My Opinion on The Fierce Wife: First Impressions

This drama never sparked my interest, not even once and I only decided to give it a go after the amount of good reviews that it received from the online community. And I am so glad that I did because it did not disappoint. From the first ep onwards it continued to grow better and better and I am certain that it will only continue to grow with subsequent eps. The Fierce Wife (AKA The Shrewd Wife) isn’t exactly your usual idol rom-com, but instead steps onto a more mature playing field; and it does so where the idol rom-com and mature aspects are blurred into one making it such a beauty to watch!

Already what I can see that drove this drama to acclaimed success is the beautifully structured solid plot. It knows where it wants to head and it is going to get there. Each ep is a build up from the previous ep and uses the previous ep as a springboard to jump forward. Although I am only three eps in, I can see that each ep builds up with anticipation and there is depth. We really get to see the bigger picture with not only the roots of the plot but the characters as well. They both really tie in well together and this is why this drama was so successful! 

What I am enjoying about the drama that it starts off with the picture of a happy family whereas other dramas get their happy family picture at the end of the drama. I really like this because it is allow me to get acquainted to the feelings and atmosphere present. It is allowing me to really feel for Xie An Zhen (Sonia Sui) because she is going to be the victim in the complication that is about to come yet she did nothing wrong. And yet still, she will be the one hurt in all of this. She has her happy family, she doesn’t need it to be broken. Already this drama is heavily involving my emotions and with each ep I watch, I more emotion I put into it.

Emotion, emotion, emotion. This drama is all about drawing in your emotions and having viewers invest in their emotions. Watching this is really heating up my anger towards Lan Wei En (Amanda Chu) because she is going to be the interloper between An Zhen and Wen Rui Fan’s (James Wen) relationship. Each of the characters have a really developed personality from the very start but everything starts to change upon Wei En’s arrival. She is going to be the one tearing up the happy family. And all this is making me dislike her. I dislike her for what she is doing and for her feelings. I also dislike Rui Fan because he is going to be a douchebag husband for cheating on his wife. I dislike him for his feelings towards Wei En; I dislike him for his soon-to-be unfaithfulness towards An Zhen and I dislike him for doing so despite having such a wonderful wife by his side! Woahhh, this drama has really gotten me worked up! I’m not sure where else the rest of the drama is going to make me…

I am really enjoying James and Sonia’s chemistry! They are really comfortable together and give off and light-hearted feeling which is always good to see. They have a warm feeling, like a close feeling. They don’t appear to have any awkwardness between them and they even look the part as a happy and loving couple. This should be understandable considering that this is their third collaboration together. I am looking forward to seeing their chemistry develop as the story continues.

An Zhen is such a selfless, considerate and caring person. I am going to throw Rui Fan some punches if he does anything to hurt her! She is so naive and believes the best out of everyone. She never thinks for herself and everything always comes first in her life. She would busy herself working backstage organised Rui Fan celebratory party and allow Wei En to steal her limelight. Yet she is content to supporting her husband and that is all that really matters to her. I am so ready to see how she will change once her world heads upside-down. I really want to see some fierceness and show Rui Fan his loss.

I liked Rui Fan when he devoted his entire heart to An Zhen and was her sincere husband, however, once his started to withdraw his heart, I started to dislike him because he is about to betray An Zhen. It is his fault that he is getting himself into this complication because he is allowing himself to fall for Wei En and at the same time hurt An Zhen. If he was truly faithful towards An Zhen, he would not allow himself to even bat an eyelash towards An Zhen. The decision that he is going to make is going to realise truly realise An Zhen’s worth. Btw, his character here reminds me a lot of his role in My Queen, ahahahhas!

There is no denial, I dislike Wei En. I just dislike everything about her, especially her personality. I absolutely hate her childish behaviours. An Zhen warmly welcomed her to live with them yet she doesn’t seem to show any gratitude towards her and instead puts on her petty fights. Being a guest a someone’s house you should at the very least keep things tidy but the first thing she did once she moved in was leave Oliver’s lying around everywhere in the bathroom, and she did not even bother to clean it up! She also gets motioned by Wen Rui Xuan (Hu Ying Zheng) to clean the dishes, and she does so, only to clean every dish in the house to show her pettiness. She also just leaves An Zhen’s shoes behind despite it not being hers. She plays jokes on He Ai Lin (Janel Tsai) and then cries and even bites Rui Fan’s arm because he scolds her. I just really dislike here childish fits; she is 25 years old and should at least know that having An Zhen as her cousin is something that she should be thankful for.

I also hate the way that Wei En acts, not just of her childish behaviours but of how she feels. She should know that her feelings towards Rui Fan is not platonic yet she doesn’t try to distant herself from him but instead plays upon his feelings. She is allowing herself to fall into into a relationship that she shouldn’t be. I hate that she doesn’t think about others and only for herself with everything that she does. Urghhhhh, I think you all get that I don’t like her by now.

Oh Chris Wang, how ever glad am I to see you again after your poor and bland performance in Love Me Or Leave Me (AKA I Rented A Lover). Chris never struck me as a bad actor, it was just that he picked up a bad role and with this drama I can see his skills. I love him and his character. I love that his character has a quirky and unique personality because that is really going to allow him to follow his heart!

I must be really caught on with OST’s recently because the songs of every drama that I am watching are really sticking to me! Ahahahas!

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7 thoughts on “My Opinion on The Fierce Wife: First Impressions

  1. heisui April 5, 2013 at 11:17 am Reply

    I didn’t watch the whole drama but I watched scenes here and there. And yes, I was extremely impressed by Sonia Sui’s acting. She really stole the show here! I was rather conflicted because I really wanted her to just leave her cheating husband but…at the same time I wanted her to have a happy family. 😦

    I think it is a pleasant surprise to have such a serious and emotional tw-drama. I know that there are other more serious tw-dramas out there but they are rare.

    • misscupcakees April 5, 2013 at 7:03 pm Reply

      Ahahahas, I have yet to see that but already I am feeling so so so much for An Zhen!
      Yeahh, they are or they just don’t appeal to my tastes.

  2. Joy April 8, 2013 at 5:05 am Reply

    An excellent Tdrama credits to the writer and actors. I never really liked Sonia Sui or James Wen before, but they both performed convincingly to portray a story that made me think this can indeed happen to a simple normal happy family. Oh and this drama made me fall for Chris Wang!

    • misscupcakees April 8, 2013 at 9:10 am Reply

      I love the different take of themes in the drama. It has a much or realistic offering compared to other tdramas. I’ve only recently started watching it but I am loving Chris Wang!

  3. […] My Opinion on The Fierce Wife (AKA The Shrewd Wife): First Impressions. […]

  4. Aimé September 8, 2016 at 11:27 pm Reply

    One thing that kept bugging me…
    Obviously you can’t help but dislike/hate Wei En and the fact that she’s always trying to play the “victim” all the time.
    …. But what bugged me was that she’s supposed to be the dangerously hot, stylish, young and cute american tai girl yet they dressed her so badly. She looked like ugly betty without the glasses. Hated her teeth (especially that you could see the gums when she portrayed that hideous smile) and her fat face caused by the short ugly bob hairstyle they put on her the entire series. I couldn’t bare looking at the screen sometimes because of how hideous she was. It just killed the scenes for me.
    And I’m not ranting ill of her because she was the antagonist and it’s done so we won’t like her (maybe it was done on purpose to keep us focused on the fact that Anzhen outshines her no matter what but even so…) They should’ve used a pretty girl or a better hairstyle.
    On a better note, Anzhen was absolutely beautiful & all the other characters were also handsome/pretty.

  5. Sarah July 9, 2019 at 1:29 pm Reply

    I haven’t watched this drama yet, but I loved Chris Wang! And although I would tend to agree to Love me or leave me wasn’t the best, He was still one of the best male actors I have watched in Taiwan Dramas. I think I’m going to dive right into this drama! Thanks for the review!

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