did not want to solely focus on her side so they tried to incorporate Ah Yong’s side to it but was just weaker in comparison. If it was about his sudden turn around and/or sudden decision that he wants to live a righteous life, well ummm, that was a quick turn around. It just felt like he suddenly had a change of heart for the child and the child only. I have doubts as to whether he truly has Wang Lu in his heart. All this time, has he just been using her? Does he like her?

I really enjoyed Wang Lu’s relationship with the granny. Although the granny is a stranger to her, she plays the role of the granny’s daughter. The assumed a close relationship (as closer as two strangers can be) even though they had no connection with each other. You can see that Wang Lu is a good person at heart. She may have been there to deceive granny but the way she treated her was filled with realness and sincerity.

I love the granny! I love how she was just able to listen to Wang Lu’s story and give her comfort despite probably not knowing what she is talking about. You can see that the granny really loves her daughter or otherwise. Also, when Wang Lu asked to mortgage the house, granny agreed immediately without a question. Granny really loves her daughter, but then I question whether granny knows that Wang Lu is not her daughter. Before granny left, she still insisted to give Wang Lu the money. I just think granny holds a deep connection with Wang Lu, if not then I guess that this is all left for the viewers to decide upon.

Despite the flaws of this ep, I am just glad that Ah Yong decided to live following his conscience because at the end of the day the decision that you make not only affects you but everyone around as well.

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