Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You Part 1 Recap

Ever since I discovered micro-movies/mini-films, I have been in love with them! And, I have been in love with them even more with every one that I watch. These micro-movies/mini-flims are a huge hit within the chinese community so I was surprised that Hong Kong did not delve into it already. So I was quite to shocked to hear that Raymond Lam is going to feature in one. I have heard about Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You for quite some time now and it was until quite recently (and I mean recently) that I discovered its existence. I may be late, but I found it. This micro-movie/mini-film is designed to promote Raymond Lam’s upcoming “A Time 4 You” concert.

As with all other micro-movies/mini-films or one off eps, I really like how so much can be told in such a short ep. It always is direct and to the point and generally feels like you have landed into the middle of the story. However, this  micro-movie/mini-films feels quite different to the others that I have seen. It actually feels like it is starting off with an introduction, rather than landing into the middle of the plot which I would enjoy, because this is a triology meaning that ep 1 would be the introduction, ep 2 would be the body and ep 3 would be the conclusion.

This first ep provides a relatively stable and progressive introduction and it is actually quite creative and unique with its storyline. Though, I did find some parts to be irrelevant so I just hope that it will reappear in the next to eps to provide some cohesion. That aside, I really like its simplicity and creativity.


Ah Jun (Raymond Lam) walks along drinking a can of beer recalling his recent break up with his girlfriend, Yuri (Yumiko). She broke up with him for three reasons – 1) He lost his designing contract, 2) Although she likes him, she has to develop and expand herself and 3) He may be who she loves but he is not her future. He also thinks about his failed career, with his superior (Kristal Tin) not satisfied with his work ethics. He then gets a message from his now ex-girlfriend telling him that she is going to the airport now and telling him to take care.

He hops on a lone double decker bus and goes to call Yuri on the number 8369 9999 and decides against it. He then hears a notification from his phone and sees that he has accidentally dialled 8369 9999 9999 9999… When he looks up he sees a girl, 8639 9999 9999 9999… (Eliza Sam), sitting in front of him with her books and pens scattered on the floor. He goes to pick them up which grabs her attention. She is immediately shocked because only people with bad luck can see “ghosts” like her, and the chances very slim. After she tells him her name, he realised that he was the one who “called” her here, and now that she is here, she can’t leave unless she finishes what she is meant to do. He discovers that she died in 1985 when her parents had a plane crash.

Ah Jun comes to his stop and heads off, and finds 8639… waiting for him. She is going to keep following him until she accomplishes her mission which is to see the person who raised her up (back in the late 1900’s, maids were popular in rich families, and usually if there were children, the maids would be responsible for looking after them), Lee Siu Tou. So he is here to help her.

He houses her and shows her what he found about the crash to which she immediately sours at. Though he manages to lighten her up by teaching her what an iPad is. She tells him that a lot of people have unfulfilled wishes when they die so when they are “waiting for placement” they have to think about the wish that they want to be accomplished the most. Suddenly she spots that one of her fingers have turned purple and tells Ah Jun that she has to leave when all of her fingers turn purple so she has to find Tou Jie real quick. And who is to help her on this quest? Ah Jun of course!


Cheeky 8639… pretends to be afraid of sunlight when Ah Jun opens the curtains. She then clarifies that the sunlight is her energy and goes to wave to her friend, one that Ah Jun cannot see. He asks if her friend is as “sok” as her. She gives a puzzled look and he tells her that this is slang for referring to beautiful and the male counterpart is “chok”. He looks over at her and wonders if he has been taken over by ghosts.

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My Opinion:

Oh yeahhh, this is a quality production! It really matches up to some of the other works that I have seen. It might not be the best one that I have seen but I really enjoyed the execution of it. And I’m not talking about the products featured (for those frequent TVB watchers, you should know that Sony phones are used in every drama where phones exist) but the way that this micro-movie/mini-film is set out. Everything about it appears high quality and really up there, especially with the way that the plot revolves. I think what made the this production appear this way was that the storyline is swift and simple which allows for more action and creativity with the production.

The way that everything laid out and moved throughout the 10 minutes was really nice. I really like the way that this storyline is progressing; it really is one nice 10 minutes of video watching. I would call it a perfect ep, however, if I look at it from a drama perspective, it has a loophole with the storyline. I found it near perfect with Ah Jun and 8369…’s storyline, however, I found the introduction for Ah Jun to be out of place. I’m just hoping that it is a foreshadow which will be a path for other happenings in the other eps or else it really would be out of place. The storyline might not be that creative but it manages to add some quirks to it and allows for creativity with how the story develops following this storyline.

I love cameos like the ones present here, and I look forward to seeing more!

I might be bias but I think Raymond was perfect here. I think he acts better in those love-prone roles. Ahahahas! I loved the way that he handled this role, and this all goes back to the storyline. He wasn’t overly shocked and afraid when he met 8369… but rather he retained a cool, calm and collected reaction. And he does have that “chok” expression. Ahahahahas! Well, he is a great actor and does well with the roles he is given.

I have seen a lot of netizens bashing Eliza’s cantonese and frankly, I have no problem with it. Actually, I think her cantonese has improved a lot since her debut in Divas in Distress. Previously, you could really hear her accent but now it is more subtle and she is appearing to be more native with her pronunciation. Also, a lot of netizens have been criticising her acting skills, but I find that she is brilliant for a newbie, and exceeds a lot of actresses who have debuted before her. I really like her here and she is appearing more and more natural with her acting skills.

I really like this micro-movie/mini-film, short, simple, sweet and beautiful!

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4 thoughts on “Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You Part 1 Recap

  1. heisui January 3, 2013 at 7:23 pm Reply

    Yeah I’m also pleasantly surprised by how great mini-movies are! I thought they were mainly doing them in Taiwan, but I’m happy HK is getting into it too. I actually like their shorter length because it forces them to put in what matters the most to the story without all the unnecessary fluff. I will check this one out!

    • misscupcakees January 4, 2013 at 11:39 am Reply

      Ahahahas, I love micro-movies/mini-films! I also thought they were just doing it in Taiwan but like you I am glad that more countries getting into it.
      Yeps, it is straight forward and to the point, though sometimes you just want more to happen. 😛

  2. emily March 1, 2013 at 9:46 am Reply

    where can i watch this movie with english sub? or vietnamese sub? B/c i can not understand chinese ;’C

    • misscupcakees March 1, 2013 at 5:08 pm Reply

      Sorry, I do not know of any sites that has it subbed!
      Try googling it (:

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