King Flower Episode 4 Recap

I had no intentions of writing up a recap for this drama/ep, but I somehow did anyway so enjoy! In fact, just looking back I realised I haven’t done a full recap in forever! Ahahahahas!

The ep is the borderline of a new beginning. This is where Da Hua will leave behind her family, friends and all that matter to her to start a new one. Money may be the driving force for her to make this drastic decision but really, it is about keeping her family together. Money doesn’t mean a thing to her if it would not keep her family together, and she is willing to sacrifice herself to keep her family together because they are what her life is centred on. It doesn’t matter that Guan Jun and Da Li (MC40) are always in trouble  she will always help them out because they are her family. It doesn’t matter (well, it kind of does) that her family is a gambler; she is willing to put herself out there because he is after all her father.

There wasn’t much to this ep because all is saved for the next ep where transformation-fixation is going to occur! This ep was just an ep were all the love for Da Hua were shown. She has a whole crew of people who loves her for who she is and they don’t allow her appearance to get the better of her. They love her of who she is and they all support the choices that she makes. 

Da Hua returns with Terry’s absurd offer still on her mind to find that her mother has closed up the store earlier than usual. Mummy Jin just sighs since they only have a month left before they have to move. She tells her children that this is where they were raised up. Even though Guan Jun is not Mummy Jin’s biological son but he is still the eldest son and takes it on himself to solve Daddy Jin’s debt on himself and protect the family.

Guan Jun goes to find Shark Loan (chinese slang for those who loan out money with huge interest or put simply, high interest loaners) Hu Jin Biao to sort out the problem. He tells Shark Loan Biao that Daddy Jin’s problem is not their issue but Shark Loan Biao is not having any of this. Guan Jun even offers to put his life on the line so long as he doesn’t take Jin’s family home but Shark Loan Biao claims that his life is no where near worth as much. Guan Jun shakes away his pride, drops down to his knees beneath Shark Loan Biao but it’s of no use and instead Shark Loan Biao reduces the one month period to three days.

Guan Jun takes a stroll to the park to find Da Hua sitting alone so he joins her. She pops her head on his shoulder tells him that it was lucky that her mother decided to adopt him or else they won’t a reliable man to depend on in situations like these. He looks up at a climbing metal bar thingy and recalls how when they were little, some kid stepped on Da Hua’s hand while she was climbing causing her to lose grip and fall hurting her head. He looks at her forehead to see if the scar is still there but she tells him that it has healed and recalls that when he was piggybacking her to the hospital, it was the only time that she saw him cry.

Da Hua asks him what they can do since the only thing that can get them out of this mess is two million dollars. He questions where are they going to get this amount of money. She recalls about Terry’s offer and tells him that she saw on TV that two million dollars can be earned through a year of working in Australia, and furthermore there is advanced payment. He suggest that he goes but she quickly tells him that he can’t because he needs to protect the family.

That night Da Hua calls Terry up for the offer. The next day they meet to sort out the details. (And btw, he booked out the entire restaurant for their meeting) She asks him where his fiancée and he tells her that she had an injury and needs a year to peacefully recovery, furthermore as they are public couple, if he announces to the public that Liang Yan is hurt, she won’t be able to peacefully recover. She puts of the argument that she is far from Liang Yan; she doesn’t know the people she does nor do they have the same personality. He assures her that he has it all under control and tells her that to avoid suspicion from the public, she will have to stay a his place. Of course she is startled by this but he quickly assures her that she will have her own room and such.

Terry presents Da Hua a contract stating that he will not allow her to do any dangerous or illegal activities during the duration of their relationship. He informs her that the two million dollars with be in her account soon and after a year he will give her a further eighteen million dollars. She dismisses the eighteen million dollars stating that she only needs the two million dollars but request that he give her two brothers a job which he happily agrees to (wait until he finds out who they are!). She signs her name and all is finalised. Oh, and he tells hers that she has three days before she has to live a new life.

Da Hua announces to her family of her Australian job and Mummy Jin is heartbroken to see the sacrifices that her daughter is making for the family. Mummy Jin is a bit suspicious of the great money offer but Da Hua explains that she explained their situation to the boss who agreed to give her an advanced placement. Daddy Jin on the other hand just sits and claims that he was not the one who told her to take this job (be thankful you have such an amazing daughter!). Da Li suggest that he work with her in Australia as well but Da Hua tells him that he will be a burden for him and would be better off looking after their mother. Daddy Jin agrees to stop gambling and the kids tell Mummy Jin that since Daddy Jin has decided to change, divorce should not be a topic they should come across again.

Terry and his chauffeur are going to meet Qin Mo. His chauffeur (I’ve got to find out his name, ahahahahas!) questions what if Da Hua runs off with the money? Terry replies that he can only gamble this choice, and plus Da Hua seems like an abiding girl.

Terry tells the news to Qin Mo (who smiles happily upon hearing so) and shows him where the surgery is going to take place (at his own home). He also assures Terry that the surgeons are his old colleagues so they are completely trustworthy. Terry asks about Liang Yan’s condition and Qin Mo answers that she is recovering better than he expected but needs time to recover (why does it feel like she is dead?).

Guan Jun and Da Hua are back from their shopping trip (buy things for her when she goes to Australia) and arrive at a park. She gives him a photo of them from her birthday and tells him that when she misses him, she will be able to take put the photo and reminisce him. She tells him not to forget about her and he tells her that her face is very unique so he can’t forget about her.

They head to an arcade when Da Hua spots a grizzly bear plush which she claims to look as cute as he is and ask him to get one for her. So he inserts coins into the claw machine time and time again to grab the bear only to fail each time. He finally gives up and Da Hua is sadden that she doesn’t get her bear.

Da Hua packs her luggage when Mummy Jin comes in bringing in some rub for her stomach. Mummy Jin tells her that from young she has always been very understanding; when she was sick she could not make a hassle about it, instead she would sit on the side and rub out her tears because she knows that seeing the doctor requires money; when she was bullied she would also sit on the side and rub out the tears swallowing down her pain; when she graduated from school, she went back to help Mummy Jin with the family business because she doesn’t want her to overwork herself.

Da Hua tells her that for her family, the sacrifices are worth it. She also tells her that she is the best mother and that her efforts cannot be compared to hers. Her biggest happiness is able to be her daughter. Mummy Jin shoves Da Hua some money but Da Hua rejects it. Mummy Jin also tells her that it is okay is she gives up, she is always welcome home and they can always find another way to earn the two million dollars. Mummy Jin can be without the shop but she can’t be without her.

Da Li and Guan Jun goes to find Ah Xi (Guo Shu Yao) and asks her what else they have to get for Da Hua. Ah Xi them that Da Hua has already all that she needs but what she wants to bring she can’t. The three decides to send Da Hua off with a beautiful memory and Guan Jun suggest taking her to an amusement park tomorrow. Ah Xi phones to tell Da Hua, who is at the bank checking her funds and shocked to see two million dollars in her account, of the good news and together she and Da Li tells her that it was Guan Jun who invited her out.

Da Hua gives her mother the money and goes to look after the shop. Hu Xiao Fei (Yuan Ai Fei) arrives looking for Guan Jun claiming that she is his future girlfriend. After Xiao Fei leaves, Da Hua shows her anger but then realises that he must like her more since he is taking her to the amusement park tomorrow.

At the amusement park Ah Xi and Da Li push for Guan Jun to be Da Hua’s “one-day-boyfriend” since this is her last day before she sets off with her new life. They take pictures, ride rides and ride the bumper cars. At the bumper cars Guan Jun and Da Hua were set for a kiss until Da Li bumped their car.

They ride the merry-go-round and take lots of pictures. She subconsciously tells him that he doesn’t know that she is going to become a different person. Afterwards they wall the mall where Da Li spots a pretty (and cheap) purple dress and decides to buy it for Ah Xi. Ah Xi shyly accepts it.

The four stand outside the mall and recollects their day. Da Hua thanks them for everything that they did. Da Li cries, saddened that he won’t be able to see her for a year. Guan Jun asks her what her wish is before she leaves and she tells them that having them is enough. He then asks what her wish was and she secretly thinks back to it (it was “I wish to be Guan Jun’s bride”) but tells them that it she says it, it won’t come true. Ah Xi then suggest for them to scream out their wishes. Ah Xi screams out for Da Hua to look after herself and make new Australian friends and not forget about her. Da Li screams out for Da Hua to take care and quickly return home as their family cannot be without her. Guan Jun screams out that he will wait for her return. Lastly Da Hua screams for herself to keep strong for her friends and family regardless of how difficult the path ahead might be.


My Opinion:

Mummy Jin should just divorce Daddy Jin already! He doesn’t even love or care for the family, and just gambles all day raking in debt for the family. I understand from Da Hua’s perspective that she doesn’t want her parents to have a divorce because she wants her family to be a whole but he hasn’t even done anything worthwhile for the family! Daddy Jin doesn’t deserve to have such a loving family and certainly does not deserve their forgiveness!

What the transformation is going to do for Da Hua is not only transform her appearance but also alter her personality. The current Da Hua is shown to have quite a kiddish personality so when she becomes faux Liang Yan, she is going to have to strip all of that and assume a more grown-up and mature personality. It kind of feels that Da Hua is the child version of Liang Yan, ahahahas! In fact, I am ready to see Da Hua with a personality change. With her current personality, it is quite packed for development, everything about her is all known. She has a huge crush on Guan Jun, loves her friends and family dearly, willing to make sacrifices for them and works they always come first. I want to see a more opened up personality of her, I want to see her make choices for herself and not for others. I am so excited for the transformation because that is when the magic will start working!

I like Chris Wu ever since he caught my eye in Autumn’s Concerto but he isn’t catching my eye this time around! It is the hair, it’s ridiculous and doesn’t suit him! What type of image are the stylists trying to paint for him!? He has got to stop it will the parting and the gel! Urghhhhhh, it makes him look older, much older than his age!

Already we can see that Guan Jun isn’t all that sure where his heart lies. He likes Da Hua but is it just brotherly love or is there something more than that? I wonder how he will really fall for her after her transformation!

I am glad that this ep is all jolly because after this Da Hua will be gone. I love that her friends and family love her dearly and have her in their hearts. I am just so happy that she got to have an amazing day with them before her new life begins! Bye bye old Da Hua and welcome to the new Da Hua!

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2 thoughts on “King Flower Episode 4 Recap

  1. heisui April 4, 2013 at 9:49 am Reply

    I actually really like Chris’ hairstyle and I think he still looks really young.

    This drama isn’t realistic at all but it is a fun watch. I just watch the Terry x Da Hua scenes HEHEHEHE. I think the lead actress is really charming too!

    • misscupcakees April 4, 2013 at 11:07 am Reply

      Ahahahahas! I dislike it! I would like to see him in a gel-less hairstyle!

      Who says dramas are ever realistic? Ahahas, yeahhh, I do like Terry and Da Hua over Guan Jun and Da Hua. (:

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