My Opinion on Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 0 and Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York Special

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll! Everyone squeal with me! I am so glad that there is a Rich Man, Poor Woman Special! It just brings back all the memories! The official special was aired on 01/04/2013 and one of the first things that I did this morning was frantically search for this special. The special is supposed to be two and a half hours long but I’m not sure with the way that they are doing it as I only found the first 12 minutes of the special.

Actually, the first 12 minutes that I saw wasn’t the special but episode 0. Yeahh, I know, weird? That got me really confused because I thought it was the special! Oh well, but it was a nice 12 minutes spent. It focused on the backbone towards Toru and Kosuke’s friendship which nice to know since it wasn’t developed in the drama. I loved watching how their close friendship came to be so!

The special itself filled the gap from the drama when Toru confessed his feelings to Makoto before she left for Brazil (which doesn’t exactly make sense when the special is set in New York…) and from when she returned about a year later. I found that it was a nice touch to know how their relationship developed because the relationship development between the OTP is vital to the drama. It was adorable to see the changes that they made to each other and how they strengthened their relationship in this special. Also, could it be possible that Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi have even more chemistry here in the special than they did in the drama? I think so!

This special just makes me desire for a second season! It also makes me want to re-watch the first season, ahahahahas! I am hoping for a second season, and I think there might be a glimmer of hope with the ending stating “The End …is the next beginning”. This just ups the ante for a second season!

Rich Man Poor Woman Episode 0:

And those first 12 minutes were not a disappointment, in fact, it has that bang of RMPW essence. I loved it and already it starts to cover the holes of RMPW. I loved the fact that it starts off with the building of Toru and Kosuke’s friendship. They started off as two strangers and evolved to friends and work mates with the common goal towards Next Innovation. Toru built the company but it was with the help from Kosuke that together they created a bigger and better company.

I loved that we got to see a side of Toru that we never actually got to see in RMPW. In RMPW, he was that centred and closed off guy but here in the special, we see his other side with his building of friendship with Kosuke. In a sense he was actually more opened up to accept Kosuke’s friendship. I loved seeing their bromance interactions, and it does feel like genuine friendship.

I am also glad that we got to see that Kosuke isn’t really a bad person at heart. It showed that his intentions of working with Toru weren’t for money but for creation of success. Numerous companies offered huge sums of money to purchase Next Innovation but not once did Kosuke push for Toru to sell the company. However, maybe in RMPW, money or something along that line might have gotten the better of him but it still shows that he is a good person at heart.

Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York Special:

Gahhhh (I’m going a bit gaga here!), the special is making me all jiggly and very very excited! I loved watch Toru and Makoto together! They are screaming with cuteness and raining with bubbliness, so what’s not to love about them? I love we get to see them as a couple here with distinctly unique relationship development because during last season we only got to see that they got together, and that certainly is not enough for me!

I love love love the idea of Makoto living with Toru! Whoever thought of that idea is a genius! This is a fundamental phase in their newly found relationship because they (especially Toru) has to face the fact that life is not just based around him, there is also Makoto in his life. If they are going to have a future ahead of them, they have to learn to accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses as well as learn to accommodate to each other. By living together it 1) allows to understand each other and 2) allows them to understand themselves. It really allows them to draw the picture as to what type of person they are and what the other person means to them.

Toru and Makoto can not be any more indifferent. They are of polar opposites with their living habits. Toru lives a minimalist lifestyle; all that he needs is a cupboard full of the same coloured towels, a sofa and a fridge and he will be content. Yep, and he has the very first telfon fry pan which he is determined to and a rice cooker is a no no. Makoto on the other hand lives a normal lifestyle where there is a rice cooker, bed etc. Due to their differences in their way of living, they have a clash and it affects them individually as a person. This carries on to affect their relationship.

For Toru, he had to adapt his ways of living and he isn’t one who changes easily for another. During the time living with her he didn’t understand the concept of “adapting” and understanding. He still thought of only himself and didn’t really put himself into Makoto’s shoes. He saw it that she should be the one to change for him and not vice versa. He may have been in a relationship with her but … It was only until the break-up that Toru started to realise what Makoto truly means to him and sought to see for himself that when you are in a relationship, you have to learn to accept and adapt to your other half.

I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting a break-up, I kind of did expect it to happen but I was surprised that it happened. Am I making any sense here? LOL! (I’m not making any sense to myself… ahahahahas!) I think the break-up was what really allowed them to see what they mean to each other. For Toru, he wasn’t as concrete of his relationship with Makoto prior to the break-up. He was still kind of weary about it which lead him to initiate the break-up. However, it is after the break-up that he got to see that he never truly understood Makoto and her reasons for doing what she does. She changed for him so now maybe it is time he changed for her as well. It didn’t matter that Toru had to go through such a whirlwind before he realised that he has loves Makoto because she loved him long before he loved her!

For Makoto the break-up wasn’t exactly a break-up. It was more of a cooling off period for her to determine where her loves for Toru lies. And her answer told her that she loves him more than her heart could take. During the cooling off period, she wasn’t herself knowing that he is not there for her. Heck, she cried a full bucket when he initiated the break-up and then two more buckets on her flight back to Boston. Plus, she almost quitted her job in order to stay in Japan with him! She knows that she loves him and she changed a lot in order to accommodate him but she also knows that relationships cannot be forced but she is willing to make it work. If Toru didn’t come to find her first, she would have hopped on the first plane to find him and fix their relationship.

The most significant change towards Toru and Makoto’s changing relationship is that they finally came to address each other by their first names! This closes the gap between them and shows that they have taken the next step towards their relationship. By addressing each other by their first names is shows that they are becoming equals and they have come to understand each other. I found it ever so sweet and powerful when Toru called Makoto “Makoto”. It shows that he has changed for her and will change for her; he will adapt to her because what he loves her. He needs her in his life and will make is possible! Oh, they are raining cuteness when they called each other by their first names! I love their embrace at the end, just full of cuteness!

The friendship between Toru and Kosuke was such a joy to watch. I loved that even after the betrayal they are still able to trust and believe in each other. It was no mistake why they became friends in the first place and now even after the betrayal they are still there to support each other. In fact, the betrayal only helped to strengthen their friendship. It was nice knowing that it was Kosuke who initiated to be friends with Toru and once again initiated to help out Toru. It was in perfect sync to episode 0 which showcased what their friendship about. It wasn’t about money, fame or power but rather about support for one another. And this was what they were able to show here.

I didn’t really like Yoko in the first season but I actually quite enjoyed her role here in the special because she is Makoto’s friend. She is overall just a lot more subtle and has more character. I never thought that would be possible but it is! She doesn’t have her unrequited love towards Toru and instead she helps Makoto to settle down her feelings. I am also glad that there is someone who has a crush on her. (: She is quite direct with her feelings so she needs someone who is able to match up to her standards.

I loved that this special emphasised on Toru and Makoto’s relationship because this was what I was hoping to see. They really needed this special to tell their story. Although in the first season their relationship progressed to courtship, here they really got to show the changes that they had to face together now that they are officially a couple.

This just brings everything back to RMPW! It is really giving me hope for a second season! I have not gotten enough of my Makoto-Toru cuteness on my screens yet! I am not generally keen for sequels but this drama is definitely worth a sequel. There is still so much more development to happen between their relationship as well with the development of Next Innovation and Personal File. I have got all my fingers, hair and toes crossed for a sequel!


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4 thoughts on “My Opinion on Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 0 and Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York Special

  1. heisui April 2, 2013 at 12:53 pm Reply

    Wow you are fast! :3 I’m looking forward to the rest of your review!

    • misscupcakees April 2, 2013 at 12:57 pm Reply

      Ahahahaha! Thanks! (: I have been waiting for this special since it was announced! I can’t wait to watch the rest of it!

  2. nomad April 6, 2013 at 1:39 pm Reply

    I’ll be waiting for your whole review for the special, since they haven’t subbed it in English yet…got some gist, but the streaming took so long I gave up.

    • misscupcakees April 9, 2013 at 6:27 pm Reply

      Thanks! I saw without the subs so I’ll write up the review when I find the time to see it with subs (:

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