My Opinion On Missing You Episode 13

Okay, so now things are taking a big shift and frankly, this has been occurring quite frequently throughout the drama but this change, most predominantly found on Jung Woo, is easily the most identifiable one. It was abrupt and really takes you back. While watching the previous eps, it makes you question where this drama is trying to head because sometimes it heads west and suddenly it switches to head east. Well, in all, it doesn’t appear that the drama is having this problem but Jung Woo. It’s like he can’t make up his mind and the magnets are dragging him in two directions.

This ep is finally the one where we get to see where exactly our characters want to head – Harry has his revenge plan up and running; Jung Woo realises that he has to protect what he once lost and Soo Yeon is sorting out her feelings as well as trying to figure out who she is. Each of these characters are different and have their different purpose but each of them are being dragged in two directions. If you know these characters well enough, you can definitely see that there is a distinct side to both of them.

I was shocked, shocked with Jung Woo’s sudden embrace of Soo Yeon. I knew it was coming and I saw that it was coming but I was shocked because this was a sudden turn from Jung Woo’s character. Just in ep 12 he thought it through that he was going to let Soo Yeon go and now? He pushes her against the wall and just kisses her! I just don’t know what he is thinking! He was going to let her go. I thought he had thought it all out and decided to let her forget her past but what he just did will only bring back her past. Now she has no other options but to forever have the past lingering inside of her. See, here is the thing with Jung Woo; one minute he is this and the next he is that. I question why he decided to do this when he clearly knows that she doesn’t want her past.

Not only was I shocked on Jung Woo’s side about the kiss but on Soo Yeon’s side as well. After what has happened to her, 14 years ago and within these 14 years, I thought she still held a grudge on Jung Woo for leaving her. Okay, let’s take it that she has gotten rid of this grudge since she met Jung Woo again and got to know him better but is her 14 years of feelings with Harry really not worth that few months of feelings she had with Jung Woo 14 years ago? I understand that she still has feelings for Jung Woo but when she kissed him back it was a betrayal to Harry. Harry has been with her through thick and thin through the 14 years and yes, I understand that love cannot be forced but they must have developed some kind of deep feelings throughout the years. It’s just that when she kissed Jung Woo it shows how less (?) her feelings for Harry is.

So does that kiss means that Soo Yeon wants Jung Woo? Nopes. As with Jung Woo, her character is being stretched in both directions. One minute she wants Jung Woo and the next she is back with Harry. Why, is it because she feels obliged to do so? I don’t like seeing her on the fence with both guys. She has to make up her mind. Aside from this feelings confliction, I haven’t see much progress with her character. She has been literally the same from when she was first introduced, because unlike Jung Woo and Harry, they have grown into the same character with a different personality and attitude. There isn’t exactly anything that is restriction her from growing. I just feel that she has a lot of growing up to do; after everything that she has been through she can show her changes. It’s just that she doesn’t have any changes, except for admitting that she is in fact Soo Yeon.

I’m not sure whether I should feel excited or saddened that Harry’s revenge plan is taking action. I’m excited that this is going to a) bring a big change to Harry as a character b) it is most definitely going to change his relationship with Soo Yeon and c) there are going to be obstacles in his plan. However, I am saddened because Harry is changing, quite dramatically as well. I loved him when he was kind, caring, tentative and nice to Soo Yeon. He would always put her as first priority but now that revenge is coming his way he is no longer going to be that nice guy. I don’t want to see him turn evil! I like him being nice! This revenge plan is also pulling Harry because one minute Soo Yeon takes top priority and the next his revenge plan takes priority.

I like Jung Woo and Soo Yeon together, and I think Park Yoochun and Yoo Eun Hye have nice chemistry together. I like seeing them together because I can see what Jung Woo and Soo Yeon have been through and I know what they mean to each other other. However, I love Harry and Soo Yeon together! I don’t know, I see more chemistry between Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho as a couple than I see her with Yoochun. I found this strange at first because of their age difference but they are actually pulling it off quite well as a couple. This is all the more reason that I was hurt for Harry. He really does love Soo Yeon but her feelings for him aren’t romantic. She cares for him because he was there for her when no one else was and now they can only rely on each other. Maybe if Soo Yeon can make up her mind about where she wants to head then maybe things will sort themselves out and none of the characters would be stretched in two directions.

Oh wow, that was a shocker! Harry’s mother is alive! This is sure going to rock Harry’s plans and is going to create an obstacle for everyone. I can’t believe that Tae Joon really locked her up for 14 years! That is just inhumane! Seriously, whatever she did not deserve this.

Again, I am furious with the role that Eun Joo is playing. I don’t need to explain do I? Arghhhh! Maybe Ah Reum would be a better second lead?

I actually enjoyed this ep. There was revelations, confrontations and shockers. Also, the characters know where they wnat to head despite being stretched in both directions.


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