Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You Part 3 Recap

Okay, it did not just leave me with an open opened ending! Arrrggggghhhhh! Three eps is not enough, let alone three short eps! It was so open that it feels like it is just an episode conclusion and not a drama conclusion. But for three eps, it is pretty impressive with how the plot lead. Of course in 30 minutes of drama time divided into 3 individual 10 minute eps, only show much can be told but it will run quite well with an introduction, body and conclusion.

Admittedly, this ep wasn’t as great as the previous eps but it offered something that I personally found that the previous ep lacked. In 10 minutes it was able to enforce the complication as well as provide a resolution which  is pretty impressive and superb. It closed the series on a questionable note which quickly leads back to the reason that this micro-movie/mini-film exists, i.e. to promote Raymond Lam‘s upcoming 2013 concert, which is about him giving time for his fans. Though, as a standalone micro-movie/mini-film (with the promotion background) it is a pretty impressive production.

It’s cold (and possibly winter) and Siu Yau discovers that her abilities are deteriorating so quickly because when a “ghost” interacts with a human, they will pass on their powers to them, thus making them stronger while making themselves weaker. She realises that she has to leave soon and worries about her quest to find Tou Jie. Ah Jun promises to quicken up the pace on this quest and ask that she be happy again. After some thought she decides that she can’t let herself be sad, because she is lucky to have met Ah Jun, this  good person. If he regains his “powers”, doesn’t matter if she can’t meet Tou Jie because at the very least she helped a good man to exit the low of his life.

Siu Yau comments that she is very cold and has only half of her powers left when suddenly, Ah Jun’s turtle, Sweetie, tells her that since the weather is good today, she should capture more energy (aka. sunlight). Siu Yau is relived that she finally has someone who she can talk to and the turtle is more than happy to talk to her. She asks turtle how long it has been with Ah Jun and the turtle replies that it has been with Ah Jun for three years and furthermore, Ah Jun is a man with heart, like a sweetheart! She gives a really sweet look and turtle tells her that she much be unknowingly in love. Turtle advises her to use her remaining powers wisely.

Ah Jun arrives and opens numerous lights to warm up Siu Yau. She asks if he considers her as a friend but he doesn’t reply. She tells him that she has to leave soon and thanks him for all that he has done for her during this time but instead he thanks her for the company that gave. Suddenly he gets a message of an address regarding Tou Jie so he leaves alone since Siu Yau is quite weak.

He heads to the address but discovers that place has already been demolished. Suddenly he spots Siu Yau’s “friends”. The leader (Wong Cho Lam) hands out the products that people have “burnt” down to the “ghosts” which includes an iPhone, iPad, prawn dumplings and wafers. Ah Jun decides that it is best that he walks away but the leader stops him in his path and questions who is looking for.



Ah Jun replies that he is looking for Tou Jie and the leader “calls” Tou Jie (Helena Law) out. Tou Jie tells Ah Jun that she will be able to see Siu Yau once she “heads back” tomorrow. He is shocked to discover that she could stay for a few months while Siu Yau’s powers is quickly draining away. Tou Jie and the leader tells him that love consumes a lot of power so he quickly rushes home.

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My Opinion:

I felt that although this ep contained the complication and resolution it was quite slow in comparison to the the previous two eps. Sure, there might not actually be that much that happens in ten minutes but this ep was inevitably slower. I felt that the previous ep was more of a continuation of the introduction and this ep again felt like it was more of a continuation of the previous eps so it felt quite rushed and a tad unfinished towards the end. The progress and everything leading up to the ending was quite decent but then when the ending actually got around it didn’t really seem like an ending? I wanted it to be not so opened and actually have a closure to the film.

I love this turtle! I love talking animals and this turtle is of no exception. I really loved how this turtle was able to reach out to Siu Yau and help her open her heart. The turtle is so adorable and so smart! I really loved how this turtle is “mature” and able to give sound advice. And furthermore, I love that Siu Yau is able to take this all in without shock. This really suits innocent and easy-going character. She doesn’t question this and instead is able to comprehend that this is a fact that she cannot change. She knows that she has to leave soon and just wants the best for the new friend that she has made.

I actually quite like watch Raymond and Eliza Sam portraying as a couple, and I would be more than happy to see them portraying a couple again. They may not have sizzling chemistry but together they work as a couple. I really love how Eliza is able to bring her bubbly personality into character and how she is able to use that to develop her character. In a short 30 minutes, we are able to see what type of person she is. For this, she is able to connect with Raymond. I really enjoyed watching them on-screen and for 30 minutes, I found myself enjoying seeing together.

This was a really interesting micro-movie/mini-film. I have never seen such a theme used so I was quite taken back but I was glad it was well pulled off. I love watching micro-movies/mini-films and I am really for another Hong Kong production!

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2 thoughts on “Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You Part 3 Recap

  1. Christina Tran January 11, 2013 at 2:12 pm Reply

    There’s a forth part!!

    • misscupcakees January 11, 2013 at 8:42 pm Reply

      Thanks! 🙂 I did not know that there was a fourth part! I thought that part three was very open ended!

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