Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 10 Recap

While one couple is having their hearts broken but each other, another couple is well on their way to a loving relationship. Hao Ming needs to stop and think on behalf on other people not think for them. He needs to realise that Ji Qing loves him and for every month that she can spend with him it is a privilege.

I can’t stand to watch where Hao Ming and Ji Qing’s relationship is heading at this stage. Sheng Hua and Yi Ren’s relationship is much more interesting to watch. 

Hao Ming turns to head in the opposite direction but Ji Qing rushes up to him and questions why he won’t admit that he still cares for her, with all the little things that he used to do for her and coming here in search of her. He musters up the courage to tell her that he is here only for business purposes. She exclaims that she can’t be without him but that is no longer his business and furthermore, right now the one he cares about is Shan Shan. He turns and walks away while Ji Qing decides to put her life to the test.


She jumps in the water waiting to be saved. Her saviour is Zhe Mei and not Hao Ming. Hao Ming just stands and watches as Ji Qing is pulled to safety. Zhe Mei takes this chance to give Hao Ming a punch and tell him that if he wants to give up Ji Qing, he shouldn’t be near her.

Sheng Hua is picking out a ring for Yi Ren and goes to tell Da Shuai that he is going to head to Japan for a year to muster up his culinary skills and he is going to take Yi Ren and Duo Duo with him. Da Shuai does not take this nicely and assures him that he is not going to allow him to take away Duo Duo as well. As Da Shuai walks away, Sheng Hua promises that he will take good care of Yi Ren and Duo Duo because that is the biggest meaning in their friendship.

Ji Qing is still sadden over Hao Ming. Yi Ren tells her that since Hao Ming wronged her she doesn’t have to hurt for him. Ji Qing just tells her that she really lost this time. Yi Ren tells her that even if she did loose, she must move on and uses her own personal experience with Da Shuai to illustrate this. Also, the biggest injury can be healed unless she doesn’t want it to. Furthermore, she hasn’t lost because she has them and her father. Taking this in, she decides to cherish herself and pulls Yi Ren for a shopping trip.

Meanwhile Hao Ming packs his luggage and sits down with all the apologises that he can’t tell Ji Qing face to face. He subconsciously tells her that when he saw that the person who saved her wasn’t him, he really hated himself but he doesn’t have the courage to tell her the truth.

Sheng Hua arrives to pick up Yi Ren while Ji Qing shows off her purchases of the day. Watching Ji Qing, Sheng Hua and Yi Ren feel unease. Ji Qing assures them that she is fine and will cherish herself from today onwards. She ushers Yi Ren and Sheng Hua out so that they can go on their adventure together.

Ji Qing does some cleaning while Hao Ming watches from the outside. He asks for more time so that he can do more for her and so she won’t be sadden because of him. As for Ji Qing, even when she is cleaning it brings back memories with Hao Ming.

Yi Ren and Sheng Hua have a wonderful talk before embarking on their trip together about their future old ages together! He tells her how lucky they are to be discussing their future together. They set out on their trip and Da Shuai realises that he must talk to Yi Ren soon or else she will be gone from him forever and Duo Duo will forget about him. So he decides to embark on this journey too.


Yi Ren and Sheng Hua pay their respects to her parents and he promises to take good care of her. He checks them in the hotel first while leaving Yi Ren in the car alone. He organises a proposal surprise but Yi Ren discovers the bouquet of flowers and the ring box. That’s when Da Shuai appears and kidnaps Yi Ren making her drop the flowers and ring box in the process.

Sheng Hua comes out, sees the mess and realises that Yi Ren must be in trouble. Da Shuai only lets Yi Ren go when she threatens to jump out of the car.  He chases after her and reveals to her Sheng Hua’s plans to head to Japan. He questions if Duo Duo will be able to adapt to Japan. That’s when Sheng Hua arrives and announces that if Duo Duo does not adapt to there, they will all come back. He is willing to drop his dream for Yi Ren and Duo Duo. Sheng Hua tells Yi Ren that she can whatever she wants but Duo Duo cannot leave leave.

After Sheng Hua leaves, Yi Ren shows Sheng Hua that she is not happy with her future being mapped out without her prior knowledge. He chases after he and apologises for not informing her of this first. She lets this sink in and realises that the chef which he looks up to is taking students and tells him that if she can’t go with him, they will be separated. He tells her that being with her he never thought that they would separate and assures her that if either she or Duo Duo is not used to Japan they will return immediately. Yi Ren’s reply is a hug.


Sheng Hua gives Yi Ren an amazing surprise. He takes her to see some glowing fireflies and proposes to her. (She doesn’t give an outright yes or no answer but doesn’t deny it when he places the ring on her). She goes to catch a firefly but slips and Sheng Hua slips too in order to save her and quickly lightens the situation. (Just saying, you shouldn’t wear wedges when out of a bumpy walk!) They share a cute water bath fight together and having an amazing night.

Shan Shan thinks about how her mother doesn’t see happiness with her dating Hao Ming but she records that she will happily date Hao Ming because this is the only way to make Daddy Ji’s daughter suffer.

Ji Qing is packing up her things and the reality of the ending is hitting home. Shan Shan comes to thank her for finally letting go and informing her that she and Hao Ming are getting married. Shan Shan then finds Hao Ming drinking and tells her that they need to get married because a) she told Ji Qing already and b) it will help Ji Qing to move on. Unable to comprehend this, Hao Ming walks off and gets into a fight. When a glass bottle comes down, Shan Shan quickly covers him. He sends her home and she insists that they need to get married and ask if she could be given the chance to love him too. Ji Qing is a tough girl but she will be more accepting for the loss of him. Hao Ming just leaves.

A new day, a fresh start. Ji Qing tells herself that she can lie well without Hao Ming by her side and heads back to work. Shan Shan comes with some wedding candy and Ji Qing congratulates her and Hao Ming. As reciprocity, Xiao Xian smashes some cake on her blouse.

Ji Qing, who still clearly cares about Hao Ming, empties her heart out to Yi Ren about what happened at work. Her own problems aside, she is happy for Yi Ren’s happy and bright future and wonders if maybe she doesn’t cherish her happiness enough.

Da Shuai takes some professional pictures with Duo Duo and his mother and informs his mother that Yi Ren is going to head to Japan. Mummy Wang tells Yi that it is okay if she heads to Japan. After sending Yi Ren in, Mummy Wang does what a mummy does best and interrogates Sheng Hua about his wedding and future plans.

Sheng Hua is shocked that Hao Ming wants to have a fake marriage with Shan Shan all so that Ji Qing can move on so he decides to go and tell Ji Qing all this.


My Opinion:

Ep 11 cannot come any sooner because the truth needs to be revealed now! Hao Ming and Ji Qing’s relationship has been dragging on with each ep, she wants him and he wants her but because of his illness he doesn’t want to burden her. The previous few eps has been quite repetitive with their relationship, they are just both heartbroken over what has happened, so it would be a turning point for the drama and create some fresh movements for the drama.

What Hao Ming is doing maybe for the better of Ji Qing but he should know that what he is doing will only hurt her more. He has seen her suffer time and time again because of what he has done. I just don’t understand how he thinks Ji Qing will be better off without him. He watches her and I am sure he can see how much she aches for him. Furthermore, they have been together for eight years. He should know how much she loves him. Even if he is not around, she still loves him. Isn’t he just as hurt to see Ji Qing like this? If he really wants to make Ji Qing feel better, he should tell her the truth because at the very least she can have him by her side for three months.

What Hao Ming is doing is outrageous. He may be doing this all for Ji Qing but he has just stepped over the line. He is not only using Shan Shan but he never once stopped and thought about her and all the sacrifices that she is making for him, revenge aside. Marriage is just beyond outrageous. He never thought about what this could mean for Shan Shan. This fake marriage could potentially ruin her future and not to mention it is fake. Marriage is supposed to be between someone you love and not for helping the one you love move on. He should think for Shan Shan because what she is doing for him is big.

I am just not into this revenge plot that Shan Shan has going around now. It is just outrageous because she can put her future on the line all to avenge for what Daddy Ji has done.

I like Yi Ren and Sheng Hua’s relationship. I like how Sheng Hua is willing to put Yi Ren as first priority. It is kind of amusing to see how both Hao Ming and Sheng Hua have a different way of treating their loved ones. Currently, Yi Ren and Sheng Hua’s relationship seems to be the only drawing point of each ep because everything else is draggy and really dull. The interaction between Yi Ren and Sheng Hua is sweet but very two dimensional. I just see Yi Ren as a person who constantly has her bubbly personality. With Sheng Hua their relationship doesn’t have any depth. They are just two people on a quest for love. Sometimes when watching Yi Ren with Sheng Hua, it seems that she is hesitant about their relationship. She just appears to be held back but that is explainable considering her former relationship with Da Shuai. I would like it if their relationship was more three dimensional.

I wonder what is going to happen in the next ep with the revelation in place. I just want Hao ming and Ji Qing to get back together.

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