Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 8 Recap

I am not going to fume again how this drama does not know where it wants to head because this is going to be how it is throughout its entire run. With the unsuccessful marriage, it is the turning point of their relationship as well as the drama itself. Yet things are still going haywire and after seeing the preview for the next ep, this ep is really lost in comparison.

Hao Ming and Ji Qing’s relationship is going down the usual cycle, as this drama follows the same plot. However, this drama is putting in perks here and there to differentiate their relationship from the usual plot which instead makes this drama not sure of where it wants to head.

I was curious to see where this ep would take this but then again I wasn’t so curious as everything was so predictable as well as being quite messy. Nonetheless, this turning point ep did not actually leave a turning impression but rather a messy and rough future. It was slow going and quite repetitive. 

Hao Ming makes no appearance despite Ji Qing’s many tears.

Shan Shan questions Hao Ming if he knows how to explain it to Ji Qing and if he doesn’t, it’s okay because she will handle it.

Ji Qing returns home happy to see Hao Ming still in his wedding suit, thinking and telling herself that he is just late for the wedding. Instead, Shan Shan comes down explaining that she is together with Hao Ming and she tells Ji Qing that she has to take responsibility because she was the one who rented a lover. But Ji Qing adamantly tells her that Hao Ming will never betray her and Shan Shan explains that the impossible could happen. She leaves telling Hao Ming that she will give him time.

Xiao Xian chases after Shan Shan and gives her a slap. She tells her that if she wants revenge she can avenge her; it has nothing to do with Ji Qing. She goes to give Shan Shan another slap but Zhe Mei quickly stops her before things get worse.

Ji Qing and Hao Ming have some alone time. He apologises for betraying her but tells her that this is the truth, the truth that cannot be changed. He asks her if he remembers the cologne that Shan Shan gave him and tells her that when he said he was busy at work he was actually with Shan Shan, but she refuses to believe this. Nonetheless, he precedes on telling that he will give her this house. She reminds him of the promises that he made to her and he tells her that he also said this to Shan Shan. He leaves, subconsciously telling her that he is sorry for the hurt that he has created and he loves her.

Hao Ming apologises to daddy Ji and ask that Yi Ren take good care of Ji Qing because she can find a better person.


Hao Ming immerses himself in work while Ji Qing drowns herself in sadness. Yi Ren mentions to Sheng Hua that she feels that Hao Ming is not telling the truth. He, who loves Ji Qing dearly, cannot just change in a moment of time, because if it is like that then no man in this world is sincere towards love. However Sheng Hua quickly refutes this. Yi Ren wonders that if love can change like this then what is it that should pursue for last?

Sheng Hua goes to find Hao Ming ask that he tell him his reason for leaving Ji Qing because regardless of what it is he will stand by him, even if it means lying to Yi Ren. So Hao Ming spills the truth but Sheng Hua tells him that Ji Qing wants him by her side and not them. Hao Ming counters that when he becomes ill and frail, he can’t give Ji Qing what she wants. Hao Ming tells him that ever since university, he has been collecting watches and stops them at different  times to forever keep that beautiful memory, especially for the eight years that he has been together with Ji Qing. He has always believed that a moment is eternal and that is the beauty of time. In the end, everybody’s time is not like that. Hao Ming is taking telling the truth seriously because he makes Sheng Hua swear using Yi Ren’s name that he will not spill the secret and reiterates that he is doing this because he does not want to hurt Ji Qing. So Sheng Hua agrees.

Sheng Hua returns and doesn’t tell Yi Ren the truth but tells her not to blame Hao Ming because he has his difficulties. Meanwhile, Ji Qing continues to drown in devastation and still isn’t eating, not even the congee that her father made which has the reminiscence of her mother. He tells her that regardless of what happens he will always be by her side. (Well, that is one relationship that is working).

Ji Qing takes a shopping walk, though unenthusiastically, and stops in front of a stall featuring Peter Rabbit (OMGGGG, SOP Queen anyone?) recalling the day before the marriage about how she and Hao Ming were discussing having children. Zhe Mei happened to be nearby and so he follows Ji Qing and watches and watches as she contemplates outside her house that since she has broken up with Hao Ming, should she still live here? She screams out, asking why Hao Ming has to be like this towards her. This home is only a family with him. If he has given up the promises, then what is real? She lets out some tearful tears and comments that this is the last time that she is going to cry for Hao Ming. Since he doesn’t want this family and relationship, she doesn’t want it either.

Ji Qing burns down her vows while recalling her past memories with Hao Ming and packs away her belongings. She messages Hao Ming informing him that she is leaving. She thanks him for the sweet memories throughout these eights years and tells him that breaking up is no one’s mistake, it just means that they don’t love each other any more so he doesn’t have to give her any “breaking-up present” and furthermore, she is not going to accept the house. She tells him to rest assure; she won’t cry and will live well. Even though they have broken up, it is a pretty strong exit. As goes to leave, Zhe Mei appears and tells her that she can’t just hide and admit defeat. He asks her if she really wants to give up on these eight years of feelings and she replies that it is a fact, she underestimated Shan Shan. He tells her that giving up is defeat while persistent means winning. There is only one conclusion in love – love or not love. If it is love then you can forgive. Zhe Mei leaves and Yi Ren arrives. Ji Qing tells her that Zhe Mei was right and she is not going to admit defeat.

Hao Ming arrives home and is shocked to see Ji Qing. She admits that she was wrong and immature and that she realises that love is not something that you can play with. But despite her pleads and initiative to get close with him, he resists and pushes her away. She tells him that Shan Shan is no longer the matter, as long as he is willing, she can do anything for him. But regardless of what she does, it is not going to change anything.

Ji Qing decides that she is going to take time off work. She discovers that Shan Shan has been removed from her department. She confronts her and tells her that she is not going to give up. She is not going to loose him for the second time. Shan Shan counters that she won’t because he won’t return to her side. Of course Shan Shan is quick to file a complaint to Hao Ming and threatens to tell Ji Qing the truth if he does not thoroughly let go.

Sheng Hua arrives advising Hao Ming to allow Ji Qing to choose what she wants. Speaking of Ji Qing, she arrives, with groceries set to cook for Hao Ming. Furthermore, she is persistent about it despite Hao Ming’s refusal.

Daddy Ji pays his respect to his wife and apologises, because of this selfishness, it ruined the Zhao family’s happiness as well as make her misunderstand him and leave him. He thought that Ji Qing ignoring him was the biggest retribution but he never thought that his daughter’s happiness would be lost among all this. So he goes to find Mummy Zhao and it appears as she knows nothing regarding her daughter’s doing. Daddy Ji wonders how is going to explain all this to Ji Qing.


Ji Qing arrives with a love obento box for Hao Ming but he brushes her away because he is having lunch with Shan Shan. So she calls Zhe Mei for a favour. She offers a sincere apology by craning herself up and showing Hao Ming just how apologetic she is. However Hao Ming is not ready to be moved yet. Hao Ming walks away with Shan Shan while Ji Qing falls while chasing him. He has to use that he can to force himself not to turn around.


My Opinion:

I knew it, I just knew where this story was heading and yet I did not want that. Ever since Shan Shan appeared, it was inevitable that she would be the one interfering Hao Ming and Ji Qing’s relationship. But, I did not want that. Her role makes the story ever so that more normal and overused. Shan Shan may be here to take her revenge but her whole existence is unnecessary and just a sidekick. I don’t want that and the illness to be the stepping stone for Ji Qing and Hao Ming’s relationship. I want to see something explosive with their relationship because their relationship isn’t that interesting to watch any more.

What this drama isn’t doing too well at is trying to hold people’s attention. Each ep leaves you tired and feeling that you have seen a two hour ep instead of an hour ep. Everything is quite repetitive and very guessable, and furthermore, the development is left to quite a minimum and instead they are trying to drag out Ji Qing and Hao Ming’s relationship which just makes the drama that much more draggy. The development in their relationship is quite slow which in turn makes the storyline slow because the drama is based on their storyline. It took 8 eps to reach this turning point and for their relationship, that is too long. They were a loving couple from start to turning point and this was shown throughout the eight eps. There wasn’t much to their relationship and then cancer was thrown in to create some holes in their relationship which in turn dragged on their relationship even more. This whole drama is about their relationship but with every ep, their relationship just seems to drag on and then attention gets diverted. Also, another thing is that the side relationships are also progressing quite slowly and thus the entire drama is travelling at quite a draggy pace. Even if it was the side relationships that developed faster, it would give the drama some more life.

I might have said this previously but there are just too much characters here, too much that are given quite a large amount of screen time to their storyline. There’s Ji Qing-Hao Ming- Shan Shan, Sheng Hua-Yi Ren-Da Shuai, Daddy Ji, Yong Xin, Xiao Xian, Zhe Mei and everybody in between. I personally think that with this much going on in a slow paced drama, it should actually be creating some life but instead, here, it makes the drama progress even slower. There isn’t one person or relationship that is catching enough to hold your attention.

This ep was draggy. It just went back to reminiscence, more reminiscence and sadness. And then denial as well as persistent.

I just wonder what where the next ep is heading given the bipolar preview.

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One thought on “Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 8 Recap

  1. miralona December 2, 2013 at 8:37 pm Reply

    im bored in this drama…im just just start watchin it but..i feel im waste my time…tiffany no chimestry with chris wang….not like annie chen…

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