Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You Part 2 Recap

Coming off the brilliant first ep/introduction, I was hoping that this ep would be more of the crisis/complication ep. It didn’t exactly give that part to the storyline but I was fine with that because it seems to be more of a build up from the first ep. It is actually quite a smart tactic because the complication is always there, it’s just that it is overshadowed with every else that is happening. Also, it the complication can be further enforced in the final ep because a conclusion does’t take that long to finish up. I did like this ep, but it wasn’t as good as the first ep but what I absolutely loved was the cameos! 

Ah Jun has given 8369… the nickname of Siu Yau. He is walking the streets but can’t see Siu Yau any more because she can’t “show” herself in front of so many people and he can only see her in mirrors. So he locates her some some shop window. He tells her that he notices that powers are really strong. She explains that when she is sad, her powers will be like this, and she is sad because her former home has been demolished. He tells her to rest assure, she still has eight fingers that are yet to be purple so she has time.

He loses the mirror, and thus loses sight of her. He then spots of on a car window. He leans on the side mirror and tells her that he will be able to find Tou Jie through FaceLook. Suddenly the car owner (Oscar Leung) tells him to get his hands off his expensive his side mirror because it is very expensive.

He spots her again on a the compact mirror of a girl (Kate Tsui) who is talking on the phone. Siu Yau questions him if FaceLook requires money and he tells her that it doesn’t. Money? Suddenly the girl turns around and tells him that she isn’t in that business any more and has changed.

Ah Jun is at a cafe having his coffee when a waitress (Rebecca Zhu) hands him his iPad and asks why he is so lonely but he replies that he isn’t lonely.


Bored, Siu Yau goes to play with the iPhone but Ah Jun quickly stops her because other people will have a fright seeing a flying phone. He shows her the description of the missing person that he has typed and she is very satisfied with the description. He goes to take a picture but realises that it is impossible so he opts to draw her instead.

Bored of sitting, Siu Yau requests to do some shopping. So they head to Ernest Borel  (sponsor and co-producer of this micro-movie/mini-film) where she spots numerous “sok” and “chok” items. He sees a necklace that he sees really fitting on Siu Yau and the sales girl even goes to flirt with him.

Siu Yau watches Ah Jun cook dinner and mentions how cool it is to see a man cook. Her father has never cooked before and only asked her mother for food. She then disappears to another room and he replies that girls nowadays have a lot of requests for guys, unlike her who has such simplest requests. She comments that his house is so neat so why would he always say “sang sut” (literal cantonese for ‘grow cockroaches’ (I think…)). He answers that it is because he lost (cantonese for lost is “sut”) his job as well as his girlfriend. She is back again, and asks about his former girlfriend but he doesn’t even give a name. She asks him to name her and he decides to call her Siu Yau. He then plays some song (his own songs, Raymond Lam songs) and she recognises it as Leslie’s songs. She comments that she was debating over whether she wanted to go to Leslie’s concert or find Tou Jie, but eventually finding Tou Jie won out.

He is shocked when he notices that five of Siu Yau’s nails have turned purple already.

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My Opinion:

I absolutely loved the cameos present! Each of them gave off a different vibe to the film and in all they were a nice addition to the plot. I really liked that although they may be irrelevant to the plot development, they help to light up the plot and help to create different atmospheres. I really loved Kate’s appearance, and I love her lines even more! They refer a lot to Highs and Lows. I loved the connections made with her characters. They other cameos were also a delight to see, especially seeing Oscar and his attitude!

I found that the plot didn’t progress as much as I wanted it to and I found that they tried to defer the plot progress to the cameos. It worked but it wasn’t fast enough. I just felt like the progress was slowed down significantly. I wanted to see something more happen. I wanted to see some excitement and surprises. It just felt too bland and smooth. Though, the shock ending indicates that there is going to be some fast progress in the next ep!

I actually really enjoy Raymond and Eliza’s chemistry. It might not be the greatest but it was really nice to see them interact and develop a friendship between their characters. Their characters are quite close with each other and they share a sweet bond with each other. I see it between them because Ah Jun is such a light character and Siu Yau is such a bubbly character. Together, they have a chemistry that is light and bubbly.

It’s so short, yet I want to see more of it! I really want to see where the plot will head. I just hope that it will end on a high note. (:

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