Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 9 Recap

This ep is just sad, because of the current situation that the OTP has found themselves in. They clearly love each other dearly but that one cancerous situation is what draws them apart. Their heart longs for each other and I am afraid that they both might break if they do not get together soon. They both yearn for each other yet they have a distance with each other. Not only that but this ep is sad that nothing really develops and so all that there is is sadness from the OTP. 

Despite Ji Qing’s cries for Hao Ming, he forces himself to walk forward. After he dismisses Shan Shan, he heads back and walks off when he spots Zhe Mei comforting Ji Qing.

Zhe Mei treats her injuries and tells her that Hao Ming is not going to come back because of her cries but she continues to cry regardless.

Mummy Zhao confronts her daughter and tells her that Ji Qing is innocent in all of this. Instead of admitting to her revenge plan, she drops down to her knees and claims that she loves Hao Ming and that can’t be helped. She even claims that this is all thanks to her father; Daddy Ji took her away her father and now is giving her Hao Ming who would take care of her. She manages to persuade her mother to support her and also request that she keep her knowledge of Daddy Ji killing her father a secret.

Sheng Hua decides that he has to do something to help Hao Ming. So he invites Yong Xin out and hints this to her. Meanwhile, Sheng Hua gets a letter from Japan which lands on Yi Ren’s hand. Da Shuai spots Sheng Huan and Yong Xin together and hints to Yi Ren that Sheng Hua is not as honest as he seems. Furthermore, he tells her that he is not going to give up on her.

Ji Qing borrows Duo Duo to try to get Hao Ming to return home but Hao Ming resists himself from softening. Instead, he follows Ji Qing around and his heart breaks and shatters to pieces when he sees her fall when her heel breaks while knowing that he can’t do anything to support her.

Yong Xin heads to Sheng Hua’s restaurant to inform him that she accomplished what he requested. Yi Ren also learns that Sheng Hua was with her that afternoon. On the way home, she questions why he lied. Remembering the promise that he kept towards Hao Ming, he bypasses explaining that. He clarifies that Yong Xin is like a little sister towards him as well as a great friend. However, that doesn’t satisfy her jealously and guilt towards him because everything would be much more smooth sailing if he is with a woman who has never been married. But he tells her that he has always loved her. She invites him to accompany her to visit where she lived when she was little and to pay their respects to her parents which he is happy to do so.

Ji Qing prepares breakfast for Hao Ming and confesses that all she wants is him. However, her mood is shattered when Shan Shan arrives and gives Hao Ming a morning kiss on the lips right in front of Ji Qing’s face. She runs off crying and shattered and returns home to find her father there. He admits the truth of what happened all those years ago and his conclusion that Shan Shan is nearing her to avenge him. Of course, she heads off hit with more devastation.

Daddy Ji calls Shan Shan to ask her not to harm Ji Qing while allowing her to know that Ji Qing knows the truth. Shan Shan realises that Hao Ming will soon know that her hatred towards the Ji family so she quickly switches her plan of attack. She informs Hao Ming that she just discovered that it was Daddy Ji who killed her father, so all that she is doing is not for revenge. She cries and tells him that she doesn’t want to continue helping him any more because she doesn’t want to be thought of as doing this for revenge and also she doesn’t know how to face Ji Qing. Hao Ming tells her that she has to continue helping him and he will help her face Ji Qing.

Ji Qing returns home to find Zhe Mei there with her father. Zhe Mei tells her that Shan Shan’s appearance is for revenge and he takes her to Shan Shan. Shan Shan denies prior knowledge while Hao Ming stands by her.

Sheng Hua’s chance to further his sushi skills in Japan has arrived but he debates over this now that he has Yi Ren and Duo Duo. Yi Ren arrives and they break into a talk about families and eternity. That’s when Sheng Hua asks her to marry him. Before she can even say yes or now, Ji Qing arrives.

Ji Qing lays out her problem to Yi Ren. Yi Ren tells her to look at this from a different perspective that her father did not betray her mother. Yi Ren advises her to stand strong if she wants to survive through all this.

Sheng Hua talks to Hao Ming about this shocking revelation when Hao Ming tells him that he wants to leave here and find a place where he can finish his design plan which is to create a happy future. Furthermore, every time he abandons Ji Qing, his heart breaks.  Sheng Hua advises him to tell Ji Qing the truth because those who are being lied to will feel hurt. Hao Ming explains that being widowed hurts much more than being divorced because they would have lost one who means the world to them and also ask that Sheng Hua keep his illness a secret even when he is gone or else all that he has done would go to waste.

Ji Qing returns home and her father begs for her forgiveness. She explains that it is not his fault but hers so he doesn’t have to feel remorse for it.


Ji Qing goes for a break and discovers that the room that she wants is booked out (because Hao Ming booked it!) Both saddened and disheartened recall their happy and sweet times together. Ji Qing realises that the more the beautiful the memory is, the more harder it is to walk down the lane which Hao Ming decides that he is going to use his remaining time to give Ji Qing the best memory.

Ji Qing uses the wedding pen to write down how she never thought of life without Hao Ming and how she wishes that he would return. As if Hao Ming hears her thought, he immediately lights up. He mentions that all he can do for her is secretly design her dream house.

It must be fate because the next day both Hao Ming and Ji Qing embark separate on the journey that they once went on together. And fate brings them together again.


My Opinion:

I know that Tiffany Hsu is dating Ethan Ruan but I find that she and Ji Ya Wen look really compatiable together. I just find that when they stand together, they look like a matching couple, not that Ethan is not good for her. But, in terms of looks, Ya Wen looks compatible with her. Ahahahas, I’m getting side tracked!

This ep was slow paced, as all of the eps now are, but it is even slower than the last ep. I think that at this rate we are really going no where because development is very minuscule. They have been saddened and torn apart for two eps and nothing has developed between them. Their development is so slow that I feel like I make more progressing dissecting their relationship than they are.

I am not really sure of what Zhe Mei’s relationship with Ji Qing is. When they were introduced in ep 6, they were two people who did not get along well and furthermore, they were both competing each other. However, they are now friends? Furthermore, they are friends who are willing to help each other. It just doesn’t connect at all and it doesn’t follow either. I would much prefer it if they were two people who did not get along well because that would definitely create some perks to the drama! Or maybe he should be someone who is in love with her and is actively pursing her.

I find that Zhe Mei is actually quite a useless character. This drama already has more characters than necessary and Zhe Mei is just another added non-sense to the drama. He is someone to open up and look out for Ji Qing? Well, Jing already has Yi Ren and to an extent Xiao Xian. His role may be a bit different from Yi Ren’s but not by much. This drama already has to develop on six characters and now there is seven, which is not including the supporting cast.

I’m gonna predict the ending – Hao Ming discovers that he can live past his three months so he and Ji Qing end up togheter, Sheng Hua and Yi Ren end up together, I would love it if Yong Xin and Da Shuai would end up together nad Shan Shan just leaves overseas and never comes back. Okay, cool.

Hao Ming, Ji Qing, Sheng Hua, Yi Ren and Da Shuai are supposed to be best friends from university but frankly I don’t see a best friend connection between the five of them. Although their friendship isn’t that highly prioritised but since their friendship is mentioned, I want to see them as friends with chemistry and not friends. There is a connection between Hao Ming and Sheng Hua as well as Yi Ren and Ji Qing but other than those two connections, there isn’t any other signs of friendship.

By now, the ending is so predictable and so normal. Hao Ming miraculously survives his survival rate and ends up with Ji Qing; Yi Ren and Sheng Hua end up together; Shan Shan is going to live in a cave; Da Shuai is going to find new love and Yong Xin is going to be the jolly girl she is. I am hoping that it doesn’t turn out this way and throw in something fresh but I can only hope.

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