King Flower Episode 5 Recap

As you all know, I am currently watching two James Wen dramas – this one and The Fierce Wife (AKA The Shrewd Wife) – and in both dramas I am having second male lead shipping syndrome! I am hoping that Tian Wen will get An Zhen in TFW and that Terry will get Da Hua in this drama. In TFW James is a douchebag of a husband so he doesn’t deserve a wife like An Zhen and here I am liking Chris Wu and Nikki Hsieh better as a couple. Anyway, enough about TFW, it’s all about KF here!

This ep is the turning point of the whole drama, but I wouldn’t exactly call it the turning point because nothing really happens except for the transformation-fixation. I think things will start to take their place starting from the next ep when Da Hua has to face the pain of being there but not actually being their for her family as well as her life as Liang Yan.

Like the previous ep, nothing really happens here. I think all is saved for when Da Hua starts her new life as Liang Yan. This ep was about Da Hua finally leaving her life behind to take on Liang Yan’s life and her transformation. Interestingly, this ep scored a viewership rating of 2.14 which is  the peak out of the current 13 eps, yet I found this ep only to be so-so. 

Stage 5 Recap:

Terry finally spills to his parents about his grand plan of the transformation fixation. His parents are a bit skeptical about the plan but Terry assures them that his has everything planned out. Mummy Ouyang reminds him not to allow his cousin, Ouyang Sen (Chen Zhi Qiang), know about his or else their family would be in hot water.

Da Hua packs her bag and prepares for the next step in her life. She looks at the mirror and tells herself that once she steps outside of this room her face will not be the same. She also wonders how different things will be when she returns.

Mummy Jin and Da Li is in tears and reluctance to send Da Hua off but they have no choice but to send their partings to her.

Guan Jun drives Da Hua to the airport. During the trip she cries, missing her family already and afraid that he will forget about her or get a girlfriend while she is not there. However, he assures her that he won’t because there is no one as unique as her.

Guan Jun drops Da Hua off at the airport and is unwilling to leave, but she takes her leave anyway. She took a few steps when he stops her to give her the plushie that she really wanted but he couldn’t get for her. He tells her that the plushie is accompanying her is replacement of him. She thanks him, grabs his shirt, tiptoes and kisses him on the lips. Meanwhile, Terry is sitting in his car taking in the scene.

This time, Da Hua leaves for real. When Guan Jun calls out to her, she desperately wants to turn around but instead cries as she forces herself not to do so. Guan Jun gets pulled to leave for parking his car illegally. After Guan Jun leaves, Terry’s chauffeur, Ma Cheng Hong (Zhaung Zhuang) (yay, I found out the actor!) escorts Da Hua from the airport to the car to begin the real adventure.

Guan Jun drives, recalls his times with Da Hua and realises that he can’t let her do this so he turns the car around to stop Da Hua from leaving, only to be one step too late.

Terry takes Da Hua to visit Qin Mo and Qin Mo assures her that the procedure will go well.

Da Li and Guan Jun are at a fishing complex (they have that?) which Xiao Fei’s father owns. Xiao Fei rocks up and is determined to get Guan Jun to be her chauffeur, only he isn’t in the mood for such games. After some pushing and tugging, Xiao Fei falls into the water while Da Li and Guan Jun just walk off.

It’s a month later when Da Li visits Ah Xi. Just then, Da Hua calls Ah Xi to tell her that she is living well.

Da Li and Ah Xi goes to tell Mummy Jin that Da Hua called. Mummy Jin questions why Da Hua didn’t call home and Ah Xi tells her that it is probably because Da Hua will miss them even more upon hearing their voices.

Da Hua has undergone three surgeries and Qin Mo finally unravels the bandages to reveal a new and refreshed Da Hua.

Terry goes to see the new Da Hua and is shocked at her similarity to Liang Yan, that is until she opens her mouth to speak. He takes her to his home and needs to once again reinforce the fact that she is no longer Jin Da Hua but Du Liang Yan, the fiancée of the CEO of Sheng Da Corporation. She is also reminded that she has to head to work.

Da Hua says good bye to her life as Jin Da Hua and assumes her role as Du Liang Yan.

At work Ah Sen is suspicious of Liang Yan’s long break from work and goes to ask Terry about it. Terry tells him that she is just tired from the planning of the engagement but is ready to head back to work next Monday.

It’s dinner time and the table is full of food. Terry questions Da Hua the food that Liang Yan would eat among the selection and she successfully chooses it all correctly. (Liang Yan is quite picky with her food, ahahahas!) After the test, she indulges in her first full dinner since the surgery.

After dinner Da Hua unpacks her luggage and prepares herself to meet Terry’s parents tomorrow. Da Hua finds a photo of her and Guan Jun and reminisces about him as well the rest of her family.

Da Hua takes her first step as Liang Yan. Terry takes hold of her hand and tells her not to be nervous because she is his fiancée. They walk into the restaurant hand-in-hand while everyone else’s eyes drop at the sight of them.

Terry’s parents are so awestruck at the similarity between Da Hua and Liang Yan that the first thing they call her is “Liang Yan”.


My Opinion:

With the transformation, things are really building up for the next ep. Da Hua is no longer Da Hua but Liang Yan. Yet she is still Da Hua at heart. She has to face the fact that she can only be Liang Yan in front of the people closet to her. She has to hid her feelings towards her family as well as battle her own feelings by being a couple with Terry. It is going to be a battle on its own for Da Hua to handle because isn’t just Da Hua but Liang Yan, the fiancée of Terry.

What I really want to see of Da Hua is the way she is going to handle her feelings towards Guan Jun. She may be Liang Yan on the outside but on the inside she longs for Guan Jun. She likes him and if Terry is going to fall for her, he is going to have a tough time breaking through this brick wall to enter Da Hua’s heart. Heck, he has to break through his own wall to work out his feelings for Liang Yan as well as Da Hua.

I really love what Nikki is doing to the character of Da Hua. Da Hua may have transformed to Liang Yan but Nikki isn’t allowing Da Hua to be an exact clone of Liang Yan. I love that she still retains the uniqueness of Da Hua even after the transformation. Every ounce of Liang Yan still has the bubbly image of Da Hua. I think that Nikki is doing a really good job with her acting skills because she not only has to portray Liang Yan, Da Hua but also a Da Hua who has transformed into Liang Yan.

So far with King Flower, the eps are quite shallow. There isn’t much depth with the eps. There isn’t anything that makes me wonder what’s going to happen and there certainly isn’t any surprises. Everything is predictable and so far each ep is quite smooth sailing but lacking the intensity that makes you eager for the next ep. I hope that with the transformation, the love polygon will come into play and give off something deeper that the current eps are lacking. (:

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2 thoughts on “King Flower Episode 5 Recap

  1. heisui April 9, 2013 at 4:02 pm Reply

    Yes I love Terry! At first he always acts all uptight and irritated around Da Hua but eventually it changes. (hopefully into LOVE, HEHE)

    • misscupcakees April 9, 2013 at 4:26 pm Reply

      Ahahahaaaas! I am loving him and Da Hua together! They make a much better couple than Da Hua and Guan Jun! I am shipping for a Terry and Da Hua ending!

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