My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 21-24

Rest assure, I have not dropped this drama! I have just been behind a little bit, or well, maybe A LOT, because 720p HD eps are hard to hunt down! Now that I have hunted them down, I finally get to see Fu Yun Kai! Like, finally! I have waited 20 eps for this to happen! With everything that has happened to Ming Ming, I am actually glad for his appearance. Ming Ming’s love life to say the least is a mess right now so Yun Kai is great as an alternative path that she can take.

These four eps definitely grew in pace from the previous four eps but it is not going too fast which is quite good. It is going as a steady pace which is extraordinary considering everything that is evolving. I am surprised with everything that is happening yet it does not appear any bit complicated because if you look at it, things should intertwine with each other but surprisingly they do not. They may overlap but it doesn’t weave itself with the other complications present.

These four eps only makes things that much more complicated for Ming Ming. She has to deal with Shao Tian who is actively trying to pursue her, Eason who is trying to win back her heart and Yun Kai who has confessed that he likes her. Not only that, but her life gets even more complicated when it is revealed that Pei Ni is pregnant. Also, she has to deal with her own contending heart and find the one who is right for her. She clearly knows who she wants in her heart but does that person deserve it? That is something that she keeps asking herself time and time again and just as she thinks her answer is there, she gets kicked and realised that the answer is not what she initially thought it was. These four eps gives her no definite answer but instead leads her to truly question what she wants. 


My Opinion:

We have seen Ming Ming grown significantly. She was once a weak woman but now she is strong and independent.  I love that she is not afraid to stand up for herself. That is most definitely the biggest change to her. I think her relationship with Eason has changed her a lot, whether she knows it or not. Even the way she thinks is much more thought out and mature than before. I love that she allows herself to show more. She has found her passion for scriptwriting and she is not going to left that go now. She might have done so in the past but now she is strong enough to hold on. She stood up to Zhou Jie expressing her opinion but she would have never done that in the past. What I love about Ming Ming is that her change is progressive and it allows us as the viewers to witness her steps that she takes to grow into this strong, independent and mature woman.

My favourite scene from these four eps was in ep 24 when Ming Ming broke it off with Eason. That was powerful, breathe-taking and heart-wrenching. I can say that that scene was probably one of Ruby Lin‘s best performance of the entire drama. You could see it all in Ming Ming’s face that she stabbed a knife in her heart as she said that. Her heart still lies with him but she is forcing herself to let go. She doesn’t want to but she is doing it any way. That scene was just filled with emotion and pain. I just absolutely loved it, it was an excellent portrayal of everything that Ming Ming is feeling.

Arghhh, Eason! What can I say about him? If you love her you have to work to get her! Furthermore, he needs to explain to her whether she wants to listen or not or else she is just going to continue to misunderstand him!

I love Shao Tian and all but I just feel that with recent episodes, his role is lacking, just lacking. I think this all started when he made his confession towards Ming Ming. That just changed everything in their relationship, mostly because he is always a younger brother to her. When he made that confession it was like he altered their relationship. Thereafter, she could no longer just look at him as a little brother because well, she knows the fact that he doesn’t see her that way. I can’t see Shao Tian as one who loves Ming Ming. Sure, he might love her but I can’t see it that way. I just see it as friendly and him treating her like an older sister. What I think is lacking is that because he has always been the younger brother, he does not stack up to Eason and Yun Kai as romantic rivals and that just tones down his role as Ming Ming’s younger brother. It’s not that I don’t love Shao Tian, it’s that when his relationship with Ming Ming changed, his role also changed.

I just don’t understand Pei Ni. Sure, she may be pregnant and Bao Kang (btw, he is a douche for not accepting this baby because the baby is his!) might not admit to the baby but she is no right whatsoever to drag Eason into the waters. Eason did nothing wrong and helped her as a friend but instead of helping him back she drags him into the waters. She knows that he loves Ming Ming and she knows that dragging him into the waters will dampen his relationship with Ming Ming but she does so any way. Okay, let’s take it that she is doing this to save her own reputation but the very least she can do is tell Ming Ming that the child is not Eason’s!

I actually find myself struggling to see how the drama is going to end, and this is a rare thing for me. So far everything has been quite predictable and it is because of this that I am not sure of where things are going to head. Ming Ming and Eason have the hearts for each other but their relationship is complicated and a mess. Plus, Ming Ming is forcing herself to left go, so for them to be together again Eason must do something miraculous. Ming Ming has always thought of Shao Tian as a little brother and plus Shao Tian has already announced that he is going to let her go so their relationship is out of the question. As for Yun Kai, he seems like the only viable and hurt-free option so I wouldn’t be surprised that Ming Ming ended up with him. (But then I doubt it because there is the hint of Qiong Zhi Mummy and Yun Kai…) I just know for one thing is that this drama is going to leave me with a satisfied ending.

Previously, I have mentioned that in the limited eps remaining it would be difficult for Yun Kai and Ming Ming to build a relationship of depth and dimension but I admit I am wrong. Just four eps and they have already built a stable and strong colourful relationship. That really came as a surprise. I thought that it would take them time to get a relationship going but nope, they just hit it off like wild fire! I can honestly see Ming Ming end up with him.

With all the complications already present I was surprised and startled by the appearance of Mummy Eason. So far this drama has been quite predictable; the clues that were left easily leaves readers knowing what will happen soon so I was shocked to not have even been clued in that Mummy Eason was going to appear! All this time I have seen Qiong Zhi Mummy as the mother figure in Eason’s life. She has always been the one by Eason’s side and patching up his problems so for his mother to appear, well that is just a shock. I kind of feel betrayed by this because Qiong Zhi Mummy has always been the mother in Eason’s life!

Whether it be Mummy Tong, Mummy Shen, Mummy Wang, Mummy Eason or Qiong Zhi Mummy, these mothers put their child’s best interest at heart. They may have a different way of approaching this but they all care for their child. I love that this drama is not putting the mothers out as the “baddie” but rather a “goodie”. They are there for their child and they are there to support their child. Take Mummy Shen for example, she may have been put out as a “bad” mother from the start by forcing Pei Ni to go on matchmaking dates that she has no interest in but when she found out that Pei Ni was pregnant, she didn’t blame her but instead she was supportive and there to help Pei Ni deal with this matter. As for the other mothers, they are supportive of their child chasing for their happiness and even gives great love advice! I just love that the mothers are given a bright limelight to shine in.

Oh, I still really love the bromance, even though it died down significantly but I cannot get enough of Eason and Shao Tian!

What this drama is doing so well is creating relationships between the characters, and creating ones that is deep. Even more amazing is that this is able to happen between each character, whether they be the main or supporting. I just love how it all glues together. It just works so remarkably well! I think  that this is the drama with a perfect balance of relationships!

I am so close to the ending! Just four more eps! I am so so so excited to see how this will end, especially who Ming Ming will choose! Frankly, at this stage I would not be surprised if she ends up with no one but of course, she will not end alone!

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4 thoughts on “My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 21-24

  1. heisui January 30, 2013 at 5:38 pm Reply

    Ok I didn’t get to these episodes yet so I’m kinda lost. Ming Ming breaks up with Eason AGAIN?? I’m kinda tired of this back-and-forth thing going on here T_T

    I also feel like DGGG is slowing down. I’m already a fan of Yun Kai even though I’ve only seen like his first scene but I don’t think he will end up with Ming Ming. It would just sorta waste all the effort they put into setting up Ming Ming & Eason’s deep relationship.

    • misscupcakees January 30, 2013 at 6:15 pm Reply

      No, no, no. This is sorta coming off from the original break up. But they almost get together again and then not. Ahahahas, I better not say any more least I spoil it for you!

      Ahahahas, yeahhhh! Me too! Go Yun Kai! I know, but really, I would be content to see Ming Ming end up with Yun Kai. Eason and Ming Ming’s relationship lacks trust and belief at this stage.

      • heisui January 31, 2013 at 5:35 pm

        I feel like the drama might try to pull a sort of fairy-tale ending on us though…like the beginning of her relationship with Eason felt like a really ideal love story, and even though that unraveled, I still feel like they are supposed to be soul mates or something.

      • heisui January 31, 2013 at 5:37 pm

        Oh and if we base this off of the promo poster….Yun Kai is barely there T____T he’s like the smallest figure in it..NOOO. Whereas Eason is one of the larger figures. A hint maybe?

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