My Opinion on Season of Love: Episodes 11-15 (Autumn)

This was definitely my favourite “season” of the drama, and not just because my personal favourite season is Autumn. I especially looked forward to this season because I loved the cast, they were especially appealing to my tastes. I was most looking forward to Vincent Wong and Nancy Wu as a couple, ever since I shipped them in Gun Metal Grey. Also, what made this season really interesting is that it was unpredictable from the very start. I didn’t know in what direction the plot will head nor did I know who Chau Sang will end up with. In fact, in terms of the guy for Chau Sang, I was in a whirlwind on which guy matched her the best!

I loved the creativity about this season because I have no recollection of seeing such a format used in any TVB drama that I have watched (or, maybe that’s just because I have a bad memory… ). I loved the time-travelling concept of heading back and having a second chance. It worked but it wasn’t without flaws as it was quite messy with its line of events. However, once you realise that there is actually three stories and the moral behind the season, everything will fall in place and would actually make sense. You really have to dig out the meaning behind what is happening to actually understand this season. It is one of the heavier seasons that requires you to realise that connotations that are present.

I found myself really confused with the different stories. At first, I didn’t understand how they all connect to one another because the changes were quite sudden. I understood the heading back in time part (where she headed back to the lift and because of that she married Simon) but then I was really confused with the other heading back in time. I was left to wonder if that was her reality or her fantasy. I don’t know, it was quite difficult linking the three stories together. It was only when I finished the season and looked at each of the stories separately as well as together that I realised that there was a a moral in the season. On the first two stories, Chau Sang wasn’t the considerate wife and she handled whatever came at her with lies and carelessness whereas in the third story she was completely opposite and was a changed wife. I guess the moral from this is that the way you handle the situation determine the path of your fate, and thinking too highly of yourself is not necessary a good thing.

I could put the connections/meanings between the stories together/ but I still do not understand the transition three years later. What’s going on? I understand that the second story was basically her fantasy but I don’t understand how in the third story connects with the first. She was pregnant in the first story and that just kind of disappeared out of the story… Also, what happened between her relationship with Ray after the first story? Did they break up? Clearly, the third story was about IF, if she go back and change the way things were. Maybe I’m just overcomplicating the storyline.

What I really enjoyed about this season was that it uses three parallel stories leading to different endings for Chau Sang, furthermore, I had no clue as to who she would end up with until the very end. She had equal chances with both men, and they both suit her quite well (though I think I was veering more towards her ending up with Simon, not because of the character but because I loved them in Gun Metal Grey) but in terms of who would be the better husband for her, my vote would go towards Simon. At least Simon will love his wife dearly and not cheat on her! I seriously had no idea who she would end up with until the restaurant scene! Ahahas! I’m glad that she got a happy ending, even though she had to experience her hubby cheat on her for the second time! (I just found the cheating line in both the first and third stories to be irrevelant, because in the first story Ray was just like “since everyone thinks were are having an affair, let’s do it then!” Seriously, if you love your wife you would explain it to her that everything was a mistake and that not go to have an affair! Then in the third story he goes to cheat on her because he has a lavish life. If he really loves Chau Sang he wouldn’t have done that, regardless of what life throws at them!) LOL, sorry for the ramble! I am just glad that he has found the one for her. (:

What I also found really interesting about this drama was the contrast between child Chau Sang and adult Chau Sang. I just love how their fate changed directly to the change in their attitude, and I also really loved how child Chau Sang’s attitude brought her to her fate in her adult life. (:

I really enjoyed watching this season and I found that out of the four seasons this was the one that really focused on love. Also, I really loved the character interaction, they were truly amazing! I just watching this season! And, on a side note, the theme song used in this drama is very sweet!

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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Season of Love: Episodes 11-15 (Autumn)

  1. heisui March 11, 2013 at 1:07 pm Reply

    Am I just seeing things or is Oscar Leung in there too? O:

    And Vincent = LOVE.

    • misscupcakees March 12, 2013 at 3:50 pm Reply

      LOL, yeahhh, he plays Chau Sang’s actual husband, that is, Ray

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