Refresh 3+7 Episode 10 Recap

Firstly, I want to wish everyone a happy new year and say a huge thank you for all the support that I have received in the past year. So here’s my first post for 2013 and what a great way to start off the year. When I first started watching Refresh 3+7 I was super duper eager to see this ep and now it is finally here! I had high expectations for this ep, especially knowing that Ady An would be in it. I loved her ever since I saw her in Autumn’s Concerto and here she shows exactly why I love her.

Yaaayyy, I am so happy! I found this is 720p which means great pictures! It seems like the better eps of the series comes in better quality, ahahahas! But I must say, even if you have not seen the previous eps and have no intentions of doing so, this ep tops it all and is good stand-alone ep to watch. This is a great one-off ep as well as being a great ep to unite the series. I loved this ep, it was such a splendid ending for the series as well as being a great drama start for 2013. Just a beautiful way to end the series as a whole and it does a lot to tie each of the 10 eps together. It was short, sweet and bright. 


Oh, someone loves their shoes! And someone is quite picky too! And she is very knowledgeable about her heels! Xia Tian “Tian Tian” (Ady An) is in the midst of her failed attempts to find her perfect heel, she gets a call from her mother asking her to return two weeks earlier to participate in her cousin’s, Zao Zao (Li Cheng Yuan) wedding, and she has to bring her boyfriend, Yue Ran, with her. She stutters to deny her mother that and her mother tells her that she has to or else she would look bad in front of her aunt. After the call, she leaves without any mood to shop for her heels any more.

Tian Tian goes to request her ex-boyfriend, Yue Ran (Hu Ge) whom she broke up with two months ago, to return home with her and pretend that they are still together. She even brings out the card that in their three years together she has never begged for anything so he agrees to do her this favour.

Tian Tian’s aunt treats the family to lunch and when the bill comes, she goes to pay with her coupons but she learns that the coupons are invalid. So mummy decides to pay but aunt stops her and pays herself. (Oh, the battle between the two ladies! Btw, I’m going to refer to Tian Tian’s mother as ‘mummy’ and her aunty as ‘aunt’ to make things easier.) The two ladies then start an argument about when Tian Tian is going to get married and it gets so uncontrollable that they have to be dragged out of the restaurant.

She explains to Yue Ran that this is the reason why she wanted him to put on this show with her. Ever since young, her mummy and aunt have been fighting over everything, even for the same man. They both fell for her uncle and when her mother found out about this, she was so devastated and thought she would be suppressed in front of her Tian Tian’s aunt. Then when Zao Zao was 12, her uncle left her aunt and her mother has been using this in front of her aunt ever since.

Tian Tian and Yue Ran return home to find that they will be sharing a room together with one bed. So they make do and sleep on opposite ends of the bed. While sleeping, Yue Ran gets a call. Tian Tian overhears him telling the caller that there’s only a few more days left.

Xia Tian heads over to Zao Zao’s place. She learns from Zao Zao that her aunt doesn’t want to use a wedding planner to help out with the wedding plans. She then learns from her aunt that they have not booked the hotel yet. So that’s what she and Yue Ran are here for – to help out with the wedding.


The entourage (Tian Tian, Yue Ran, Zao Zao, aunt and mummy) head to numerous hotels to find that they have all been booked out. Tian Tian suggest that they hold the wedding at their local town square but aunt strongly opposes of this suggestion which leads the two mums into a fight. Zao Zao finally settles it and decides to hold the wedding here. They then go in search for some music and again the mums have their dispute. They head for a grocery shopping trip and Tian Tian’s legs ache from walking in her tall and beautiful heels.


Tian Tian wakes up at night from her aching legs which wakes Yue Ran up. He goes massage her legs (awww!) and tells her that of course her legs would ache since she walks all days in heels. She explains that her heels are her life. Ahahahas! He tells her that in the past he was puzzled why her personality would be so extreme but after spending these two days with her family he realised that she, her mother and her aunt from from the same mold. She then wonders if he would forgive her if she told him that she regrets breaking up with him.


Tian Tian and Yue Ran walk to deliver the bride and groom their wedding mosaic when Tian Tian’s heel gets stuck in a drain, but luckily Yue Ran is there to rescue her. She goes to tell him what she wonders about but can’t bring the words to her mouth. While having lunch together, she spots a message on Yue Ran’s phone from a girl who misses him. He explains that he has learnt to move on.

Tian Tian accompanies Zao Zao to try on her wedding dress. She tells her cousin that being able to reach the stage of marriage is not easy but Zao Zao explains that it is quite natural because if you love someone, you will want to be with them forever. What’s hard is living happily with your other half after marriage. You have to learn to give up some of your freedom and be more tolerant. Zao Zao’s phone rings are Tian Tian discovers some shocking news.

The mums get into another argument regarding Tian Tian’s romantic future and mummy decides to shut her sister once and for all by getting Yue Ran to invite his parents over for the wedding. Tian Tian finally admits that they broke up and the mums reflect that maybe pride may not be that important after all and aunt admits the truth. In a flashback to the wedding dress fitting, Zao Zao admits to Tian Tian that her mother wanted her to marry a rich person so she did not agree to her marriage with Du Xiao, not until she got pregnant. What’s important is that she is happy. So Tian Tian spills her heart out to Tian Tian.


It’s finally the wedding banquet and it’s a lively night. At some alone time, Tian Tian questions Yue Ran if  they could return to the past if she wasn’t so stubborn. He tells her that no one knows what the future holds. And she agrees because this wedding has changed so much, including her mummy and aunt as well as herself (she’s not wearing heels! :O )


My Opinion: 

From the get-go I was looking forward to this ep the most for two reasons – 1) It has Ady, and I love her and 2) The plot was the most appealing, and both these reasons paid off in this ep. Ady was amazing and plot followed from head to toe. Actually, the plot was perfect. There was no loopholes and it was perfectly written. It all flowed through really well and despite having known beforehand where the story will head, while watching it it doesn’t feel like I know what is going to happen next. I mean, I know what will happen, but while watching the story unfold if feels like I am reading a new book and slowly finding out the story. I really enjoyed how the ex-boyfriend, the mums and the wedding tied themselves together. For a one off ep, I thought that having so many things going at once would appear quite hectic and messy but it works, and wells quite neatly. Each of these themes link to one another and allows them to bounce of each other, which works really well.

I am serious, I am not lying when I say that Ady and Hu Ge have great chemistry, because they do! Just watching them together for 45 minutes and you can see that they are sparking! It just feels really natural to watch them together. They appear really relaxed with each other and I didn’t expect anything less from them considering that this is not their first collaboration. It just feels really nice to watch them on-screen. I really loved their chemistry because it just sparks, whereas with many other couples you have to watch them develop and grow before their chemistry sparks. What I loved seeing between them is that they still care for each other, more than friends, even though they have broken up, and I love that Ady and Hu Ge are able to express this so well with their emotions; it’s like they sync their emotions together before filming! But the open ending! I wanted them to be together, and maybe for him to give her a kiss! Ahahahas!

I love love love how Tian Tian has her shoe addiction here! What differentiates this ep from the previous eps is that the lead character/narrator is giving a personality whereas with the previous eps the characters don’t have a personality that Tian Tian has. I love that her shoe addiction defines who she is and changes her as a person. Plus, I love seeing heels 😛

I would never deny that Ady is a great actress and she shows just why I would never doubt that. I’m amazed that in just 45 minutes, she is able to captivate me towards her character and actually feel how her character is feeling. She moves her character, she just directs her character.

Such a brilliant tie up to the series. 3+7, just beautiful. It gave off a wonderful, bright and colourful future. It is a rainbow and there is always going to be a pot of gold at the end of it. What ties each of these eps together is that no one knows what the future holds, and only time will tell.

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4 thoughts on “Refresh 3+7 Episode 10 Recap

  1. Cc January 2, 2013 at 1:07 pm Reply

    Thanks for the recap, this story was my favorite too. It just seems more realistic compare to the other stories but I still enjoy them. *Hu ge and ady rock*…..

    • misscupcakees January 2, 2013 at 4:48 pm Reply

      No worries!
      Ahahahas, yeah, I loved this story! It was beautiful and just a perfect way to end the series. Ady and Hu Ge have great chemistry with each other!

  2. BeyonceCIA (@joliebeyonce) January 4, 2013 at 10:46 am Reply

    i love this girl since autumn concerto

    • misscupcakees January 4, 2013 at 11:37 am Reply

      Ahahahas, me too! That was when I first started to notice her!

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