My Opinion on Friendly Fire: First Impressions

Uhmmm, well…this can’t really be called a ‘first impression’ since I am basing my impression on the first 9 eps which is about a third of the way through the drama. Ahahahas, but since I like my episodes to be in five eps intervals, and I haven’t got up to ep 10 yet, I decided that I would just call it a first impression. Just consider this to be a long first impression. (:

Coming off Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles I was surprised that TVB scheduled a Tavia Yeung drama back-to-back. I’m not sure what the tactic is (maybe it is to give this drama momentum since Tavia won Best Actress?) but I was still shocked so see Tavia in another drama again, though I am not complaining. She really is one exceptional actress who can handle all roles thrown at her, and she can do so without her previous characters clashing. I loved her in The Other Truth as a right and justice lawyer and again I love her here again as a right and justice lawyer.

Starting the drama and I find myself loving it already. I love dramas about cases as well as lawyers so it is a no brainer that I would love this one. Having seen quite a number of lawyer dramas throughout the previous few years, I am always up for something new. I have seen stories told from the barrister, solicitor and defence attorney aside but I am yet to see one told from the prosecutor side so this was something quite new for me. So far, the lawyer dramas that I have seen were told from private lawyers whereas here it is told from government employed lawyers so again, this is something new to me. I love how this drama tries to differentiate itself from previous lawyer dramas by linking the police aspect in as well creatively using the lawyer line to intertwine the relationships. 

I didn’t really like Tavia and Michael Tse as a couple in Cupid Stupid as well as in The Rippling Blossom so I was hoping that I would love them here, and I do. What I love about these two playing a couple is that they are able to strip off of any previous characters that they once played and step into their new characters without previous memories. I love JJ and Chris’ relationship; it is well established and they have a loving and sparking chemistry. Their relationship is already fully developed from the start so it is interesting to see where their relationship will take them. I love seeing them all cutesy and lovey with each other, it just feels right for them to be this way. It doesn’t in any way feel that they have played other characters before. Ahahahas! What I love most about their relationship is that it is already well developed so what lies ahead for them is obstacles and misunderstandings.

What I love about the relationships here is that there is two different love relationships that parallel each other. While JJ and Chris’ relationship is well established, Po Tei and Mei San’s relationship is growing and developing. It is quite refreshing to see Sammy Leung and Sharon Chan teaming as a couple; I am always up to see a fresh TVB couple and I love them! I think I enjoy Po Tei and Mei San’s relationship more than I do JJ and Chris’. I know, this type of relationship (misunderstanding>colleagues>friends>relationship) is overused but I  can’t help but fall for these relationships! Both couples have great chemistry with each other, and Sammy and Sharon’s chemistry is on par with Michael and Tavia’s. What I love about Mei San and Po Tei’s relationship is the progress there is in just 9 eps. They may have started off with a few misunderstandings but as they spend more time with each other, they grow to become two people who find themselves friends and though they might notice it yet but you can see that they are falling for each other. Ahahahas, they have such a comedic relationship! I absolutely love their first meeting, hilarious! I love that between them they have such adorable misunderstandings that brings them closer.

I absolutely love the relationships here, especially between JJ, Po Tei and their father (Benz Hui). It just feels so warm and very much of a loving family. I really love seeing their interactions together! They are just so close with each other. Even though Po Tei is adopted, the relationship that he has with JJ and his father is anything but. There isn’t any signs of him being adopted, there isn’t any distance or any restrain but rather he is close to them like blood-related. I just love watching them interact as a family. I really loved it when the brothers dragged their father away after the explosion and when they pranked their father about the case. Ahahahas, isn’t this relationship just the cutest?

Tavia really suits the role of a lawyer. She is compelling and professional and I find that whenever she is at court, her words are much more compelling like she is using mental force to make people believe her. I love her here even more than I do in The Other Truth because she appears more professional here. I am glad to see her with longer hair because this makes her appear younger yet more mature as well as being strong and right. Tavia really suits professional roles, especially ones that require her to put in a substantial amount of deep feelings into it. I really love her here, especially about the case where she saw the girl die before her eyes. There she really shows how to compel and what it means to be professional. I find that she portrays all her scenes really well, but I really love her here in the court scenes. I do wonder why her character name has to be Chris. Myolie Wu‘s name in Ghetto Justice I&II was Kris, maybe that name is what makes a good lawyer?

Michael is a great actor who can portray both light-hearted and serious characters really well. Of course,  his most memorable role would be Laughing Gor in E.U which brought him to fame. As with a lot of people, I always link him to Laughing Gor. While watching  Sergeant Tabloid, I could see shadows of Laughing Gor in his characters (because ironically, his co-star was cast as a policewoman) but here he has none of this. He is just a fresh and unique character. I love the connection that he has with his co-stars. His chemistry with Tavia is amazing, a bromance with Sammy and such a warm relationship with Benz.

I have never seen Sammy act before (well, duh! This is his first acting role!) and wow, am I surprised! He is actually beyond brilliant for a first time actor! But then again, he has experience from other public activities. He is just at ease with his character. His portrayal feels so smooth. I love how carefree Po Tei is and how he looks out for his colleagues. I especially love how light-hearted he is and how easily he is able to tolerate things. His superior never shouts the colleagues food and he always ends up being the one to pay for it yet he has no complaints, as long as one is happy! He is able to make any serious scenario light! I really can’t wait to see how he will be when he starts to pursue Mei San and/or when her fiancée comes in play.

I like Sharon and I think she really should be playing lead roles rather than second leads. That aside, I really like her here. Actually, I like her here more than I like her role in Ghetto Justice. I find that she doesn’t have to try so hard now to get into character which makes it so much more easier to watch her whereas in GH, you could see that she really tried. (Okay, why am I comparing? And why am I talking to myself?) I find that she is perfect in so many ways for this character, she just fits into this like a fitting into a perfect shoe! I really love her interactions and chemistry with Po Tei. They are so cute together! She would stick around and help him even though he never insisted on it. She is slowly growing feelings for him and I am eager to see how that will head. I really want to see more of her and Po Tei!

I loved the proposal! It is probably the most romantic that I have seen in TVB history! Ahahahas! That proposal was so sweet so I was devastated for JJ when Chris declined. All the effort that he has put into their relationship and all that he feels for her, does she not feel the same about him? She may have had her reason to decline him but she must have known how serious their relationship was growing into when she decided to move in with him. They have only been together for a year but to cohabit must mean that their relationship is quite deep and strong. I don’t understand, if she thought he would be easy to fling away why did she lead him on? I understand her reason for doing but she should have known what type of person JJ is after being with him for so long. Furthermore, she is a lawyer so she should have thought it through where her actions where going to head and what outcome it would create.

The cases aren’t the best that I have seen but they are quite interesting, especially the bigger cases. I really enjoyed Fei Fei’s case (it really is Kwan Yi So, except with shorter hair (L’Escargot)). Mandy Wong‘s portrayal of Fei Fei was spot on and just so perfect for this role. She was hilarious with her accent and being arrogant. I also loved her when she went to see her child for the last time, that was moving. I love Mandy and she has great potential as an actress and she improves with every drama I see her in. I’m getting sidetracked! Anyways, I love how these cases links with our leads one way or another; it helps to expand our characters. I am not too fond of personal cases (i.e. the ones where a family or friend is related) but every now and then I am okay with it. Here, the cases steers away from being personal but instead with each of the cases, whether it is big or small, it brings out the characters and teaches them something.

I am eager to see where this drama heads. I especially want to see Po Tei and Mei San’s relationship develop. I also want to JJ and Chris’ reunion. These nine eps were a great start and wonderful introduction so I just hope that this drama will continue its winning streak. (:

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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Friendly Fire: First Impressions

  1. Jensi December 7, 2013 at 5:38 pm Reply

    if u dont mind, may i know the others lawyers dramas? Actually i like this type of drama. I glad to hear from u…

    • misscupcakees December 7, 2013 at 7:02 pm Reply

      Awwwww, thanks! (: Oh, ummm, I would recommend Survivor’s Law I, Survivor’s Law II, Will Power (this was a recent drama), The Other Truth, Ghetto Justice and Ghetto Justice II. Let me know if you want more recommendations! (:

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