Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 7 Recap

Please, please, please, do not go here. Of course, dramas never listen to my opinions and chooses to head exactly where I did not want it to. If I could re-write the script I would scrap Shan Shan (though I do like her character) because her plot is not working with the storyline at all and then I would create obstacles towards Ji Qing and Hao Ming’s path to marriage. Plain and simple is what works best. This drama has taken this idea on board but the wrong way but adding storylines here and there as well characters here and there who are either irrelevant to the plot or are swaying the plot elsewhere. Arrrghhhhh! I just knew that when marriage was approaching this quickly something like this would happen.

Again, I don’t really like this ep but in comparison to the previous ep you could say I love this ep because something actually happens. I don’t know whether I enjoy the characters any more; they don’t have any excitement, and yes I do like Shan Shan but even she is lacking excitement. I don’t know whether to blame the storyline of the characters themselves (honestly, the actors are doing a descent job portraying their role) but somehow everything seems so gloom and stuck in a hole, because you know, Shan Shan is a creep trying to get revenge, Ji Qing is a woman who has found her love, Hao Ming is a man who will do anything for Ji Qing and Yi Ren and Sheng Hua are having a stable relationship. I just can’t quite get what is it that is not tying this drama together; it is something and I know it is out there. 

Shan Shan agrees to keep Hao Ming’s illness a secret. Ji Qing not knowing her fiancée is sick is sure to be secular news! Shan Shan arrives with Ji Qing’s car and goes to tell her that Hao Ming fainted but at that moment Hao Ming calls to tell her that he is on a sudden business trip.

Shan Shan visits Hao Ming who is asleep. The doctor informs her that the first report is out and Hao Ming’s leukocyte numbers is where it should be. Also, his blood nose is the side effects of some medication.

Ji Qing arrives to a lonely home but not for long because Yi Ren and Sheng Hua soon arrive with Duo Duo. Yi Ren tells her that she has improved a lot because just a few months ago she still had her phobia towards marriage and now she is getting married in two days time! She admits that when Hao Ming threatened to break up with her if she doesn’t agree to the trial marriage she knew she could not leave him and furthermore, she soon found marriage to be not-so-bad. She also tells Yi Ren that she wants to have a child.

Ji Qing, thinking about her hubby-to-be, decides to call him. However, he doesn’t pick up because he is not around to do so and Shan Shan takes his opportunity to delete Ji Qing’s missed calls from his call log.

Yi Ren and Sheng Hua are sharing hot pot with their colleagues when Yong Xin abruptly arrives and invites him to embark on a christmas spree with her. Not taking the hint, he invites Yi Ren along who agrees. At the spree Yi Ren notices Yong Xin trying to get close to Sheng Hua and he senses this too so he breaks it off with her once and all causing her to run away unhappily. Watching Duo Duo and Sheng Hua, Yi Ren narrates how she feels that would never get a second chance at happiness but here it is now.

Sheng Hua sends Yi Ren and Duo Duo home and tells her that he will look after Duo Duo as his own daughter because he cherishes whatever she cherishes. He goes to kiss her but they are interrupted by Ji Qing’s call. While Yi Ren takes the call, Sheng Hua goes to organise a romantic late night dinner but discovers that Yi Ren has already fallen asleep. He walks in and she wakes but he tells her to get back to sleep. She mentions that they were just about to (kiss) but he tells her that there is no rush because he will love her forever.

Hao Ming lies in bed just hoping that what he has is not cancer or else what is his Qing Qing going to do? Meanwhile, Ji Qing toss and turn in bed because she can’t sleep without the presence of her Hao Ming. So she decides to embrace him by wearing one of his sweaters. She realises that this is the smell of security and being safe. Also, thinking about it she realises that she didn’t treat Hao Ming good enough and if it wasn’t for his persistence they would have never reached this stage of marriage. Since she can’t sleep she decides to write her wedding vows.

Hao Ming gets the all-clear. Ji Qing wakes to find Hao Ming not there. She reads out her vows how eight years ago the love of her life fell before her (get it? Links to the prologue!) and how in their eight years together she has never said “I love you” to him so now she really wants to tell him, “Hao Ming, I really love you”. That’s when Hao Ming appears and pulls her into a hug while reading her wedding vows.

Hao Ming and Ji Qing go on a date and see an elderly couple walking hand-in-hand and sees that as the future of them. They head to a toy store where Ji Qing hints that she is ready for a child which Hao Ming is overly happy to hear about. Then they head to where their wedding reception will be and Ji Qing imagines the exact moment that she becomes Mrs. Fang. Their happy moment is interrupted by the appearance of Du Zhe Mei (AKA Du Chao Chao) and Mrs. Fang (Hao Ming’s mother).

Hao Ming has his bachelor party. Ji Qing and Yi Ren goes to pick up the Mont Blanc pens that she especially ordered for her and Hao Ming to sign their wedding papers. They then head to her father’s place for dinner which she shows she is still not happy with her father. Yi Ren tells her that her father also lost his wife and his daughter’s love so he must be hurt by that too. She has to let this hurt go or else it will follow her forever. Ji Qing tells her that if she forgives her father she would be betraying her mother. Yi Ren tells her that as a mother, no mother would want to see their daughter hate their own father.

Shan Shan watches as Hao Ming enjoys himself and recalls how the doctor informed her that Hao Ming might not make it pass two years if he does not find an appropriate bone marrow donor soon. Since Ji Qing’s father ruined her happiness, she is going to ruin Ji Qing’s. So that’s why once his friends leave, she breaks this news to him, just a day before he is due to marry.

Ji Qing’s father, who overheard her conversation with Yi Ren, slips a letter under the door. He tells his daughter that as long as she is happy, even if she forgets about him, he would still be very happy and if anything comes her way, he is going to be always there for her. It is then that she decides that she might be able to forgive her father.

While Ji Qing happily prepares for her wedding, Hao Ming dresses himself in his wedding suit and takes off while Shan Shan follows him. He wonders what type of happiness he can give Ji Qing and whether she would want a Hao Ming for only three months. Meanwhile, it looks like there is forgiveness between Ji Qing and her father when she accepts the necklace that her father once bought for her mother. On a shocker of a news, the groom is missing on his wedding day!

The girls try to delay the time that Ji Qing arrives to the wedding reception while Sheng Hua and Yong Xin is busily searching for the groom. The news finally break to Ji Qing but she tells herself that Hao Ming will not leave her alone at the altar.

Turns out the groom is at the wedding reception secretly watching as the pieces are gathered for the wedding. He gets bad news about his illness from Ai Wen and questions if this marriage is worth it. Shan Shan tells him that it is because he will at least have a full and lively three months creating happy memories with Ji Qing. The more that he does for Ji Qing now, the more hurt she will be in the future. He would rather give her a future and have her hate him that be hurt. So he messages with Sheng Hua  telling him to inform Ji Qing that he cannot get married with her. She is heartbroken to hear this and Zhe Mei advises her to think this through. “If you can only go crazy once in your life then I am willing to sacrifice everything to bet on Hao Ming’s love.” 

So Ji Qing runs to centre stage and declares her love for Hao Ming.

“Fang Hao Ming, you have proposed to me numerous times and I have said yes in my heart to those proposals. Every promise that you have said to me all tightly brings us together. If it breaks us, our hearts must really really hurt, just like ripping ourselves up. In order to love you, I learnt how to be a good wife and a good mother. I can only be happy and complete when I am with you. You are the best present that God gave to me.”

Hao Ming watches Ji Qing’s confession, secretly.


My Opinion:

Okay, so this is the most overused storyline ever, seriously, I am not kidding and there is nothing special about this, at least not yet (I am keeping my fingers crossed!). Illness, afraid it will affect the other person so they break up but then realise how much they love each other. Is that all? No creativeness? In all honestly, it is not that this simple and overused storyline that does not have any potential but that all the ties in between brings it down and that there is nothing really to drive the OTP in this storyline. There is Shan Shan who is just stepping foot into something not made for her and then there is Sheng Hua and Yi Ren’s storyline that feels out of place. If this drama chose to develop solely on Ji Qing and Hao Ming’s storyline without these side stories interfering, this storyline has every potential to work.

I would have found this ep to be compelling if it wasn’t so messy. There was just a lot going on at once that made everything appear quite hectic. I know in recent eps I have been “downgrading” this drama a lot but it just doesn’t match up to be a good drama. I really want to love this drama and despite the loveiness of this drama I just don’t feel it. It’s just distant, far and confusing.

This drama has about three male leads (Hao Ming, Sheng Hua, Da Shuaii) as well as three female leads (Ji Qing, Yi Ren and Shan Shan). Plus, on top of all this is the supporting actors as well (Yong Xin and Zhe Mei as well as Ji Qing’s daddy). Each of these characters have their own storyline so this is certainly going to clash one way or another which is why this drama is messy and confusing. It is too hectic and needs to calm down a bit and decide where it wants to head.  I like each the actors and they are doing a good job portraying their character but together, these characters clash and a lot of this has to do with the storyline itself.

This is a turning point and yet there is still a lot that is yet to be revealed or it is just happening, just in baby steps. Shan Shan’s revenge plan? It’s coming together but it is so far behind in schedule, and Ji Qing and Hao Ming’s obstacles are just starting. Meanwhile, Sheng Hua and Yi Ren’s relationship is smooth-sailing, with Da Shuai lurking somewhere in the background.

Considering the oh-so-shocking revelation, I hope that it will be more shocking (in the good way) with the following eps.

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