My Opinion On Missing You Episode 17

Wow, this was one rocking ep. It never sat balanced once as it was constantly heaved to one or the other side by the ever growing conflicting complication. Everything dates back to 14 years ago and as the mysteries from 14 years ago are being revealed, it also reveals the true colours of who our characters are. For Jung Woo, Soo Yeon and Harry, they are each being faced with an inevitable complication concerning their relationship that they each must bypass to reach a conclusion towards their relationship.

This ep wasn’t much of that as to show the aftermath of what happened 14 year ago than it is to show where each of our characters have found themselves landing. It was clear from the start that Jung Woo and Soo Yeon are going to be together but it was interesting to see how they worked their relationship regardless all that has happen 14 years ago as well as during the 14 years that separated them as north and south. As for Harry, it is not the past 14 years of his life that I am concerned about but rather how he will break after Soo Yeon leaves him and his mummy issue.

What this ep also brings about is a huge change for each of the characters. There were changes present in the other eps but this ep brings out a huge and substantial change for each of our characters. In the previous eps, the changes were gradual and to this ep it is gradual too, but then it explodes and suddenly changes our characters in a different direction. 


My Opinion:

What I found myself unknowingly enjoying throughout these 17 eps is discovering how the incident from 14 years ago relates to everything that is happening fourteen years later. I love watching as each of the incident happens, it all relates back to 14 years ago, whether it be the death of the aunt or the murder of the rapists. What I enjoy about this is that the crimes are unsolved but it can somehow bring another along. It wants you to connect the pieces but it doesn’t require you to do so because it connects itself with the interactions of the character, and Jung Woo’s detective skills. It is pretty neat to watch how everything connects but whilst watching it, I am devastated that everything has to related back to the incident 14 years ago. I question numerous times can’t everyone jut let it go? Did all these people really hold this against themselves for all these years? If they had learnt to let go then maybe none of this would be happening.

Soo Yeon hasn’t grown that much through the eps. I find that her character is quite stiff with her development. She is still the same character with the same personality as when we first met her, it’s just that now her personality is more pronounced. Out of all of the prominent characters, she is actually quite weak. I know what she has been through must have been torturing but has changed her as a person. She is reliant on others more and more, whether it be Harry or Jung Woo. Back before the incident, she was able to resist and stand up despite her reputation as a “murderer’s daughter”. (This brings me back, will she be told that she isn’t a murderer’s daughter?) At the very least she was able to ignore those around her. But now she needs people to stand by her so that she is able to stand up. Also, her character hasn’t grown much. I actually want to see something glow about her, like I do with Harry and Jung Woo. But, at least her role is much more interesting than Eun Joo.

I am so glad, so glad that Eun Joo had like a minute of show time! 17 eps, total of 5 minutes show time is really second lead quality. Ahahahaas!

Harry, my once beloved Harry, what has gotten into your mind? If anyone had a big and explosive change, it would be none other than Harry. Harry was a nice, kind and sweet guy but when his revenge plan started to fall in place, he started to become more and more evil. And this was further induced when he realised that Soo Yeon had a connection with Jung Woo which he would never have with her. Soo Yeon means the world to him, and like he said, without her he is as good as dead. He lost his mother and now the other person who he loves dearly is leaving him. However, the more that I watch of Harry, the more that I realise that his revenge plan takes priority over everything else but of course this is due to him knowing that Soo Yeon will never be his. He does love Soo Yeon but if he can’t get her, he is not going to let her lead a happy life. This leads me to question if he really does love Soo Yeon. Throughout their 14 years together, he has done all that he can to protect her but now he is willing to frame her. He might have loved her but how much does he love her right now?

I have said this before but Park Yoochun seems to be at ease when he is portraying light-hearted scenes. With the melo scenes, you can really see that he has to try but with the light-hearted scenes it just feels so natural for him. I just love watching him in light-hearted scenes because it feels much smoother than the melo scenes. I really loved that scene when Jung Woo and Soo Yeon were rekindling. That scene was warm despite everything that was going on around them. And I found that Yoochun portrayed it so well. He was so smooth with his actions and it feels more natural to see him portray scenes like this. I also really like his interactions with his partner, because that is just so bromance!

I love the chemistry that Yoo Eun Hye has with Seung Ho. They have a strong chemistry, they have a chemistry that is much strong that what Eun Hye has with Yoochun. They have a deeper and smoother connection. You can really see that they feel more comfortable with each other whereas with Eun Hye and Yoochun they feel more distant with each other. With each ep that I see Eun Hye and Yoochun together, the more comfortable they grow with each other, because when compared to the start their chemistry was lacking but now they seem to connect with each other more.

I’m actually quite scared now. Harry is capable of so much and he can do so much damage. I am really scared of what his next move is going to be; he is already putting Soo Yeon, one whom he claims to love, on the line. And it’s oh-so-close to the ending. Just three more eps! I really hope it ends explosively! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “My Opinion On Missing You Episode 17

  1. LT January 8, 2013 at 11:39 am Reply

    Remember Harry and Zoe’s first appearance as adults when Zoe crawled around like a dog to locate Harry in front of everybody and the glee of self importance on Harry’s face – that was the status quo Harry wants to maintain. He wants Zoe to stay clingy and subservient as a little docile puppy forever. We have heard him call Zoe, Soo Yeon a few times. That was a psychological tool to remind her to keep in line. Being nice, gentle and patient etc was just a façade to control her. His secret room was evidence that he wanted to deny LSY any knowledge of the past. This wasn’t because of love, but control. Control was easy when LSY had had no other friend and no choice. When that control was gone, he was happy to have her killed. K drama, compared to older other Asian movies/drama, seems to have moved away from stylised (with distinctly evil qualities only) villains. These days they can be a lot creepier when they can be seemingly nice, good and skilful manipulators as well.

    There has been a warning recently in S Korean to viewers against regarding actors/actresses as the same as the characters they play. In real life, we don’t know what actors and actresses are really like towards each other unless you know them personally. They are professionals and can project and act whatever convenient to them for the media and the public. In Po-Go Sip-Da, the drama is telling us that LSY has no romantic feelings towards KHJ (Harry). For 14 years Harry/KHJ has been waiting for such feelings from Zoe/LSY. We have seen 2 instances when LSY refused to be kissed by him. She has been a mother substitute to him. She fussed over him when he was not well like a mother would. She would cook his favourite dishes like a mother would. In short we have to let the drama speak for itself. KHJ has been outright creepier when he appears nice and gentle. Kudos to the actor, Seung Ho!

    • misscupcakees January 8, 2013 at 1:47 pm Reply

      I completely agree and understand everything that you have said. Harry wants to control her, he wants her to only answer to him, and he has succeeded in doing so, that is until her past resurfaced. I understand that he is doing all this for control but he does love her, and we have seen that. Everything he does closely ties in between control and love. However, now that he has lost her, control is also slipping away so he is doing all that he can to remain in control, even if it means hurting Soo Yeon.

      Ahahahas, I love it when he was all nice and caring towards Soo Yeon!

      Oh, really? There are warnings?

      I think we have seen that all along Soo Yeon has only ever treated Harry as a close friend. She relied on him because he was the only person that she had. As she once mentioned, she can’t do anything but repay his love, and she has tried but it doesn’t matter because she can suppress her non-romantic feelings towards him. She cares for him as a friend, and nothing romantic. I found that Seung Ho was brilliant in his role, he was able to portray it in such a professional way that makes viewers taking his character as to his actual person.

      Yepps, jut 3 eps left to reveal the ending. (:

      • LT January 8, 2013 at 6:35 pm

        Thank you for your comment. I would now like to comment on Harry’s ‘’love’’ for Zoe. They have had a symbiotic relationship of the mutualistic kind which doesn’t exclude, in theory and in practice, the possibilities of care, kindness, sexual and romantic feelings. However, these characteristics tend to collapse when a symbiotic relationship ceases. It just happens in this drama that Zoe feels only as a friend towards Harry and has acted to fulfil his need for a mother. Judging by his masterminding and manipulative skills, we can say that he is a very smart man. He wouldn’t, of course, jeopardise his chances with her by not using the loving strategy, would he? The fact that he couldn’t maintain his ’’love’’ premised on control (no matter how genuine it appeared) means that he was not capable of real love. Drama in any language has always portrayed love as unconditional goodwill towards the loved one. I question whether Harry’s ‘’love’’ for Zoe has been truly love that doesn’t require symbiosis, without which he is a completely different person.

  2. val January 12, 2013 at 2:29 pm Reply

    That drama totally reminds me of Alice in Wonderland train wreck with Aaron.The writers messed up.i don t know what s going anymore.The story doesn t make sense but you are watching for the actors.

    • L January 12, 2013 at 5:09 pm Reply

      Lest we forget that there are 4 fingers pointing back at ourselves when we point a finger at someone.

    • misscupcakees January 12, 2013 at 5:18 pm Reply

      Ahahahas, I don’t think’s that bad. At least you could actually understand what is happening even if it is messed up.

      • LT January 12, 2013 at 6:42 pm

        Han Jung Woo offers a valuable lesson on humility in episode 19 when he reveals that he gave opportunities for LSY to go back to France with Harry in earlier episodes during the time LSY was resentful (hateful) and when Harry was impressive with his care for her. He had the humility at the time to accept Harry a better contender for LSY without being arrogantly blaming anyone for his own plight. It’s more common to blame others for our plight of any sort, isn’t it?

      • misscupcakees January 14, 2013 at 7:46 pm

        I just finished ep 19 and I have to say that despite Jung Woo doing everything for revenge, everything stems back to 14 years ago because had that incident never occurred 14 years ago, none of our characters would be who they are.
        Harry did offer chances for Soo Yeon to return back to France but she didn’t because if she did she would be alone. She needs someone who she can reply upon. Harry sure did have the humility that you mentioned but in the end above all, everything that happened depends on the action of the characters.

        Ahahahas, yeahh, the plot is complicated! And it gets even more tangled as we head to the finale!

      • LT January 14, 2013 at 5:22 pm

        “Messed up?” I think you meant the drama has been complicated (pukjaphae in Korean), but, logically comprehensible as you have said at the beginning of your recap above.

      • LT January 15, 2013 at 8:22 am

        You are getting Han Jung Woo and Harry/Kang Hyung Jun mixed up! Harry/Kang Hyung Jun is the one bent on revenge, not Jung Woo. In episode 19, we learn that Han Jung Woo, the detective, had given both Harry and LSY opportunities to return to France when LSY/Zoe was resentful towards Jung Woo , but, Harry didn’t use the opportunities because he was bent on revenge against Han Tae Jun. This was revealed when both Jung Woo and LSY went to Harry’s house to get him to visit his sick mother (dying because of Hyperthermia). I was talking, in my earlier post, about Jung Woo, the detective, having the humility to accept his own inadequacy and to accept what was best for LSY. Having found out that Harry is such a psychopath, Jung Woo said he wouldn’t be so generous anymore.
        Harry wanted LSY/Zoe to return to France in an earlier episode because he didn’t want her to find out the truth about the past. Harry killed the nurse because he didn’t want her to tell LSY the truth about the past – We found out when Step Mum was drinking the poisoned wine.
        No kidnapping= no collateral damages=no drama to watch.

      • misscupcakees January 15, 2013 at 2:58 pm

        Whooops! I was meant to say Jung Woo, not Harry! Silly me! However, in saying so, both Harry and Jung Woo did give Soo Yeon the opportunity to return to France.

        Yeahhh, Harry is bent on revenge. All that he did and is doing is all in the name for revenge. He has no regards to anything more. I was so devastated that he chose not to see his mother when Jung Woo and Soo Yeon asked him to. After all the time he spent on this revenge, it was essential to avenge for his mother. I guess Harry was stabbed in the heart yet again when he discovered that his mother could not recognise him.
        I guess what Harry and Jung Woo has in common is that they both tried to shield Soo Yeon from the past but when that didn’t work they both chose to part ways.

      • LT January 16, 2013 at 11:00 am

        This was revealed when both Jung Woo and LSY went to Harry’s house to get him to visit his sick mother (dying because of Hyperthermia).
        Should be:
        This was revealed when Hyung Jun and the police were at the front of father Joo’s house to pick up LSY for alleged killing of Step Mum.

        I don’t think HJW tried to shield LSY from the past. He wanted her to confront the past for healing to take place. Harry didn’t want LSY to know that his Mum’s kidnapping order caused the collateral damages. Killing off the nurse, he confirmed his motive to keep LSY as ‘’a mushroom in the dark”.

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