My Opinion on Miss Rose

What can I say, I am in love with Roy Qiu! How can one man be so handsome and so sweet at the same time? Dayum, Miss Luo Si is sure lucky! Ahahahahas! This drama managed to evoke a lot of emotions left and right for me; it brought out completely joy and happiness yet there were times where I was so frustrated that I was ready to smack down the television! And this is what defines a drama, a successful drama is one that is able to draw out a mixture of emotions from the viewers. Although it might not have sparked the correct emotions that I would have liked but it did manage to pull me into the drama, and to make it seem vibrant and alive. This drama is by no means perfect but for a Taiwanese rom-com it is pretty high up. I guess with Roy’s face to stare at each ep makes up for any imperfection that was present.

I was actually quite impressed with the storyline; it was a sweet and deep development into the relationship. I enjoyed watching how they got to know and come to like one another. I really enjoyed seeing the development from two people who met on bad terms to colleagues to friends and to becoming a loving couple. Everything about the storyline was developing so smoothly, that is until it got to the second half of the story where things started to get juicy and cascading downwards. It was also when things started to get complicated and repetitive  And then it just started to drag on, especially with the last few eps. Just when the OTP got together and you think that it will be a smooth-free and peaceful ride for them, complications occur to pull them apart, despite how much they love each other. Urghhhh, those last few eps really got me pulling my hair out! I was more than eager for it to come to a conclusion ASAP!

The last four eps was just a huge laugh. They got together only to be broken apart soon afterwards. They both clearly love each other but decide to break up regardless and have their hearts ache for each other. It was just really repetition that the drama could have done without. Ahahahas, those eps felt like a total waste of time and was basically a time filler as the cast for King Flower (AKA Substitute Princess OR Replacement Princess) was yet to be finalised and filming could not yet begin. The only scene that I really enjoyed from these last four eps was the wedding scene because that is always a hit for me (:

I never realised how tall Megan Lai was until I saw her standing beside a guy, any guy. She is practically on par with them which is why the heels she wears is so short. Ahahahhas, but excluding the height, I really like her and Roy together. And, she is only about 3-5cm shorter than him! They might not be the most compatible OTP looks wise, but seeing them together manages to evoke a strong and deep connection of their feelings together. I find this really surprising because from the BTS, they don’t really appear to have any chemistry between them. So for them to be able to bring chemistry between across onto the screen is really amazing. I just love that when I see them together as the OTP they somehow manage to bring the feelings between the OTP to life. Especially when Cheng Kuan stares at Si Yi in the eyes, it feels like there is an electrical exchange between them!

Initially, I told that Cheng Kuan was that tough and cold-hearted guy but once the story developed, we actually got to see that he is much softer than that. In fact, he throughout his life he has always been binded by the fact that his family owes a huge debt to the Jiang family. So he has also lived knowing that what he has to repay the debt. He never truly opened his heart to love because he was told that he was to be with Vivian so he did just that but when Si Yi entered his life, he rewritten what his life is all about. Si Yi didn’t change his life drastically but instead, she allowed him to realise that you should live following your heart. She changed him and in turn helped him to become a better person.

I don’t like that Si Yi was hurt by Yi Chun six years ago but I guess it is because of this that she got to know Cheng Kuan! What happened six years ago broke her heart deeply and it took a lot of effort to repair it. It wasn’t until Cheng Kuan came into her life that she was truly able to repair her heart. However, she wasn’t quick to open up her heart just yet; she wasn’t ready to face being hurt again. But, with the help of Cheng Kuan she was able to open her heart again. I just love that Si Yi is really different from other leads because she isn’t weak and she stands up for her feelings. Vivian may like Cheng Kuan too but she isn’t going to back down without a fight and in the end she won out!

Isn’t Si Yi’s family the warmest, kind-hearted and genuine family that you will ever come across? They are so supportive of Si Yi and did not once faltered her decision. Instead, they do everything to protect her. When Mummy and Daddy Luo hid the letters that Yi Chun sent to Si Yi six years ago, that was because they did not want her to get hurt again. The entire family literally pins Cheng Kuan down to interrogate him because they do not want Si Yi’s heart to be broken again. Furthermore, not only are they supportive of her but they are also very encouraging. They, especially Mummy Luo and Si Qi, help to push Si Yi forward to see where her feelings lie. When Si Yi thought about giving up, it was her family who stood by her supporting every decision that she made.

Aside from her family, Si Yi could always count her best friend Xiao Ke (Tia Li) and Xiao Ke could always count on Si Yi. Xiao Ke stood by Si Yi without regard to anything; she was there for Si Yi to share her sadness and her happiness. I just love the two’s genuine friendship with each other. When Xiao Ke’s love life was in a turmoil, she did not show jealously of Si Yi’s love life and instead encouraged Si Yi to follow her heart. When Si Yi discovered that Ah Zhe wasn’t faithful towards Xiao Ke, she opted not to inform Xiao Ke because she knew of how it feels to be betrayed and she did not want Xiao Ke to go through the same thing. Si Yi tried to get Ah Zhe to be faithful towards Xiao Ke but I guess in the end you can force your heart to head where is doesn’t want to go. Si Yi and Xiao Ke are constantly looking out for each other and they would do whatever they can to protect one another. I just love it how they can always rely on one another.

My biggest disappointment was discovering that Yi Chun was not the good guy that I thought he was. All along I thought that he had decided to let Si Yi make the final choice  I thought he was ready to let go. Sure, he still loves Si Yi but he clearly made it appear that he was fine with Si Yi not liking him back! Who would have thought that he took part in manipulating her feelings but by being in accomplice with Vivian to manipulate Si Yi and Cheng Kuan’s feelings! I seriously thought that Yi Chun was at breeze with this! And I seriously wanted him to accepted Si Yi’s feelings whatever they may be. I did not want him to become the bad guy; he was good from the start and I actually liked him despite what he did six years ago, but after learning that he was working alongside Vivian, that just made me dislike him!

Oh Vivian, can I really hate her? You can’t really hate her, she is just a lovelorn girl. She behaves the way she does because she is a spoiled girl and thinks that by doing so she will be able to hold onto Cheng Kuan. She is going for power; with power she can hold onto Cheng Kuan but when she discovered when that didn’t work, she went for despicable means even though she knows that it will never give her his heart. She did so because she is jealous, jealous that Si Yi can easily claim what she has worked so hard for. She even went as far to a near marriage to a man who doesn’t love her. I’m just glad that she thought it through and decided to set Cheng Kuan free.

Sheng Jun is the most adorable guy ever! I love his crush on Xiao Ke, it is just too cute!  Ahahahaas, I love how he is so shy about it yet makes it so obvious! His confession towards Xiao Ke is so touching! I am just so glad of his presence! I love his love advices to Cheng Kuan, especially when he can’t get his own love life together!

I really enjoyed the fact both leads have a best friend, an ex and a family behind them. Furthermore, their best friend and family is supportive of them and their ex still lingers for them. It allows them to have an “equal” playing field by falling through similar obstacles. In fact, the more that I look at it, the more that I find their lives are the mirror image of each other (disregarding socioeconomic status of course). Ahahahaas, this is probably why I like watching them fall for each other, because of their similarities in life!

This is a really nice office rom-com to watch. It was sweet and even more sweet watching the OTP fall for each other. They really grew on me. (: And to think that the time frame of the OTP getting together is less than a year, well it’s just really nice to see such a solid relationship development. (:

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*I am really sorry for being unable to insert my own pictures. I watched this on television so I couldn’t screencap.

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4 thoughts on “My Opinion on Miss Rose

  1. heisui March 27, 2013 at 5:31 pm Reply

    I agree, Roy Qiu is so handsome! *swoon* Although I didn’t watch the entire drama I thought Megan Lai was a really good heroine. She has a different kind of beauty!

    And the part you described about the drama getting all complicated with the second half sounds very typical! I don’t understand why so many dramas have a good first half but a draggy second half. T___T

    • misscupcakees March 27, 2013 at 9:51 pm Reply

      Ahahahas, yeah, she does! Her beauty is quite different from other leads, and admittedly, her heroine character is different from the usually damsel in distress characteristic found with most characters.

      LOL, yeahhhh, and in particular with Taiwanese dramas. It always appear to drag on!

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  3. […] My Opinion on Miss Rose. […]

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