Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You Part 4 Recap

Okay, I can breathe a sigh of relief. I thought that the third ep was the end but luckily it’s not because it was really really really opened. I didn’t even know that there was this final ep! But luckily there is because it ties up the entire story together with a closed ending. I take back a lot about what I said during the last ep because I truly took ep 3 as the final ep. So this means that ep 3 performed a lot better than what I thought given that it wasn’t a conclusion ep. But, given that the previous ep wasn’t the conclusion, the development happened a lot slower than what I thought. Regardless, I am just glad the the previous ep left for something this ep could build upon.

This ep was all emotional but coming to the end I expected this, especially since that it is inevitable that Siu Yau will have to leave. This ep didn’t contain the movement that the previous eps contained but that’s a given since Siu Yau and Ah Jun have a lot of dialogue to explain to each other. I really loved that this was was really strong in its dialogue deliver because after all that Ah Jun and Siu Yau have been through to get to this stage, they need to tell each other once and for all.

Siu Yau is getting weaker by the minute, with eight of her fingernails purple, because she is missing Ah Jun. She continues to grow weaker waiting for Ah Jun to come home. He arrives, hugs her tight trying to keep her warm and informing her that he found Tou Jie and that she stayed here for a few months.

He thanks her for being there for him at his lowest time. It is her power that helped him to survive through that difficult time. She explains that she doesn’t know what is happening and when she looks down at her nails she finds that another one has turned purple. He suddenly gets a call about a work project for him. Siu Yau is ecstatic to learn that his luck is back. He tells her that he is only like this because he took all of her powers and tells her to take it back. She explains that her feelings for him keeps growing stronger and it is something that she cannot control but regardless she has to stay goodbye and move on and hold onto time to do what they have to do. She tells him that time is really precious and thanks him for taking care of her during this period.

He realises that he has been too greedy, he thought that it would be good if he just thought of her as a friend but it is because that she isn’t that he fell for her. Only she would think that he is amazing, only she would tentatively watch him work around, only she would think the things that he say are funny and only she would allow to realise that he is content just being by her side.

She tells him that is very happy to have met home, only this is late 25 years. He hugs her tight telling not to go and confessing his love for her, and annoyed with himself for telling him that he loves her at the very last minute. She tells him that she met him not because she wants him to live well but because she is him energy and vice versa. That was her last words before she leaves him.

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My Opinion:

I absolutely loved the development here. There wasn’t much but it was so powerful. It was powerful in the way that Siu Yau and Ah Jun spilt their heart to each other. They allowed each other to realise that they both liked each other but what they missed out on was timing which put them at times apart. Regardless, they will always hold a spot for each other. Regardless I am glad that they were able to confess to each other at the last minute so they are both able to have a content heart.

During the previous ep I was wondering how the title Give Me 1 Minute To Say I Love You came about and now I finally realise how so. At that moment when Ah Jun confessed, that one minute was all it took for Siu Yau to truly know how he left and to leave with this knowledge. However, it is also in that one minute that Ah Jun realised that he left it all too late and that it is something that he cannot go back on.

I really enjoyed Eliza Sam and Raymond Lam‘s portrayal of their characters here. They were both really into character and executed two great characters. I enjoyed Eliza’s performance, especially during this ep. I really enjoyed seeing her express great expressions as Siu Yau, and as a new actress, it is wonderful to see such great expressions and furthermore, she grows more and more natural the more that I see of her. I also really like Raymond Lam’s portrayal and you could really feel his sadness when Siu Yau left.

I like watching Eliza and Raymond together as a couple. They are are so adorable together! As I mentioned before that they don’t have sizzling chemistry but as the eps progressed, you can see that their chemistry progressive got better and better.

This ep was a good conclusion to the entire series and tied up everything quite well. Siu Yau had to leave so I was curious to see how Ah Jun would react and I was pleasantly pleased with the ending.

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