My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 25-28

Yes, no, maybe. Maybe, maybe I have neglected this drama but well, school started and then I just got busy and didn’t feel in the mood to finish off this drama. I am so so so so super duper sorry! I know I haven’t been posting in a while and I have neglected Drama Go Go Go. But, I did manage to finish this drama and I can safely say that it is one of the better progressive drama that I have seen, which is always a plus!

I loved what this drama was able to bring out from start to finish. In fact, this drama was exceptionally long compared to the usual 16 ep k-drama but this drama (plus, each ep ranged from 45 minutes to 1h 15 mins) did not fail to deliver in its concept. There were the complications, the second leads, love and most importantly, what I absolutely enjoyed about this drama is the sense of family. Sure, there was some slowing down which is evident in every drama but it wasn’t visible enough to actually drag down the plot but instead where is did slow down it helped to lead a build up to the next scene of the drama. That aside, this was a really sweet rom-com to watch. Everything worked so well for this drama from the leads to the plot and even to the complications.


My Opinion:

I think this was the first time that I have come across the concept of “older woman dating younger guy and getting entangled with three guys” and I must say I am impressed with the outcome of this drama. Initially I was quite sceptical about watching this and I didn’t even jump on board until about the second or third week. However, once I jumped on board I knew I was sailing in the right direction. This drama had a solid start, middle (even though it declined quite a lot) and ending. There was a sense of slowing down and dragginess but that was totally fine with me because this happens in virtually ever drama. No drama can ever be perfect but this drama was quite close to it. However, I am sure some of the imperfection lies within the editing. This drama was supposed to have 30 eps but it got trimmed down to 28 eps, and furthermore, a lot of the eps started with scenes repeated from the previous ep. Anyways, the plot was refreshing and the stars not only had great acting skills but they had a great connection too! And together, this is what makes a brilliant drama!

It was a blast watching this drama (aside from me neglecting these last four eps). What made this drama such a good watch was that it had three perfect male leads from head to toe. There were numerous times that I felt that each of them was the Mr. Right for Ming Ming. I think that was what made it so interesting to watch, because I shipped all of the three male leads with Ming Ming. Furthermore, one this drama neared the end, I didn’t feel the pull to ship any one couple whereas during the start I was in a huge dilemma choosing to ship between Shao Tian and Ming Ming or Eason and Ming Ming. Shipping aside, what this drama really worked for me was that the conflicts arose when they were supposed to and resolutions came after going through some obstacles. This drama worked perfectly well in my books and I can guarantee that it is a wonderful drama to spend your free time on!

Of course, in the end Eason and Ming Ming ended up together with such a sweet ending which I was more than satisfied about. However, I was veering more towards her and Yun Kai together, and though I might have been satisfied with that ending Ming Ming definitely was not. You could really see that her feelings for Yun Kai were friendly at most and no where near romantic. She still yearned for Eason and he left a deep impression in her heart. Shao Tian never stood a chance as a potential candidate. He was only ever a little brother in Ming Ming’s heart, and despite my liking towards Shao Tian his love for Ming Ming did not really register to me as “romantic love”. It was more like deep brotherly-sisterly love. Maybe it is because Ming Ming has always been the girl by his side that he thinks he loves her. With all of these men in her life, Eason really had to work for her. Regardless, each of these men all managed to get themselves a place in Ming Ming’s heart one time or another.

These last four eps slowed down significantly despite Yun Kai taking centre stage (I think he was the only thing in these four dramas that helped with speed up the drama). Yun Kai shone light like a bright light but it was not enough to drive this drama to its former speed. Sure, it what happened here was vital to keep this drama going but it could have been done so in a different way that would allow this drama to drive home strong. What I wanted to see was Ming Ming finding herself and following what her heart desires. It was extremely evident in these four eps, especially in the one year later stage, that Ming Ming was forcing herself to follow a path that was not pleasantly happy with. It slowed down because we all know what Ming Ming wants except for herself.

Initially, I thought Yun Kai would not work with the storyline with his late entrance but when the time came, he was perfect. He was perfect in his own way, especially in these four eps because he thought he found love with Ming Ming while she was using him as a shield from confronting her heart. I really loved that he stood by Ming Ming through thick and thin. When he first met her he knew that she was going to some complications in her love life but he did was willing to wait. I really liked that he did not force Ming Ming into doing anything that she doesn’t want, it was like he knew that she was not ready to move on yet. With Ming Ming’s experience with Yun Kai, it helped to open her up and to re-access for the happiness that she should chase for.

Especially throughout these final four eps, I found myself really growing to love He Li. Throughout the previous eps I felt that he was overshadowed by everything that was going on, with Eason and Ming Ming being the limelight but in these four eps he got the time to shine and show us what he is willing to do for love. I loved that he truly loved Pei Ni. He knew that Pei Ni has the daughter of another man yet he still chose to love her. Within that one year period, he did not give up loving Pei Ni. Even after Pei Ni gave birth and denied his love, he still loved her regardless. I really enjoyed seeing him work towards love, and never even considered giving up, because if you really love someone you are going to love them regardless of their feelings towards you!

Once Pei Ni’s role got some colour I found myself quite enjoying her position. She wasn’t there to break up Ming Ming and Eason, she wasn’t there to be a third party, she wasn’t there to steal Eason away and nor was she there to cause anything but rather she was essentially a “tester” in Ming Ming and Eason’s relationship. I would just get so angry and confused each time Ming Ming saw Pei Ni and Eason together. She would continually mistake that something is going on between them without asking Eason for clarification. Urghhhh, she has so little trust in Eason! Anyway, back to Pei Ni, I am actually glad that she is a mother now because it has made her change her outlook towards life and realise who really is worth her heart.

This drama was sweet and really light-hearted. It was brilliant and what brought it home was the portrayal of the characters. Each of the actors were perfect in their roles and were brilliant in portraying the emotions. Each actor just gave the right feeling, if you get what I mean. I especially loved Ruby Lin‘s performance. She was just amazing, and had chemistry with each and every actor. Furthermore, she was also the producer of this drama so huge props to her for bring such an outstanding rom-com drama to my eyes! However, I was super duper annoyed with the lack of Shao Tian in the last three eps, like someone give him a girl already! I loved this drama from start to finish and I can say that it was worth my ever hour!

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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 25-28

  1. lifewithdramas February 24, 2013 at 10:59 pm Reply

    Soo agree. DGGG had it’s flaws but it also had many hits. Here are just some of my opinions…
    The disappointments:
    – I was quite disappointed with the editing. It was the worst editing ever. I spent countless episodes going ‘So that’s the end??!’
    – I was also sad that Shao Tian made no appearance in the last few eps. He just disappeared. *pout*
    – The dragging!! Around the middle to end of the drama, i felt that it was deja vu, sometimes it frustrated me so much i would give up the drama mid way through an ep, but then ultimaley it’s charm would lead me back to it like some sorta magnet.
    – The dubbing! However i am thankful that the leads original voices were kept. Especially the male leads who all had such sexy voices…..
    – The clothes. I noticed that halfway though the drama, Ming Ming started wearing Eason’s clothes??!! Wth. And that was after they broke up…. Eason was constantly dressed in a tight shirt. It’s fine but even the viewers need a break from a hot body…? Pei Ni… She wore such ridiculous boots and she seemed to always have the same cardigan…. I think the only decently dressed person was Yun Kai. Such good fashion sense. Lolz.
    However with that said i enjoyed DGGG so much. I enjoyed watching the characters grow and discover themselves. I enjoyed the acting. I enjoyed the chemistry. I enjoyed the crazy funny scenes. I enjoyed the serious and long monologues that made my head hurt. (Lol) And i really enjoyed the drama!! It wasn’t perfect. But there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ drama. But like you said it was close. Which is good enough for me. 🙂
    P.s. The good looking cast was a bonus too. We had a cute and adorkable Shao Tian/Lin Geng Xin. The mature and romantic Yun Kai/Hu Bing. The sexy, hot, cute and sweet Eason/Jiro. All Mr Perfects in their own way.

    Jiro’s countless shirtless scenes were a bonus too!! :)) (I am actually not that shallow…. Ok i am 😉 )

    • misscupcakees February 25, 2013 at 10:52 pm Reply

      Ahahahahahas, but of course no drama can ever be perfect. 😛

      I so so so agree with your opinion on Shao Tian, he just disappeared so suddenly, well, to be precise he didn’t disappear just randomly, but I just wanted him to make an appearance in the last ep! He played such a big role from start to finish and it just didn’t feel right to not see him in the last ep.

      It did get draggy in the middle, and a lot of it was repetition with Ming Ming not trusting Eason and him trying to whoo her back, blah blah blah.

      Oh, really? I was actually quite pleased with the dubbing, mainly because I am only family with the main cast. I’m just so thankful that their voices did not get dubbed because it would not feel right to hear a different voice come out of them! I know that Qiong Zhi mummy’s voice got dubbed, but I actually liked it, it suited her role and has that gentle and tenderness to it. 😛

      I loved that DGGG was able to grow with chemistry and allowed the characters to connect. They built on a relationship that started out as a seedling and made it grow into a tall and luscious tree!

      Ahhahahaas, I loved the male leads! They were truly eye candys! And, plus, they all suited Ming Ming. (:

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